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Month: March 2009

Review: LELO Liv

Product Specs

Name: Liv

Manufacturer: LELO (Luxury Erotic Lifestyle Objects)

Materials: Medical-grade Silicone (dark blue) and ABS plastic (white).

Charge: Rechargeable

Length: 4″ (insertable) 7″ (total including handle)
Thickness: 3/4″ (diameter)

What I love: Sleek and elegant look, curved for delicious g-spot stimulation, easy to use, comes with satin carrying bag and black storage box. Rechargeable, so no messing with batteries. Quality like no other.
What I don’t love: Controls are too easy to hit and accidentally change the vibration setting while in the moment.

Much thanks to Babeland for letting me review Liv by LELO!


Review: Fun Factory Delight

Product Specs

Name: Delight

Manufacturer: Fun Factory

Materials: Medical-grade Silicone (black) and premium plastic (white).

Charge: Rechargeable

Length: 4″ (insertable) 6″ (total not including handle)
Thickness: 1 3/8″ (diameter) 4 1/4″ (around)

What I love: Absolutely wonderful curve that makes for fantastic g-spot stimulation. Works well for dual clit and g-spot stimulation as well. Gorgeous design, gorgeous colors, body-safe materials!
What I don’t love: The placement of the bump is way way way too close to the end of the toy, wtf?

You can find Delight in black/white, also in turquoise/violet and rose/pink, along with other Vibrators and sex toys of every flavor on SexToy.Com.

Much thanks to SexToy.Com for letting me review Delight!


Review: Intimate Organics Hydra Lube


The more I try different types of lube the more I realize what I like and don’t like. While I haven’t actually tried as many lubes as I would like to have a good rounded idea of everything to do with lube I have tried enough to realize that there are things which I don’t like.

I don’t like glycerin in my lubes. I find that lubes with glycerin in them tend to get sticky, not to mention glycerin (which is a type of sugar) plus vulvas very often equals yeast! I do wonder why lube companies include glycerin in their lubes at all, considering it could produce health problems in their customers (probably because they can get away with it and make a profit).

The other thing I don’t like in my lubes are parabens, even though they’re supposed to make the products safter (they’re bacteriocidal and fungicidal). I admit, I’m not as strictly anti-paraben in other substances, although I’m slowly getting to be. Parabens can cause skin irritation in a small percentage of people and are correlated to cancer. While I do know that correlation does not always equal causation, but these make me nervous nonetheless. I have had allergic reactions to lube with parabens in it, as well. So why would I want to take the risk and rub parabens into the very vulnerable tissue of my cunt? I mean, really.

Luckily, there are a small handful of companies who take the things I’ve mentioned above into consideration. One such company is Intimate Organics. Not only is it glycerin- and paraben-free, it’s also DEA-free, semi-organic, vegan, and naturally derived. What’s not to love?

One thing that irks me about the company, however, is the name. Having a company name like Intimate Organics makes me assume all of their products are going to be organic, which isn’t true. Their products are made with organic extracts, which is awesome, but the products overall are not organic. Highly disappointing. The company is trying to get in on the natural/organic products trend going on and hoping that consumers aren’t looking too closely at the lables.

Intimate Organics Hydra Lubricant is water-based, so it’s safe to use on any toy type (including silicone), and it does not get sticky. Ever. I have not ever found it to get sticky in the many times I’ve used it, and I don’t believe that it’s makeup allows it to get sticky. This is a huge plus, as sticky lube is just not fun to use at all. I mean, sticky is basically the opposite of what lube should be!

The lube is silky and smooth, wonderful to the touch, and does exactly what lube should do: enhances lubrication without adding too much or taking anything away (in my opinion, anyway, some may not be able to overlook the negative below). It also simply feels like natural juices as opposed to synthetic like many lubes.

The only negative about Intimate Organics Hydra Lubricant is that it doesn’t taste or smell very good. The taste and smell is almost glue-like, it’s difficult to describe of course. While the taste and smell are things I am able to overlook due to the other merits this may be the turning point for some of you, and that’s okay.

Once the lube is mixed with natural juices, however, the taste and smell are actually less apparent. Also, since it doesn’t get sticky you can use less of it than some water-based lubes, as I’ve noticed often the less one uses often the stickier water-based lube will become.

