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Review: Twisted Love Ties


When I first received the Twisted Love Ties from Sportsheets I was a little wary of them. The first thought I had about them was that they remind me of large bread ties, Marla had the same reaction. I could already see the convenient use of them as a fast light bondage item which would be rather versatile, so I was also excited to try them.

The Twisted Love Ties easily slip around wrists or ankles, and can be wound around multiple times or crossed over themselves, attached to themselves or to other objects, all sorts of combinations. They basically feel like foam wrapped around a bendable spine with a fabric cover.

They seemed overly stiff at first and while they were somewhat easy to mold they just didn’t seem like they would be that comfortable. I experimented with them right away and wasn’t too impressed so didn’t end up actually using them during play until quite some time later.

Every time I used the ties by themselves they were rather uncomfortable. Although they bend rather easily by hand they are not easily bent when already around a wrist or ankle, which made it difficult to have them on for long periods of time as moving the limbs around at all wasn’t easy. Although the idea of bondage is to restrain movement the bottom generally tends to squirm and wiggle within the bonds, the ties were too difficult to put perfectly around to restrict movement within the ties and were too uncomfortable to use on their own.

Where the Twisted Love Ties really shine, however, is when coupled with a hard object, specifically I used them with a spreader bar. I think they work so well combined with a hard object because the hardness of the spreader bar makes the slight stiffness of the ties feel soft in comparison. They slipped easily through the loops on the end of both spreader bars I tried them with, and were great for using the spreader bar on knees specifically as well as ankles.

While I wasn’t impressed with the ties by themselves I know I will be using them over and over again with my spreader bars. All three of us are impressed at how well they work.

Much thanks to Sportsheets for letting me review their Twisted Love Ties!

Product Specs

Name: Twisted Love Ties

Manufacturer: Sportsheets

Type: Light & quick bondage item.

Material: Foam-covered bendable metal.

Length: 22 inches each


Review: Bare As You Dare Harness

Bare As You Dare Harness

The Bare As You Dare Harness is the first one-strap harness I have used, I have two other two-strap harnesses (the Hardcore Harness and Terra Firma Harness) and while I love them each in their own way I think this harness has officially converted me to one-strap harnesses.

The major downfall of the one-strap harness, however, is that there is only one strap, and that strap goes right between the cunt lips, and that area has a tendency to… well, get wet. Very wet. Especially when fucking someone with a nice silicone cock. At least that’s my experience. I can’t imagine having a leather one-strap harness for this reason, but luckily the Bare As You Dare harness is made of nylon, which is easily washed.

The major plus of the one-strap harness is also that there is only one strap. As I mentioned, the strap goes right between the cunt lips which also means the strap can be positioned to go right over the clit. This positioning means that, while wearing the harness, every time I thrust or wiggle my hips the strap can rub against my clit. I am a very big fan of this.

The Bare As You Dare Harness is, quite literally: three straps, two o-rings, two adjustable length connectors, and some metal snaps. That’s it. No fancy backing in the front, no fancy lace-up back, not really anything fancy just comfortable and easy-to use. This also makes it small and extremely easy to wear under clothing because there’s so little of it, so it’s a fantastic packing harness as well.


This also allows it to be very inexpensive so you can spend your money on quality dildos rather than the harness.

I’ve found that while storing the straps have a tendency to come detached from each other where they are adjustable, but that’s only when they don’t have pressure on them, so when they are on they don’t do that. It’s slightly annoying when you want to get into the harness in a hurry, but it has no effect on the wearing of the harness itself.

Being a larger lady, I have the Bare As You Dare Harness at just about it’s maximum length, but it definitely still fits and there’s a bit of wiggle room so it’s easy to get it on and off. I’m about a size 3x or 24/26.

The harness comes with a metal o-ring in the front and back, but the o-ring in the front is connected via snaps, meaning you can replace it with different sized rings if you have them so the Bare As You Dare harness can be used with dildos from Bandito to Brando and anywhere in between or beyond.

Any time I want to pack with a harness or wear a harness under my clothes this is the harness I am going to reach for. Really any time I want to fuck I’m going to reach for this harness, though I definitely will be trying some others out and especially more one-strap harnesses, I have a feeling this one will be at the top of my list for quite some time.

Thank you so much to Tabu Toys sex toys for letting me review the Bare As You Dare Harness!

Product Specs

Name: Bare As You Dare Harness

Type: Strap-on Harness

Manufacturer: Sportsheets

Material: Nylon and steel (o-rings)

Fit: Up to 54 inch hips (approximately).

