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Review: Fun Factory Smartballs Teneo Uno and Duo

Kegel Exercisers are wonderful things, they basically help you exercise the muscles of the pelvic floor without a lot of conscious effort on your part, you just need to remember to wear them.

Kegel exercises can be done in numerous ways with various different implements, not just balls, but the best well-known vaginal balls are Ben Wa Balls, basically a ball with another ball-shaped weight inside of it that wiggle around during wear and stimulate your pelvic floor muscles. They are best to be done every day for fastest results, just like any other kind of exercises.

The awesome thing about balls like these is that you don’t really have to do anything in order to be exercising your pelvic floor muscles except move. They are a wonderful way to spruce up even the most boring menial tasks! The weight in the center vibrates slightly as you move around giving you immediate stimulation and arousal while working your kegels.

In the short-term it will increase your arousal level and can be especially wonderful to use in a D/s setting. In the long-term the benefits of strengthening your pelvic floor are both practical as well as sexual. It improves urinary and bowel control and can also increase control over ejaculation for both males and females. Specifically for females they increase tightness of the vagina, can improve vaginal control, and can increase sexual arousal/desire. For males they can diminish premature ejaculation, encourage multiple orgasms (especially multiples without ejaculation), and result in a stronger erection.

Smartballs are not made for males, however, as they should never ever be used anally. For anal kegel exercisors check out the Aneros Peridise.

Original Smartballs vs. Smartballs Teneo Uno and Duo

Fun Factory took the basic design of Ben Wa Balls and came up with their Original Smartballs (image), two slightly oblong balls attached together with an easy removal cord which could be worn all day if you so choose.

The Smartballs Teneo line is basically Smartballs 2.0. Unlike the Original Fun Factory Smartballs the Teneo line of Smartballs are made of silicone, not Fun Factory‘s own creation of Elastomed. Also, instead of an oval-y shaped ball with indented slits around the sides in a different color like the original Smartballs the Teneo Uno and Duo have a bit more texture to their design, as you can see. They still have the inlayed slits, but have a ribbon of silicone moving around them for even more feeling when they’re up inside you.

Probably my favorite difference between Smartballs 1.0 and Teneo is the finger groove on the bottom of each ball which makes insertion much easier. Teneo was also improved by giving the wearer a choice between one ball or two, making it easier for beginners or those of us with shorter vaginal canals to work on our muscles using a more comfortable singular ball.

Finally, the retrieval cord on the Teneo line is also made of silicone and is the same color as the rest of the ball, unlike on the Smartballs 1.0 which was of an unknown material (not silicone), slightly tacky, and white regardless of the ball colors.

Smartballs vs. Other Vaginal Balls

Other than Fun Factory’s versions I have also tried the LELO Luna Beads and Ophoria K-Balls (review coming soon), both of which have balls which are closer to perfectly round than the ones found on any of the versions of Smartballs, but neither have a completely silicone cord or the extremely handy finger groove.

While the LELO Luna Beads do have the option between using one ball or two and also varying ball weights the balls are made of ABS plastic rather than silicone and the retrieval cord is made of a fiber which can get stiff after encountering fluid, which is highly annoying.

The Ophoria K-balls are made of silicone, but are much more similar to the Smartballs 1.0 than the Teneo line.

There are many other types of vaginal balls and other kegel exercisers out there as well, but these are the only ones I have experienced personally.

So… Are they worth it?

I think the Teneo Uno specifically is my favorite of all the vaginal balls I have encountered. The Duo is wonderful as well, but I haven’t made up my mind between it and the K-balls. Maybe by the time I review the K-balls I’ll have a better idea. They are definitely close to the top if not the very top, so I definitely recommend them.

A big thank you to Good Vibrations for providing me with Smartballs Teneo Kegel Sex Toy!

Product Specs

Name: Smartballs Teneo Uno or Duo

Type: Vaginal Balls/Kegel Exercisers

Material: Silicone

Length: 5″ (Uno) 7 1/4″ (Duo)
Insertable: 1 3/4″ (Uno) 3 1/4″ (Duo)
Width: 1 1/2″
Girth: 4 3/4″


Review: Smartballs [Fun Factory Week]

Fun Factory Week continues with these well-known kegel exercisers!

Did you see the start of Fun Factory Week with the Boss (Lady) and Cuffies Freestyle reviews?


I’ve been interested in Smartballs for quite some time. Smartballs, as you can see above, are basically two round balls connected to each other with a cord attached that is vaguely reminiscent of a tampon string. I’m not sure what the string is made of, as in the information pamphlet it simply says that the string is made to be impermeable so that bacteria can’t get in it, but the material itself is slightly tacky to the touch which is not very pleasant. The tackyness does, however, make it easy to get a grip on the string to pull it out.

