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Category: Restraints

Review: Kinklab Jawbreaker Gag

I used to covet jawbreakers when I was a kid. Like a lot of children I was a sugar fiend so I had as much as I could whenever I could. I remember going to a candy shop in Skagway and getting Alaska Jawbreakers (which were larger than the Texas ones, of course) and I would rub my tongue raw licking at those things for days on end, storing it in a plastic bag when not slowly eroding at the hard surface with my tongue.

My bygone fondness for jawbreakers compelled me to pick up the Kinklab Jawbreaker Gag, which Good Vibrations calls Sweet Lips Candy Ball Gag. The gag comes with a little cellophane wrapped around the candy ball ensuring freshness, which I have yet to take off, actually. I like the look of the cellophane, making it reminiscent of any little hard candy, and I figure that will keep the gag fresh for longer, instead of eroding at the big sugar ball.

Anyone who has seen the movie Jawbreaker will know about the hazards of sticking a jawbreaker in someone’s mouth. Due to the straps on either side of the head, however, there is little to no risk of the sugar ball getting lodged in someone’s mouth or throat, but there is still a risk of choking. There is a sticker on the jawbreaker that says: “WARNING! CHOKING HAZARD! By breaking the package seal and opening this product’s package, you acknowledge that you have read this disclaimer, and that you accept and understand that you shal (sic) be bound by is terms.” Basically, the company is covering their asses.

They have more in-depth information on what exactly the danger is in the Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer of Warranty: it will “produce more saliva than a regular gag and create a choking hazard if the person is unattended or inverted for any reason.” There is a bit of this same hazard with inverting especially for all other types of gags as well as special consideration to be taken any time there is potential obstruction to air flow as solid gags will do (as opposed to open mouth gags or special “breathable” gags). All I’m saying is: be aware of the risks and be as safe as possible.

The gag itself is quite comfortable, with a ridiculously wide adjustable length of nine inches it should fit most heads, and the vinyl strap is not scratchy but rather quite soft. The ball is a little on the large side for ball gags, nearly two inches around, I have a wide mouth so I didn’t have any problems with it but I have friends who would. Also due to the jawbreaker aspect of the ball itself there is absolutely no give to it and I would advise against doing any sort of impact play or anything that might make the wearer impulsively bite down while the gag is in, the massive amount of sugar will cause more than enough damage on your teeth without adding chipping to the mix.

While I definitely prefer other gags to this one for regular use, the Jawbreaker Gag is a unique experience that any gag-loving sugar fiend, current or former, will definitely get a kick out of. Much thanks to Good Vibrations for sending me the Sweet Lips Candy Ball Gag to review in exchange for my honest opinion!

Product Specs

Name: Jawbreaker Gag / Sweet Lips Candy Ball Gag

Manufacturer: Kinklab

Type: BDSM/Kink Toy – (Ball) Gag

Materials: Vinyl strap & candy ball (see ingredients below)

Ingredients: Dextrose with Maltodextrin, Corn Syrup, Malic Acid, Artificial Colors (Yellow 6, Red 40 Lake, Blue 1 Lake, Titanium Dioxide), Natural & Artificial Flavors, Calcium Sterate, Carnauba Wax.
Made in a fascility that processes peanuts and tree nuts. May contain traces of peanuts and tree nuts.

Strap Length: 24 inches long, adjustable between 15 and 24 inches.

Ball Size: 1 7/8 inches (diameter).


Review: Double Fish Hook Restraint

I had somewhat high hopes for this Double Fish Hook Restraint. It seemed odd, but potentially fun. I love gags and thought this one was unusual enough to be interesting and would work well enough to get me hot and bothered. Well, it was definitely interesting.

Essentially it is two just about 90 degree angled metal hooks with rubber coating on either end of a high quality leather strap that buckles in the back. The buckle is easily adjustable and also really long. Possibly freakishly long. As you can see in the picture below the two fish hooks on either side are designed to go in either side of the mouth. This doesn’t prevent you from cosing your mouth, it just stretches the sides of the mouth open making you look rather odd.

I have enjoyed when Onyx puts fingers in either corner of my mouth while fucking so I thought this would potentially remind me of that. While it did to an extent, mostly it was just awkward.