While I’m still not thrilled about the smell and taste I’ve gotten used to it, and the fact that it’s not only glycerin- and paraben-free but also even semi-organic just tips the scales far in it’s direction for me. I would recommend Intimate Organics Hydra Lubricant above any lubes with glycerin or parabens, but I do think there are better tasting body safe lubes out there.

Thank you very much to Tabu Toys sex toys for allowing me to review the Intimate Organics Hydra Lubricant!

Product Specs

Name: Hydra Lubricant

Manufacturer: Intimate Organics

Type: Water-based

Compatibility: Works with all toy types. Latex safe. Body safe.

Glycerin-free: Yes
Paraben-free: Yes

Organic: No
Vegan: Yes

Ingredients: Aqua, Propylene Glycol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Methylisothiazolinone (and) Phenethyl Alcohol (and) PPG-2-Methyl Ether, Water (and) Alcohol (and) Certified Organic Lycium Barbarum (Goji Berry) Fruit Extract (and) Certified Organic Cymbopogon Schoenanthus (Lemon Grass) Leaf/Stem Extract (and) Certified Organic Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe) Leaf Extract.


Review: Liberator Ramp


I have been lusting afterLiberator products since the first moment I saw them. Sturdy foam shapes that enhance penetration and make sexual positions easier? Um, yes please! The Ramp has always been at the top of my list (well, after the Esse, but realistically I don’t expect to have the Esse for quite some time, she’s pricey).

When I opened my door to reveal the large box that the Ramp comes in I squealed with delight, quite literally, honestly, Onyx made fun of me for it (and tweeted about it). I wasn’t expecting anything from Liberator that day, in fact I hadn’t even been told that anything had actually been shipped to me from them, so it was a complete surprise! I didn’t even know what was in it, but I was really hoping it was a Ramp.

I ripped it open and could tell what it was from the shape even though there were still two layers between me and my new Ramp. I tore open the adorable white plastic bag with red writing all over it which proclaims “Liberator- Love all ways!” and fondled the black zippered case (which does have a handle for ease of transportation) only momentarily before unzipping it to reveal the lush texture of the Ramp to my fingertips. I believe I squealed again, though I can’t be sure because everything after that is a bliss-filled blur.

As you can see above, the Ramp is essentially a large wedge or, a portable incline plane, though also a large Wedge but that’s not what I meant. Also like the picture above, the Ramp I received and love beyond the telling of it is red and absolutely gorgeous.

The ramp itself is 24 inches wide by 34 inches long and 12 inches tall. Liberator actually has different sizes that you can get as well, which is fabulous since these things are rarely a “one size fits all.” The size that fits best has to do with your height as well as your width.

They have a plus-sized ramp which is 30 inches wide instead of 24, although the 24 inch one fits me fine, and I’m well into plus-sized land, about a size 24 (not to be confused with 24 inches). Basically if you are wider than 24 inches from side to side (not all around or including your sides) you will want to get the wider one, or if you prefer a wider base, but most people probably won’t need it.

The height is slightly more confusing and doesn’t just have to do with the the height of the ramp but also the length of the ramp. I won’t go into all of the details as they have a good explanation of it near the bottom of the Ramp page under the ‘sizing tips’ tab.


The Ramp is especially perfect for doggy-style sex (as you can see in the image above), and that’s the position that Onyx and I have used it the most in. We find the 12 inch lift is the perfect height for kneeling-on-the-bed doggy-style while the other person stands, which is our favorite doggy-style variation. What position the Ramp perfectly enhances will definitely depend on the height of the people involved.

It supports the penetratee making the position easier to hold for longer and reduces stress on wrists or elbows. There is no need to focus on keeping your ass in the air while succumbing to the pleasure of the position, instead you can relax and focus on the sensations being produced which can enhance orgasm. The incline also increases the likelihood of hitting the g-spot, as the pelvis is tilted up, this is why the byline of the Ramp is “g-spot ramplified”

Of course, doggy-style isn’t the only position which the Ramp enhances. Liberator has kindly made a page dedicated to the different positions possible with the Ramp: missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, oral, etc. Basically, all the usual position suspects are enhanced by such a simple and wildly functional shape. This is why the portable inclined plane is one of the six classical simple machines (okay, maybe not, but it sounded good!).

