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Review: Hard Love & How to Fuck in High Heels

Hard Love & How to Fuck in High Heels is a two-for-the-price-of-one DVD from Jackie Strano and Shar Rednour by their production company S.I.R. Video Productions. It was the 2001 AVN Winner of Best All-Girl Feature and is a DVD I’ve been lusting after for almost that long.

I remember walking into the Babeland here in Seattle many many years ago and seeing a display of queer porn including this DVD and one of their other productions Sugar High Glitter City. Immediately I was drawn to it, a budding femme at the time, and I longed to buy it but I was broke at the time. It’s been on my mind many times since that day so long ago, but I never got around to picking it up, until now.

I’ve only recently become aware of the many wonderful porn companies out there who are, as S.I.R. Video proudly proclaims, “100% dyke produced.” My other two porn reviews are of similarly queer productions and I enjoyed them immensely.

Shar Rednour wrote the book on femme (quite literally in fact–she wrote The Femme’s Guide to the Universe) so I knew these movies would be full of butch/femme goodness, and I was not disappointed. Both films were very much butch/femme based, and How to Fuck in High Heels shows us femme in a way that’s unusual to see (but not unusual to happen): Shar Rednour is the ultimate femme top.

In both Hard Love and How to Fuck in High Heels all the dildos are made by Vixen Creations, and when we watched it Marla and I were trying to figure out which toy was which. Some of them look specially made in gorgeous marbled colors like pink and black, teal, brown, and black (which is gorgeous), and blue and white; others are solid colors like black and hot pink.

Also, gloves are used for digital penetration, dental dams are used for oral sex, and condoms are used for anal penetration, which is wonderful to see in any porn.


Product Specs

Title: Hard Love
Tagline: “Carnal Dyke Lust, Fiery Drama, & Passionate Hardcore Sex!!!”

Writer & Director: Shar Rednour
Cast: Jackie Strano, CC Belle, Tina D’Elia, and Johnny Fremont

Length: 51 minutes
Year: 2000


A dyke drama-licious tale of ex-lovers Jaz (Jackie Strano) and Renee (CC Belle) and their final goodbye sex, or possibly make-up sex, or possibly… whatever it ends up being, that we don’t really see. Jaz is now with Talia (Tina D’Elia), and Renee is with Devon (Johnny Fremont), so we get to see them with their respective honeys, but Renee is moving and has solicited the help of her old flame Jaz. Of course, Talia has something to say about this, and Renee doesn’t use the fact that Jaz is coming over to stop her from fooling around with Devon. Once all the dust clears we have Jaz and Renee packing up Renee’s things and reminiscing about old times, which, of course, leads to more sex.


Hard Love Screenshot 01

We start with Jaz and Talia, going right into the fucking, no back story, no information except for these two black-clad people fucking on a gorgeous wooden kitchen island. The chemistry between the two is unmistakable, which is what I really go for in any porno. If the chemistry is good then the scenes are worth watching.

Hard Love Screenshot 02

The scene cuts to Renee and Devon coming in to Renee’s apartment, after lamenting having no time to do anything because she needs to pack Devon talks Renee into doing a strip-tease for him. It’s very cute and very cheesy, and when Marla and I watched it together we were amused at the cheesyness and how much the dialogue sounded like a conversation we would have. Renee strips down from her “corporate drag” until she’s in nothing but stockings, a garter, and panties.

Hard Love Screenshot 03

Before long she has Devon’s cock out from under his chaps and jeans and is sucking it with extreme close-ups such as above. While a lot of the shots are acceptable, the extreme close-ups were not appealing, they were just too close and not really sexy at all. Luckily it continually switched between different viewpoints, but every time it got so close we both were taken out of the storyline.

Hard Love Screenshot 04 Hard Love Screenshot 05

The other shots that really irked us while watching were the two above. Separately they would be fine, but they switched between those two views as if they were the same scene and Renee wasn’t in a radically different position in each of them. I realize the reason for this, to give a better shot of the big black Vixen Creations cock, but it was still irritating to watch. However, it didn’t take away too much from the movie as a whole, but it was enough to mention.

