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Review: LELO Bo

Onyx’s Experience

Being the partner of a sex blogger and sex toy reviewer has many benefits. One of the primary ones is that I get to play with a lot of really fun and exciting toys without even having to be the one writing the reviews. Granted while some of the toys she receives are primarily for her pleasure, almost all of them are great for partner play and I probably get at least as much pleasure from playing with them as she does.

Now normally I’m all about getting a free ride, but with the arrival of the LELO Bo it’s time for me to stop being a sex toy bum and share with the world just how much I’ve come to enjoy this marvelous little pleasure object.

Scarlet has covered most of the technical details such as the marvelous little case, the body safe materials and the elegant design in her video review so I will focus mainly on my experience wearing and playing with Bo and let her describe the experience from her point of view.

Bo is a very flexible toy that should accommodate any cock size easily; it is nice and tight, while still feeling comfortable and can be worn different ways to maximize your partner’s enjoyment of the wonderful vibrations.

I had never worn a cock ring before, much less a vibrating one and was not sure what to expect. I’ve had vibrators pressed against my cock and have enjoyed the sensation, but it did not prepare me for the far more intense pleasure that Bo’s vibrations cause. Combined with the restriction of blood flow caused by the ring itself seemed to make my penis much more sensitive, but luckily only in a good way and not too sensitive.

Some men say that wearing a cock ring prevents them having an orgasm or at least makes it harder for them to cum, this was not the case for me, but it did help me hold off longer while letting the climax build to an amazing intensity. The pleasure of a Bo orgasm is something every man owes it to himself to experience in life and can’t easily be conveyed with mere words.

So far we’ve only used the Bo for partner sex, but it’s easy to tell that it would also be fantastic for male solo play, all in all it something I strongly recommend for any man that wants to take his orgasm experience to a whole new level.

Scarlet’s Experience

Like Onyx mentioned and I mentioned in the video above, we had never used a cock ring before, so neither of us really knew what to expect. However, I had heard such wonderful things about the LELO Bo and am quite the LELO addict so I knew that it was going to be wonderful. Even though starting with such a high-quality product for our first cock ring experience may spoil us on other cock rings in the future I was willing to take that risk.

I could see the difference in Onyx’s cock once he put it on. It seemed to grow from the sensation and simply looked more sensitive though I’m not sure if I could describe the difference of that look. I could tell he was enjoying it and was excited to feel how it would change our sex.

Once he thrust into me I was caught by a new but familiar sensation: vibration. I’m used to it from toys, but not from his cock, so it was extremely strange to me the first few times we used the Bo. Strange, however, doesn’t mean bad. I enjoyed it, and I especially enjoyed his enjoyment of it. I could watch his reflection in the floor-to-ceiling length windows in our living room (where our futon currently is since it is our bed/couch/only-sitting-area-besides-one-chair) and I could hear his reaction as well, and I could tell he was having an amazing time.

I’ve heard cock rings are supposed to hit the clit as well, though I wasn’t really looking for that in our use of it. I have plenty of wonderful toys to use for clitoral stimulation, and so relying on something attached to his cock for clitoral stimulation just seems silly to me.

Since it made his cock into a flesh vibrator it definitely did provide me with enhanced sensation because of that as well, which I definitely enjoyed. We used it in conjunction with the Liberator Ramp so he was hitting my g-spot with his vibrating cock, which felt absolutely amazing.

I definitely think the LELO Bo is a wonderful addition to partner sex. It can also turn a dildo into a vibrator, and since it’s made out of TPE rather than silicone it can be used on silicone dildos, something we have yet to play with. I would imagine this would be especially delicious with a toy like Share which penetrates both partners, and intend to test this theory.

You can find LELO Bo along with other cock rings and sex toys of every flavor on Vibrator.Com.

Much thanks to Vibrator.Com for letting me review the LELO Bo!

Product Specs

Name: Bo

Manufacturer: LELO

Materials: Body-safe ABS (top vibrating part) and TPE (bottom stretchy ring)

Charge: Rechargeable


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  10. I think the Bo is the perfect package. Alone for either sex (her with a dildo) or together. Of course I am a firm believer that sex with any toy amps up the fun!
    .-= Toy With Me´s last blog ..The Elegant Cock Ring – LELO BO =-.

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  13. Nude Monk Nude Monk

    I think this toy sucks. I threw it out.
    .-= Nude Monk´s last blog ..Coffee Break Commentary: High Fashion Vacuum Fragrance =-.

    • Scarlet Lotus St. Syr Scarlet Lotus St. Syr (@ ScarletLotus)

      I think you’re the first person I’ve heard who hasn’t enjoyed the Bo, but of course not all toys work for everyone. What wasn’t to your liking?

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