The balls themselves have weighted balls inside of them which jiggle around with the slightest of movements. In addition to simply having something inserted that needs to be held inside while using them, the weights add a little more oomph to the toy both in terms of sensation and effectiveness. The weighted balls cause the Smartballs to vibrate slightly inside which causes the pelvic floor muscles to contract around them thus working out the kegel muscles.

Smartballs are made of elastomed which is supposedly a non-porous mixture of Elastomer and Silicone both of which are phthalate-free but the former of which is porous. This is a material used only by Fun Factory (as far as I can tell) and patented by Fun Factory which is supposedly body-safe but I’d still be a little wary at sharing the item even though it’s supposed to be non-porous.

Kegel exercisers are best used on a daily or semi-daily basis for faster results. Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles can improve urinary or bowel control and can also increase control over ejaculation. Specifically for females they increase tightness of the vagina, prevent pelvic prolapse, and can increase sexual arousal/desire. For males they can diminish premature ejaculation, encourage multiple orgasms (especially multiples without ejaculation), and result in a stronger erection.

Smartballs are also just generally arousing, though few people if any would be able to get off from them alone wearing them during masturbation with a vibrator, finger, or tongue on the clit is absolutely divine, and clenching around them during orgasm feels wonderful. They are also great to wear in conjunction with anal Kegel exercisers for added pleasure and a greater workout.

I found the Smartballs to be rather long, almost too long for my vagina when not already aroused, but trying to keep them inside without having them slip out is part of the fun (and definitely the point). They were highly comfortable to wear, even for long periods of time, but due to being just a little too long or my kegel muscles not being up to snuff they had a tendency to fall out, so if you are planning on wearing them outside of the house be sure you have bathrooms where you can adjust them as necessary.

You can find the Fun Factory Smartballs, along with other Pelvic Exercisers and sex toys of every flavor on SexToy.Com.

Much thanks to SexToy.Com for letting me review the Smartballs!

Product Specs

Name: Smartballs
(also on here for slightly less)

Type: Vaginal Balls/Kegel Exercisers

Material: Elastomed – more on this material above.

Length: 4 1/2″
Width: 1 3/8″
Girth: 4 1/2″


Review: Aneros Peridise

The Aneros Peridise and I have had a strange relationship. I was enamored with them the first time I laid eyes on them on Babeland’s website. Generally I love unusual toys, and Peridise is definitely unusual.

Aside from the uniqueness of the toy, my relationship to it actually has to do with the issues I’ve had regarding reviewing it. I received my Peridise at the same time I got the Bliss #12 and Entice lube, which was near the end of November. I reviewed those two in late December/early January, but Peridise was a little more elusive.

As you may or may not know in mid-January I moved to Seattle. Somehow, between packing up and actually getting here my Peridise went missing. How did this happen, you ask? I have no idea! I bought a couple cases from For Your Nymphomation to make the sex toy transportation easier, but somehow Peridise did not make it in to one. I keep expecting to find it laying around the house somewhere obvious that I’ve somehow overlooked, but it hasn’t happened by now so it probably isn’t going to happen.

After many searches through everything Onyx and I own I came to the conclusion that I was not going to find it. However, since I still needed to review it and I didn’t feel I had tried it out enough times to do a decent review (plus I wanted to play with it more) I went along to the Babeland store here and bought a replacement set. Since it was a toy I knew I would want to use multiple times I didn’t fret too much about that.

Now, back to the Peridise itself. I’ve explained my strange road to reviewing it, but what exactly is it, and why does it seem like they spelled paradise incorrectly?

Aneros is famous for their fantastic anal products, specifically prostate simulators, which are usually sleek and stylish made out of hard plastic and shaped to be a hands-free p-spot stimulator.

Peridise is actually a unisex anal PC (pubococcygeus) muscle exerciser. There are plenty of vaginal kegel exercisers out there which also focus on the PC muscles, but this is the first unisex exerciser and the first anal one that I know of.

PC muscle exercises are always talked about in relation to females, as they are most popular as vaginal kegel exercises as I already mentioned, but they can also be useful for men. In case you don’t know, the benefits of kegel exercises increase urinary or bowel control and can also increase control over ejaculation. Specifically for females they also increase tightness of the vagina, prevent pelvic prolapse, and can increase sexual arousal/desire. For males they can diminish premature ejaculation, encourage multiple orgasms (especially multiples without ejaculation), and result in a stronger erection. All good things, right?

The design of the Peridise is meant to stimulate the peristaltic reflex of the sphincter which is the reaction of the anus to contract when something is inserted in it. The idea behind that is that once the head of the Peridise is inserted the rest of it should be sucked up into the body automatically, and crazy enough that happens!

