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Review: Hypnotic Dreams “Demon Seed”

Hypnosis has somewhat of a bad reputation as well as it’s own following in the realms of kink. I’m actually in the process of becoming a certified hypnotherapist, so this was especially interesting to me when I was contacted by Daniel, the owner of Hypnotic Dreams, seeing if I would like to review one of his stories. I’m not as interested in the mind-control aspect of hypnosis the way some people fetishize it, but being the idea of able to plant kinky post-hypnotic suggestions and triggers are both highly appealing.

I chose “Demon Seed” a non-consent themed erotic hypnotic story but there are various other hypnotic stories oriented toward women that run from vanilla to kinky (though all submissive) and a small smattering of hypnotic stories oriented toward men that are all submissive as well. Each story page has detailed information about the story and you can listen to a preview before you buy. Some stories plant post-hypnotic suggestions and others don’t.

The key to any hypnosis is allowing yourself to be hypnotized. There is a reason why the phrase “all hypnosis is self hypnosis” was coined, not just to try and get away from hypnosis’ bad reputation, but because the hypnotist can’t force someone into hypnosis who is actively working against being hypnotized. You also can’t be forced to do anything against your moral or ethical code while hypnotized, not that these stories have things for you to do, but for some the idea of a post-hypnotic suggestion is frightening.

The beauty of all the stories offered by Hypnotic Dreams is that they all are geared toward pleasure. Quite a few of them, actually, are specifically designed to help heighten sexual pleasure in various ways such as increasing the libido in general, increasing enjoyment of giving oral sex, or increasing submissive desires, among other things. They’re written and designed with the listener in mind. The only downfall of the site offerings that I can find is that they are all heterosexual. However, Hypnotic Dreams only recently began offering male-oriented stories so perhaps some queer stories may come in the future.

Since you get the story in a downloadable mp3 you can listen to the story as many times as you like. It was easy to download and while $25 is a little pricey for an erotic story I think it is a reasonable price for what you get: a hypnotic erotic story. Obviously a lot of thought and care has been put into this story and I’m sure all the others are crafted to the same standards.

“Demon Seed” itself begins with an introduction which is the same as the preview of the story I believe and then follows a general hypnotic framework: an induction technique to get you into a trance state, the story itself, and a count from 1 to 5 to bring you back to reality. It was quite easy for me to drop into trance with his induction without any problem at all.

The story revolves around being tricked into summoning a demon who then ties you up and forces you to submit to his will, turning you into his servant. I thought the story itself was both well written and well delivered, each time I listen to it I can feel the sensations that the story evokes quite physically. It’s as if they are actually happening to me, and I am left with a need for sex. I don’t think there’s been a time I listened to this that I didn’t almost immediately jump Onyx at the first chance I had.

The story in and of itself was not nearly as arousing as the hypnotic aspects of it. I believe that if I had simply been reading or listening to the story without the hypnosis element I wouldn’t have gotten nearly as much out of it or want to listen to it again. As this story has no post-hypnotic suggestions there weren’t really any lingering affects aside from the arousal afterward. It was a perfect introduction to erotic hypnosis for me and has me interested in more.

Much thanks to Daniel at Hypnotic Dreams for sending me Demon Seed to review!

Product Specs

Name: Demon Seed

Author: Hypnotic Dreams

Type: Erotic Hypnosis Story

Format: .mp3 File

Length: 25:07


Review: Afterglow Toy Tissues

The Afterglow Toy Tissues are extremely convenient antibacterial toy wipes. While they include ingredients I would shun a lubricant for including I can forgive that mainly because I always wash my any toy in between using an Afterglow and using it on a person again to be on the safe side, but I always wash my toys before using them anyway. There is also a question as to how much of these ingredients are actually left on the toy, but since I don’t know I like to err on the side of caution. I would definitely not recommend these being used for anything other than toys, they are not meant to be personal freshness wipes or any of that nonsense. For toys, though, they work wonders.

I’ve used these tissues on most body-safe toy types: silicone, metal, wood, glass, plastic, elastomed, and also elastomer/TPE, TPR, and jelly. None of these materials react negatively to it, and they all come out cleaner than before. It even gets cat hair off of silicone! If you have a cat and a silicone toy you know what I’m talking about. I don’t think these should be used in place of a good soap and water rinsing, and especially not to replace complete sterilization, but they definitely do their job and clean your toy for the time being. If you are the type who does not immediately get up and wash your toys after you use them (like just about everyone I know) these definitely have their use.

