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Review: Black Large Rubber Whip

black rubber whip

Between Onyx and myself we have a good amount of impact play toys, though there are so many out there I always am interested in new and different kinds of floggers, canes, paddles, and etc. to include in our play.

When I saw the Black Large Rubber Whip was available for review I was intrigued. Onyx and I had actually just been to Babeland not too long before I got it and had looked at their bdsm gear section. While it’s not extensive it does have a good amount of quality products, and this Rubber Whip is no exception.

It’s a very basic design, two knobs and a piece of plastic piping with dozens of strands of rubber looped through them, anchored on the other side by the wrist strap. They actually have two other whips almost identical to this one, the difference is color and length, the Pink Medium Rubber Whip and Red Mini Whip (the latter would be wonderful for whipping close sensitive areas like breasts or genitals).

black and pink rubber whips

I’m not really sure why it’s called a whip rather than a flogger. In contemporary usage, as far as I know, the term whip is generally reserved for single-tail whips–like what Indiana Jones uses–while the term flogger is actually used as a somewhat catch-all term for something with multiple tails (usually leather but also rope, rubber, or etc.) and a handle. That’s what I’ve found others to say as well. Though another distinction could be along the lines of the thuddy to stingy continuum, such as the thuddy toys are floggers while the stingy toys are whips, but this isn’t as widely used since floggers and whips can produce a wide range of sensation depending on how and where they are used.

That query out of the way let’s get to what you’re actually interested in: how it feels to use and to take it! ‘Cause the information about the toy itself is only useful if you know it’s going to do what you want it to.

Well, what I really like about the Black Large Rubber Whip is that it has a good amount of versatility to it, though most floggers do. It can be light and teasing, trailed softly across sensitive exposed skin. It can be soft and thuddy, launched lightly at a bare bottom to evoke pleasure more than pain. And it can be harsh and stingy, snapped quickly to make the tips lick at tender flesh.

This range of sensation isn’t rare in the stingier end of floggers especially, that’s part of why I love floggers so, because one toy can be so versatile. As a poly queer switch I’m all for versatility.

Because it has such a range, also, it can be useful to beginner and advanced kinksters alike, making it a nice addition regardless of skill level. Due to the material of the strands, rubber as opposed to a harder or thicker material, it is rare for it to leave marks of any kind. Now, this could be a negative for those of us who like marks (myself included) but there are times when you don’t want to have marks on your thighs, ass, and lower back or wherever else you are wanting to use it. This toy is especially nice for great sensation and impact play without the worry of getting marked up in the process.

It’s lightweight and the handle is easy to hold on to while using it. While the handle is smooth plastic there are knobs on either side so there was no slipping in my hand while I used it. It’s also affordable, and while it is simple it’s good quality. Overall I’d say if you’re interested in a versatile and affordable flogger to add to your collection, this is a good one to consider.

Much thanks to Babeland for letting me review the Black Large Rubber Whip!

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