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Review: Red Wide-tipped Riding Bat/Crop

red wide-tipped riding bat from SexToy.Com

As I mentioned in my Large Rubber Whip review Onyx and I are big fans of impact play toys. SexToy.Com actually has a very extensive although somewhat disorganized BDSM and Fetish section which has almost anything you could desire from beginner to advanced BDSM gear. Because of this vast selection I got to pick out quite a few different fun toys to play with including the Red Wide-Tipped Riding Bat.

The handle and tip are black while the shaft of the riding bat is red, though they do have an all black version as well. The Red Wide-Tipped Riding Bat is exactly that: wide-tipped, about two and a half (2 1/2) inches across at the leather tip and the entirety of it is about two feet (24 inches) long. It feels sturdy and well-made as well, it doesn’t feel light or flimsy like some other crops and bats I’ve held, which is definitely a plus.

According to XeroMag’s Kinky Dictionary (XeroMag has a lot of wonderful BDSM information especially for a beginner) the difference between a riding crop and a riding bat is that while they are very similar a bat is “usually slightly shorter and with a wider leather striking tip.” Although not all retailers abide by the same definitions, as I’ve seen implements with a wide tip like this referred to as crops, but even so it’s a good general distinction to make.

With crops and bats, unlike canes and floggers, one hits only with the very end of the bat instead of the majority of the object. The wider the end of the bat the less stingy the sensation, which was the majority of my reason for wanting this bat. I have a thinner tipped crop which has a sharper sting to it. While the Red Wide-Tipped Riding Bat does also sting, the sting it produces is much less sharp and more of a thud.

One of the benefits of using a crop or bat is that the striking area is very small, which means it is able to get in to smaller and more delicate areas than a large flogger for instance. It is also wonderful for striking back and forth between inner thighs or getting the tops or bottoms of breasts. Probably the most common use, of course, is on the ass.

With the right amount of force it can be wicked, just like most impact play toys, but it can also be massaging as mentioned above and a nice thuddy addition to any round of impact play. It’s really very affordable as well, at under fifteen dollars and while it can pack a pretty good wallop because it’s thuddier than a regular crops it is ideal for those who enjoy impact and sensation play but who shy away from the sting. Too often crops and bats are automatically associated with being stingy, and although this one can be stingy with enough force it’s much more subtle and pleasurable for us thuddy-loving folk.

You can find the Red Wide-Tipped Riding Bat (or Black Wide-Tipped Riding Bat) along with other BDSM and Fetish Toys and sex toys of every flavor on SexToy.Com.

Much thanks to SexToy.Com for letting me review the Red Wide-Tipped Riding Bat!

Product Specs

Name: Red Wide-Tipped Riding Bat

Length: 29.5 inches
Width: 2.5 inches (striking tip)

Sensation: Stingy – 2 (out of 3)


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  5. DominaDoll DominaDoll

    Cool. I didn’t realize the distinction between a crop and bat. Great resource and excellent review :)

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