Prior to receiving this product to review I had experienced another pack of these which ended up getting opened in the back rather than in the front. The package has a resealable flap on the front to keep the moisture in and not dry out the individual tissues. Since this pack was open in the back rather than the front all of the tissues dried out. I was still able to use them by wetting them first and they worked well, but they were nowhere near as convenient. This shouldn’t happen if you make sure to reseal the package. Use my tale as a cautionary one, make sure to always reseal the package before storing to ensure the longest life possible for your Afterglow Toy Tissues.

This current batch of tissues I have now are individually sealed which is far more expensive than the multipack (about 3x as much), but minimizes the risk of drying out the pack before use. It also uses more plastic and comes in a cardboard container, both rather wasteful things. When purchasing in the future I would definitely go for the multipack.

The best use for these is quick cleanup while in the afterglow of an orgasm. No question that is where these toy tissues get their name from. They are highly convenient for cleaning off toys without having to leave the bed, couch, floor, or wherever you happen to be. For those of you not concerned with chemicals in them you don’t have to wash your toys every time after using these, you could skip a wash or two and simply use these instead since they are antibacterial. You could also use them prior to playing with your toys, especially on silicone to get all those little things silicone loves to attract off easily and quickly. They are also excellent for on-the-go fun, should you be somewhere you do not have convenient access to running water.

Overall, I love these, and use them just about every time I use a toy. Which is to say: a lot.

If you choose to purchase this or anything else from Kama Sutra Closet be sure to use the code Wanton15 when you check out to get 15% off your purchase. Much thanks to Kama Sutra Closet for sending me the Afterglow Toy Tissues to review!

Product Specs

Name: Afterglow Toy Tissues

Manufacturer: Devine Toys

Paraben-free: Yes
Organic: No

Ingredients: water, propylene glycol (for keeping wipes wet-humectant effect.), aloe barbadensis leaf juice (a natural ingredient, has skin conditioning effects), PEG 14M (foaming agent), polysorbate 20, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil (cleansing agent typical of beauty and bath products), citrus aurantium bergamia (bergamot) fruit oil (essential oil for aromatherapy), chlorhexinie digluconate (an antiseptic, antibacterial and is used to combat microbes, also added for general skin cleansing), iodopropynlyl butylcarbamate (a preservative that inhibits growth of micro-organisms. Retards microbial growth.)


Review: Truth or Dare- A Game of Passion

Truth or Dare: A Game of Passion, for Adults from Good Vibrations

Although I am a fan of cheesyness in general I’m not big on cheesy adult games, and I’d never seen any done intelligently, so when I first found out that I was getting Truth or Dare: A Game of Passion from Good Vibrations to review I was far from enthused. I thought I would look at it a few times for review purposes and then toss it into a box and forget about it.

While I can’t say for sure if I am going to be using it over and over again I do think it is one of the best and most intelligently thought out adult card games I have ever seen. I have a couple adult games that were given to me as gifts over the years which are extremely basic and cheesy asking questions that sounded like they were written by a giggling teenager who thought it was really funny to say “sex.” This ended up making the games not very fun to play.

Truth or Dare: A Game of Passion is different, however. It is gender-neutral so people of all genders can play easily, though it does use terms like “opposite sex” and does not leave room for the possibility of multiple partners, but those are just about the extent of my problems with it.

The questions encourage thought about sexuality and sexual desires as well as bonding between partners and exploration of the current relationship. It doesn’t leave room for basic one-word answers, the questions are often long and in-depth to evoke in-depth answers.

The dares incorporate some of the classic dares such as prank phone calls (with sex-related twists), role playing, exposing yourself, and so on. They are often cliche but set out in a manner that actually makes them new and fun to do. The cards themselves range from innocent to kinky but I haven’t yet read one that I thought was overly stupid or unintelligent. Some examples:


  • If you were the teacher of a sex-ed class, what would be the one lesson you would teach your students that no one ever taught you?
  • If you and your partner were to shed your clothes this very instant and use your discarded clothing as impromptu bondage material, which one of you would get tied up, and which one of you would be in charge? Describe, step-by-step, which items of clothing you would select and how they would be used.
  • Do your best to articulate the difference in feeling between a climax achieved orally and a climax achieved during intercourse. Which do you prefer?
  • What is your partner’s most amazing sexual skill? While your partner parobably already knows how much you enjoy that particular skill, take the time to go into details, describing the last time he or she used that skill, from start to finish, and what exactly you loved about it.


