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Review: LELO Flickering Touch Massage Candle (Black Pepper & Pomegranate)

The last time I reviewed a pomegranate item it was lube and with it I included a picture of a multitude of pomegranate items. Point being: I have a fetish for all things pomegranate. I also have a vast collection of LELO products and have the personal goal of owning one of everything. Naturally when I saw that one of LELO’s new massage candles came in black pepper & pomegranate I had to have it.

The candle came in a black cardboard box that is nearly twice the height of the candle itself, the extra room is for padding on the top and bottom to keep the candle safe. Inside is a small warning pamphlet advising on candle safety as well as the candle itself: a smooth round black jar and a silver lid with a red accent. I was extremely pleased with the little bit of foam inside of the jar and on top of the candle, keeping any bits of the candle that had melted during transfer from getting all over of the inside of the package. Some of my candle had melted on the way, being stored in a room too warm will do that, but none had leaked.

The scent itself is wonderful. I can’t smell the black pepper really at all, but the pomegranate scent is lovely. It’s not super strong either, you have to get within four or five inches of the jar before you can smell the scent from the unlit candle, so it won’t overpower the room simply by being in it like some candles will. Even when lit the smell is quite subtle. If it was simply a candle (rather than a massage candle) I might be a little disappointed with the strength of the scent, actually, but once you start massaging the wax into skin the smell is much more apparent.


The wax is smooth, slick, and soft. It massages easily into the skin leaving a slight layer of smooth oilyness that isn’t too greasy at all. When left in a cool room it hardens fairly well, but you can still scrape a bit off to use as lotion if you desire01. The warmer the room the more likely it will melt, but it is well contained in the jar and that shouldn’t be a problem. According to the directions you are supposed to “extinguish out the flame and leave to cool for 30 seconds” before use, though I didn’t experience the wax getting too hot even if I didn’t wait a full thirty seconds.

The ingredients are mostly body-safe with the exception of the three included in the “Perfume” ingredient. Before I talk about those ingredients I want to say how awesome it is that LELO actually lists the ingredients in the “Perfume,” since most companies don’t as legally companies don’t have to disclose that02. Most of these ingredients are plant-based derivatives. D-Limonene is “the major component of the oil extracted from citrus rind,” Linalool is “a naturally occurring terpene alcohol chemical found in many flowers and spice plants” and Hexylcinnamaldehyde “is found naturally in the essential oil of chamomile.” They all have the potential of being an irritant, mostly around the eyes or lips, and LELO does quite clearly have warnings about avoiding those areas in the warning pamphlet. For general use on the skin they should be fine, however, unless you have exceptionally sensitive skin.

Like most LELO products, their Massage Candle is pretty awesome. The packaging is sleek and sexy, there are no weird man-made toxic ingredients, and the wax does exactly what it is supposed to do: aids massage without leaving a yucky after-feeling. It is a little pricey for a small candle, but you don’t need much of the wax to give a great massage and it will last for a long time. I’ve used it a few times and have only barely made a dent.

Much thanks to LELO for sending me their Massage Candle to review in exchange for my honest opinion!

Product Specs

Name: Flickering Touch Massage Candle

Manufacturer: LELO.

Type: Candle/Massage Oil.

Ingredients: Glycine Soja (Soy) Wax, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter), Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot) Kernel Oil, Perfume (D-Limonene, Linalool, Hexylcinnamaldehyde)

Size: 150g / 5.3 oz

Height: 4 inches.
Width: 3 inches (diameter).

  1. and I often do []
  2. it has to do with not giving away their company secrets and is really quite bullshit []

Review: LELO Mia v2.0

I wrote my original Mia review over two years ago01 and although I have used it many times since then I haven’t picked it up in over a year, probably. It really hasn’t stayed one of my favorite toys and is no longer the only USB-powered vibrator around. I had a serious geekgasm the first time around and the second time around I was less impressed with the geeky aspect of it and more impressed with the slight changes LELO made that make a big difference.

The packaging, as always, is superb. Mia comes in LELO’s black box with a black02 slip-cover and the older style of a plastic insert inside. Accompanying it is the standard 10-year quality manual guarantee, 1-year warranty, and black satin storage bag as well as a USB-to-USB adapter in case it is inconvenient to have Mia attached directly to the USB port of your choice. With the abundance of USB ports in things other than a computer these days even if your computer should kick it you would be able to charge Mia.