Style: One-strap or G-string


Review: Sportsheets Heart Impressions Crop


I’m kind of a sucker for hearts and things with hearts on them. I was really attracted to the Heart Impressions Crop for that reason. We have a paddle with a cut-out heart that occasionally leaves imprints if hit with hard enough (ouch!) which can be really fun for pictures and the like, or for a good excuse to hit really hard, so I thought a crop that does similar would also be fun to have around.

Unfortunately, I have been unable to get the crop to actually leave an impression. I think this has to do with the fact that the leather isn’t very thick (which is normal for crops) and so there isn’t much of a distinction between the leather of the crop and the cutout. I was a little disappointed that it didn’t actually leave a heart-shaped mark, and think that the Impressions Mood Slappers from Sportsheets may do a better job at this.

However, even though the crop didn’t actually leave a mark it did still work very well as a cute short crop that is not super stingy but can sting if needed. The sting is highly variable depending on the force with which it is hit, of course, but with average force it’s not that stingy. I think of it kind of as a warm-up crop, or maybe a crop for those who don’t like a lot of sting but enjoy the impact. It makes a wicked sound, too, which I really enjoyed. It sounds a lot worse than it actually is, probably because of the red layer in between the leather loop.

While it didn’t do it’s intended purpose–impress a heart–it still works really well as a crop in general, and is still super cute. I think it would especially be the perfect crop for a beginner or someone of any level who enjoys less of a sting or likes a warm-up crop. As long as you keep in mind that the impression doesn’t work too well and just buy it for it’s other qualities I would highly recommend it.

Much thanks to Sportsheets for letting me review their Heart Impressions Crop!

Product Specs

Name: Heart Impressions Crop

Manufacturer: Sportsheets

Material: Leather and (possibly) nylon for the red color between the crop loop

Length: 16.5 inches (without leather loop handle) 24.5 inches (including leather handle)
Width: 2 inches (striking tip) 1.5 inch (heart)

Sensation: Stingy – 1 (out of 3)


Review: Black Large Rubber Whip

black rubber whip

Between Onyx and myself we have a good amount of impact play toys, though there are so many out there I always am interested in new and different kinds of floggers, canes, paddles, and etc. to include in our play.

When I saw the Black Large Rubber Whip was available for review I was intrigued. Onyx and I had actually just been to Babeland not too long before I got it and had looked at their bdsm gear section. While it’s not extensive it does have a good amount of quality products, and this Rubber Whip is no exception.

It’s a very basic design, two knobs and a piece of plastic piping with dozens of strands of rubber looped through them, anchored on the other side by the wrist strap. They actually have two other whips almost identical to this one, the difference is color and length, the Pink Medium Rubber Whip and Red Mini Whip (the latter would be wonderful for whipping close sensitive areas like breasts or genitals).

black and pink rubber whips

I’m not really sure why it’s called a whip rather than a flogger. In contemporary usage, as far as I know, the term whip is generally reserved for single-tail whips–like what Indiana Jones uses–while the term flogger is actually used as a somewhat catch-all term for something with multiple tails (usually leather but also rope, rubber, or etc.) and a handle. That’s what I’ve found others to say as well. Though another distinction could be along the lines of the thuddy to stingy continuum, such as the thuddy toys are floggers while the stingy toys are whips, but this isn’t as widely used since floggers and whips can produce a wide range of sensation depending on how and where they are used.

That query out of the way let’s get to what you’re actually interested in: how it feels to use and to take it! ‘Cause the information about the toy itself is only useful if you know it’s going to do what you want it to.

Well, what I really like about the Black Large Rubber Whip is that it has a good amount of versatility to it, though most floggers do. It can be light and teasing, trailed softly across sensitive exposed skin. It can be soft and thuddy, launched lightly at a bare bottom to evoke pleasure more than pain. And it can be harsh and stingy, snapped quickly to make the tips lick at tender flesh.

This range of sensation isn’t rare in the stingier end of floggers especially, that’s part of why I love floggers so, because one toy can be so versatile. As a poly queer switch I’m all for versatility.

Because it has such a range, also, it can be useful to beginner and advanced kinksters alike, making it a nice addition regardless of skill level. Due to the material of the strands, rubber as opposed to a harder or thicker material, it is rare for it to leave marks of any kind. Now, this could be a negative for those of us who like marks (myself included) but there are times when you don’t want to have marks on your thighs, ass, and lower back or wherever else you are wanting to use it. This toy is especially nice for great sensation and impact play without the worry of getting marked up in the process.

It’s lightweight and the handle is easy to hold on to while using it. While the handle is smooth plastic there are knobs on either side so there was no slipping in my hand while I used it. It’s also affordable, and while it is simple it’s good quality. Overall I’d say if you’re interested in a versatile and affordable flogger to add to your collection, this is a good one to consider.