  • After selecting a racy adult movie or Internet clip, play a random segment on the TV or computer with the sound down. While the movie plays, create your own sound effects and impromptu dialogue, playing all the characters. You can have your partner join in on the fun for additional character voices.
  • This isn’t the hot potato you remember from childhood! Turn your television on and switch to a channel that is broadcasting a commercial. As the commercials play, toss a sex toy back and forth between you and your partner. When the commercials end and the station’s programming begins, the person holding the sex toy must use it on themselves until the station breaks for another commercial. Your partner may aid you in this task.
  • Go to the kitchen and fetch an object (such as a whisk, rubber spatula, or pastry brush) to be paddled or flogged with. Bend over, drop your pants or lift your skirt, and let your partner take at least five swats. You might find this dare gives a whole new meaning to the joy of cooking!

As you can see above the suggestions range from goofy to sexy to kinky and back again, and while they are cheesy they are also extremely detailed and thoughtful. Choosing a card or two at random would be a great way to spice up any night of the week, or set aside a night to play multiple rounds, that is if you can get back to the game after performing some of the tasks.

This would be perfect for someone who wants to become more intimate with their partner(s) in a fun and interesting way, or the perfect gift for someone for a number of occasions from anniversary to bachelor(ette) party to birthday or holiday depending on how well you know the person. It’s informative, intelligent, entertaining, and, best of all, designed to actually enhance intimacy between players.

A big thank you to Good Vibrations for providing me with Truth or Dare: A Game of Passion!

Product Specs

Name: Truth or Dare: A Game of Passion

Type: Adult card game.

Components: one six-sided die (options on die: two truths, two dares, two wilds), truth cards, dare cards.


Review: Domenico Pasties – Leopard/Gold Hearts


I think pasties are extraordinarily fun and sexy and that combined with my leopard print addiction made me try out these Domenico Heart Pasties in leopard and gold. Pasties can be used in lieu of a bra if you have small enough breasts and you want nipple coverage but don’t want bra straps, though that is not the reason I got them. They can also be worn under a sheer shirt or during a strip-tease for a little extra sexy treat for your lover(s).

Each pack comes with: two sets of pasties, which can be worn together or mix-and-matched; little tester shapes “mini-nippies” (mine were stars) to test how your skin reacts to the adhesive used on the pasties; and four nipple shields, basically little circles meant to go over your nipples (one for each of the pasties included) to keep the adhesive from sticking to them. The pasties are designed to be worn once, but the packaging says it’s possible to re-use them if you take measures to.

Since nipples and aureoles come in a variety of sizes and shapes these actually come in both large or small sizes. I relieved the large, as the small is best for A and B cup breasts and the large is best for C and above, although that could also depend on your aureole and how much coverage you want in general. On the manufacturer’s website I found an actual-size image which can be printed and cut out to see which size would be right for you (image included below, click for full size).


The adhesive on the pasties is a hypo-allergenic medical adhesive, and even my girlfriend who has very adhesive-sensitive skin–seriously she can’t wear regular band-aids–was able to wear these without issue. These are designed to be worn for six to eight hours max and are made to withstand whatever it is you’re doing be it dancing, sweating, sexing, anything. These did stay on very well for the few hours I was wearing them, though I wasn’t able to keep them on for too long because we were eager to get to what was under them.

Taking them off was a little painful, as is to be expected, but with the included nipple shields at least your nipples are safe from the sting of ripping the adhesive off. If you’re in to pain play having these taken off by a lover could be part of foreplay or breast play if done correctly.

You can find the Domenico Heart Pasties in large or small along with the biggest selection of dildos and sex toys of every flavor online at SexToy.Com.

Much thanks to SexToy.Com for letting me review the Domenico Heart Pasties!

Name: Domenico Pasties

Manufacturer: Bristol 6

Size: Large

Width: 3.5 inches
Height: 3 inches


Review: Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner

anti-bacterial toy cleaner

After being thoroughly disappointed with the Sex Clean Toy Cleaner I was sent to review I picked up this Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner on the fly when at a local shop.

In looking into some of the ingredients, however, I was a little disappointed though not surprised. This toy cleaner uses triclosan to kill bacteria though also has Methylchloroisothiazolinone and Methylisothiazolinone within it both of which are supposed to be somewhat anti-bacterial and both of which are irritants. Granted, this cleaner isn’t going directly on you and only a small part amount of it will be getting on you at all, but that was still a little worrysome.

