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The majority of products reviewed on this blog were provided for me free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review (not to mention links to the retailer or manufacturer which provided the product for me). Some of the products were purchased with my own money but may still include links to a retailer or manufacturer. Many of these links also include affiliate codes within them in order to track the traffic from this blog to the retailer or manufacturer so that I may get a small kick-back from them for directing business to them. I do not accept money from these companies for the reviews themselves but only via affiliate programs or (rarely) for ads on the sidebar of this site.

Because I work with such a wide variety of companies in order to accumulate review fodder I believe that I am as unbiased as possible toward any particular company or product and therefore am able to provide as honest and unbiased a review as possible. That said, I do recognize that I tend to request items to review which I think I am going to like, so I also tend to give fairly high rankings. However, when I come across a product I extremely dislike or even mildly dislike I am happy to talk about it’s faults. I try to talk about positives and negatives of every product as much as possible.

I do accept paid advertising on the sidebar of this blog and others in the forms of banner or text links. These ads have no bearing on my reviews in terms of bias but they do help me afford to do things like eat and pay rent. The money I make from this blog does not influence my rating of products or my reviews in any way.

Every person is different, and even though some of us have similar parts our genitalia (not to mention sensations and preferences) can be radically different from one person to the next, so not all toys that work for me will work for you and vice-versa. If you have any questions about toys I have reviewed or toys I haven’t yet reviewed please don’t hesitate to contact me: lotus[at]

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