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Review: Champion


I haven’t been watching as much porn lately as I used to. Really I haven’t watched that much porn since Onyx and I got together, but I used to watch it a lot, and this is something I want to change. I’ve never been huge into storyline porn for getting off to, though. I always prefer to just watch fucking, and usually a small clip of fucking to just get myself off and then go about my business, so Champion was a definite departure for me in that aspect.

I have lusted over Pink & White productions since I first heard about them which is why Champion was my first pick of DVD to review from Early to Bed. I’ve heard wonderful things about Champion as well as Crash Pad and the Crash Pad Series among others.

Like all porn movies I’ve ever seen (years ago) the acting isn’t wonderful. While it’s also better than a lot of porn acting Champion still has it’s share of flatly delivered lines and wrong inflection of words. I was happy that every sex scene seemed to have a purpose to either further the plot or give some sort of believable reference to it.

I don’t care too much for the storyline, but part of that was just not being that into storylines in general, I didn’t expect much from it because it is porn first and foremost and it wasn’t horrible just not great either. The fucking, however, was delicious and delightful.

While the story itself is somewhat believable I lost interest in it pretty quickly once the fucking started anyway. And, oh, the fucking. The chemistry between couples was right on for what they were trying to do in each scene, giving an idea of the character or somehow referencing back to the plot. Every coupling had it’s own unique feeling to it which made sense for the scene and characters.


champion still

The movie opens with Jessie (Syd Blakovich) fucking her (ex-)girlfriend Kathy (Jiz Lee) quite vigorously while what sounds like a phone rings. The phone sound is actually an alarm or possibly text message signaling Jessie to go train. Jessie leaves quite abruptly leaving a frustrated Kathy who takes matters into her own hands, as they say. As the credits roll the shots alternate between watching Jessie train and Kathy fucking herself, giving us a good juxtaposition between fighting and fucking which we will get a few more times throughout the movie. It’s only a couple of minutes before Kathy comes and the rest of the movie begins.

champion still

After some fighting and badgering of Jessie from her manager we get to the next sex scene which starts with a quick hot deep-throating blowjob. We watch as a presumably drunk Jessie fucks Girl #1 (Madison Young). Yes, that is seriously her name in the titles: Girl #1, though there’s no Girl #anything-else, but I shall call her Madison from now on.

We see Jessie being extremely toppy and basically using Madison to satisfy her desire to fuck, not really paying attention to Madison as much as her cunt and her reactions which is rather hot. Madison is obviously into Jessie and enjoying herself immensely. The chemistry between the two is that of an incredibly electric one-night stand and absolutely fitting for the scene as well as very hot.

The scene itself is gorgeous, too, in a bed in front of a huge window which really made me want to move into the apartment. The only thing that detracts me from it is Madison has a tendency to let out little squeaky whimpers that kind of irritate me, but not enough to keep me from loving the scene. After much thigh-smacking, abdomen-scratching, fervent fucking we see Jessie waking up and remarking to Madison “what’s keeping you, honey?” Possibly my favorite line in the movie.

champion still 3

After suffering wearing a dress for a photoshoot then flirting and being rejected by her opponent in her next fight Violet (Dallas) Jessie comes home to Kathy with a bit of a bruised ego and takes that frustration out on her. We see her fucking Kathy much more tenderly than we saw her with Madison. The two have wonderful chemistry as lovers, which makes sense because they are lovers in real life. After a long intimate sex scene (yes, I said intimate) Jessie quickly up and leaves, which is as per usual from Kathy’s reaction.

champion still

In between clips of Jessie watching videos of old fights we come to what is quite possibly my favorite scene in the film. Jessie’s manager Tiny (Dylan Ryan) comes to see Jessie’s nemisis Bobby (Javier). From the request Tiny makes at the end it seems her reason to come see Bobby is to ask him to not fuck up Jessie’s chance of winning her fight against Violet, not knowing that Bobby has already talked to Jessie and rigged the fight. It’s a good excuse, though, to get these two in a van together.

Bobby and Tiny, like the rest of the couples, have wonderful chemistry and are spectacular to watch. As I mentioned, I think this is my favorite of the scenes, not just because Bobby is a transman and Tiny leaves her shoes on the entire scene which was very butch/femme and very hot, but also because the fucking is simply phenomenal. Bobby uses his cane as a spreader bar on Tiny’s knees (a trick I’m going to have to try) which keeps her wide open for so he can fuck her easily and enables us to watch her ejaculate not once but twice.

champion still

Once she’s been sated the tables turn and she’s strapped on with a glittery red harness to fuck him with. Both him fucking her and her fucking him is amazingly hot and I think it’s the combination of the two that really makes it my favorite scene.

champion still 2

After the fight, which in theory is the climax of the film (as opposed to the many climaxes the performers have within it) Jessie and her opponent Violet (Dallas) get down and dirty. This is the first time that we have seen Jessie get fucked, in all her other scenes she is the one doing the fucking but in this scene they are fucking each other.

It is a nearly twenty minute fuckfest of the two of them exploring each others bodies somewhat tenderly before really getting into it. The length was a little long for me, but they kept switching positions and keeping it fresh so it didn’t drag exactly or get repetative. Again, the chemistry here is wonderful and it definitely has that feeling of newness and wonder at a first intimate experience with someone you’ve been lusting at from afar.

Obviously I’m a big fan of the movie. Like I said, I wasn’t too into the plot, but it did give the movie excuse to have a couple fight scenes which were great to watch and to build up the tension between Jessie and Violet for the final scene. Just in case I haven’t raved about it enough, I thought the sex was wonderful and fit the attitudes of the characters and the movie itself. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys hot queer sex and a fairly good storyline.

Product Specs

Title: Champion

Producer: Pink & White Productions

Director: Shine Louise Houston

Cast: Syd Blakovich, Dallas, Jiz Lee, Dylan Ryan, Madison Young, Javier, Brooklyn Flaco (non-sex), Trouble Royale (non-sex)

Length: 90 minutes

Year: 2008

2009 Good For Her Feminist Porn Award Winner
Movie of the Year
Heartthrob of the Year – Dylan Ryan


from the official site

Jessie Eaton (Syd Blakovich) is a hotshot jock who can’t let go of her ex-girlfriend, Cathy Summers (Jiz Lee) while making her way into women’s professional Mixed Martial Arts boxing.

Her plans hit a snag when a run in with an old nemesis, Bobby Malone (Javier) blocks her way to the top. To save her career she must throw the match that would surely be her ticket into the professional arena. Even trickier is her attraction to the women she is suppose to beat, Violet Vahn (Dallas) who is Jessie’s toughest opponent inside and outside the ring.

It’s a big lesson in humility and integrity for Jessie as she juggles her relationships and her career. Will she win or will she lose? What does winning and losing mean?

Much thanks to Early to Bed for allowing me to review Champion!


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