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Review: Sugar High Glitter City


“Based on a true fantasy” Sugar High Glitter City is a futuristic land where sugar is outlawed. The film follows “sugar hos” as they go out and fuck for a fix while running into corrupt cops (who they happily fuck) and the Reverend Honey Dew, a reformed sugar ho who is trying to save the souls of the other sugar addicted girls. It’s wonderful campy sexy fun.

The first four scenes are rather short and including the interludes and narrated backstory into Glitter City they take up under a half hour of the film’s hour and thirteen minute running time. I love that a wide range of ethnicities, sizes, and gender presentations are represented through each of the scenes and that a gay boi/boi scene is included (my favorite scene of the film). Plus the music is great, I recognized only a few of the songs (Best Cock on the Block!) but they fit the theme of the movie and didn’t distract from it at all. The quality of the DVD isn’t great, but the scenes are exciting enough to make up for it.

Blue (Jackie Strano) and Stark (Stark) are cops known for “shaking down” the sugar hos and make Bitta Honey (Brooklyn Bloomberg) suck them off and fuck them so they don’t take her in. Jackie makes her beg for a blow pop he had in his pocket and has a gorgeous marbeled blue and white Vixen Creations cock (Leo?). The only thing that worried me a little was Jackie putting the blow pop against her clit, but the massive amount of ejaculate (“sugar water”) probably got rid of any trace of sugar.

Rev. Honey Dew (Shar Rednour) has renounced sugar but we get to see a glimpse of when she was just Honey Dew and she had a fondness for Cherry Glaze (Josephine X). They have wonderful chemistry throughout the short scene. They share a blow pop and Honey Dew is the Queen of Dirty Talk while she fucks Cherry. Both of them are covered in glitter, like most of the sugar hos throughout the film, which is only mildly distracting while watching Josephine come.

Gooden Plenty (Rocko Capital) picks up the sugar rent boy Blow Pop (Chester Drawers). Blow Pop happily sucks on Gooden’s liquorish sticks and ring pop, literally, before getting fucked. The shot gets weirdly distorted as they fuck, maybe representing the sugar high they’re both on? The scene is actually pretty short, which is regrettable because it’s ridiculously hot and I really want to see more of both of them.

Crem de la Marmalade (Simone de la Getto) is the Queen Sugar Mama of Glitter City and Salt Taffy (Hella Getto) is her favorite sugar ho. Simone’s glittery dreads are mesmerizing and their sweet nothings to each other (in addition to the same last name) makes me think they’re an item. Their connection is undeniable and their short scene fades away into a disco ball after Salt Taffy comes. Luckily we get to see more of them later.

Rock Candy (Charlie Skye) and Miss Goldie Icing (Aimee Pearl) give us a Daddy/girl scene with Rock sporting a gorgeous purple and pink marbled Leo. Unlike the previous scenes they take their time getting to the fucking. Goldie begs for Rock’s cock, they undress each other, and Rock licks sugar (his payment for his services) off of her breast and mons in lines like it’s coke. Again, the proximity of sugar to vagina took me out of the scene a bit, but it was definitely hot. Rock makes Goldie beg even more to be fucked and she continues as he’s fucking her, changing from asking to commanding as she gets close to orgasm.

Blue seduces Honey Dew from her sugar-free ways with the temptation of sugar and lots of wonderful kisses while Cherry watches. Naturally this leads to a long threesome, the longest scene of the film. Not surprisingly there is lots of dirty talk and it very much feels like Blue and Honey Dew are sharing Cherry, which makes sense since Jackie and Shar are partners. There are random close-up shots of Blue’s cock fucking Cherry which seem a little disjointed and awkward, but only take a little away from the overall scene.

The finale of the film is Salt Taffy returning the favor to Crem de la Marmalade. Again their chemistry is explosive, probably at least part of why they’re on the cover of the box. I probably don’t have to say it, but it’s amazingly hot.


I really enjoy Sugar High Glitter City, so much so that my biggest complaint with the movie is that many of the scenes are too short. I want more of it! However, due to being short every moment is full of sexy sugary goodness that is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. Yes, I had to go there.

Product Specs

Title: Sugar High Glitter City
Writer & Director: Jackie Strano & Shar Rednour
Cast: Simone de la Getto, Jackie Strano, Josephine X, Shar Rednour, Chester Drawers, Brooklyn Bloomberg, Hella Getto, Charlie Skye, Rocko Capital, Stark, Aimee Pearl.

Length: 73 minutes
Year: 2000

Extras: Outtakes, Original Claims to Fame (Hard Love/How to Fuck in High Heels & Bend Over Boyfriend Trailer), Newest Sex Ed (Talk to Me Baby Trailer), Vixen Creations, How to Pick Up Girls

AVN Nominated:
Best Soundtrack
Best All-Girl Feature
Best All-Girl Sex Scene

Much thanks to Babeland for sending me Sugar High Glitter City!


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