Hard Love Screenshot 06 Hard Love Screenshot 07

Cock riding changes into some doggy-style fingering (with gloves on) after which Renee convinces Devon to give her a strip-tease since she gave him one and turnabout is, as they say, fair play. I was a big fan of this butch strip-tease, done in a very casual and teasing manner, you can tell that both actors were enjoying themselves. Moving from chaps to jeans to tighty whities and plain white tank top and just tighty whities and cock sticking out.

Hard Love Screenshot 08 Hard Love Screenshot 09

Devon crawls back onto the bed with Renee before the scene cuts back to Jaz and Talia, giving us more of that extreme close-up with Talia this time as we watch some delicious mutual masturbation. At least the extreme close-ups don’t last for too long in this scene either, and we get to watch Jaz jacking off with a cock that looks suspiciously like Brando.

Hard Love Screenshot 10

Once they’re finished the drama begins, and we learn that Jaz is supposed to go help her ex (Renee) move, and now the plot starts falling in to place. There’s bickering and fighting that’s all too realistic and Jaz is heading out the door when he changes his mind and turns around, heading to where Talia is taking a bath and jumping in with her fully clothed, which I found incredibly sweet and cheesy, which seems to be a theme.

Hard Love Screenshot 11

After a zig-zag swipe (kinda like a star swipe but different) we come back to Renee and Devon, seeming to pick up where the last shot of them left off, and not a moment later Jaz bursts through the door. Devon promptly high-tails it so that Renee and Jaz can have a nice drama-licious fight. After much yelling and back-and-forth things settle down to packing up Renee’s stuff, proving that Jaz is still her bitch… er… butch, her butch. That’s it, yeah.

Of course, the calmer atmosphere post-fight is conductive to some sweet goodbye/make-up/break-up/something-or-other sex, which was predictable and I groaned as they started reminiscing and touching, the obvious signs that sexing was on the way.

Hard Love Screenshot 12

It starts sweet, and just like every other pairing there is obvious chemistry and feelings flying between them. They strip each other while laying in to it with a mix of passion and remorse for the relationship they once had, it’s pretty emotional which I found surprising to find in a porno. There is some gloveless fingering, the only we see in either of the movies, and before long Renee is scooting back to the edge of the bed.

Hard Love Screenshot 13 Hard Love Screenshot 14

Not only do we see the only gloveless fingering in the movies, but we also see the only anal sex, perhaps showing just how connected they are, able to engage in such an intimate act. It is sexy and intimate, a great farewell to a great relationship.


Product Specs

Title: How to Fuck in High Heels
Tagline: “Outrageous Sex-Ed, Serious Stilettos, Scorching Dirty Talk, & Daring Babedick Action!”

Director: Jackie Strano
Cast: Shar Rednour, Josephine X, Simone, and Chester Drawers.
Interview/Photo Shoot Cast: Lady Lite, Jamie Ben-Azay, Nicole Katler, Edrie Sachade, Veronica Savage, and Arty Fischel.

Length: 36 minutes
Year: 2000


Based on a performance piece by Shar Rednour in which she explains how to fuck in high heels and the virtues of doing so. Includes a recording of her performance piece spliced with an “interview” of the cast and crew. After the interview and performance piece is over we get three delicious scenes of Shar Rednour calling the shots in gorgeous lingerie, flawless make-up, glitter, and high heels to die for.


How to Fuck in High Heels Screenshot 03 How to Fuck in High Heels Screenshot 02

The first 10 or so minutes is Shar’s performance piece spliced with an “interview” of the cast and crew of How to Fuck in High Heels. The interview is clearly satirical and pretty amusing.

How to Fuck in High Heels Screenshot 04

The first scene is between Shar and Simone in which Shar is sporting a glittery red bra, a gorgeous red cock and the matching red glittery Wonder Woman Harness by Aslan Leather, both of which I immediately wanted to reach into the screen and have for myself.

After an impressive blowjob and some titfucking during which Shar is leaning against a ladder looking very sexy–a necessary sex accessory according to her performance piece–the positions switch to Shar fucking Simone from behind wearing a camo bikini top, a thin black leather harness, and a thick teal, brown, and black marbled cock (you’ll have to get the movie to see that one, but trust me when I say it’s GORGEOUS).

