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Review: Courtney Trouble’s Speakeasy


I swear, it seems like Courtney Trouble is making films just for me. Queer Porn Noir? How does she know what I have always longed to see? This is the second film by Courtney that I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing (the first being Nostalgia) and it won’t be the last.

The first line of Speakeasy kind of sums up what it is about: “Queer Speakeasy, a secret underground club famous for its hedonism, genderfucking, drama.” Based on real life Speakeasy clubs which were establishments during prohibition which served alcohol illegally. Of course this means all the characters are decked out in suspenders, fedoras, high heels, classy dresses, and look absolutely wonderful.

The only problem I had with it is that I didn’t care much for it’s leading lady, Lorelei Lee. While I do think she was a fit for the part and she did look the part she’s just not my kind of girl so I didn’t find her that attractive. She also frequently let off high pitched whimpers within her two scenes which was distracting, she kind of sounded like a dolphin.

Even though I didn’t care for her I did think her scenes were hot, especially the first one with Tomcat. Both of her scenes left me a little uneasy, however, as her character seemed to be out of control and often she didn’t seem like she was enjoying her lack of control instead she was burdened by it, especially with Tomcat. The two scenes without her were amazing and two of my favorite scenes in any porn I’ve ever watched. I fell head-over-heels with Speakeasy, as I have with everything by Courtney Trouble I’ve seen thus far (more reviews coming).

The music helps to set the mood as well, but I don’t mean the bow chicka bow wow style mood, but rather it is mostly piano-based period music which fades when the scene is colorful and helps the sex scenes connect with the rest of the movie. All non-sex scenes are in black and white and are wonderful at framing the sex as well as giving a feel for the period the piece is imitating. When the black and white scenes change to color everyone else we see in the establishment disappears aside from the couple in the scene, which gives the sex scenes the feeling of fantasy.

I especially love watching Jiz Lee and Dallas Fivestar enter the club at the beginning of the film: once inside Dallas hands Jiz the purse Dallas was carrying, takes the flower out of hir hair, takes of the feminine looking coat ze is wearing to reveal a white button-up shirt and suspenders, and slips a cap on hir head as an added touch. Ze successfully goes from a socially acceptable feminine appearance to one more masculine, which would have been appropriate for the time period.

Product Specs

Title: Speakeasy
Writer & Director: Courtney Trouble
Studio: Reel Queer Productions

Cast: Lorelei Lee, Jiz Lee, Dallas Fivestar, Billy Castro, Tomcat, Moustache Malone, and Cyd.

Length: 76 minutes (not including extras)
Year: 2009

Extras: Speakeasy Short (a version of the movie with brief clips of the sex scenes instead of a full version), Behind the Scenes, Photo Gallery, Nostalgia Trailer, Roulette Trailer.


A mysterious detective with a heart of gold and a fist of honey discovers an underground queer speakeasy, filled to the brim with hedonism and topped with a cherry bomb. Lorelei is a drop dead gorgeous femme fatale ignored by her misfit man, who would rather guzzle ale and arm wrestle than please his lady. She takes matters into her own hands with the elusive detective, who’s more than willing to fight for a chance to dance. Meanwhile, the bar heats up as Jiz Lee and Dallas Fivestar seductively play with suspension and sex – and the Speakeasy’s bartenders split the tips the hard way. Shot in the style of classic film noir and reminiscent of the 1940’s, Speakeasy draws you inside it’s secret world of rough sex, queer fetish, and fearlessness.
-via Courtney Trouble



The first scene has no real lead in, it just drops us in the action of Lorelei Lee and Tomcat going at it in a hallway. There is an obvious power dynamic from the start between the two of them, and at points Tomcat is pretty rough with Lorelei including choking, much slapping, and dirty talk.

Most of the scene is extremely enjoyable, but when Lorelei gets really excited she seems to make that squeal/whimper sound that is pretty common, and while I’m sure in the moment it is hot it doesn’t do anything for me, so I end up watching a lot of the scene with the sound down. The other thing that I noticed is there seems to be two different camera angles in the scene, and the lighting is different depending on the angle, which is slightly distracting to the scene as a whole.

I do really like it, though, even if I have to turn the sound down.


This may possibly be my favorite scene in any porn I have ever seen thus far. Jiz Lee is rope suspended by Dallas Fivestar first partially and then fully. Jiz and Dallas work off of each other wonderfully and it’s obvious that they are both enjoying the scene and genuinely having fun. At one point after Jiz is tied up but before they are suspended Dallas puts hir cap on them, which is adorable.

There is a lot of wonderful rope work in the scene, and it gives a great example of how rope can take a while but there are plenty of things to while tying someone up to keep things interesting. This scene also has a bit of strange lighting disparities, but the beauty of the suspension is so great that it didn’t bother me while watching it, though I did notice it.


