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Review: Regard Indiscret Set

For the record, I’m not spelling indiscreet wrong, that is part of the name of the set, but I cringe every time I spell it Indiscret.

Since I love the set so much I took quite a few pictures of me using them, one is below to give you an idea of the set worn, the only thing missing is the candle. The rest of the set of pictures will be up on my site on Thursday for Half-Nekkid Thursday.


Babeland also carries other adorable Bijoux Indiscrets products such as Pearl Cuffs, Shhhh Blindfold, Flamboyant Pasties Set, and Mimi Rhinestone Pasties.

[CLOSED] Contest Info

I love the Regard Indiscret Set so much that Babeland agreed I could give one away to one lucky reader!

All you have to do is comment with your idea of a romantic and sexy night with your partner(s) (or desired or imagined or fantasy partner(s)).

You must have a valid email address on your comment and be within the U.S. because it’s sent directly from Babeland.

Contest ends March 27th at 11:59pm PST.

Much thanks to Babeland for letting me review and give away the Regard Indiscret Set!

Product Specs

Name: Regard Indiscret Set

Manufacturer: Bijoux Indiscrets

Contents: Black round hat tin containing black leather tasseled pasties, black feather boa, pearl belt/necklace, and three small round candles.

What I loved: Absolutely adorable! Seductive and romantic set for a special evening or sexy photo set. The whole is definitely greater than the sum of it’s parts.
What I didn’t love: Strong perfume scent to the boa inside which could irritate, though I didn’t mind it.


  1. carnivalesq carnivalesq

    Mmm, so excellent that you’ve got a giveaway!

    I keep wanting to set up a romantic evening where the house is empty and the lights are low in the bedroom, save for my ambient lighting playing colors on the ceiling and casting enough glow for us to see eachother. I would be wearing very little, and pasties that STAY ON (:P) and give R a little show, and then rip it up with some LELO stuff… guh, I love the Bo. Maybe candles. I dunno about candles tho. With my luck, lately, I’d light myself on fire. :D

    carnivalesq’s last blog post..Pleasurists 19

  2. CarrieAnn CarrieAnn

    Totally adorable. The picture if fabulous! I SO should have gotten this to go with those cuffs. I’m kicking myself now!

    hot, hot, hot

    CarrieAnn’s last blog post..Weepy ol’ sour puss

  3. CarrieAnn CarrieAnn

    Oooh. Giveaway.
    I’d so totally fulfill the original fantasy the cuffs inspired. Only he’d be in formal wear and I’d be in this and the pearl cuffs… flirtatiously, nearly naked and elegantly bound, sprawled at his feet to receive nibbles of his dinner and sips of his wine, unable to do anything but be a pretty, bound possession.

    CarrieAnn’s last blog post..Weepy ol’ sour puss

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  6. Ooh I had my eye on this set for review, but chose the Liv instead. This is sooo cute! I loved your HNT pics with it.

    My ideal romantic/sexy night would include making dinner together, something sexy and exotic, having a glass of wine, getting undressed and into something really sexy, and then having a long and possibly tantric massage and steamy sex session, followed by reading to each other in bed. That gets me so hot! I’m a bookworm AND a sex fiend you know ;)

  7. Thursday's Child Thursday's Child

    My perfect evening? I make D dinner in a lovely hostess’s half apron, those gorgeous pasties and heels. He sits at the table while I serve him, waiting on him hand and foot, refilling his wine glass…
    Then I pull out my feather boa, drop the apron, have him push his chair back away from the table and give him a lapdance like he’ll never forget. Bumping and grinding, writhing against him until he can’t take it anymore.
    Then I’ll bind his wrists behind his back with the pearl cuffs, drop to my knees before him, and worship his cock until he comes hard, all over my perfectly made face and perfectly coiffed hair. Mmmm!

    Thursday’s Child’s last blog post..The Bee’s Knees

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  12. Milla Milla

    A romantic & sexy night ::

    Blindfolding and binding his naked body to a bed. Wrists tied down, legs spread apart. I would enjoy his creamy body and feed him sweets filled with honey, and maybe champagne. When I am ready I will massage his cock, licking my hand and his head to stroke him to orgasm, but stopping before he can come. Then when I can no longer resist I put him inside me and I work my body onto his cock . . . slowly releasing the binds, letting him free and then letting him dominate me until I orgasm.

    Yes. I think that would be a romantic night for me . . . damn, I’ll have to do that tonight!

  13. Oh my, it’s been a while so this is total fantasy:

    Naughty French maid at his beck and call, perfection is expected except that this maid wants to be bad. Drop a plate? That’s a spanking? Spill some wine? Tighter nipple clamps….

  14. A winner has been chosen! Milla for her comment above! Thank you all for entering, all the entries were truly a treat to read, but Milla’s caught my attention the most.

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  19. Kim Kim

    This is such a awesome giveaway! I’d love to spice up my romance with my hubby! I’d love to win! xoxo

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