Due to this I have taken to using the spray cleaner directly after use of a toy for ease of clean-up and the convenience of being able to spray-clean a toy without having to get out of bed post use. However, before using the toy again I make sure to wash it, just to be extra careful about the irritants coming in contact with my sensitive bits. Is this overly cautious? Maybe. However, since I’ve had reactions to chemicals in my cunt before (can we say ow?) I am a fan of erring on the side of caution.

I really do like this spray, however, irritants aside. I admit I haven’t delved into the information on every single ingredient yet, but for the most part I think it’s super convenient and a great way to clean toys. Not everyone is as overly cautious about chemicals as I am as well, and I still rate it at a four regardless of potential reactions. I say, if you’re looking for a toy cleaner spray (and who isn’t?) this is a great one to go for!

Product Specs

Name: Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner

Manufacturer: California Exotic Novelties

Paraben-free: Yes
Organic: No

Ingredients: Deionized Water, Sodium C 14-16 Olefin Sulfonate, Disodium Lauroamphodiacetate (and) Sodium Trideceth Sulfate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Propylene Glycol, Triclosan, Citric Acid, Methylchloroisothiazolinone (and) Methylisothiazolinone, Tetrasodium EDTA

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Review: Soft Pack

I love queering gender. My gender is fluid but stays within a certain context, which I like to call “femme fagette” but essentially it’s a queer femininity and masculinity fluidly occupying the same space. This is one of the reasons I love my new packys. I am able to embrace the gender cluster that I am by packing while wearing a skirt or dress.

Soft Pack’s have endless possibilities both for those who like to queer, bend, fuck, or otherwise play with gender. They can be an expression or addition to one or multiple genders, and aren’t necessarily about having a penis or penis envy. Since soft packs are unable to be used for playing (fucking) they can’t really be about being able to penetrate or other socialized power ideas which surround the penis. They are more about being a focal point for masculine energy. This is my experience of it, anyway.

These soft packs are ultra realistic, and work in either a pair of undies or with a packing strap such as the Cock Sock or Mr. Right Packing Strap. There are also a few different DIY options for packing options such as a DIY cock sock, and a DIY packing harness.

They are also super affordable, which is a definite plus, unlike the lovely yet three times more expensive Mr. Right. If you are looking to start packing, I would definitely recommend getting one of these inexpensive yet quality packys!

Much thanks to Babeland for letting me review the Soft Pack!

Product Specs

Name: Soft Pack (also known as Mr. Limpy)

Manufacturer: Fleshlight

Material: SuperSkin (phthalate-free, latex-free) – said cyberskin in the video which isn’t accurate!

Length of the underside (balls to tip): 3-1/2″ (mini) 5 3/4″ (medium)
Length of the topside (base to tip): 4″ (mini) 8 1/2″ (medium) – when hanging with gravity
Girth: 4″ (mini) 4 1/2″ (medium)

Care: Wash with soap and warm water, then store in a bag with cornstarch. Cornstarch keeps the packy from getting tacky or sticky and keeps it feeling realistic and skin-like every time.


Review: Agent Secret Game


I was really excited to receive the Agent Secret Game because it’s made by the same people as my Regard Indiscret Set which I absolutely adore. I thought it would be a cute light bondage set. I really really wanted to like it. Unfortunately it really didn’t live up to my expectations. At all.

The basic idea behind the set is to create a sexy interrogation scene. Agent 001 uses what’s in hir bag to write down a sexy desire on the card, then lock the card with the padlock and Agent 002 can then use the sexy stuff in hir bag to pleasure-torture the combination to the padlock out of Agent 001.

Going into it I knew that the items were not going to be hardcore bondage and torture items. I didn’t expect this, but I did expect them to be at least semi-high quality.

Since there is a suspension of disbelief that goes on in roleplaying I can accept that the card to write the fantasy on and lock is made out of cardstock which the padlock could be easily ripped off of. That’s alright.

I did, however, expect the satin mask included to be Bijoux’s Shhhh Blindfold, mostly because Babeland has a link to the Shhhh blindfold in the description of the Agent Secret Game. I was highly disappointed when the blindfold I pulled out was a really basic sleep-mask type blindfold with an elastic band on the back. While the blindfold is more padded than usual sleep-masks (I think, anyway) it was highly disappointing.