How to Fuck in High Heels Screenshot 05

Simone is also gorgeous in her hot pink babydoll that looks lovely against her skin, and knee-high black leather boots with impressive heels. In case you haven’t noticed I’m highlighting the lingerie, heels, and cocks that are displayed because it’s pretty much necessary in a piece called How to Fuck in High Heels.

Here we get start getting used to Shar’s almost constant stream of dirty talk, which was unexpected and somewhat annoying at first until I was used to it. She uses her dirty talk to make sure to keep her Top energy going through every moment of her scenes, helping her bottoms do exactly what she wants, and making sure her bottoms are in the right headspace, which is the mark of a truly good Top.

How to Fuck in High Heels Screenshot 06

The next scene finds Shar back against that ladder again, looking fabulous while she gets her pink and black cock sucked by Chester Drawers and her shiny vinyl buckle-laden high heeled boots shined by two dutiful butches, busting the worn Butch Top/femme bottom stereotype easily with the way she commands them both.

How to Fuck in High Heels Screenshot 07

We switch to Shar laying gracefully on a bed with great see-through spike heels which she promptly instructs Chester to suck, giving us a good taste of high heel worship and then feet worship while he then moves on to lick and suck her well manicured toes. Of course a movie about High Heels must include some shoe and feet worship.

This was the only part of the movie that didn’t quite jive with me. While seeing Chester sucking and licking on the heel of her shoe was mildly sexy when he moved on to the toes it dropped in sexyness. Not to say there’s anything wrong with some feet worship if you’re in to that, but it doesn’t turn me on.

How to Fuck in High Heels Screenshot 08

Finally, we cut to Chester lying down while Shar works him up to taking her gloved hand inside of him while he continues to lick and suck her toes. Her dirty talk is continuing throughout all of this, of course, and the look in Chester’s eyes is one of submission and really a beautiful sight to see.

How to Fuck in High Heels Screenshot 09

Our introduction to Josephine is in a brief interview clip before getting down and dirty. We meet a curly-haired pink-clad tattooed and pierced woman who is a “recent convert to the Shar Church of High Heels” and proud of it. She is passionate and enthusiastic as well as adorable and that all comes through in her scene with Shar.

They start off with some oral sex with a dental dam, showing that with enough lube dental dams can be sexy and show everything while making sex safer. They move to some combined analingus and cunnilingus, switching between the two and getting Josephine worked up to take Shar’s cock.

How to Fuck in High Heels Screenshot 10

Shar straps on a black and white marbled Nexus, a double-ended dildo made for strap-on play, along with the still gorgeous Wonder Woman Harness and lays down so Josephine can straddle her and ride her cock. This makes it clear that Josephine is covered in glitter, matching Shar’s harness and her own pink glitter collar wonderfully.

They decide Josephine should have something a little bit bigger, and since Shar has a hot pink cock that matches Josephine’s collar that seems to be the perfect cock for her. Throughout the entire scene they swap dirty talk wonderfully, and it’s clear that they both enjoy each other quite a bit.

How to Fuck in High Heels Screenshot 11

In the final scene the tables turn and Shar is the one taking a marbled blue and white cock from Josephine while they both wear matching silver glittery heels and Josephine is sporting a gorgeous silver glittery harness, absolutely femmetastic. Part way through the scene a rosy glow comes over them, literally, like you can see in the image above.

The image fades with the pair still fucking away, and the credits roll for both the movies. Overall Hard Love & How to Fuck in High Heels definitely met and exceeded the expectations I’ve been building of it over the past half-dozen years since I first saw it. It was cheesy (though I like cheesy), and the camera work wasn’t the best I’ve ever seen, but the connections between actors and the sexy, well, everything was enough to keep me hooked until the end.

How to Fuck in High Heels Screenshot 01

Much thanks to Babeland for sending me Hard Love & How to Fuck in High Heels! Also check out my review of Sugar High Glitter City.


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  6. Yes, how I miss the wonderful colors our dildos were back in the day!
    The swirls were the best.

    This is the only movie I know of that shows our Nexus Sr in action.

    Great review.



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