Most of the features are the same. You can lock Mia so it won’t turn on when you don’t want it to. Mia’s light comes on when the buttons are pressed. Mia’s light turns red when it needs to be charged, blinks when it is charging, and turns solid when it is done charging03. Mia has multiple speeds accessed by pressing the plus button and multiple vibrations you can cycle through. Mia could be inserted only about an inch or two but is really made to be a clitoral stimulator.

The big difference between Mia v1.0 and Mia v2.0 is the intensity of the vibrations. Sure, I like the new sleek black color better than the two original pinks. The adjustment of the motor to be more in the tip is awesome. The lines in Mia’s lid to prevent it from going on any other way are handy. Even the fact that the light won’t come on if you press the minus button when Mia is off04 is pretty nice. But they are all far outweighed by the awesome change in vibrations.

The old version of Mia has a high-pitched buzz to it when it is on, and the vibrations are weak. Two plus years ago when it first came out it was cutting-edge, but still weak, but there have been a lot of improvements to the technology since then and today it doesn’t feel like a luxury toy. I can still get off with Mia v1.0, but it takes a long while which makes it not nearly as fun.

The new Mia is low and rumbly. It is also strong. Ridiculously strong for its size. When put side-by-side there is no question that they have completely different motors, though on the outside they look nearly identical. The greater concentration of vibrations at the tip is also just wonderful. I could tell you about the fancy laser test that LELO did to prove the difference in vibration speed complete with circles and whatnot, but it’s kind of superfluous and can be summed up in a few words: Mia v2.0 is stronger. The end.

The only possible thing I can complain about with Mia is that the point on the end is a little smaller than I generally like my vibrators to be. It can be difficult to maneuver when my brain is turned to mush but I want one more orgasm and can’t seem to get the right location05. But it’s not the end of the world. It’s not really that frustrating or bad, it’s just how it goes.

Mia is also the least expensive of all of LELO‘s vibrators. Just in case you needed another reason to want it.

Much thanks to LELO for sending me the new and improved Mia to review in exchange for my honest opinion!

Product Specs

Name: Mia.

Manufacturer: LELO.

Type: Vibrator.

Power: Rechargeable.

Material: ABS plastic and a bit of silicone.

Length: 4 1/2 inches.
Width: 7/8 of an inch.

Lube: Water- or oil-based preferred. Although there isn’t much silicone on it in order to turn it off you have to touch the silicone buttons and that doesn’t bode well if you’re using silicone lube. Silicone lube + silicone toys = potential disaster.

Care: Toy cleaner, anti-bacterial soap & water.

  1. back when I was still sometimes using gendered pronouns for sex toys, yeesh. Sometimes I think I should go back and revise a lot of those reviews. []
  2. or whatever color of Mia you may choose []
  3. it looks mighty pretty when stuck in the side of my also black computer too []
  4. a tiny change that only someone OCD like me would really notice–this helps me know it is turned off completely, though, and is really handy! []
  5. this happens to me a lot. Am I the only one? []

Review: LELO Isla

Oh, LELO, how I love you. I have mooned over every product since I was sent my very first LELO pleasure object. I’ve made it my mission to own every LELO product. I drool every time a new product of theirs comes out, every time I have the pleasure of exploring a new creation of theirs, and Isla was no exception. Isla is one of the new Insignia line which boasts a different look, new controls, and a completely waterproof body.

Isla comes in LELO’s signature black box v3.0. With the original line the box was black canvas with a plastic cut-out shape for the toy and a plastic cover then a big open space at the bottom for the manual and charging cord. Version 2.0 was a black cardboard box with a weird paper and plastic clam-shell type bit holding the toy inside and a sectioned off bottom which I was not really a fan of. The Insignia (3.0) version is a black cardboard box with a foam cut-out that fits the toy and one for the included Insignia Broach. On one end there is a cardboard lift-up tab to get underneath the cut-out foam where the manual, warranty, quality guarantee, and satin storage bag are stored.

I was not the only reviewer to mention disliking the v2.0 style, especially the clamshell thing, so I was extremely happy for the change to the current packaging. It’s definitely the best yet, it is both better looking and better functioning than the two previous versions, in my opinion. LELO stepped up the class of the Insignia line by including a broach with the Insignia logo on it, a triple infinity symbol, which is quite beautiful. It’s silver to match the toy’s design and not at all obviously linked to a sex toy.