It was difficult to position so that it was actually doing much of anything. I have a relatively large head and even on the smallest of the settings the hooks had a difficult time staying in my mouth, and it was super easy to just push one out with my tongue. To prevent this the hooks could be bent further, but that could be potentially dangerous and I would worry about them ripping the corners of the mouth. Even though the hooks are covered in rubber they are still square-ish and would just not be comfortable or fun that way. Shortening the strap might make it work a little better, but you could still push the hooks out pretty easily, which takes away the point of this for me.

I’m tempted to see if I can find a way to use the back strap for my Whitehead Gag instead since it didn’t come with one. Honestly, I think a “restraint” isn’t necessary to do this specifically as fingers or another type of gag would work far better. I suggest a O-ring gag or silicone ball gag instead.

Much thanks to PinkCherry sex toys for sending me Pipedream Fetish Fantasy Series Double Fish Hook Restraint to review!

Product Specs

Name: Double Fish Hook Restraint

Manufacturer: Pipedream Products

Type: Mouth gag (sorta).

Material: Vinyl straps, metal hooks, rubber tips on the hooks.

Dimensions: 30 inch strap, 0.9 inches wide, 2 inch hooks.


Review: Whitehead Gag

I love gags, especially evil-looking ones that keep the mouth open rather than blocking it. I don’t know what it is, maybe the helplessness of it, the way it makes it difficult to swallow, the accessibility of the mouth while wearing the gag, or maybe for all of those reasons and more. I’ve been attracted to the look of dental gags for quite some time, but this is the first one I’ve actually acquired.

The Whitehead Gag really fits the bill for my gag fetish. It looks quite impressive during use while also being fairly comfortable to wear and easy to use. Most gags are easy to use, really, insert in mouth and go, but this one does have the added bonus of an adjustable size, so it can work on a variety of people, rather than the one-size-works-on-most gags.

It has two little ratchets (is that the right word? I’m not sure) on either side of the mouth, bars with little teeth which hook on to the bottom of the gag and control the height of it. The gag can be used anywhere from closed together to about two and a half inches apart. The main controls for opening or closing the gag are really quite simple: the ratchets as I mentioned are used to lock the gag in place and can be pulled together to close the gag; the levers on the side open the gag wider with an easy press of the fingers.

The only strange thing about this gag that I noticed when I received it is it doesn’t have a head strap or anything to secure the gag to the wearer’s face. This isn’t unusual for these dental-type gags, most places sell them without head straps, but it’s something to keep in mind and may be a deterrent to you. I was definitely surprised, I assumed it would come with a strap. Luckily you can use just about anything to keep it in place, just depends on your imagination, even a single band of elastic tied to either end would work well and would be cheap and easy to put together. I made a makeshift one out of some leather cord I had lying around and it works quite well. You can purchase the gag from other retailers with a head strap, but it is usually more expensive that way.

Since the gag is made out of metal (stainless steel) and the little dip in the front rests on the teeth you have to be very careful while wearing it or having someone else wear it. The wearer could do some damage to their teeth if you’re not careful.

Really every time I think about this gag I want to use it. This can be partially chalked up to my gag fetish, but I don’t feel that way about every gag, this one is just gorgeous/evil-looking, comfortable, and makes me feel all sorts of helpless when wearing it. I don’t know about you, but that’s definitely something I look for in a gag.

Much thanks to Kinky Medical for sending me the Whitehead Dental Gag to review!

Product Specs

Name: Whitehead Gag

Type: Mouth gag.

Material: Stainless Steel.

Dimensions: 6 inches wide x up to 2 1/4 inches high (or 5 inches wide x up to 2 inches high).


Review: Red Heart Wrist Restraints

I’m a sucker for hearts, so the moment I saw these restraints I knew I had to have them. I actually already had the matching collar, and also requested the matching cock ring from Adult Sex Toys for my upcoming Cock Ring Week feature.

These cuffs are well made with two straps of sturdy leather, one as the base width and the other thinner strap with the inlayed hearts, and quality metal connectors. Each restraint has an O-ring attached to the thinner leather strip via D-ring. They have red stitching which matches the color of the hearts perfectly and is an excellent elegant enhancement to these already gorgeous cuffs.

