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Review: Belladonna’s Magic Hand

belladonna's magic hand

We agreed to receive Belladonna’s Extreme Pussy and Ass for Onyx to review and got an extra Belladonna surprise, Belladonna’s Magic Hand, you may have noticed it on the bookshelf behind me in many of my latest video reviews. Now, Belladonna’s pretty awesome and I’ve been a fan of hers for quite some time, but putting a replica of her hand inside myself has never really been on my list of things “to do.”

I knew I was going to put her inside me, however, as I wouldn’t review something without actually using it first. Belladonna’s Magic Hand is made out of Sili-gel, as mentioned above, which is semi-porous and because of that it can never be completely sterilized. The hand has a funky smell to it, almost a chemical fruit smell, though mostly just rubbery.

To use her hand safely I stretched a regular condom over her fingers and down her wrist which was snug but surprisingly easy to do. Using a condom keeps the hand from picking up or transferring any bacteria to your naughty bits and also means you can share the hand if you want to.

I’ll be honest, I was extremely apprehensive about putting this thing inside of me. I knew because I was using a condom it was safe as far as the material was concerned but the idea of sticking someone’s disembodied hand up my cunt (that also kind of reminds me of Thing from The Addams Family) was not appealing. At all. However, I was also extremely curious and knew I would have to try it eventually.

We got me warmed up before pressing the rather long fingers inside of me, and actually got her up to the knuckles, which was actually a very nice stretch. It’s huge, obviously, as it’s a replica of a hand, which was great for an aspiring size queen such as myself but would definitely be too big for most and is something that needs a lot of warm up before-hand (pun intended).

When turned sideways her hand hit something and hurt, but up or upside down she was okay, though her fingers were too long to get her inside me past her knuckles.

Personally, the reason I enjoy fisting is because it stretches me open and also because it hits the g-spot. While Belladonna’s hand definitely stretched me nicely there was no g-spot contact whatsoever, which was highly disappointing. Stretching only goes so far for me and neither Onyx or myself are anywhere near being able to take this toy in our backdoors which may be a completely different and possibly better experience.

The creep factor was just a little too high for me on this toy, and that coupled with the fingers being too long–though I know it’s a replica of an actual hand so that’s not really able to be changed, but they could have been curled up a bit to give some nice g-spot stimulation–just means that while I’m definitely going to be displaying this toy for amusement purposes I can pretty much guarantee I will never use it again. It wasn’t horrible, but just not good either.

Much thanks to Tabu Toys sex toys for letting me review Belladonna’s Magic Hand!

Product Specs

Name: Belladonna’s Magic Hand

Manufacturer: Doc Johnson

Material: Sili-gel – phthalate free, latex free, porous (use with condom)

Type: Fake Hand Dildo

Length: 11 1/2 inches
Width: 2 to 3 inches–oval-shaped rather than round and varies in size
Girth: 8 inches


  1. I can kinda see the point here, say if you wanted to try fisting but your partner is long distance or their hand is just way too big. I mean that’s what I would think the purpose would be for a hand-replica. But when fisting, sure your hand is shaped like that for entry but then it changes, right?
    So….yeah. Not so good in practice, decent in theory.

  2. I’m interested in fisting, but I’m nowhere near where I need to be in order to take a hand. As for using a fake hand, I think I’d prefer a real hand that can alter its shape if need be. Great review, though. :-)

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  12. Delta O. Delta O. (@ deltaOvenus)

    I really want this…I know it’s rubber but I totally have this *thing* for big cheap toys : P
    I love fisting, but my partners hands are enormous. Great review as well, the only one I’ve found on this product thus far. Thanks >.<

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