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Review: Tantus B-Bomb

I enjoy anal play. A lot. With the right relaxation, lubrication, communication, and patience it can be absolutely wonderful. Thus I was super excited when Tantus sent me a B-Bomb to review. I really wanted to love it, and I did… mostly.


What’s not to love with Tantus’ own blend of premium platinum medical-grade silicone? It’s hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and can be completely sterilized so you can share silicone toys01 with a partner once sterilized. To sterilize see care instructions below.

I recently read some complaints about the squishyness of silicone, and to that I can only say that I enjoy the texture, it’s much less squishy than jelly (which is yucky anyway and you don’t want to put it in your body without a condom02 ), but obviously not going to be as hard as plastic, steel, or glass. I find Tantus’ silicone to be harder than some other blends.

Like many Tantus toys the B-bomb comes with a removeable vibrator that sticks right up the hole in the toy’s base. It is a one-speed bullet vibe that, since it’s removeable, you could also use separately from the plug on other areas that enjoy vibration or with the plug if you enjoy anal vibrations. Also, Tantus in all their wisdom has created a suction-cup attachment that you can get which fits into any of the slots in their toys made for bullet vibes, turning any bullet-compatible Tantus toy into a suction cup toy.


The pointyness of the plug worried me when I first got it, but that’s where the squishyness of silicone comes in handy, since it’s not made out of a hard material the point is not noticeable after you put it in your butt. The point is actually a positive in the respect that it makes the B-bomb very easy to insert since it is a gradual taper from the point to the rounded body. I found with a bit of non-silicone lube03 the B-bomb slides in nice and easy.

I thought the size and shape was extremely pleasurable, not too big but not too small either. It isn’t an intimidating toy in either respect which makes it great for beginners and is a great warm-up toy for those more experienced in anal adventures. The taper near the base helps it stay inside as any good butt plug should do, and that allows the sphincter to relax around it.

The problem I had with it, though–and what would change it from a three lotus rating to a four or even five–was the base. It is circular and fairly thick. While it is a very well made base I’m spoiled by my love for my Pfun Plug or Bob plugs which have bases that fit snugly between the ass cheeks. Since I have a rather large booty it is actually uncomfortable for me to wear a plug with a circular base for any long period of time.

Most of Tantus’ other plugs do have a more rectangular base which makes wearing them for longer than a few minutes quite comfortable, such as the Ryder, Infinity, or Tulip. The toys that do have more wearable bases, however, do not vibrate. If you aren’t planning on wearing the B-bomb for long, are looking for a vibrating plug, and especially if you’re looking for something fairly small and non-threatening for thrusting it is a fabulous and well made plug that would be a wonderful addition to any anal adventurer’s toybox.

A big huge thanks to Tantus for sending me a B-Bomb to review!

Product Specs

Name: B-Bomb.

Manufacturer: Tantus.

Material: 100% medical-grade silicone.

Type: Anal Toy/Butt Plug.

Length: 4 inches.
Width: 1.4 inches (largest) 3/4 inch (smallest).

Lube: Water- or oil-based only!

Care: General cleaning- toy cleaner, anti-bacterial soap. Sterilization- 10% bleach solution, top rack of the dishwasher with no soap, or submerged in boiling water for 10 minutes.

  1. as long as they are 100% silicone []
  2. it’s porous and littered with the nasty chemical phthalates which are all sorts of toxic []
  3. Since you don’t want any nasty chemical reactions happening with silicone lube on silicone toy that would ruin your toy! []


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