Another favorite scene of mine is a bit of the opposite of the last one, the bartenders Mustache Malone and Cyd can’t keep their hands off of each other and have some excellent gay FTM strap-on fucking behind the bar. It is a wonderfully queer scene, with two realistic colored Vixen Creations cocks (a Leo and another VixSkin one I’m not sure of). Mustache’s harness seems to slip down while he’s fucking Cyd bent over the bar, but that is the only thing that distracts from the extremely hot scene.


The final scene comes after a fight between Billy Castro and Tomcat which results in both of them on the floor. Essentially they are fighting over Lorelei Lee, and she shows her appreciation to Billy in this final scene. He is equipped with what looks like a Vixen Creations Brando, a monster cock if ever there was, which makes an obscene bulge in his pants which made me exclaim “let it out already!” before Lorelei has the good sense to let the beast free.

Unfortunately this is another scene where I had to turn the volume down, and this one pretty much the entire time. I enjoy her sounds most of the time, but Billy’s guttural grunts added to her dolphin squeaks just did not do it for me. The scene in general seemed very odd to me as well, maybe because she is pushed around so much during the duration of the film and even though she is choosing to be with Billy and their interaction is much more tender than hers with Tomcat it still seems more of a helpless action than a chosen one. I’m not entirely sure why, I’m still thinking about that one.

There was also a part of the scene where a DO NOT URINATE in building sign was on the ceiling directly above Lorelei, and I couldn’t help but be amused when it caught my eye. Why? I’m not sure.

Despite not being fond of the lead actress still I absolutely adore Speakeasy, and I do think that other people would enjoy the sounds in the first and last scene even though I didn’t. The suspension scene is amazing, though, too, and if nothing else, this scene is worth getting the movie (though there are plenty of other reasons).

Much thanks to Good Releasing for sending me Speakeasy! (It can also be found for purchase GoodVibes)


Review: Courtney Trouble’s Nostalgia


How could I resist looking into Nostalgia when I discovered it was not only written and directed by the awesome Courtney Trouble, genious behind No Fauxxx, but also starring some of my favorite people including my personal idols April Flores and “Carol Queen herself,” as well as a few people I’d seen in previous movies such as Jiz Lee, Syd Blakovich, and Madison Young. I was intrigued the first time I watched the trailer (below) and knew I had to see it.

Upon watching it I realized that it was far more bizarre than I ever thought it would be, far more queer if you will, and simply amazing. I’ve actually watched it multiple times for pleasure not just for review purposes. It’s hard to describe what it is about the movie which I love so much, though it’s not exactly what I thought I would love from the trailer of it (below).

The premise is: “Trouble and Pepper are at home fooling around and watching porn, only to find that all of their favorite classic titles have been queered.” Not quite yet being a porn connoisseur I couldn’t pinpoint the classic titles that were queered in this movie when I first watched it. I was, however, able to appreciate them as queered versions of rather well-known scenarios: a exhibitionistic/voyeuristic almost-group-sex scene, a doctor/nurse/patient three-way, a daydream of a sexy power laden threesome, and a last request to be able to sample one of life’s decadent pleasures before being whisked away to the afterlife.

After some investigation I discovered the first scene is a queering of Behind the Green Door, the second a queering of Deep Throat, the third of Babylon Pink, and the last of The Devil in Miss Jones. All are films which are part of the “Golden Age of Porn,” made in the 70s. Nostalgia itself is dedicated to Marilyn Chambers, who starred in Behind the Green Door and died shortly before Nostalgia was shot.

Some of the scenarios are campy and others are downright bizarre, but they are all sexy and fun. I really enjoyed the soundtrack of Nostalgia as well, dubbed “glitter thrash” on the Nostalgia site. Each of the four scenes are lit dramatically differently, which gives them each their own unique feeling, but does little to tie the scenes together. As a whole the film has a very artsy feel to it in addition to the wonderfully hot scenes.

Nostalgia is a movie I would gladly watch at a porn night with friends or pop in when wanting something sexy to get off to. However, I want to emphasize that this movie is not for everyone, though that’s true with every porn movie I think it is especially true with one as quirky and queer as this one. However, if you like your queer porn campy and bizarre I would check it out.



We start with Trouble and Pepper laying in bed with the familiar glow of the laptop illuminating them (not unlike my own is currently doing to me). We watch them pop in a DVD and get comfortable as the credits roll. This sets the stage for the rest of the movie, and we now know that we are watching what they are watching.


The first scene is the most bizarre. I was also less impressed of it than I was with the others despite it having Carol Queen in the background… but I am getting ahead of myself.