Peristaltic is also what Peridise gets it’s name from. Peristaltic + Paradise = Peridise. Kinda neat, right?

Peridise comes in two sets: beginner and advanced. Assumption would dictate that the advanced set would be larger than the beginner, but it’s actually the opposite. The theory being that the better control you has over the PC muscle the smaller the objects are that you would be able to successfully grasp. Makes, sense, right?

Both sets come with two plugs. The beginner set has two four inch plugs which are 22mm and 18mm thick (or 3/5″ and 4/5″). The advanced set has two 3 3/4″ plugs which are only slightly thinner at 20mm and 16mm (or 7/10″ and 9/10″). One thing I love about getting two in a set is that if you have a partner to share Peridise with (and you’re not having anal sex at the moment) both of you can be wearing a plug during sex, which would increase pleasure for both!

Taking Panthera Pardus’ advice I decided to insert both the LELO Luna Beads (kegel exercisers) and Peridise at the same time and delicious doesn’t begin to cover it!

Both exercisers are somewhat small, but them combined with the squeezing of muscles around them was absolutely heavenly! This could easily be done with Smart Balls or new Teneo Smart Balls as well, or any other vaginal balls assuming you have the required orifices.

But I digress. What you probably really want to know, aside from all this technical mumbo jumbo is if Peridise does all the things it claims to do, right? Well, I believe it does. I know it encourages stronger orgasm, as I’ve seen the difference in Onyx and I’ve felt the difference in myself. The PC muscle strengthening is slightly more difficult to assess, but I feel like it has assisted me there as well.

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Review: LELO Luna Pleasure Bead System

By now I’m sure you won’t be surprised when I mention just how much I love LELO, because everything I’ve reviewed of theirs thus far I have raved about, and the Luna Beads are just as well crafted and gorgeous as any of the other toys I have reviewed, yet completely different. Lelo makes amazingly high quality toys for men and women (they recently added a cock ring and butt plug to not leave men out from the Lelo fun!), and while each one is different, the Luna Beads are perhaps the most unlike their other toys.

The reason why they’re so different is because they are not meant for use during sex and aren’t meant to get you off, unlike the rest of the Lelo line. The Luna Beads are Kegel exercisers, meant to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor and, essentially, make one’s vaginal opening tighter (vaginal opening is such a sexy word, I know, but that’s what it is!). Similar products are Ben Wa Balls, Smart Balls, and all sorts of Kegel wands.

The Luna Beads are an especially exceptional set of Kegel exerciser balls because they don’t just come with one weight of balls, but two. The pink balls weigh 28 grams and the blue balls weigh 37 grams, so you can have anywhere from 28 to 74 grams of weight at any given time, which means these will last you a longer time than most Kegel exerciser balls because you can vary the weight to your progress. In addition to the beads you also get a silicone “girdle” (another sexy word, right?) which you can put the beads into so they are attached to each other and easy to get out and keep in.

According to the manual (because all LELO toys come with a manual) in addition to increasing the tightness of the vagina doing daily Kegels also helps to restrain and prevent stress incontinence; provides a sense of “being in command” of the nether regions, boosting sexual confidence and sensual well being; and enhances erotic sensation and directly taps the source of ultra-intense orgasms. Now who wouldn’t want that? Even if you think you’re plenty tight there are other reasons to do some Kegels.

The manual also says that the best way to use the Luna Beads is daily and while you walk, run, swim, or move about especially. The motion of movment creates the inner balls to move which creates a subtle vibe that stimulates the muscles. Since it’s best to use them daily while moving I incorporated them into my regular gym-going routine, so I would put them in prior to going to the gym and take them out afterwards, getting a good amount of kegel workout while working out the rest of my body.

I found that in just a short amount of time I was able to notice the difference, able to keep both beads in longer instead of having one slip out almost automatically. Onyx mentioned he could tell a difference as well, that I felt tighter around him. I also find that if I’m having a particularly unsexy-feeling day or my libido is down and I wear my Luna Beads for a while my sexual desire returns quickly, which is also a plus.

Like all LELO toys, the Luna Beads also come with a one-year warranty, satin storage case, and black storage box. They are made of body-safe and non-porous PC-ABS with a silicone “girdle” (no silicone lube!). My greatest rating of a toy has to do with how often I use it, and I use the Luna Beads just about every day, and since I’m still on the pink beads I’m sure I have quite a while until I graduate to using two blue beads, and so I will be using them for quite a while longer.

If you are interested in kegel exercisors, or simply libido enhancers I’d highly recommend getting your own set of Luna Beads to use every day or just once in a while.

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