My biggest endorsement of the Ramp has to come from the fact that it helped to rejuvenate our sex life. Specifically, because of it we had daytime sex for the first time in quite some time! Most everyone experiences lulls in their sex life, especially with a long-term partner, and mainly because of all the stress in our life at the time we had gotten into a bit of a sexual rut. However, with the Ramp showing up one day and then the LELO Bo showing up the next our frequency shot quickly upward! Great couples toys have a tendency to do that.


Liberator also sells the Black Label Wedge Ramp Combo (in the image above) which comes with a free love artist kit and is cheaper than buying the two separately. From what I’ve seen of the Wedge it looks like the perfect addition to the Ramp and is definitely next on my list of Liberator products. It’s basically the same as the Ramp, only smaller, so it can fit together with the Ramp as shown above.

Thank you so very very much to Liberator for allowing me to review the Ramp! I love it, Onyx loves it, even our kitties love it!

Product Specs

Name: Ramp

Manufacturer: Liberator

Material: Champagne Foam inside, nylon exterior, and washable Microfiber slip-cover

Size: 24 inches wide by 34 inches long and 12 inches tall


Review: Best Lesbian Erotica 08


I started reading the Best Lesbian Erotica series in 2002 with Best Lesbian Erotica 03. It actually used to be my staple christmas gift from my best friend for quite a few years, since the next year’s edition comes out in early December. Somehow I missed the last few years, from 2007 on, though I plan to change that soon, so when I had the chance to grab Best Lesbian Erotica 08 I knew I had to get it to further my collection.

One reason why I’ve loved the Best Lesbian Erotica (BLE) series for so many years is because the stories are always fresh and unique, exposing me to something new in each one. The stories always have a wide variety of scenes and sexualities between them, always focusing on more than just the sex and more than strap-on sex. When I started reading the series six years ago I was relatively inexperienced, though I had already read a lot of erotica, and BLE exposed me to many different facets of sexuality and better written erotica than what I was reading online.

The theme of Best Lesbian Erotica 08 is transgression. Tristan Taormino describes it in her foreword as not just the transgression that occurs when one comes out as queer and tells their own story, but a transgression beyond what is “normal,” expected, and acceptable. Each story keeps you on your toes, delivering “erotic surprises” (according to the back of the book) and taking you to new heights of depravity and delicious transgression.

In one of my favorite stories in the book, “The Bridge” by Isa Coffey, what starts out as a butch/femme fling in a car turns into a veritable orgy through small extreme but mostly believable leaps. The story itself is written in a jagged almost disjointed manner which made me feel like I was experiencing the situation as it was happening, a vivid but jarring re-telling of something which seems more like fact than fiction.

Another of my favorite stories, “Domme’s Games” by Rachel Kramer Bussel, two femmes meet for dinner on a date set up by their friends, but that quickly transforms into a D/s fantasy game performed by a professional Dominatrix and a first-time submissive who can’t believe what she’s doing in public. Through a series of non-sexual yet sexually charged commands the pair gets through dinner and heads back to the Domme’s place, but before they go inside the submissive femme must strip and get herself off in the car.

There are over a dozen more stories each with their own delightful twists and erotic turns which very often kept me on my toes. While many of the transgressions in the book are not necessarily shocking, though some are unexpected, they are wildly enjoyable erotic romps into the fantasy life of a stranger.

As Taormino says at the end of her foreward: “Ultimately, what ties all these stories together is the desire to push something perhaps a little too far, to give the middle finger to ‘polite society.’ These writers have given us vibrant characters who defy roles and expectations and challenge traditions and norms. These characters don’t just go against the grain–they rub their leather-clad thighs, cum-soaked fingers, drenched pussies and saliva-coated cocks right up against the grain, leaving a mark so you know they were there” (ix-x).

You can find Best Lesbian Erotica 08 along with other Books and Erotica and sex toys of every flavor on SexToy.Com.

Much thanks to SexToy.Com for letting me review Best Lesbian Erotica 08!