For those of us who are me and who haven’t seen the movie it’s queering the premise is still fairly simple, albeit strange. A woman is kidnapped and then taken advantage of in front of a crowd of masked spectators who are also playing with themselves and each other. It has a very voyeuristic feel to it, obviously, as a crowd is gathered around them to watch.

At one point Jiz Lee comes up all in white and fucks the kidnappee. I thought Jiz’s lack of expression while fucking was jarring, though it’s obviously purposeful, but that took me out of the scene while watching it. As I mentioned, you can see Carol Queen at many times just to the left of the action (such as in the picture above), and although she is wearing clothing you can see her using a pink LELO Iris on herself.

The scene ends with Jiz and the other woman ejaculating on the kidnappee, which is quite impressive.


The second scene was probably either my favorite or tied for favorite, a doctor/nurse/patient scenario with Jiz Lee, Syd Blakovich, and Madison Young. I had seen all three actors in Champion prior to their appearance in this movie so I was already familiar with their chemistry. It was somewhat campy which was extremely fun. The movie it is parodying has the same premise: a woman (Madison) enjoys sex but has never had an orgasm, so she goes to the doctor to determine the issue.

The doctor (Syd) attacks the problem with some black-gloved examination with the help of his nurse (Jiz Lee) before bringing out a vibrator and dildo to examine Madison’s lack of orgasm. When they do not work they bring out “the big guns,” meaning the Hitachi, and although it’s pretty obvious that the Hitachi isn’t put against Madison’s clit when “testing” (as if it was she probably wouldn’t be able to look so bored as in the image above) it’s easy to suspend one’s disbelief for the sake of the story. They attempt some bondage as well before the doctor whips out his cock and they discover the issue. It turns out her clitoris is in her throat.


Of course there is much cock sucking in the scene, considering she gets pleasure from it and even “squirts glitter” when she comes all over the doctor’s cock, complete with fireworks bursting on the screen when she finally has an orgasm. It’s at once hilarious and hot and, as I mentioned, extremely campy. At one point they even fuck Madison with the handle of a golf club (with a condom on it) in true doctor stereotype fashion. It’s wonderful.


The next scene is a little sudden. Starting with a dinner party of three women, two talking about meat and the other one a vegan. The vegan drifts off into a fantasy of a fabulous threesome complete with a njoy Pure Wand and njoy Eleven in the mix. Oh baby. The scene was good until the gorgeous steel dildos were added into the mix, and then it was delightful.

The scene is kind of white washed, which was interesting but kind of distracting for me, it made all three women extremely pale (not that they weren’t already), and is a striking difference to the lighting of the first two and the last scene. The scene ends after the vegan gives the omnivores some vegan cake only then to be snapped out of her fantasy, at which time she asks “what’s for dessert?”


The final scene mixes the fantasy porn world with the “reality” of Pepper and Trouble watching it. This would be my other favorite scene of the bunch.

First we see April Flores committing suicide (you can actually watch the glitter suicide scene here, provided by Courtney Trouble), and then she meets Kimberly Kane in purgatory who informs her that she is not worthy of heaven due to the way she died and not worthy of hell because she lived a pure life. Dedicated to get into one or the other April decides to embark on a journey of lust, a journey of queer lust to be exact. They appear in Pepper and Trouble’s bedroom finding the two already in the middle of lusting and join right in.

The pleasure of watching two sexy fatties getting it on with their (skinnier) partners is absolutely wonderful in and of itself. The lucky devils in this scene also use the Eleven and Pure Wand on each other, which jacked up the lust factor for me as well. There’s something gorgeous about watching shiny steel dildos being used on someone. The entire scene was sexy as the four switched between various positions and everyone pretty much lusted with everyone else. I really love the lighting of the scene as well, which is all in red as you can see in the picture above and the box cover (at the top).

Also, after the credits roll there’s a little bonus scene which shouldn’t be missed! It ties in with the Madison/Syd/Jiz scene and is hilarious and sexy. Similarly, the behind the scenes feature on the disc is really fun to watch as well.

Product Specs

Title: Nostalgia
Writer & Director: Courtney Trouble
Studio: Reel Queer Productions

Cast: April Flores, Kimberly Kane, Jizz Lee, Syd Blakovich, Madison Young, Trouble, Pepper Sox, Kimberlee Cline, Selina Raven, Tina Horn, Sealu Sideshow, Destiny Prince.

Cast (non-sex): Carol Queen, Bobby Morgan, Carson, Sadie Lune, Neko Neko, Nina Blue, Marco Davis, Zhaira, Dominique Diaz, Mistress Angelica.

Length: 71 minutes
Year: 2009

Extras: Behind the scenes, photo gallery, Roulette trailer.


Much thanks to Good Releasing for sending me Nostalgia! (It can also be found at GoodVibes)