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Review: The Eroscillator

Inspired by Epiphora’s glorious review I knew I had to get an Eroscillator for my very own. I had hoped it would be epic, amazing, the vibrator oscillator to end all vibrators, the most wonderful experience with a sex toy ever. Even the Eroscillator site claims it is “the best vibrator for clitoral orgasm.” I can honestly say it lived up to my wishes.

I can’t say the Eroscillator is completely perfect. It has a bit of a learning curve and to call it attractive is generous to say the least. Part of the reason so many people aren’t so interested in it, I think–and why I didn’t look twice at it the first time I saw it–is the color and shape.

It’s slightly reminiscent of an electric toothbrush with it’s wide round body and changeable heads, and the ribs on the sides don’t really enhance the beauty of it, not to mention the strange shapes of the heads. It’s not exactly small or light, for that matter, compared to other vibrators. Whenever I introduce it to people I always mention they should ignore the way it looks and just concentrate on how it feels. Unfortunately it’s difficult to do that until you’ve bought it, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

The Material & Care

The Eroscillator body is made of plastic and is an easy width to grip and because of the grooves it doesn’t get too slippery when lube is on it, though it’s rare to get lube on the handle of the toy and more likely to be just on the changeable heads. I was ecstatic to be sent the Top Deluxe / Soft Finger Combo. This includes the Top Deluxe Eroscillator which offers more power than the regular Eroscillator 2 Plus.

The package I was sent also comes with six of the seven attachments, all but the G-Point which seems similar to both the Ball and Cup and Golden Spoon. For the most part I just use one of the seven attachments anyway, but I am interested to try the last one as well. The Ultra Soft Finger Tip is made of medical silicone elastomer and all of the other attachments are made from Silicone-coated TPR, which makes them phthalate free and non-porous so they are completely body-safe and can be shared. More on the attachments below.

It is not rechargeable, it plugs in to the wall with a massively long cord that is excessive in my bedroom but is so nice to know that it is virtually impossible to pull it out of the socket because of the length. The cord is a whopping twelve feet. It is also detachable from the base, that combined with the length of the cord makes it highly unlikely that the cord itself would get damaged at either end from stress. The detachable cord also makes it easier to store.

According to the site and information included with the toy it is supposed to be watertight once an attachment is slipped in place and the cord on the bottom is turned as well, so you can run it under water. Theoretically this should mean you can take it into the shower as well, and I’ve longed to test this theory but have not had the courage to do it. I love it too much to risk even the possibility of ruining it.

The Attachments

As I mentioned above, there are seven attachments that the Eroscillator can come with and I have six of them.

  1. Ultra Soft Finger-Tip – Definitely, hands-down, and without question my favorite attachment. This is the one that has been on the base probably 99% of the time since it came in the mail. It is soft and squishy, Epiphora refers to it as the marshmallow and I have taken to doing the same. It’s not sophisticated or full of bumps and ridges like many of the other ones, but I think that is an advantage rather than disadvantage. It’s also softer, so it’s less harsh, and really just lovely.
  2. Grapes and Cockscomb – The one I reach for second most, but not nearly as much as the marshmallow. When it is sufficiently lubed up I really enjoy the feeling of the “grapes” half, but I’ve never gotten the “cockscomb” to do that much for me, it’s just a narrow ridge that’s, well, strange to use.
  3. Seven Pearls of the Orient – Truthfully all the ones from here on are rated about equally, with this one just slightly above the rest. It’s the best attachment for showing the oscillations because it’s the smallest at the tip and you can easily visibly see the tip moving to and fro about a half inch in the air when it is on. I really figured I would like this one because of that, but it never produces enough sensation for me to really get off with it as well as the three above.
  4. Ball and Cup – An interesting concept, a cup to hug the clit while in use, with enough lube it’s mildly pleasurable, but mostly it’s just okay. I do enjoy the rounded “ball” side of it more, however, with it’s three little nubs, but even that side holds no candle to the marshmallow.
  5. French Legionnaire’s Moustache – This one is odd in name, appearance, and sensation. I kind of enjoy the “moustache” fluttering against my mons and labia, it tickles too much for me to enjoy using the sides of it on my clit, though. I hate tickles. It’s just really strange, though, and an unusual sensation, which is kind of cool but also mildly disturbing.
  6. Golden Spoon – Similar to the Ball and Cup but without the rounded feature which I actually kind of enjoyed about that one. This one is just flat and annoying. The bumpy side is still mildly pleasureable with enough lube, the “spoon” is just horrid.

The Use

The Eroscillator has three intensity settings and is controlled easily by a slide switch on the side of the toy. It conveniently shows a 1, 2, or 3 depending on which level it is on. It’s ridiculously quiet for being such a large and powerful thing, and has never overheated despite strenuous testing.