Product Specs

Title: Best Lesbian Erotica 08

Publisher: Cleis Press

Editor: Tristan Taormino

Page Count: 240


Review: Melon Crank Dildo

Product Specs

Name: “Melon Crank” Glass Dildo

Material: Glass

Manufacturer: Don Wands

Height: 6 inches from handle to tip, about 4 1/2″ insertable.
Thickness: 1 inch shaft, 1 1/2 inch head

What I love: It spins, it’s glass, what’s not to love?! Hits the g-spot while spinning. Nubby bumps make spinning super pleasurable. Fantastic all around.
What I don’t love: When lubed up the handle can be difficult to spin.

Thank you very much to Tabu Toys sex toys for allowing me to review the “Melon Crank” Glass Dildo!


Review: Regard Indiscret Set

For the record, I’m not spelling indiscreet wrong, that is part of the name of the set, but I cringe every time I spell it Indiscret.

Since I love the set so much I took quite a few pictures of me using them, one is below to give you an idea of the set worn, the only thing missing is the candle. The rest of the set of pictures will be up on my site on Thursday for Half-Nekkid Thursday.


Babeland also carries other adorable Bijoux Indiscrets products such as Pearl Cuffs, Shhhh Blindfold, Flamboyant Pasties Set, and Mimi Rhinestone Pasties.

[CLOSED] Contest Info

I love the Regard Indiscret Set so much that Babeland agreed I could give one away to one lucky reader!

All you have to do is comment with your idea of a romantic and sexy night with your partner(s) (or desired or imagined or fantasy partner(s)).

You must have a valid email address on your comment and be within the U.S. because it’s sent directly from Babeland.

Contest ends March 27th at 11:59pm PST.

Much thanks to Babeland for letting me review and give away the Regard Indiscret Set!

Product Specs

Name: Regard Indiscret Set

Manufacturer: Bijoux Indiscrets

Contents: Black round hat tin containing black leather tasseled pasties, black feather boa, pearl belt/necklace, and three small round candles.

What I loved: Absolutely adorable! Seductive and romantic set for a special evening or sexy photo set. The whole is definitely greater than the sum of it’s parts.
What I didn’t love: Strong perfume scent to the boa inside which could irritate, though I didn’t mind it.


Review: Red Wide-tipped Riding Bat/Crop

red wide-tipped riding bat from SexToy.Com

As I mentioned in my Large Rubber Whip review Onyx and I are big fans of impact play toys. SexToy.Com actually has a very extensive although somewhat disorganized BDSM and Fetish section which has almost anything you could desire from beginner to advanced BDSM gear. Because of this vast selection I got to pick out quite a few different fun toys to play with including the Red Wide-Tipped Riding Bat.

The handle and tip are black while the shaft of the riding bat is red, though they do have an all black version as well. The Red Wide-Tipped Riding Bat is exactly that: wide-tipped, about two and a half (2 1/2) inches across at the leather tip and the entirety of it is about two feet (24 inches) long. It feels sturdy and well-made as well, it doesn’t feel light or flimsy like some other crops and bats I’ve held, which is definitely a plus.

According to XeroMag’s Kinky Dictionary (XeroMag has a lot of wonderful BDSM information especially for a beginner) the difference between a riding crop and a riding bat is that while they are very similar a bat is “usually slightly shorter and with a wider leather striking tip.” Although not all retailers abide by the same definitions, as I’ve seen implements with a wide tip like this referred to as crops, but even so it’s a good general distinction to make.

With crops and bats, unlike canes and floggers, one hits only with the very end of the bat instead of the majority of the object. The wider the end of the bat the less stingy the sensation, which was the majority of my reason for wanting this bat. I have a thinner tipped crop which has a sharper sting to it. While the Red Wide-Tipped Riding Bat does also sting, the sting it produces is much less sharp and more of a thud.

One of the benefits of using a crop or bat is that the striking area is very small, which means it is able to get in to smaller and more delicate areas than a large flogger for instance. It is also wonderful for striking back and forth between inner thighs or getting the tops or bottoms of breasts. Probably the most common use, of course, is on the ass.

With the right amount of force it can be wicked, just like most impact play toys, but it can also be massaging as mentioned above and a nice thuddy addition to any round of impact play. It’s really very affordable as well, at under fifteen dollars and while it can pack a pretty good wallop because it’s thuddier than a regular crops it is ideal for those who enjoy impact and sensation play but who shy away from the sting. Too often crops and bats are automatically associated with being stingy, and although this one can be stingy with enough force it’s much more subtle and pleasurable for us thuddy-loving folk.