Much thanks to Babeland for letting me review the Black Large Rubber Whip!

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Review: Leather Leash

Onyx and I have only used this a few times, though I have enjoyed it when we have. We have yet to use it on him, however, which would be an interesting experience. We do very little leash play or puppy play regularly, but I’ve always enjoyed the idea of it, and so I was intrigued when I saw it in the VibeReview website and wanted to try it out. How does one review a leather leash? Something I’ve been pondering for a while, and now you see the result:

Leashes are a bit of a staple of a BDSM toybox, they’re fun, easy and versatile and are able to create a clear definition of who is Dominant and who is submissive without too much effort. In short, they’re pretty great. They are great for keeping someone close, and can easily be incorporated into any sort of puppy play, or simply collar and lead play, both of which are pretty common.

I think the best quality of The Leather Leash from VibeReview is the thick quality leather that it is made of. Sometimes leather products, even sometimes expensive ones, don’t feel very good quality, but this one does. You can be sure that it won’t break easily from any tugging or pulling done to it.

It has a clip on one end that is easily attached to just about anything with a wide enough hole for it: collars, cuffs, nipple rings, nipple clamp chains, etc. It can be wrapped around and attached to itself, as well, making for a impromptu restraints. Your imagination can go wild at the versatility of this simple item.

The leash itself is only about four feet long, which is shorter than a lot of other leashes you can purchase I’m told, which could be a plus or a minus depending on what you’re wanting to use it for. Personally, I think that shorter is better, it means that the bottom has less room to maneuver, and also it’s a bit more intimate (though all leash play is definitely intimate). It’s a good signifier of the start of a scene as well.

Overall I’ve really enjoyed playing with The Leather Leash and look forward to much more playtime with it ahead. It’s good quality that will last for quite some time, especially if the leather is taken care of as well. If you’re looking for a good solid leash, I’d highly recommend it.

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Review: Sportsheets Under the Bed Restraints

I’ve read a few other reviews of the Under the Bed Restraints which have basically all said the same thing: these are not hardcore leather restraints, so these aren’t for the lover of heavy leather and chains, but they are wonderful for some quick and easy bondage which won’t leave marks for others to see. I couldn’t agree more.

When I first got this restraint system I immediately went upstairs to our bedroom and fitted it under the mattress. It was easy to do (as long as you can lift the mattress). Basically the Under the Bed Restraint system came with four cuffs (for wrists and ankles, of course), and five straps. One middle strap to run up and down under your mattress, and four straps to attach to the middle strap for the cuffs to attach to. I easily clipped all of the straps together and set it under the mattress.

The directions say that you can fashion the straps in two ways under the mattress: so the cuffs come out the sides, or the top and bottom of the bed, or some combination thereof. I set the cuffs up so they were all coming out the sides, at first, but I’ve also moved them around (by lifting the mattress so they’re not snagged underneath) so that the ankle straps are coming out the sides and the wrist ones are coming up the top of the bed, which is a configuration I also enjoy.

I had to wait for Dominus to come home from work before we were able to test these out. I’m quite a squirmy sub and like to struggle and fight when restrained, testing my bonds and seeing if I can escape, and let me say: there was no escape from these. While they are light, as I mentioned above, they are definitely sturdy and do not come apart easily. And I definitely tried to get out of them. The cuffs are a good size, more than big enough for my wrists and ankles, which are both pretty large (big boned fat girl that I am).

One of the nice things about the Under the Bed Restraints is that the cuffs can easily be interchanged with another set. You don’t have to use the cuffs that come in the box, although they are rather nice, but if you have that love of leather or the desire for something heavier you can easily clip a different set of cuffs to the accessible rings. It is as versatile as your toybox, and is such a quick and easy way to immobilize anyone.

The straps are easily adjusted as well, with a simple tug you can tighten the straps so the bottom is tight against the bed, or loosen them if you want hir to move and kneel in the middle of the bed. They are also easy to tuck away under the mattress if you have other people (or kids) in the house that you don’t want asking questions about the cuffs dangling from beneath the mattress.

Like I said, if you’re looking for something heavy, this isn’t exactly what you’re wanting, though you can always buy some nice expensive cuffs to use with the system. The brilliance and appeal of the Under the Bed Restraint System is that it is super easy to set up, very versatile as far as the ability to interchange cuffs as well as the placement of the straps, and is a quick and easy way to make someone helpless at a moment’s whim: there is no complicated rigging to set up, just set it up once, then velcro someone into place whenever desired. I highly recommend them to anyone who enjoys bondage, whether they are a beginner or advanced bondage connoisseur.