Although it is “[d]esigned exclusively for sexual excitement of the female genitalia” I have thoroughly tested it on (Onyx’s) male genitalia and found it to be quite satisfactory there as well. It supposedly can also be used for body massage but every time I have thought about using it for that it quickly gets moved to it’s intended area.

It has a bit of a learning curve but the orgasms it produces are worth it. It took me a little while to figure out how I could use it for maximum pleasure and a little bit for my clit to adapt to the new sensations. It doesn’t feel like a regular vibrator. The sensations produced by it are deeper, for lack of a better term. Whenever I use it I have to spread my labia apart in order to have enough room for the head to oscillate back and forth on my clit. This was annoying at first since I had to figure out how exactly to do that while holding the rather large Eroscillator, but once I got used to doing this it’s not a big deal. Of course, whether or not you would have to do this depends greatly on your anatomy.

It’s also backwards. Normally I like pressure on my clit, lots and lots of pressure, as it tends to enhance vibration. This is part of why I love my Fairy Mini Mini. The Eroscillator, however, gets weaker when pressed harder against the clit as it has less room to move so it’s oscillations become slower and shorter. This also took time to figure out. I still find myself occasionally pressing it down as I’m nearing orgasm which does the opposite of what it is intended to. It’s not that big of a drawback, however, compared to it’s rewards. Now that I know how it works with my anatomy it’s become my favorite clitoral vibrator and is simply amazing. I’m honestly not sure I can adequately put in words how much I love this thing.

The Eroscillator is the only toy I have tried that I can say has it’s own unique orgasm. One that is different than the ones I get from other toys. One that is more intense and feels similar to the orgasm I get after a long build-up of Onyx rubbing my clit, which makes sense because it’s a similar motion, but in a fraction of the time. I still appreciate other toys and can have more orgasms from other toys than I can the Eroscillator since it tends to wear me out faster, however I definitely reach for my Eroscillator far more than any other toy.

It also usually takes me about 30 seconds to come with this toy when I’m alone, maybe as much as 90 if I’m not already aroused, and in between those when using it with Onyx. He has come to realize I will ask for it if I am too sensitive for his fingers or if I need to come quickly because we have limited time. I very rarely am unable to come with it, and the only times I have been unable to were after already coming many times when I just didn’t have any more in me. Seriously. Love.

Obviously it is not perfect, but it is probably as close to perfect as any sex toy can come. Probably the least perfect part of it is the price. It’s not a cheap toy, but it might be the only clitoral stimulator you need, if you can get past the learning curve. If mine was to ever malfunction or die on me after the one year warranty was up you bet I would buy another one, and probably the same package so I could have a Top Deluxe and a Marshmallow (Ultra Soft Finger Tip).

Thank you so much to Eroscillator for sending me their product to review!

Product Specs

Name & Manufacturer: Eroscillator.

Type: Oscillator/Clitoral Stimulator.

Power: Plugs in to wall.

Material: Body- plastic. Ultra Soft Finger Tip- medical silicone elastomer. All of other attachments- silicone-coated TPR

Length: 8 inches total, about 4 1/2 inches insertable.
Width: 1 1/2 inches at the widest point (diameter). 4 1/4 inches (around).

Lube: Water- or oil-based only! Since many of the attachments are silicone blends silicone lube should not be used unless it is specially formulated to be used with silicone toys. Even then, a patch test should be done first.

Care: Toy cleaner, anti-bacterial soap & water.

Just in case you need extra incentive, it’s also the only sex toy to be endorsed by Dr. Ruth (which I, personally, think is kind of hilarious). Not that the banner (below) would let you forget it.

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  1. Epiphora Epiphora (@ Epiphora)

    Yay! You love it too! Very interesting that you have to hold your labia open. I have had to do that with other toys (lookin’ at you, Sqweel…) but not with the Eroscillator. I hear a lot of people complain about the oscillations slowing down with pressure, too, which is something that I’ve never noticed. In any case, welcome to the club!

  2. Joan Price Joan Price (@ joanprice)

    I love the Eroscillator, too! I’ve been singing its praises (often very loudly!) for a decade. My favorite attachment, like yours, is the soft finger (marshmallow), and once I had tried that, I had no interest in any of the other attachments.

    The shape is unattractive, yet, but the long, slim wand makes it easy to use during partner sex, even in missionary position, without it getting in the way.

    Joan Price

    Author of Better Than I Ever Expected: Straight Talk about Sex After Sixty and the upcoming Naked at Our Age: Talking Out Loud about Senior Sex.

  3. Noira Noira

    I have a pretty extensive steampunk fetish and to me, this is the most beautiful toy I have ever seen.. it embodies what I fetishize most gloriously. Oh, to have 250 dollars to spend on a toy! I am going to have lusty dreams about this one, and I thought that was limited to the Lelo line. D:

  4. […] inch) and the same with the Fairy Pocket Mini. For my loves and go-to clitoral vibrators Wahl and Eroscillator it was easier not to use the pockets and just smoosh them between my body and Pulse, which worked […]

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