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Review: Liberator Whirl XT

Liberator Whirl XT

When I first saw a picture of the Whirl I didn’t think much about it, I was distracted by my love for other of the many wonderful Liberator items like the Ramp or Throe. After receiving the Ramp some time ago I began looking for something a little more maneuverable, something that would also be easy to leave on the bed at all times without worry of who might see it, and the Whirl was it.

Like all Liberator shapes it consists of three layers. The core is made of “champagne foam” which is extremely firm, as I mentioned, it is a “high caliber, high-density, polyurethane foam” according to the Liberator FAQs. The next layer is a zip slip cover of water-resistant nylon (not waterproof, mind you) which means you don’t have to worry about lube or ejaculate messing up the inner core. The top layer is a super soft microfiber which also unzips so that it can be washed and cleaned easily without worry. Liberator also mentions the outer layer is stain-resistant to water-based lubes and lotions.

Liberator Whirl XT

It easily doubles as a round pillow, the major difference between it and a pillow is how firm it is. It’s not terribly comfortable to use strictly as a head pillow since it’s firm and rather tall at nine inches, but it works wonderful straight up on it’s round end as a back support or for it’s more naughty intended purpose: during sex.

The Whirl gives an extra lift exactly where you need it and has a tendency to open up the area lifted so that it is more accessible than it would be otherwise. It works wonderfully for doggy-style penetration used either parallel or perpendicular to the upper body as well as to lift the hips of someone who is on their back, though it doesn’t have to just be used under the hips either, which is the default position for most sex pillows I think. It can be used under the head, under the knees for extra thrusting support for the person laying down, to prop one leg up on for side-by-side sex, or anything else you could think of.

I frequently use it for back support while sitting up against the wall or under my chest while laying on my stomach in order to comfortably work on my laptop as I am doing right now. I also love to use it as a cuddling partner or to prop my leg up on while going to bed or snuggling as the little spoon. I recently sprained my ankle pretty badly and it was the perfect height to prop my leg up on in bed while recovering. It has easily become my preferred piece of sex furniture–or, simply, bedroom furniture–over the Ramp.

Due to it’s smaller size it is much easier to use than the Ramp, especially on a whim. It would be one thing if we had the space for the Ramp to be set up at all times, but even kept near the bed it is often too cumbersome to get out during spur of the moment activities. I much prefer the Whirl at these times because it can easily be maneuvered into the right position.

The big downside, however, is it compresses much more under my considerable weight than the Ramp does, probably because it’s smaller in size and lacks adequate support. This wouldn’t be the case for everyone, I believe, and lighter individuals would have an easier time using it without it squishing under them allowing use of the round shape of it to move around on or be moved around by a partner.

Liberator Whirl XT

Is it really that much better than using a pillow to do the same thing? I think it definitely is. Even though it squishes a little it doesn’t squish nearly as much as a regular pillow would, the champagne foam is hard enough to give adequate resistance while soft enough to still be extremely comfortable.

While it doesn’t look like much I think the Whirl is more than meets the eye since it has so many wonderful functions and varieties of use, from everyday to sexual. I can’t imagine my bed without one in it anymore and I don’t want to try, it has definitely become a necessary item in my life.

Thank you to Liberator for sending me a Whirl XT to review!

Name: Whirl XT

Manufacturer: Liberator

Material: Champagne Foam inside, water-resistant nylon slip-cover, and washable Microfiber exterior cover.

Size: 9 inches in diameter, 24 inches wide. There is also a 10 x 36 inch model.

Care: Unzip the microfiber cover, wash in cold water, tumble dry, zip back on. You can also wipe down the nylon cover if desired.


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    • Scarlet Lotus St. Syr Scarlet Lotus St. Syr (@ ScarletLotus)

      Definitely! They have a few others that are a little more discreet such as the Cube and some of the furniture pieces (as opposed to the shapes) but I love the size and convenience of the Whirl as well.

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