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Review: X- The Erotic Treasury


I’m not sure where I first heard about X: The Erotic Treasury, but I always heard epic things. Is it the greatest erotica book since sliced bread? It just might be.

The stories within X are highly variable and don’t seem to favor any orientation, fetish, or style except maybe fantastic writing. This collection is supposed to be the best-of-the-best, which is why it’s a treasury. The editor, amazing sex-goddess Susie Bright, says that when she first imagined the anthology “the phrase that crossed [her] mind was ‘an embarassment of riches.'” A chest of pirate treasure with jewels and riches overflowing from it. I can say that she succeeded in realizing her idea.

Each story is carefully crafted and wonderfully written, they all sucked me in and turned me on regardless of content. I found myself fetishizing and getting turned on by objects, ideas, and body parts which normally don’t do it for me. I also found myself turned on by situations and desires that are long-time fantasies, but imagining them in new lights or through a different lens, pictures painted for me in such beautiful ways.

My favorite story in the book, titled “Sweating Profusely in Merida: A Memoir” by Carol Queen is short and sweet, just barely over four and a half pages, and starts with the description of a sex party. Of course, I won’t deny that Carol Queen herself may be the reason this is my favorite story, as I always love and identify with her writings, but that’s neither here nor there. Despite it’s short length it gave me the impression that I knew these characters, just from a few lines, and easily lead me to a place where I couldn’t help but touch myself, and not all erotica makes me need to do so.

As a lover of erotica, I was highly impressed by X. While many anthologies waver in their excitement and some stories fail to grip the reader, I found that every story just brought me higher and higher, like digging through a treasure chest and never finding a tarnished jewel.

Much thanks to Babeland for letting me review X: The Erotic Treasury!

Product Specs

Title: X: The Erotic Treasury

Editor: Susie Bright

Publisher: Chronicle Books

Published: September 1, 2008 (Hardcover First Edition)

Page Count: 367

Story Count: 40


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  2. I need to get around to reviewing this but I want to finish it first. I thought the writing was excellent and, like you, was turned on by some things which I would not usually associate with arousal.

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