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Review: Liberator Pulse

Shown above with the njoy Eleven and LELO Mia

When I requested the Pulse I wasn’t sure how it would work for me, and that was part of the fun. Liberator has so many awesome shapes that are easy to tell if they will work for me or not so the prospect of a shape that might not work was highly intriguing. The fact that it is amazingly awesome for solo sex seemed obvious, but what about partner sex? Could I use it to have some awesome double penetration with a partner and a hands-free vibrator right on my clit? I needed to know.

Pulse is a rad comma-shaped piece of sex furniture with two vibrator pockets and one dildo hole. The vibrator pockets are on either side of the dildo hole so when you put a dildo inside and straddle it you can straddle it either way and still have a vibrator rocking your clit/cock/balls/wherever you like vibrations. Yes, this can definitely work for anyone regardless of gender. For a sex toy enthusiast like me it is pretty damn phenomenal.


It is made of one piece of champagne foam covered by a nylon water resistant slip-cover covered by a microfiber (mine’s black) cover. The shape really is wacky, but really neat. I found it easy to straddle and I have hip problems so I sometimes have difficulty straddling things. It seems perfect for people who want to mount something while masturbating but need it to not be right against the ground. Using it reminded me of why I used to love to straddle things in the past, before my hips started to get upset at me after I did.


For solo sex I was highly impressed. My favorite toy to use in it is my njoy Eleven (you may or may not have noticed this from the pictures) which is difficult for me to thrust with normally but is ridiculously easy to ride when it is inserted into Pulse. It also sticks up perfectly, just as any other dildo I put in there pretty much regardless of the base. The fabric inside of the dildo hole can be pulled up and pushed to the side01 to accommodate dildos with bases or simply pushed down into the hole for baseless ones.

The vibrator pockets work wonderfully as well, though they make it difficult to quickly access the controls of whatever you put in them. Fortunately, that doesn’t matter too much when you’re bumping and grinding down against the various toys, but it can be mildly annoying. I had trouble with the LELO Mia not being able to stay in place because of how thin it is (less than an inch) and the same with the Fairy Pocket Mini, but wider clitoral vibes would have no problem. I actually realized that I don’t own that many clit-only vibes that aren’t either really big with handles or really tiny. For my loves and go-to clitoral vibrators Wahl and Eroscillator it was easier not to use the pockets and just smoosh them between my body and Pulse, which worked exceptionally well.

What really makes Pulse shine, however, is the sloped shape it has. Liberator calls it “your personal teeter-totter” and it really is that. It takes thrusting down to almost a minimal effort, you just rock back and forth and the dildo moves against you, it’s fabulous! I love the feeling of thrusting but most of the time I insert, wiggle, and clench around a dildo rather than actually thrusting it inside of me, but this really does the work for me. In other words, lazy masturbators such as myself will seriously love this. This would also be excellent for anyone who has difficulty either reaching a dildo while it is inside of you or who have trouble gripping toys in general since it’s all hands-free.

Shown with the njoy Eleven, Fairy Pocket Mini, LELO Mona, LELO Mia, and Fun Factory Wave

For partner sex it was awkward, unfortunately. It’s not really made to work during partner sex the way that BonBon is, for example, but I was really hoping that it would anyway. Onyx and I tried it as many ways as we could think of and while it worked as a general boost of height due to the curve of Pulse it was nearly impossible to maneuver it so that the dildo or vibrator lined up with me while he could also fuck me. I’m not sure if people with different body sizes and types would make it work or not since the curve on either end of Pulse gets in the way.

We also tried using the back of it for a raised slope like a Wedge or Ramp but it was way too high. The only way we could figure it working would be if he sort of straddled Pulse and thrust down into me and that just wasn’t very practical at all, just awkward.

I did manage to find a few great uses for it during partner sex: oral and possibly fingering/fisting. Either using it with toys for hands-free stimulation while giving oral to another or using the raised slope side that was way too high for our genitals to connect on. It gives wonderful access to all the right areas when used for the slope without the giving partner having to lean over to get to them.

If your primary intention is to use this with a partner I would go for a different Liberator product, especially any of their Ramps. However, if you enjoy straddling and hands-free vibrations while you masturbate you will love this shape. Plus, if you have a big toy that is difficult to thrust with but feels amazing02 or any ability issues that keep you from thrusting Pulse will seriously be the product you never knew you needed.

Shown with the njoy Eleven and Fairy Pocket Mini

Big huge thanks to Liberator for sending me a Pulse to review in exchange for my honest opinion!

Product Specs

Name: Pulse

Manufacturer: Liberator

Material: Champagne Foam core, water-resistant nylon slip-cover, and washable microfiber exterior cover.

Size: 20 inches (long) x 12 1/2 inches (wide) x 13 inches (high)

Care: Unzip the microfiber cover, wash in cold water, tumble dry, zip back on. You can also wipe down the inner nylon cover if desired/needed.

  1. the handy-dandy instructions told me to do this, though I am not convinced it is actually necessary []
  2. like the njoy Eleven []


  1. Kayla Kayla (@ mistress_kay)

    Sexy review! The Eleven just looks majestic sitting up like that. Now I want to try one. :P

  2. Jessica Jessica

    Thank you for your review! I was considering buying this, and now I’m sure I want to get it to use alone.

  3. Woman Woman (@ Woman_China)

    This is the second review I’ve read of yours on the Liberators… and now I really really really really really really want one!!!

    Damn international postage!!!!

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