Speaking of the design, I absolutely love the way Isla and all of the Insignia line looks. The cut-out handle and mix of the textures of their smooth silicone with the metallic-coated ABS plastic is just gorgeous and feels wonderful, as per usual with LELO. The metallic sides of the toy are concave and thinner than the silicone sides making Isla more oval shaped than circular like most sex toys. I was a bit disappointed, however, due to Isla’s lack of curve. It has a gorgeous silhouette but the curve on it is just not very pronounced so it doesn’t hit the g-spot very easily. It can be angled that way, however, and since it’s not pliable at all it’s quite wonderful when it does, but it takes effort.

Gone are the four control buttons of old to be replaced with three buttons: plus, minus, and mode. Intuitive enough, you turn Isla’s vibration strength on and up with the plus, down with the minus, and cycle through the familiar eight types of sensation with the mode button. Just like Ina, Mona, and the other newer LELO toys Isla’s last sensation mode that seems to play a song and even beeps. Strange but cool. The vibrations themselves are moderately deep and fairly strong. It’s no powerhouse but it is pleasant and can get me off without problem.

As I already mentioned, Isla is completely waterproof which both makes it more versatile and easier to clean than previous LELO products. This wonderful addition is achieved due to the charging port being covered with a thin self-healing silicone membrane. In order to charge it you have to push the adapter through the silicone creating a tiny tear. Even though there is a tear it is not visible to the naked eye once unplugged due to the “self-healing” technology. I don’t know how it works, but it does keep Isla completely waterproof.

While the charging port makes it easier to clean Isla also has a small groove all along where the metallic ABS plastic meets the silicone as the grooves around the buttons that all need a little special attention. Still, that is a small price to pay for the gorgeous look of the Insignia line, so I don’t mind so much.


As with previous LELO products the area around the three buttons on Isla blink while it is charging and turn solid when the charging is finished. LELO claims that two hours of charging will bring you four hours of play time but the standby time is also excellent. I charged my Isla when I got it about a month ago and have not had to recharge it since. You can also lock Isla by pressing down the plus and minus buttons at the same time until the light turns off and do the same until the light turns on to unlock it. In case you need to turn it off in a hurry you can also press down the same buttons when it is on to turn it off immediately without having to press and hold the minus button until it turns off.

Although Isla wasn’t as perfect as I was hoping for it to be I still enjoy it and tend to use it more like a clitoral vibrator than an insertable one, but that also has to do with my general indifference to insertable vibrators and preference for clitoral ones. I’m very much hoping to try out Alia and Soraya not just because they’re beautiful but I will probably be more keen on using both of those for their intended purposes. The design and beauty as well as the overall quality of LELO products makes up for the subtle curve in my book anyway.

Much thanks to LELO for sending me the Isla to review!

Product Specs

Name: Isla.

Manufacturer: LELO.

Type: Vibrator.

Power: Rechargeable.

Material: Silicone and metallic-coated ABS plastic.

Length: 8 2/3 inches total around 5 inches insertable.
Width: 1 1/2 inches by 1 inch at the tip and about 1×1 at the base

Lube: Water- or oil-based only! Silicone lube + silicone toys = potential disaster.

Care: Toy cleaner, anti-bacterial soap & water.


Review: LELO Ina

Ina is remarkably similar to Mona, in fact they came out at the same time and are nearly identical except Ina is a dual-action vibrator and therefore has an additional arm jutting out from the top of it designed to hit the clit. I’ve not reviewed or experienced too many dual-action vibrators, I tend to steer clear of them since they are so anatomy dependent and usually not made out of silicone, but my LELO fetish made Ina impossible to resist obtaining. My quest to own every LELO product would not be put aside simply because of the possibility of Ina not lining up with me perfectly.

At first I was mildly indifferent to this toy, thinking I would love Mona more and that no LELO item could top my beloved Gigi. I knew Ina would be gorgeous and wonderful, still an amazing pleasure object simply by nature of being made by LELO, but since dual-action style vibrators are so anatomy dependent I wasn’t sure it would work with me. I was encouraged by other reviews of it, as it seems to be one of those toys that either works for you perfectly or is an absolute failure, and I had to find out which it would be for me. Ina exceeded all of my expectations and then some.

