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Review: Fur and Leather Flogger


For some reason I expected this to be longer, but it’s really quite short. I know it says on the product page that it’s mini, but I still imagined it to be the size of the other rabbit flogger I have, which was the inspiration for me wanting this flogger. It’s short, which isn’t bad, because that means you don’t need full swings to get at places, and it works well on just about anywhere large or small.

Like I said, I have a rabbit flogger, which is nice and soft and is “impact caresses” as Onyx and I have phrased it. The rabbit-only flogger is wonderful for those who don’t like pain at all, or when you want to be nice, or just for giving a soft massage of sorts. I like the feeling of fur flogging but was interested in having a bit more oomph to the sensation as well, so when I saw the fur AND leather flogger I knew I had to try it.

The leather definitely adds sensation. It’s not super stingy, as said above I would give it a one out of three for stingyness, so there’s definitely a little bite to it but hardly any at all. The impact caressing of the rabbit fur added to the slight stingyness of the leather creates a unique sensation. I really love the juxtaposition of this flogger against the other long suede flogger that we have and against the rabbit-ONLY one as well.

It’s not super fancy, but it definitely is unusual. While it doesn’t have any fancy braiding on it the flogger itself is well made and while the price may seem a little much for a small flogger it will last you quite a while. It would be perfect for sensation sluts as well as a great warm-up flogger for pain sluts. Overall I highly recommend it!

You can find the Fur and Leather Flogger, along with other BDSM and Fetish products and sex toys of every flavor on SexToy.Com.

Much thanks to SexToy.Com for letting me review the Fur and Leather Flogger!

Name: Mini rabbit fur and leather whip

Type: Flogger

Manufacturer: Unknown?

Material: Rabbit fur and leather

Length: 9 inches (falls) 14 inches (total)

Sensation: Stingy – 1 (out of 3)


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