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Review: Angelo [Fun Factory Week]

Fun Factory Week concludes with a cute mini-vibe!

Did you see the rest of Fun Factory Week with the Boss (Lady), Cuffies Freestyle, Smartballs, and Bloomy reviews?


Angelo is a slightly different kind of vibe than the Boss Lady as he is part of Fun Factory’s miniVibes collection. He’s, well, smaller obviously, and as he takes two AAA batteries rather than four he is less intense as well.

The shape is pleasing to the eye and I love the rippley designs on the shaft and head. While this vibrator was very good and did it’s job to get me off there was just no “wow” factor to it for me. That may be because I’m a bit of a toy snob by now, and while there was nothing wrong with Angelo per se I just wasn’t all that impressed with him.

The idea behind the miniVibes is that they are small enough to carry around with you and fit in a purse or backpack easier than larger, bulkier vibes. This is definitely true, it’s small and compact, rather adorable. It’s also meant to be versatile, with the curve at the end of Angelo being made for both clitoral and g-spot stimulation.

I especially enjoyed Angelo for clitoral stimulation, not with the tip of the curve but with the outer curve itself. I fit the flat back of the curving tip against my clit and was able to use a good amount of pressure, which was very nice and not something all vibrators can do. If you like a lot of pressure Angelo is great for that reason alone.

However, g-spot stimulation was kind of a bust. Angelo just wasn’t really long enough or the right shape or size to get my g-spot where I needed it. Few toys can get me off on g-spot stimulation alone but Angelo not only couldn’t do that but had a difficult time finding my g-spot even with the assist of my knowledgeable hands. Luckily I’m not all to into internal vibration anyway, preferring to keep my vibrators external and my dildos internal, but that could definitely be difficult for some. However, others also may not find it as difficult to find the g-spot with Angelo as I did, so that’s something to keep in mind as well.

Overall Angelo is a decent vibe and great as far as portability. A lot of smaller vibes would either be more expensive or not as well made, which is definitely a plus.

Much thanks to Babeland for sending me Angelo to review!

Product Specs

Name: Angelo (Angel on Babeland’s site)

Type: Vibrator

Manufacturer: Fun Factory

Material: Silicone

Length: 5 1/2″ (total) – 4 1/4″ (insertable)
Width: 1 1/2″
Girth: 4 3/4″

Charge: Two AAA Batteries


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