Like all LELO toys Ina comes in a fancy black box with a sleeve over it that matches the color of the toy inside. I had thought I wanted a purple Ina, but upon receiving my lime green Ina I was instantly in love with the color. The box contains the toy, a charging cord (all LELO toys are rechargeable), a multi-language instructional booklet, a one-year warranty, and LELO’s 10-year quality guarantee. If anything goes wrong with Mona within ten years after purchasing LELO will recycle Mona and give you 50% off your next purchase.

Ina’s controls are the newfangled design identical to Mona and Siri. There are four buttons arranged in a diamond near the bottom of the toy: an up arrow (top), a down arrow (bottom), a plus button (right), and a minus button (left). The plus and minus buttons control the intensity of the vibrations and the up and down buttons control the vibration type. As I already mentioned, Ina is rechargeable. When plugged in the buttons of the toy flash white and turn solid when Ina is fully charged. If you use Ina to the point of a nearly drained battery the buttons will conveniently let you know of this by glowing red when you try to turn it on.

Like all of LELO’s newest vibrators Ina is stronger and less buzzy than it’s predecessors. One of the noteworthy things about Ina’s design that is becoming more and more common among luxury sex toys is there are two separate motors inside of it, one in the insertable shaft and the other at the tip of the clitoral arm.

Ina has eight vibration settings which take advantage of the double motors with patterns that shift from one motor to the other. For the most part I just use the first setting, a constant vibration in both the shaft and the arm. The other vibration settings are: vibration mostly in the shaft and a little in the arm, vibration mostly in the arm and a little in the shaft, alternating pulse between arm and shaft, in sync pulse in both, a rollercoaster vibration in both, a second rollercoaster-type vibration that is different in a way I cannot explain, and a vibration pattern I can only describe as random pulses that kind of sound like a song.

Luckily the clitoral arm is super flexible, otherwise I would not like Ina at all. After inserting the shaft I have to bend and flex the arm to get it in the right position, if I just left it where it falls naturally I would get absolutely no clitoral stimulation at all and if that was the case I would simply use Mona instead. I say “luckily” because once I do get Ina positioned correctly it takes me nearly no time at all to have a wonderful hands-free orgasm.

This is the beauty of Ina. The arm, being positioned correctly, inserts an unbelievable amount of pressure. I love pressure in all things clitoral (except my Eroscillator) and I love Ina’s pressure. I love having something inserted and something on my clit and Ina is the only toy I own that does both of these very well and simultaneously. Does this mean Ina is my favorite toy ever? No. That honor is happily bestowed on the Eroscillator. It does mean, however, that Ina is amazing, compact, and a great dual-action vibrator and Ina is my favorite LELO toy. And that’s saying something.

Because Ina does everything it is also not the best couples toy, assuming your partner wants to be doing something to your genitals at the same time. If that’s not an issue then just forget I said anything.

As I already mentioned, the downfall of dual action vibrators are that they are so anatomy dependent. Ina will either work perfectly for you or not at all, and which one it is is nearly impossible to determine without trying the toy. Because of the flexibility in the clitoral arm I do believe Ina has a wider range for working with bodies than most dual action vibrators, but it may be a bit of a gamble if it will work with you or not.

If you choose to purchase this or anything else from Kama Sutra Closet be sure to use the code Wanton15 when you check out to get 15% off your purchase. Much thanks to Kama Sutra Closet for sending me the LELO Ina to review!

Product Specs

Name: Ina.

Manufacturer: LELO.

Type: Dual-Action Vibrator.

Power: Rechargeable!

Material: Silicone (green) and ABS plastic (white).

Length: 8 inches total, about 4 1/2 inches insertable.
Width: 1 1/2 inches at the widest point (diameter). 4 1/4 inches (around).

Lube: Water- or oil-based only! Silicone lube should not be used with silicone toys unless it is specially formulated to do so.

Care: Toy cleaner, anti-bacterial soap & water. Be careful of the charging port at the bottom, though.


Review: LELO Mona

The way I feel about LELO toys is admittedly a little fanatical. I aspire to own them all. I did, in fact, have all of them briefly before they released their newest items. I think LELO products are gorgeous works of sexual art that function as well as they look. I haven’t met a LELO toy I haven’t loved and Mona is no exception.