I’ve had the matching collar for over a year and a half, possibly two years, so I can speak to the long-term durability of these as well, which is quite high. Unfortunately one of the hearts has come out of the collar I have, though that was due to rather rough use. I wore the collar 24/7 for quite a few months and it still looks great aside from the lack of a single heart.

They are quite comfortable to wear, even for long periods of time, the insides are soft against the skin, and easily adjustable to fit large or small wrists. My wrists are fairly large at around eight and a half inches and these fit easily around them. I especially love to use these in conjunction with my Under the Bed Restraint System, though they don’t come with connector clips so you have to provide those on your own.

What else is there really to say? If you like the look of these they are definitely worth the money, not as expensive as other high-quality cuffs but more than the cheap stuff that doesn’t last too long anyway. In addition to the collar and cock ring there are also matching Ankle Restraints and a matching Flogger! Someday I hope to own the whole set.

Much thanks to Adult Sex Toys for sending me the Red Heart Wrist Restraints to review.

Product Specs

Name: Red Heart Wrist Restraints

Type: Wrist Cuffs/Restraints

Materials: Leather (cuffs) and metal (connectors).

Length: 8 3/4 inches (total)
Width: 2 inches


Review: Twisted Love Ties


When I first received the Twisted Love Ties from Sportsheets I was a little wary of them. The first thought I had about them was that they remind me of large bread ties, Marla had the same reaction. I could already see the convenient use of them as a fast light bondage item which would be rather versatile, so I was also excited to try them.

The Twisted Love Ties easily slip around wrists or ankles, and can be wound around multiple times or crossed over themselves, attached to themselves or to other objects, all sorts of combinations. They basically feel like foam wrapped around a bendable spine with a fabric cover.

They seemed overly stiff at first and while they were somewhat easy to mold they just didn’t seem like they would be that comfortable. I experimented with them right away and wasn’t too impressed so didn’t end up actually using them during play until quite some time later.

Every time I used the ties by themselves they were rather uncomfortable. Although they bend rather easily by hand they are not easily bent when already around a wrist or ankle, which made it difficult to have them on for long periods of time as moving the limbs around at all wasn’t easy. Although the idea of bondage is to restrain movement the bottom generally tends to squirm and wiggle within the bonds, the ties were too difficult to put perfectly around to restrict movement within the ties and were too uncomfortable to use on their own.

Where the Twisted Love Ties really shine, however, is when coupled with a hard object, specifically I used them with a spreader bar. I think they work so well combined with a hard object because the hardness of the spreader bar makes the slight stiffness of the ties feel soft in comparison. They slipped easily through the loops on the end of both spreader bars I tried them with, and were great for using the spreader bar on knees specifically as well as ankles.

While I wasn’t impressed with the ties by themselves I know I will be using them over and over again with my spreader bars. All three of us are impressed at how well they work.

Much thanks to Sportsheets for letting me review their Twisted Love Ties!

Product Specs

Name: Twisted Love Ties

Manufacturer: Sportsheets

Type: Light & quick bondage item.

Material: Foam-covered bendable metal.

Length: 22 inches each


Review: Siren Red 36-inch Spreader Bar

I have been fascinated with spreader bars for quite some time and even had the luck to review one a couple of months ago and ever since I’ve been wanting to try more. Just as not all sex toys are created equal not all BDSM products are created equal so I love to try as many variations of similar products as possible when I like the design or idea of a toy.

The idea of being bound to a spreader bar, being helpless and unable to close my legs or keep my cunt and ass from being teased and played with (or doing the same to someone else) is highly appealing and arousing. Because I’m a larger woman with quite a bit of thigh on me, however, it was somewhat easy to keep my thighs together and not be as exposed when using the other spreader bar, and the same thing happened with this one when used around my ankles. I’ve heard this complaint from a number of people, and I have a solution to it below.

We tried it first with the Axovus ankle cuffs connected to either side of the bar which was definitely sexy and made it difficult to move around too much but wasn’t as exposing or immobilizing as I had always imagined a spreader bar would be. Because of the way the cuffs attached to the spreader bar, with carabiner snap hooks, I could close my feet together closer than the 36 inches the bar itself is. Don’t get me wrong, it was definitely hot, but it lacked something as I could move my ankles around much more than I wanted to be able to.

