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Review: Njoy Fun Wand

When the Njoy Fun Wand first arrived I marveled at the weight of it. It’s a fairly small toy but is 3/4 of a pound (or 12 ounces) which isn’t super heavy but it’s definitely heavy for it’s size. It was also very cold to the touch when I first opened it, presumably since it had been on a cold delivery truck for most of the morning.

I first tried it vaginally with the knowledge that it probably wouldn’t work that well for me. It was still cold, which was extremely pleasant and added to the sensation, but it was just too small for me to really enjoy vaginally despite the curve and the cold. I could definitely feel it, but I’m a bit of a size queen so a 1 inch bulb and a much skinnier shaft was just not doing it for me.

Anally, however, this toy is a dream! Hello my new favorite anal toy! My partner Onyx agrees, as it helped to produce multiple strong prostate orgasms for him all in a row. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Since the Fun Wand is nice and slim it’s even great for those between beginner and intermediate levels when it comes to anal play. I wouldn’t say a fresh anal beginner should use it, however, because it’s made of steel and therefore has no give whatsoever, but someone who has done a small amount of exploration would not be intimidated by it in the last.

The curve is absolutely delicious for hitting the p-spot in males or the g-spot in females (yes, anal sex can and does often hit the g-spot). I used it on myself anally solo with a vibrator on my clit and was in heaven. The three graduated beads are excellent for repeated slow insertion and removal and the other end is wonderful for thrusting. I used it on Onyx and he discovered that the curve was perfect for hitting his prostate, giving him wave after wave of non-ejaculatory orgasm.

The Fun Wand is a perfect anal toy regardless of experience or sex, and one I would recommend to anyone. The added bonus of being to explore temperature play and the pleasure of a rock hard toy has made it my new favorite anal toy.

Much thanks to Pink Cherry sex toys for letting me review Njoy Fun Wand!

Product Specs

Name: Fun Wand

Manufacturer: Njoy

Material: Stainless Steel

Length: 8 inches end-to-end
Thickness: 1 inch single bulb. 3/4 inch to 1 inch beads
Girth: 3 1/4 inch single bulb, 2 1/4 inch to 3 inch beads


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  2. Callaigh Callaigh

    Ooh, that does look like fun! I don’t need a whole lot as far as size is concerned, and the curve on that looks delicious.

    Something else, may I suggest putting some kind of dampener on your microphone, or else turning down the input volume? Your voice is very clear and seems to overwhelm the mic at times, and it’s a harsh distraction from your awesome reviews.

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