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Vibrator Review: LELO Iris

If you read my review of Lelo’s tiny Nea vibrator then you already know that LELO (Luxury Erotic Lifestyle Objects) is my new favorite toy company. When I had the chance to pick out some new toys from VibeReview, Lelo’s “pleasure object” Iris was right at the top of my list.

Iris comes in a beautiful black storage box with a charger (like all Lelo toys Iris is rechargeable–no pesky batteries to mess with), a satin pouch for traveling, warranty information (Lelo gives a one year warranty standard with all of their toys), and an instruction manual. The manual informs us that Iris is made of medical-grade silicone (the insertable shaft), and PC-ABS (the handle), both of which are non-porous and some of the highest quality material for sex toys on the market.

Like all Lelo vibrating toys, Iris has a LED strip around her interface dial that lights up when you press any of the four “quadrants” of the dial (+ or – vibration, and < or > vibration type). The manual mentioned that Iris will change color from white to red if the rechargeable battery is running out, alerting you to plug her in, blinking while she’s charging and then solid white when she’s charged up and ready to go. It takes up to three hours to charge her up for a full four hours of play. Other information in the manual includes how to turn Iris on, how to lock for traveling with Iris (a standard feature), troubleshooting, and the different types of vibration Iris offers.

Not only is Iris beautiful like all Lelo toys, the details on her shaft reminding me of the bud of a flower getting ready to bloom, but she also packs a pretty hefty punch. She has two different vibration centers, in the crown (or tip) and in the base (where she meets the handle), which you can set with continuous vibration in one or the other, or both. The other two vibration options are pulses either a slow or quick pulsation of the entire length of her. Personally I love using just the crown vibration for clitoral stimulation, which it does quite a wonderful job at!

Iris is curved just right for g-spot stimulation, be it shallow or deep, so she’s good for both thrusting and just pressing inside and letting her pulse as you play with something else on your clit (my favorite way to use her). She is also curved nicely for clitoral stimulation, as Iris curves right along the mons allowing for ease of maneuvering. I did find it a little too easy to press on the dial when in the middle of masturbating, which was annoying but not overly so.

Like I’ve said before, “there’s just no substitute for the quality of pleasure Lelo’s pleasure objects bring.” They are well-made, beautiful, elegant, and inform you of all the information you might need about the toy in the manual (including troubleshooting and recycling instructions!). I absolutely love the Iris, though it hasn’t quite outranked the Nea, it definitely comes close. I would highly recommend Iris to anyone who especially enjoys high-quality g-spot stimulating toys as well as works of art.

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  1. […] gorgeous black box with a satin pouch, manual, and (one year) warranty information. Although unlike Iris and Nea (and most other Lelo toys) Ella is a dildo, so there’s nothing to plug in or charge […]

  2. […] gorgeous black box with a satin pouch, manual, and (one year) warranty information. Although unlike Iris and Nea (and most other Lelo toys) Ella is a dildo, so there’s nothing to plug in or charge […]

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  4. Tracy Tracy

    Thank you for your reviews!

    I am debating which Lelo vibrator I should get, between the Iris and the Elise. Since you have reviewed both, what are the biggest points of difference between them? I can’t afford both, so which would you choose?

    Also, have you tried either the Ina or the Mona?

    Thanks again.

    • Scarlet Lotus St. Syr Scarlet Lotus St. Syr (@ ScarletLotus)

      Hi Tracy,

      First, you’re welcome and thank you for commenting! As for the toys, the Iris and Elise are nearly identical in every way except for the texture on them and the colors they come in. Because of the added texture Iris is also slightly thicker than Elise, but unless you know that texture makes a lot of difference for you I would say that they’re both excellent products and you should pick on whichever one you like the look of more. The grooves in Iris are fairly substantial but not everyone enjoys or notices the texture differences when in use. I do think the design makes Iris extra beautiful, though, too, but that’s just me.

      I currently have the Mona as well but haven’t reviewed it yet. I’ve read quite a few reviews of the Ina and gone in to Babeland here in Seattle and fondled it, they both are fairly similar to each other as well aside from the rabbit-like qualities of Ina. I think Mona is slightly easier to handle than Iris/Elise, personally, and it’s about an inch shorter but the same girth. I really like the shape of Mona better as well, I think. Mona is easier to use as a clitoral stimulator because of slightly smaller size and the way it tapers and flares out near the end, and I think it works better for g-spot stimulation too due to the same thing, the taper and flare, which actually gives it a slightly deeper curve and gives it more of something to hit the g-spot with. The other big difference between Mona/Ina and Iris/Elise is the control buttons, Mona/Ina have four separate buttons with the same functions as the older versions whereas Iris/Elise have a dial. This makes it easier to lock Iris/Elise (pushing in the center rather than having to push all four buttons at once–one finger vs. four), but otherwise the functions are the same.

      It’s also been said that Mona/Ina are supposed to be stronger than any of the older LELO models, but I haven’t really noticed this to be true in any significant amount, they might be just barely stronger but not so much that I am tossing the older models for the new ones based solely on vibration strength.

      Here are a couple great Ina reviews, so you get some ideas of Ina as well and if it would be right for you:
      (and a follow-up since she had some technical problems with it)

      Not to add possibly more complication to your decision, but I would say my favorite LELO toy is Gigi, hands-down. But, that is primarily because I’m more of a fan of clitoral vibration than internal vibration and I think Gigi is the best of LELO’s clitoral vibrators (while also not really being meant for that) because of it’s flat head which makes it super easy to position just right, the head is also excellent for g-spot stimulation (it’s designed duty), though for that I tend to reach for Ella instead since Ella and Gigi have the same head only Ella doesn’t vibrate. It is smaller, though, than all the other ones I’ve mentioned before, both in length and girth–if you take a look or have seen my Liv video I show a side-by-side of first Liv and Gigi and then Liv and Elise near the end so you can see the size difference there. It’s possible you’ve already dismissed it as a possibility because it is smaller or any other reason, and you don’t have to like it just because I do of course, but I thought I would throw that in there since it is my favorite.

      Hopefully that helps rather than giving you more uncertainties, but if you have any more questions I’m more than happy to answer them!

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