You can find the Red Wide-Tipped Riding Bat (or Black Wide-Tipped Riding Bat) along with other BDSM and Fetish Toys and sex toys of every flavor on SexToy.Com.

Much thanks to SexToy.Com for letting me review the Red Wide-Tipped Riding Bat!

Product Specs

Name: Red Wide-Tipped Riding Bat

Length: 29.5 inches
Width: 2.5 inches (striking tip)

Sensation: Stingy – 2 (out of 3)


Review: Fun Factory Bendy Beads

Though I forgot to mention it in the review, you want to always be sure to use lube with anal toys, but you already knew that. I especially love Boy Butter for anything anal, but it is oil-based so it can’t be used with condoms/gloves but can be used with silicone.

Much thanks to Pink Cherry for letting me review Bendy Beads!

Product Specs

Name: Bendy Beads

Manufacturer: Fun Factory

Material: Silicone

Length: 10 1/2″ (7 1/2″ insertable)
Thickness: smallest bead: 3/4″ – largest bead: 1 3/4″

What I love: Great for beginner or expert anal lovers alike. Fun design, unusual look. Bending abilities lets them mold to you rather than the other way around. Affordable.
What I don’t love: Nothing?


Review: Black Large Rubber Whip

black rubber whip

Between Onyx and myself we have a good amount of impact play toys, though there are so many out there I always am interested in new and different kinds of floggers, canes, paddles, and etc. to include in our play.

When I saw the Black Large Rubber Whip was available for review I was intrigued. Onyx and I had actually just been to Babeland not too long before I got it and had looked at their bdsm gear section. While it’s not extensive it does have a good amount of quality products, and this Rubber Whip is no exception.

It’s a very basic design, two knobs and a piece of plastic piping with dozens of strands of rubber looped through them, anchored on the other side by the wrist strap. They actually have two other whips almost identical to this one, the difference is color and length, the Pink Medium Rubber Whip and Red Mini Whip (the latter would be wonderful for whipping close sensitive areas like breasts or genitals).

black and pink rubber whips

I’m not really sure why it’s called a whip rather than a flogger. In contemporary usage, as far as I know, the term whip is generally reserved for single-tail whips–like what Indiana Jones uses–while the term flogger is actually used as a somewhat catch-all term for something with multiple tails (usually leather but also rope, rubber, or etc.) and a handle. That’s what I’ve found others to say as well. Though another distinction could be along the lines of the thuddy to stingy continuum, such as the thuddy toys are floggers while the stingy toys are whips, but this isn’t as widely used since floggers and whips can produce a wide range of sensation depending on how and where they are used.

That query out of the way let’s get to what you’re actually interested in: how it feels to use and to take it! ‘Cause the information about the toy itself is only useful if you know it’s going to do what you want it to.

Well, what I really like about the Black Large Rubber Whip is that it has a good amount of versatility to it, though most floggers do. It can be light and teasing, trailed softly across sensitive exposed skin. It can be soft and thuddy, launched lightly at a bare bottom to evoke pleasure more than pain. And it can be harsh and stingy, snapped quickly to make the tips lick at tender flesh.

This range of sensation isn’t rare in the stingier end of floggers especially, that’s part of why I love floggers so, because one toy can be so versatile. As a poly queer switch I’m all for versatility.

Because it has such a range, also, it can be useful to beginner and advanced kinksters alike, making it a nice addition regardless of skill level. Due to the material of the strands, rubber as opposed to a harder or thicker material, it is rare for it to leave marks of any kind. Now, this could be a negative for those of us who like marks (myself included) but there are times when you don’t want to have marks on your thighs, ass, and lower back or wherever else you are wanting to use it. This toy is especially nice for great sensation and impact play without the worry of getting marked up in the process.

It’s lightweight and the handle is easy to hold on to while using it. While the handle is smooth plastic there are knobs on either side so there was no slipping in my hand while I used it. It’s also affordable, and while it is simple it’s good quality. Overall I’d say if you’re interested in a versatile and affordable flogger to add to your collection, this is a good one to consider.

Much thanks to Babeland for letting me review the Black Large Rubber Whip!

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