Like all LELO toys Mona is rechargeable and completely body-friendly. The insertable half of Mona is made out of silicone and the handle is made out of ABS plastic. Both are phthalate-free, non-porous, and pleasant to the eye and hand. Mona also comes in a fancy black box with an extensive user manual booklet, a one-year warranty, and LELO’s 10-year quality guarantee. If anything goes wrong with Mona within ten years after purchasing LELO will recycle Mona and give you 50% off your next purchase. My inner hippie likes this.

Mona and the very similar Ina were the first with LELO’s slightly different control panel and packaging. The older toys have a circular control strip slightly reminiscent of an iPod, though not a touch-pad, but still pretty cool. The new control buttons are four separate round buttons in the same place and order as the old ones. The plus and minus buttons control the intensity of the vibrations and the up and down arrows control the pattern of vibrations just like on the older style.

There’s one thing that makes me actually prefer the older style buttons: the locking feature. LELO is wonderful in including the ability to lock all of their toys so the battery doesn’t drain while being stored. In the previous versions you could simply press in the center of the circular control strip until the light around the strip comes on and it would be locked. In this version you have to press each of the four buttons down together. Also, on the older versions you could immediately turn the toy off if it is on no matter what mode or vibration pattern you were in by pressing the same as if you were locking it. With the new controls you can do this the same way as locking as well, but it’s just simply not as easy. Using one finger versus four fingers to do something like that might not seem like a lot, but in the blissful post-orgasm state there is definitely a difference.

I’m generally not as big on internal vibration as I am on clitoral vibrations, but Mona excells at both. The curve and fat head hit the g-spot nicely and the wide end is easy to position right against the clit. I would still say that of all the LELO toys I own Gigi is definitely my favorite multi-tasker, but Mona doesn’t come too far behind. Mona also boasts being stronger than the previous versions, and in a side-by-side comparison I actually could notice a difference. If you need a little extra power to get off then the newer products may work better for you than the old.

I really love the shape of Mona, it’s kind of right in between Liv and Elise length-wise and a mixture of the two width-wise since it has a skinny mid-section about the same size as Liv that tapers into a bulbous end about the same size as Elise. Of course, combining two toys I already loved to make a new toy means I’m going to love this one as well. Mona, however, is easier to wield than Elise, being thinner, and, due to it’s larger surface area gives better contact than Liv.

I just can’t not love LELO toys. They each have their own plusses and minuses and due to their individual features I do believe that there is one for just about everyone. They are definitely luxury toys in every sense of the word and well worth their price.

Much thanks to Adult Sensations sex toys for sending me LELO Mona!

Product Specs

Name: Mona.

Manufacturer: LELO

Type: Clitoral or Internal Vibrator.

Power: Rechargeable!

Material: Silicone (red) and ABS plastic (white).

Length: 8 inches total, about 4 1/2 inches insertable.
Width: 1 1/2 inches at the widest point (diameter). 4 1/4 inches (around).

Lube: Water- or oil-based only! Silicone lube should not be used with silicone toys unless it is specially formulated to do so.

Care: Toy cleaner, anti-bacterial soap & water. Be careful of the charging port at the bottom, though.


Review: LELO Bo

Onyx’s Experience

Being the partner of a sex blogger and sex toy reviewer has many benefits. One of the primary ones is that I get to play with a lot of really fun and exciting toys without even having to be the one writing the reviews. Granted while some of the toys she receives are primarily for her pleasure, almost all of them are great for partner play and I probably get at least as much pleasure from playing with them as she does.

Now normally I’m all about getting a free ride, but with the arrival of the LELO Bo it’s time for me to stop being a sex toy bum and share with the world just how much I’ve come to enjoy this marvelous little pleasure object.

Scarlet has covered most of the technical details such as the marvelous little case, the body safe materials and the elegant design in her video review so I will focus mainly on my experience wearing and playing with Bo and let her describe the experience from her point of view.

Bo is a very flexible toy that should accommodate any cock size easily; it is nice and tight, while still feeling comfortable and can be worn different ways to maximize your partner’s enjoyment of the wonderful vibrations.