After watching the porn movie Champion I was struck with a brilliant idea due to something that happened during my favorite scene: a cane was used as a spreader bar tied not around the ankles but around the knees. This looked sexy and sounded like a brilliant idea that I knew I had to try!

Neither of us are particularly skilled with rope so the next time we used the spreader bar we also used an item I had recently received from Sportsheets, the Twisted Love Ties. They are sort of like giant twist-ties that hold together surprisingly well and slipped easily through the loop on the end of the spreader bar.

We wound the Twisted Ties right above each of my knees on either end of the spreader bar and that worked much better than using the spreader bar on my ankles, it forced me to keep my knees spread wide so all of my nether regions were on display and it was an easy bar to hold on to while fucking me. It was pretty delightful, and definitely my favorite use of a spreader bar thus far. I know that we are going to use it and the other spreader bar I have over and over.

The only negative about the bar is that when using it on my knees the 36 inch length was actually a little long, it forced my hips a little too widely apart to the point of discomfort after about ten or fifteen minutes. Because of this I’m interested in trying the 24 inch spreader bar from the same company as I think that would be a little more comfortable.

You can find the 36 inch Spreader Bar in Siren Red, Baby Pink and Candy Purple or the 24 inch in Siren Red, Baby Pink and Candy Purple, along with other Bondage and BDSM products and sex toys of every flavor on SexToy.Com.

Much thanks to SexToy.Com for letting me review the Siren Red 36 inch Spreader Bar!

Product Specs

Name: Siren Red 36 inch Spreader Bar

Manufacturer: Pinnacle Design & Fabrication

Material: Aircraft-grade Aluminum

Length: 36 inches


Review: Cuffies Freestyle [Fun Factory Week]

Fun Factory Week continues with a new and slightly unusual FF item!

Did you see the start of Fun Factory Week with the Boss (Lady) review yesterday?

Note: I recently had to slice the RAM of my computer in half, because of that my video isn’t recording as nicely as it used to. Some of the video is extremely choppy, and I apologize, but I think you get the idea.

Cuffies are a new Fun Factory item that I think are absolutely adorable. They are meant to be light bondage items with the cuffs being fashionable and discreet enough to wear with an everyday outfit but with hoops on them to attach the included aluminum chain. Fun Fatory actually has a few different designs including Hippie which are brown and turquoise and close with cufflinks, and Freestyle which are the ones I’m reviewing today and are black/grey and orange and close with ribbon.

The cuffs themselves are made out of rubber, which is something I’m actually disappointed about. The rubber means that the cuffs have no breatheability whatsoever so they end up getting your wrists sweaty even after a short period of use. This kind of defeats the idea of being able to wear them casually for long(ish) periods of time or even wearing them for long periods of play time, especially in the warmer months. I would imagine I would enjoy wearing them more in the cooler months, however.

Other than the breatheability issue I think they are cute and definitely serve their purpose. They are definitely not a heavy-duty item but they can withstand a small amount of resistance and would be extremely fun for quick bondage especially in public. I imagine quick and dirty park sex with wrists bound by the chain of these cute babies, maybe behind the back with the penetrating partner holding onto the chain… or any other quick fantasy. That is definitely what these cuffs are made for and where they shine.

Being able to wear them discreetly is also a plus, as they can be a focal point for power play if used correctly, since they are bondage items that don’t really look extremely kinky or out of place. A jiggling of the chain in the Top’s pocket or a simple touch or tug on the cuffs themselves from the Top can remind the bottom that s/he is subject to be bound at any given time. There are really many possibilities to the use of these adorable cuffs.

Much thanks to Pink Cherry for letting me review Fun Factory Cuffies Freestyle!

Product Specs

Name: Cuffies – Freestyle

Type: Wrist Cuffs

Manufacturer: Fun Factory

Materials: Rubber (cuffs), ribbon, and aluminum (chain).

