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Review: Agent Secret Game


I was really excited to receive the Agent Secret Game because it’s made by the same people as my Regard Indiscret Set which I absolutely adore. I thought it would be a cute light bondage set. I really really wanted to like it. Unfortunately it really didn’t live up to my expectations. At all.

The basic idea behind the set is to create a sexy interrogation scene. Agent 001 uses what’s in hir bag to write down a sexy desire on the card, then lock the card with the padlock and Agent 002 can then use the sexy stuff in hir bag to pleasure-torture the combination to the padlock out of Agent 001.

Going into it I knew that the items were not going to be hardcore bondage and torture items. I didn’t expect this, but I did expect them to be at least semi-high quality.

Since there is a suspension of disbelief that goes on in roleplaying I can accept that the card to write the fantasy on and lock is made out of cardstock which the padlock could be easily ripped off of. That’s alright.

I did, however, expect the satin mask included to be Bijoux’s Shhhh Blindfold, mostly because Babeland has a link to the Shhhh blindfold in the description of the Agent Secret Game. I was highly disappointed when the blindfold I pulled out was a really basic sleep-mask type blindfold with an elastic band on the back. While the blindfold is more padded than usual sleep-masks (I think, anyway) it was highly disappointing.

Next, the vibrating ring. I admit I may be spoiled because the first cock ring we tried was the LELO Bo, however the vibrating ring which was included in the set appears to be jelly. I cannot confirm the material of the vibrating ring because there is no real information about it other than brief instructions on how to turn it on. It doesn’t overly smell but it definitely looks suspiciously like jelly.

Other than being jelly what also bothered me is that the color of the cock ring is not coordinated with the rest of the set at all. Everything else in the set is either black, white, grey, or red and black, the cock ring is a pinkish orange color that just disrupts the sexy dark tones going on in the set. Not impressed.

The feather tickler, on the other hand, looks fairly nice. I dig the colors, it’s red and black and nice looking, though I’m not actually a fan of ticking in any sense at all ever, but the handle seems well constructed and it has a wrist-loop of polyester or nylon cord. I pulled a little on the feathers and they did not fall apart or anything, so I call it a fairly decent win.

Lastly, the bondage ribbons. Maybe I just had too high of hopes for them, but they are not what I was hoping for or expecting. They are two ribbons that are two and a half (2 1/2) feet or thirty (30) inches long. Each ribbon has a french phrase written on it: “Attache-moi et libere mon secret” which means “Tie me and free my secret,” which is pretty cute.

One end of each ribbon has a really long button-hole sewn into it and the instructions tell you to feed the other end of the ribbon through that hole to use. It does not offer further instructions, but I assume that then the ribbons could be tied together with the long excess ribbon, around a bed post perhaps or to separate objects. It seems like a strange way to do things, but okay, it kind of works.

One ribbon is a little too short to successfully tie around a wrist assuming you want to go around more than once, though maybe because of, you know, suspension of disbelief and all that, they don’t need to be that tight. Honestly, I’m not sure what I was expecting the bondage ribbons to look like, but I expected them to be higher quality than the ones I got, which seem thin and are a little too stiff to be super comfortable.

The entire set is cute, I love the tin box it comes in and how it’s separated for each “Agent” but despite the cuteness factor I was just not impressed with the set as a whole. Maybe I’m just too picky, or maybe I was expecting too much, I’m not sure, but either way I was disappointed when I opened the set.

I think this would probably be a good set for a very vanilla couple who is just starting to explore kink, but for anyone with the slightest bit of experience you may be just as disappointed as I. Even so, you could probably get these items separately for cheaper than the set itself, then again you wouldn’t get the round black tin box.

Much thanks to Babeland for letting me review the Agent Secret Game!

Product Specs

Name: Agent Secret Game

Manufacturer: Bijoux Indiscrets

Contents: Black round hat tin containing two black polyester bags: one bag for “Agent 001,” one bag for “Agent 002.” In the bag for Agent 001: a card to write down your “secret desire” on, the pencil to write with, and a padlock to lock the card. In the bag for Agent 002: black bondage ribbons, a red and black feather tickler, a vibrating cock ring, and a satin mask.


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