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Month: July 2009

Review: Tantus Curve


Curve is the latest beautiful toy from the wonderful toy maker Tantus. Why are they wonderful, you ask? Well, not only were they a generous sponsor of my Birthday Giveaway but they make products which are both gorgeous and functional and always use 100% medical-grade silicone, one of the safest materials for sex toys to be made of.

I don’t think I’ve met a Tantus product I haven’t liked, though I’m more than willing to test that theory and try every toy they make. You know, for the sake of science.

When I first saw Curve I was actually a little iffy on it, it’s not as sleek and smooth looking as many of the other Tantus products, I thought the curve of it actually looked kind of awkward and wasn’t appealing to me until I felt it inside of me.

My opinion of it changed vastly once I felt that curve hitting against my g-spot just about perfectly with just a slight amount of lube to make it slide in just right. Tantus silicone is always silky smooth and only needs a little bit of lube to work perfectly, just remember to never use silicone lube with a silicone toy as a chemical reaction can occur and ruin the toy.

One side of Curve has a slight ripple molded into it as you can see in the image above. It isn’t as noticeable while inserted as more pronounced bumps and ridges usually are but it definitely adds to the general feeling of the toy. Curve doesn’t need extreme texture to bring extreme pleasure as the shape of it takes care of that on it’s own.

The other new and improved feature of Curve is the base. Instead of the usual circular shape Curve has a teardrop-shaped base that is also thicker than regular Tantus bases. According to Tantus this is the first of many new toys with this larger base.

The new base is excellent for harnesses with any size o-ring and the teardrop shape is extremely comfortable. Both my girlfriend and I agree Curve is now our favorite strap-on dildo to date, and coming from two sex toy reviewers that’s saying something!

A big huge thanks to Tantus for sending me Curve to review!

Product Specs

Name: Curve

Manufacturer: Tantus

Material: Medical-grade silicone

Type: G-spot/p-spot dildo

Length: 6 inches
Width: 1 3/8 inches

Lube: Water- or oil-based (never silicone)

Care: Toy cleaner, anti-bacterial soap, 10% bleach solution, top rack of the dishwasher, boiled for 10 minutes


Review: Lust Cosmetics Massage Oil


Lust Cosmetics was one of the sponsors of my Birthday Blowout Giveaway and was nice enough to send me a few birthday presents as well! My favorite of the products she sent is the Lust for Love Extra Virgin Natural Oil which is a blend of six oils with a lovely scent making a great massage oil.

All three of us have back pain quite often, sometimes daily, so we give each other a lot of back rubs and between us we all have used a lot of massage oils. Personally, this one has been my favorite that I can remember. It has a soft floral scent that is not overpowering and just adds a bit of romance to the massage.

It’s in a pump-bottle so it is super easy to squirt out onto a back and distribute evenly as the squirts can be far apart (Marla says it feels like someone shooting a load on her back when I do it quickly). You can use a little for specific areas or a lot for the entire back and have it go exactly where you want it with the pump-bottle. We’ve used at least half of our 1.01 oz bottle already.

The oil itself is smooth and silky and doesn’t leave your back or hands feeling greasy or gross like some other massage oils. It makes massage easy to do with minimal effort so it is easier on the massager and feels grand for the massagee. The oil soaks partially into the skin after massaging like any good massage oil will do, leaving the skin healthy-looking and smooth.

The only negative to the oil is that it has parabens in it, which are chemicals I’m trying to avoid. Whether or not parabens are bad is highly debated and I’m extremely sad because if it weren’t for the parabens it would be my favorite massage oil. Period. For those not concerned about ingredients I would recommend Lust Cosmetics Massage Oil. For those of you who avoid parabens you can always try Intimate Organics Massage Oil.

Product Specs

Name: Lust for Love Extra Virgin Natural Oil

Manufacturer: Lust Cosmetics

Paraben Free: No

Organic: No

Ingredients: Sunflower (Helianthus Annuus) Seed Oil, Olive (Olea Europea) Oil, Grape seed (Vitis vinifera) oil, Coconut (Cocos nucifera) oil, Avocado (Persea gratissimo) oil, Sweet almond (Prunus amygdalus dulcis) oil, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Isopropylparaben, Isobutylparaben, Butylparaben, Phenoxyethanol, Parfum (Fragrance), BHT


Review: Twisted Love Ties


When I first received the Twisted Love Ties from Sportsheets I was a little wary of them. The first thought I had about them was that they remind me of large bread ties, Marla had the same reaction. I could already see the convenient use of them as a fast light bondage item which would be rather versatile, so I was also excited to try them.

The Twisted Love Ties easily slip around wrists or ankles, and can be wound around multiple times or crossed over themselves, attached to themselves or to other objects, all sorts of combinations. They basically feel like foam wrapped around a bendable spine with a fabric cover.

They seemed overly stiff at first and while they were somewhat easy to mold they just didn’t seem like they would be that comfortable. I experimented with them right away and wasn’t too impressed so didn’t end up actually using them during play until quite some time later.

Every time I used the ties by themselves they were rather uncomfortable. Although they bend rather easily by hand they are not easily bent when already around a wrist or ankle, which made it difficult to have them on for long periods of time as moving the limbs around at all wasn’t easy. Although the idea of bondage is to restrain movement the bottom generally tends to squirm and wiggle within the bonds, the ties were too difficult to put perfectly around to restrict movement within the ties and were too uncomfortable to use on their own.

Where the Twisted Love Ties really shine, however, is when coupled with a hard object, specifically I used them with a spreader bar. I think they work so well combined with a hard object because the hardness of the spreader bar makes the slight stiffness of the ties feel soft in comparison. They slipped easily through the loops on the end of both spreader bars I tried them with, and were great for using the spreader bar on knees specifically as well as ankles.