Length: 7 3/4″ cuffs, 23″ with chain
Width: 1 1/4 to 1 1/2″


Review: Kinklab Adjustable Spreader Bar

I’ve been intrigued by spreader bars for years, but never got around to owning one until now. When I saw the Adjustable Spreader Bar I knew I wanted to try it. Not only was it a spreader bar that could fulfill my desires of wanting to use one, but also because it’s adjustable I thought it would be the perfect first spreader bar to own. It adjusts from two feet to just over three feet with eight different options in between.

We used the Axovus ankle cuffs in conjunction with the spreader bar, which worked really well. There were a few minor issues such as because of the rather long clips we were using to connect the cuffs to the spreader bar I could get my feet a few inches closer together by moving them inward around the spreader bar. I’m quite a squirmer and love to figure out what I can get away with when bound so that was one of the first things I noticed.

I also could kind of keep my thighs together, which I attribute to being quite a large person. With thinner thighs I might not have been able to, but because of the girth of my thighs I was able to squeeze them closer together than my knees or ankles. This wasn’t a huge deterrent and didn’t take away from the overall feeling of helplessness and restraint, but is definitely something to keep in mind.

I really loved that it’s so easily adjustable, Onyx even adjusted it while I was already hooked into it. We really were hoping that the pins could be used to clip wrist cuffs to, but they’re not made strongly enough to be able to do that which makes sense since they need to be removeable.

The bar itself is lightweight enough that it is easily movable by the person tied or someone else, and doesn’t put strain on the ankles (or wherever else it may be used) when they are held up via it. It’s very sturdy as well, and at no point did I think I was going to bend or break it with my vigorous squirming.

Overall I really enjoyed my first experience with spreader bars and know that it won’t be the last. Thank you very much to Tabu Toys sex toys for allowing me to review the Kinklab Adjustable Spreader Bar!

Product Specs

Name: Adjustable Spreader Bar

Manufacturer: Kinklab

Material: Steel

Length: Eight options between 25 and 37 inches (adjustable)


Review: Leather Hogtie


When I found the Leather Hogtie on SexToy.Com I imagined using them with my Axovus Wrist Cuffs and matching Ankle Cuffs. I imagined a great way to tie someone up and fuck them. I imagined that was what I would be doing with this hogtie strap, but I was wrong. It was completely my fault that I was wrong, but I was wrong.

First, a little of the hogtie device itself. It’s really a very basic restraint device. It’s an O-ring with four strips of leather attached that have scissor snaps attached to them, making it so you can attach the hogtie device to four other things. It’s intended to be attached to four cuffs: two wrist, two ankle, to produce the hogtie position.

According to Wikipedia, Hogtie is “a method of tying the limbs together, rendering the subject immobile and helpless. Originally, it was applied to pigs (hence the name) and other young four-legged animals. In more recent years, the term has been applied to ways of restraining humans as well.” It can be accompanied by a gag or blindfold to enhance the helplessness of the situation, and the bottom could be left alone with little chance to escape.

The hogtie position is predicament bondage, not sex bondage like I was originally thinking. The position is just not good at all for sex, and I’m honestly not sure why I originally thought it was. I was just misguided or assumed it would lend itself to sex without really thinking about it.

I suppose for some sex would work in this position, depending on how wide you can spread your legs, but that would have to be almost all the way to get a comfortable position, so unless you’re extremely flexible it probably won’t work. Oral sex is possible in this position, however, and the bottom could be rolled on their side for cock play (should the bottom be male) or possibly fingering for the female, but no full on sex because it’s difficult to get at any orifices.

So, the reason why I got this device has failed me. If you are wanting a good device for sex bondage, this is not it.

However, it’s great for it’s original purpose: predicament bondage. It’s difficult to get out of while also being extremely simple and not terribly uncomfortable. How comfortable it is also depends highly on how flexible you are, but I’m not terribly flexible and it was pretty comfy for me.

Overall, if you want a fun and easy way to bind your partner, or be bound by your partner, I’d highly recommend it, assuming you have cuffs to clip it to (though they also have a Leather Hogtie with Four Rings which is meant for rope bondage play). If you are wanting something for sex, like I was, this is not for you.

You can find the Leather Hogtie along with other BDSM and Fetish Toys and sex toys of every flavor on SexToy.Com.

Much thanks to SexToy.Com for letting me review the Leather Hogtie!