Next, the vibrating ring. I admit I may be spoiled because the first cock ring we tried was the LELO Bo, however the vibrating ring which was included in the set appears to be jelly. I cannot confirm the material of the vibrating ring because there is no real information about it other than brief instructions on how to turn it on. It doesn’t overly smell but it definitely looks suspiciously like jelly.

Other than being jelly what also bothered me is that the color of the cock ring is not coordinated with the rest of the set at all. Everything else in the set is either black, white, grey, or red and black, the cock ring is a pinkish orange color that just disrupts the sexy dark tones going on in the set. Not impressed.

The feather tickler, on the other hand, looks fairly nice. I dig the colors, it’s red and black and nice looking, though I’m not actually a fan of ticking in any sense at all ever, but the handle seems well constructed and it has a wrist-loop of polyester or nylon cord. I pulled a little on the feathers and they did not fall apart or anything, so I call it a fairly decent win.

Lastly, the bondage ribbons. Maybe I just had too high of hopes for them, but they are not what I was hoping for or expecting. They are two ribbons that are two and a half (2 1/2) feet or thirty (30) inches long. Each ribbon has a french phrase written on it: “Attache-moi et libere mon secret” which means “Tie me and free my secret,” which is pretty cute.

One end of each ribbon has a really long button-hole sewn into it and the instructions tell you to feed the other end of the ribbon through that hole to use. It does not offer further instructions, but I assume that then the ribbons could be tied together with the long excess ribbon, around a bed post perhaps or to separate objects. It seems like a strange way to do things, but okay, it kind of works.

One ribbon is a little too short to successfully tie around a wrist assuming you want to go around more than once, though maybe because of, you know, suspension of disbelief and all that, they don’t need to be that tight. Honestly, I’m not sure what I was expecting the bondage ribbons to look like, but I expected them to be higher quality than the ones I got, which seem thin and are a little too stiff to be super comfortable.

The entire set is cute, I love the tin box it comes in and how it’s separated for each “Agent” but despite the cuteness factor I was just not impressed with the set as a whole. Maybe I’m just too picky, or maybe I was expecting too much, I’m not sure, but either way I was disappointed when I opened the set.

I think this would probably be a good set for a very vanilla couple who is just starting to explore kink, but for anyone with the slightest bit of experience you may be just as disappointed as I. Even so, you could probably get these items separately for cheaper than the set itself, then again you wouldn’t get the round black tin box.

Much thanks to Babeland for letting me review the Agent Secret Game!

Product Specs

Name: Agent Secret Game

Manufacturer: Bijoux Indiscrets

Contents: Black round hat tin containing two black polyester bags: one bag for “Agent 001,” one bag for “Agent 002.” In the bag for Agent 001: a card to write down your “secret desire” on, the pencil to write with, and a padlock to lock the card. In the bag for Agent 002: black bondage ribbons, a red and black feather tickler, a vibrating cock ring, and a satin mask.


Review: Sex Clean Toy Cleaner


I’ve been interested in toy cleaner sprays and wipes for quite some time, but never went about getting one until recently. I was attracted to the Sex Clean Toy Cleaner because it advertised as having a natural vegetable base which I also took to mean it wouldn’t have any nasty chemicals in it.

Unfortunately, I was wrong. It does have a natural base but it also has parabens in it, which I’ve talked about in my recent lube reviews. I’m just not a fan of parabens having any sort of contact with my sensitive nether bits.

Supposedly in addition to cleaning your toys Sex Clean Toy Cleaner will also polish and protect your toys. It has a “special embellishing and protecting formula” which is a little strange, and not something I, personally, want my toy cleaners to do. I think cleaners should simply clean the toy not add some extra chemicals to it that polishes and protects them.

Sex Clean Toy Cleaner does, however, clean toys well and conveniently, even with the polishing and even though it’s not anti-bacterial. A few sprays and a quick wiping with a paper towel or something similar and the toy is clean. There’s no worry about getting non-waterproof toys wet and accidentally ruining them.

There’s also no need to get out of bed after a good vigorous toy session, which is the best part. Toys should always be cleaned before and after use to keep them healthy, especially if they are made out of a porous material but even if they aren’t it’s best to keep them clean. I love the idea of a cleaning spray or wipe that alleviates the need to break up the wonderful afterglow to go clean the toy, which made me extra disappointed that I didn’t like this spray.

