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Review: FYN Big Foot


I’ve had my Big Foot since January of this year. Even though I had been lusting after all For Your Nymphomation products for quite some time I bought it along with the Flogger Trunk to ease the transport of all my toys while moving from Salt Lake City to Seattle. Between the two cases I could fit all of my toys in them, with a little room to spare, though that quickly has changed and I know I need to get another case soon, I’m hoping for the Adult Toychest, but I digress.

I was a little hesitant about getting a Big Foot at first, mostly because I thought it looked kind of clunky and awkward, instead I wanted an Adult Toybox for a small carrying-around case, but once I saw it up close I adored it! It’s a foot long but five by five square on the height and depth and far from the clunky and awkward case I first imagined. It’s really not that big, but fits an amazing amount of toys!

Since moving with it to Seattle I also brought it with me on my recent trip to NYC and D.C. for Sex 2.0 and, specifically, meeting my long-distance partner Marla for the first time. She also has a Big Foot which she brought with her, and between the two of us we had enough toys to spread over half of our hotel bed!

In mine: Fun Factory Bandito, Sportsheets Bare As You Dare Harness, LELO Gigi, LELO Bob, LELO Luna, Mr. Man, Ophoria Beyond No. 3, Feeldoe More, Ophoria Pleasure No. 6, Ophoria Rapture No. 5, Cascade Wand, Fun Factory Cuffies, and Sportsheets Restraint Wrap.

In hers: LELO Ella, Tantus Echo, Pure Wand, Sportsheets Blush Kit (blindfold, cuffs, collar, leashes, paddle), Wet Naturals Beautifully Bare, Wet Naturals Sensual Strawberry, Water Slide Lube, Sportsheets Sedeaux Flare, Tantus Ryder, and a We-Vibe.

It was a very impressive amount of toys, and neither of us filled ours to the top either. Although we didn’t get to using every one of them we did use most of them! Her Big Foot fit easily in the small rolling luggage she brought with her, the smallest in a three-piece luggage set. My Big Foot actually fit easily at the bottom of my backpack! Although I also had a rolling luggage with me it was easier for me to fit it in my backpack, and easier to get it out for security at the airport as well.

Speaking of security, I don’t check anything if I can help it because I had a lot of DVDs stolen out of my luggage a few years back, and now in addition to that they are charging for any checked luggage (which is ridiculous in my opinion) so I did carry my Big Foot on to a plane with the aforementioned items within it. I locked the Gigi and took the batteries out of the bullet that comes with the Feeldoe More as those were the only vibrators I brought with me, just so that they didn’t start going off in my bag accidentally.

When I went through security I took the Big Foot out separate from my backpack so that it could go through security. There were two women and a man at the x-ray machine, one of the women was there just to inspect the items going through the machine the other two were to look into items if necessary. The women made the man check my Big Foot. He seemed uncomfortable with the idea, and I could tell from the way they reacted that they knew it was full of sex toys. Luckily I don’t really embarrass that easily.

He took me over to a table and carefully looked through the Big Foot, everything was in separate bags so he didn’t really see much but I could tell he was embarrassed himself. He just kind of smiled and said “okay” after looking around it for a few moments, I smiled brightly and told him I was sorry if I had embarrassed him in a light-hearted way hoping it would make him feel less awkward, then I was on my way. It was a great case to travel with because of it’s small size yet it was able to hold a lot of toys.

I really think that a Big Foot is a must for anyone who has more than one or two toys, because it’s compact but handy, plus it locks, which I haven’t mentioned at all yet! I have the older model, which doesn’t lock as snazzily as the newer ones (see below).


The newer zippers enable each side of the zipper to close together and a padlock (shown and included) to lock the case more effectively than the previous model. It comes in handy if you have kids, live with family, have nosy roommates, or any other people you need to keep your toy collection secret from. I don’t really have that at the moment, but it’s handy to have just in case I do sometime in the future.

It’s a great size for things other than sex toys as well, you could use it to store just about anything, and would be a great overnight bag of sorts: not too big but big enough to hold a good amount of things.

I love it so much I will probably end up getting another, for additional storage and convenience, in addition to many other For Your Nymphomation products. Even if the Big Foot doesn’t strike your fancy, FYN is bound to have an item that will tickle your fancy, anywhere from an individual toy sized Heart Shaped Box to the ever-coveted Rolling Toy Trunk.

Product Specs

Name: Big Foot

Type: Toy Storage

Manufacturer: For Your Nymphomation

Material: Black Faux Leather

Dimensions: 12″ wide x 5″ high x 5″ deep


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