I had never worn a cock ring before, much less a vibrating one and was not sure what to expect. I’ve had vibrators pressed against my cock and have enjoyed the sensation, but it did not prepare me for the far more intense pleasure that Bo’s vibrations cause. Combined with the restriction of blood flow caused by the ring itself seemed to make my penis much more sensitive, but luckily only in a good way and not too sensitive.

Some men say that wearing a cock ring prevents them having an orgasm or at least makes it harder for them to cum, this was not the case for me, but it did help me hold off longer while letting the climax build to an amazing intensity. The pleasure of a Bo orgasm is something every man owes it to himself to experience in life and can’t easily be conveyed with mere words.

So far we’ve only used the Bo for partner sex, but it’s easy to tell that it would also be fantastic for male solo play, all in all it something I strongly recommend for any man that wants to take his orgasm experience to a whole new level.

Scarlet’s Experience

Like Onyx mentioned and I mentioned in the video above, we had never used a cock ring before, so neither of us really knew what to expect. However, I had heard such wonderful things about the LELO Bo and am quite the LELO addict so I knew that it was going to be wonderful. Even though starting with such a high-quality product for our first cock ring experience may spoil us on other cock rings in the future I was willing to take that risk.

I could see the difference in Onyx’s cock once he put it on. It seemed to grow from the sensation and simply looked more sensitive though I’m not sure if I could describe the difference of that look. I could tell he was enjoying it and was excited to feel how it would change our sex.

Once he thrust into me I was caught by a new but familiar sensation: vibration. I’m used to it from toys, but not from his cock, so it was extremely strange to me the first few times we used the Bo. Strange, however, doesn’t mean bad. I enjoyed it, and I especially enjoyed his enjoyment of it. I could watch his reflection in the floor-to-ceiling length windows in our living room (where our futon currently is since it is our bed/couch/only-sitting-area-besides-one-chair) and I could hear his reaction as well, and I could tell he was having an amazing time.

I’ve heard cock rings are supposed to hit the clit as well, though I wasn’t really looking for that in our use of it. I have plenty of wonderful toys to use for clitoral stimulation, and so relying on something attached to his cock for clitoral stimulation just seems silly to me.

Since it made his cock into a flesh vibrator it definitely did provide me with enhanced sensation because of that as well, which I definitely enjoyed. We used it in conjunction with the Liberator Ramp so he was hitting my g-spot with his vibrating cock, which felt absolutely amazing.

I definitely think the LELO Bo is a wonderful addition to partner sex. It can also turn a dildo into a vibrator, and since it’s made out of TPE rather than silicone it can be used on silicone dildos, something we have yet to play with. I would imagine this would be especially delicious with a toy like Share which penetrates both partners, and intend to test this theory.

You can find LELO Bo along with other cock rings and sex toys of every flavor on Vibrator.Com.

Much thanks to Vibrator.Com for letting me review the LELO Bo!

Product Specs

Name: Bo

Manufacturer: LELO

Materials: Body-safe ABS (top vibrating part) and TPE (bottom stretchy ring)

Charge: Rechargeable


Review: LELO Elise

Product Specs

Name: Elise

Manufacturer: LELO (Luxury Erotic Lifestyle Objects).

Materials: Medical-grade Silicone and ABS plastic.

Charge: Rechargeable

Length: 8 1/4″ (total) – 5 1/4″ (insertable)
Thickness: 1 1/4″ (diameter) – 4 1/2″ (around)

What I love: Two separate vibration centers, one at the tip and one at the base! Rechargeable, so no messing with batteries. Thick black satin carrying bag and black storage box. All-black vibrator (I’m a sucker for black toys). Curved for the g-spot, great for clitoral vibration as well but inserting Elise is what she is made for. Super quiet. Similar to Liv only bigger. Similar to Iris only smooth.
What I don’t love: What’s not to love?

Much much thanks to LELO for letting me review Elise. Don’t forget to check out my other LELO reviews!


Review: LELO Liv

Product Specs

Name: Liv

Manufacturer: LELO (Luxury Erotic Lifestyle Objects)

Materials: Medical-grade Silicone (dark blue) and ABS plastic (white).