While I wasn’t impressed with the ties by themselves I know I will be using them over and over again with my spreader bars. All three of us are impressed at how well they work.

Much thanks to Sportsheets for letting me review their Twisted Love Ties!

Product Specs

Name: Twisted Love Ties

Manufacturer: Sportsheets

Type: Light & quick bondage item.

Material: Foam-covered bendable metal.

Length: 22 inches each


Review: Siren Red 36-inch Spreader Bar

I have been fascinated with spreader bars for quite some time and even had the luck to review one a couple of months ago and ever since I’ve been wanting to try more. Just as not all sex toys are created equal not all BDSM products are created equal so I love to try as many variations of similar products as possible when I like the design or idea of a toy.

The idea of being bound to a spreader bar, being helpless and unable to close my legs or keep my cunt and ass from being teased and played with (or doing the same to someone else) is highly appealing and arousing. Because I’m a larger woman with quite a bit of thigh on me, however, it was somewhat easy to keep my thighs together and not be as exposed when using the other spreader bar, and the same thing happened with this one when used around my ankles. I’ve heard this complaint from a number of people, and I have a solution to it below.

We tried it first with the Axovus ankle cuffs connected to either side of the bar which was definitely sexy and made it difficult to move around too much but wasn’t as exposing or immobilizing as I had always imagined a spreader bar would be. Because of the way the cuffs attached to the spreader bar, with carabiner snap hooks, I could close my feet together closer than the 36 inches the bar itself is. Don’t get me wrong, it was definitely hot, but it lacked something as I could move my ankles around much more than I wanted to be able to.

After watching the porn movie Champion I was struck with a brilliant idea due to something that happened during my favorite scene: a cane was used as a spreader bar tied not around the ankles but around the knees. This looked sexy and sounded like a brilliant idea that I knew I had to try!

Neither of us are particularly skilled with rope so the next time we used the spreader bar we also used an item I had recently received from Sportsheets, the Twisted Love Ties. They are sort of like giant twist-ties that hold together surprisingly well and slipped easily through the loop on the end of the spreader bar.

We wound the Twisted Ties right above each of my knees on either end of the spreader bar and that worked much better than using the spreader bar on my ankles, it forced me to keep my knees spread wide so all of my nether regions were on display and it was an easy bar to hold on to while fucking me. It was pretty delightful, and definitely my favorite use of a spreader bar thus far. I know that we are going to use it and the other spreader bar I have over and over.

The only negative about the bar is that when using it on my knees the 36 inch length was actually a little long, it forced my hips a little too widely apart to the point of discomfort after about ten or fifteen minutes. Because of this I’m interested in trying the 24 inch spreader bar from the same company as I think that would be a little more comfortable.

You can find the 36 inch Spreader Bar in Siren Red, Baby Pink and Candy Purple or the 24 inch in Siren Red, Baby Pink and Candy Purple, along with other Bondage and BDSM products and sex toys of every flavor on SexToy.Com.

Much thanks to SexToy.Com for letting me review the Siren Red 36 inch Spreader Bar!

Product Specs

Name: Siren Red 36 inch Spreader Bar

Manufacturer: Pinnacle Design & Fabrication

Material: Aircraft-grade Aluminum

Length: 36 inches


Review: Liberator Fascinator Throe – Microfiber

If you’ve ever had to sleep in the wet spot you already know the usefulness of having something like the Fascinator Throe.

The Throe is designed to be put down to catch any juices, lube, cream, food, wax, or anything else that you wouldn’t want getting on your sheets and creating a mess. It fits easily over a good portion of any bed (or the entirety of our futon) and can easily be pushed aside to get rid of the wet spot effectively turning a potentially uncomfortable afterglow into a very pleasant one.

Liberator has two different types of fabric the Throe can come in, microfiber or shag, and since I wanted the leopard print Throe as I adore leopard print I got the microfiber one. The other side of the throe is black satin, and between the two layers there is a third layer of nylon which serves as a moisture barrier between the two softer and luxurious fabrics.

While the fabric of the throe doesn’t soak up whatever liquids get on it the nylon barrier does not let any of the fluids get through to the bed, couch, floor, or other surface below. It really does work and keep the surface below it dry regardless of what gets on it, it’s lasted through quite a few vigorous fuck sessions with one to three participants.

The only downfall of the Throe is that it has a tendency to move around and can move out of the wet spot danger zone easily during a great fucking session if you’re not paying attention to it. While it’s more tempting to lay on the soft microfiber side of the Throe because it’s so soft and smooth it is much better to have the satin side up and microfiber down.

With the microfiber down it is much less likely to move around that way, especially if you have satin sheets like we do, though it does still move around a little. We often have to move it around mid-coitus to make sure it will catch the right stuff, but the momentary shifting of the Throe doesn’t really take anything away from the experience, especially to people who have four cats and are used to being interrupted.

The microfiber is the same material that is on Liberator’s shapes including the Ramp and so putting it microfiber to microfiber down underneath the Ramp offers a little more protection and means the Ramp won’t slide around either (though it rarely does).

The biggest issue for us has been simply remembering to put it down beforehand and/or during, so the Throe has become a permanent part of our bed, but even so there has been many a time when the Throe just didn’t get in the right spot.

Thank you so very very much to Liberator for allowing me to review the Fascinator Throe!

Product Specs

Name: Liberator Fascinator Throe

Manufacturer: Liberator

Material: Microfiber (leopard), satin (black), and a nylon “moisture barrier” in between.

Size: 5 feet x 6 feet