After being disappointed with the Sex Clean Toy Cleaner I received I went out and bought a bottle of Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner (review to come) and although it has more ingredients which I cannot pronounce in it I like it much better. If you are looking for a spray toy cleaner I’d definitely go with the Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner instead of the Sex Clean Toy Cleaner unless you have a particular desire for polishing your toys and don’t mind the parabens.

Much thanks to Pink Cherry for letting me review Sex Clean Toy Cleaner!

Product Specs

Name: Sex Clean Toy Cleaner

Manufacturer: S.D. Variations

Paraben-free: No
Organic: No

Ingredients: Purified water, coco Glucoside, Methyl Salycilate, Citric Acid, Quaternium-52, Methylparaben, F, D & C Blue No 1.


Review: Regard Indiscret Set

For the record, I’m not spelling indiscreet wrong, that is part of the name of the set, but I cringe every time I spell it Indiscret.

Since I love the set so much I took quite a few pictures of me using them, one is below to give you an idea of the set worn, the only thing missing is the candle. The rest of the set of pictures will be up on my site on Thursday for Half-Nekkid Thursday.


Babeland also carries other adorable Bijoux Indiscrets products such as Pearl Cuffs, Shhhh Blindfold, Flamboyant Pasties Set, and Mimi Rhinestone Pasties.

[CLOSED] Contest Info

I love the Regard Indiscret Set so much that Babeland agreed I could give one away to one lucky reader!

All you have to do is comment with your idea of a romantic and sexy night with your partner(s) (or desired or imagined or fantasy partner(s)).

You must have a valid email address on your comment and be within the U.S. because it’s sent directly from Babeland.

Contest ends March 27th at 11:59pm PST.

Much thanks to Babeland for letting me review and give away the Regard Indiscret Set!

Product Specs

Name: Regard Indiscret Set

Manufacturer: Bijoux Indiscrets

Contents: Black round hat tin containing black leather tasseled pasties, black feather boa, pearl belt/necklace, and three small round candles.

What I loved: Absolutely adorable! Seductive and romantic set for a special evening or sexy photo set. The whole is definitely greater than the sum of it’s parts.
What I didn’t love: Strong perfume scent to the boa inside which could irritate, though I didn’t mind it.


Review: Colt Shower Shot

The instant I found the package at my door I went upstairs and tore into it. I took out the Colt Shower Shot Spraying Water Dong and examined it. It came with three very simple parts, just the dong, a metal hose, and washers, as well as very simple instructions. The instructions simply read: “unscrew shower head. Add washers to prevent water leak and screw in hose.”

Excited, I took it into the bathroom for further examination. I noticed that the dong itself has holes not only in the tip but all along the sides of it as well. I followed the directions and had the Shower Shot installed in under a minute. It helped that I already have a detachable shower head, so all I had to do was unscrew that hose, attach the washer to the dong’s hose, attach the hose, and attach the dong, and voila! It was incredibly easy to do and took no time at all.

I turned on the shower and watched as water shot out in all directions from the dong. I felt a little intimidated, but only because, despite being a long-time anal practitioner and advocate I had never experienced an enema before, which is what I bought this dong specifically for. I was so excited, however, that I just had to try it out right away! I emptied myself before hand to make the job of the enema much easier and then got down to work.

The box claims that the dong itself is 6.5” long, though the insertable part is about 4.5” of the length, the rest is a ribbed handle and where the dong screws into the hose. I lubed myself and the dong up with spit before inserting it. It is about an average width, and not terribly long, but an average size for most butt plugs, so it was easy to get inside without much trouble.

I adjusted the water to a lukewarm setting and turned on the shower. I felt the water rushing into me and filling me up, which was definitely a new sensation but not unpleasant. The dong did leak a little because of the way it is designed, with all the holes on the sides, and I hadn’t gotten it in the entire way, there was maybe a 1/4 of an inch still out, which was enough for the water to leak out. However, the water which leaked out was not filthy in any way (I checked) and it was not a huge deterrent for me either. [Editor’s note: this toy is jelly and cannot be sterilized- don’t share!]

The water ran for about ten to fifteen seconds before I turned it off, slipping the toy out of me and clenching my sphincter muscles so that none of the water would come out as I moved from the bathtub to the toilet. I waited a little bit before releasing the water, but once I did I felt incredibly fresh and clean.

This is a device I am going to use again and again, potentially as part of a daily cleaning ritual. I plan on writing a follow up review once I have used it multiple times and have more of an idea of how it works over multiple uses.

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