Charge: Rechargeable

Length: 4″ (insertable) 7″ (total including handle)
Thickness: 3/4″ (diameter)

What I love: Sleek and elegant look, curved for delicious g-spot stimulation, easy to use, comes with satin carrying bag and black storage box. Rechargeable, so no messing with batteries. Quality like no other.
What I don’t love: Controls are too easy to hit and accidentally change the vibration setting while in the moment.

Much thanks to Babeland for letting me review Liv by LELO!


Review: LELO Gigi

Find the Deep Rose or Pink LELO Gigi along with other vibrators and sex toys of every flavor on SexToy.Com.

Product Specs

Name: Gigi

Manufacturer: LELO (Luxury Erotic Lifestyle Objects)

Materials: Medical-grade Silicone deep rose) and ABS plastic (white).

Charge: Rechargeable

Length: 4″ (insertable) 7″ (total including handle)
Thickness: 3/4″ (diameter)

What I love: Sleek and elegant look, curved for delicious g-spot stimulation, flat head is perfect for clitoral stimulation. My favorite clitoral vibrator!
What I don’t love: Controls are too easy to hit and accidentally change the vibration setting while in the moment.

Much thanks to SexToy.Com for letting me review the LELO Gigi!


Review: LELO Bob

Bob Butt Plug LELO pleasure object

If you have read any of my other LELO reviews you probably already know just how much I sing their praises. They recently changed around the layout of their site to seperate their products into three main product lines: femme, homme, and luxe. Up until a couple months ago they only had products geared towards women, their femme line, but they recently introduced Bo, a stylish rechargeable cock ring which I have yet to get my hands on but desperately want; and shortly after Bo they introduced Bob, the gorgeous slim plug in the photo above. The moment I saw Bob I knew I had to have him! The wonderful people at LELO were generous enough to grant my request.

The Box the Bob LELO pleasure object came in
Bob’s elegant black storage box

Like all LELO toys, Bob comes in an elegant black storage box with a one-year limited warranty, instruction manual, and white satin carrying or storing pouch. The manual provides much useful information, such as that it is made out of body safe silicone which should not be used along with silicone lube as it can cause a chemical reaction. It also suggests to clean Bob with antibacterial soap and warm water, rinse with clean hot water, and pat dry with a lint-free cloth or towel. As he is silicone, you can also boil Bob for complete sterilization or run him on the top rack in your dishwasher without soap to sterilize.

The Bob LELO pleasure object in the box he came in
Bob in his storage box,
you can see the white satin pouch beneath

My favorite part about Bob is his ring. It is genius! If you’ve played with butt plugs before you know that they can be a pain to get out or to thrust in and out with because the bases can be hard to hold onto. Before Bob I preferred oval bases to round ones, as they were always slightly easier to hold and also felt better while wearing, but now that LELO has upped the ante (so to speak) it’ll be difficult to use any other plug! The ring is easy to get a hold of to move Bob around or to get him out after playing, just slip your finger into it. It’s pretty much the perfect handle.

The shape of Bob is wonderful as well, like a lot of the higher end plugs coming out on the market, he’s curved just right to hit the p- or g-spot. He may be designed for males, but females can definitely enjoy him as well! The bulbous head tapers into a very thin stem before it meets the (genius!) ring base, which means it is comfortable to wear while also adding amazing stimulation.

He is not very big, so for those size queens who need something large in your backdoor you might not find him suitable. However he is designed so well that the size of him isn’t what matters and even size queens may enjoy his perfect curve. The plus about his small size is that he is easy to wear for longer periods of time, and may be less intimidating for those who are a little timid when it comes to butt play. I’d recommend Bob to anyone, be you a beginner or advanced backdoor player.

The first time Onyx and I tried Bob out he wore it while I rode him, which resulted in one of the strongest orgasms I’ve ever witnessed him having, he lay in a stupor for minutes afterwords while he recovered. Now he understands why I love LELO toys so much! If nothing else I have said has sold you on this plug, that should have.

Bob ties Ella for the least-expensive LELO toy, since they’re both all silicone with no vibrating innards, so you have no excuse not to buy him. Currently the only place that I know to get Bob is from LELO directly, he’s not at any of the companies I usually frequent, but that’s sure to change.

He also has a brother, Earl, which is a gold- or silver-plated version of Bob that also comes with matching LELO cufflinks!

Thank you so much to LELO for allowing me to try out Bob! He was truly a pleasure and may be my favorite LELO toy to date (or at least a close second)!

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