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Review: Miracle Massager Attachment

Last week I reviewed the Miracle Massager, and I was definitely pleased with it (not as strong as the Hitachi Magic Wand but still yummy vibration-wise and superior in other areas). So, this week it’s my turn to review the Miracle Massager Attachment, which is made out of clear PVC. I would like it a lot better if it was made out of silicone, as PVC and, specifically jelly as is the sub-category of PVC which this toy is made of, is extremely porous so it should not be shared.

Now, I’ve read a few reviews of the attachment, including people saying that they love the Miracle Massager even more with it, and I wish I could give it a good review. Unfortunately, my problem with the Massager Attachment is one of anatomy.

Let’s back up a little, however, so you can have more information about the attachment before I go into my issue with it. I found it gorgeous, I love see-through toys (glass or otherwise), and the shape is appealing as well. It has a nice ridged end, perfect for g-spot stimulation, as well as a platform extending out of that with lots of little “love nubs” which is just fantastic for clitoral stimulation.

As one can assume, the attachment is made so that one can have that dual-action feeling, a nice g-spot vibration as well as a stimulating clitoral massage. Unfortunately, as can be the problem with a lot of dual-action toys, when I inserted the toy the nubby platform did not line up with my clit! I had to move the toy around and maneuver it just right so that it hit my clitoris, but when I did that, it pulled out of my vagina almost all the way.

Like I said, this is an issue of anatomy, specifically my anatomy, and there are others who find this toy to be perfect and to line up just right. The nice thing is that this attachment is fairly inexpensive, so if you already have the Miracle Massager and want to try this toy out, I would still highly recommend it. It may line up perfectly, but even if it doesn’t you won’t have spent a whole lot of money on it.

However, even if your anatomy is like mine this toy doesn’t have to be a complete waste! While, yes, I was unable to have both clitoral and g-spot stimulation happening at once I was still able to achieve orgasm with the nubs on my clit and the first inch or so of the shaft inside of me. I was still getting combined vaginal and clitoral stimulation, and since the first three inches or so of the vaginal walls are, they say, the most sensitive, it wasn’t a complete loss.

Also, if you happen to have something like the silver bullet lying around (review two weeks from today) you can make the toy work for you by using the Miracle Massager Attachment for it’s g-spot capabilities, letting the nubs rub the vulva and urethra area (the vulval vestibule), and then using the glorious silver bullet for direct (or indirect, if that’s your desire) clitoral stimulation. I found that to work quite well as well!

Personally, I would much prefer using the Miracle Massager as a direct clitoral stimulator accompanied by my Vicky Venus (read my review here), or (if I’m wanting that g-spot stimulation) a g-spot toy like the Stubby G, Gigi or Iris (none of which I own, but I aspire to!).

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Review: G-plus massager attachment

Little did I know that the Hitachi could be even better! This is my first attachment for the Hitachi Magic Wand (which works for other spring-ball massagers like the Ideal as well), and I absolutely love it. Basically it turns the Hitachi into something similar to the Rock Chick or G-Rock, and who wouldn’t want delicious g-spot and clitoral stimulation at the same time?

The first thing I noticed about the G-plus massager attachment was how flexible it was. This made insertion without lube a little difficult, but the resulting effect was delicious. Because of its flexibility, it’s easy to manipulate it and move it around to exactly where you want it.

The problem with some vibes that get both the g-spot and clitoris is if your anatomy doesn’t line up exactly with the vibe it can do nothing for you, but because of the flexibility, there was no problem with that at all! While playing with it I kept one hand on the Hitachi wand and the other on the bit of the G-plus that was on my clit, and I was able to move the little 2” nub around exactly to where I wanted it. It was perfect!

It has no odor that I noticed, and no taste either, so it isn’t at all intrusive on the senses. The blue is a lot softer than in the picture on here as well. It was very easy to slip on to the ball of my Hitachi, and once it was on I never wanted to take it off!

The insertable length is only 4” but what a four inches that is! While it’s not very thick (about an inch, I’d wager) with the power of the Hitachi behind it that size was all I needed. It’s great if you like something inside while your clit is being hummed. With a little lube (natural or artificial) it’s easy to insert and feels great inside. It’s not for you size queens out there, since it doesn’t fill you up completely, but it gives just the right amount of filling inside combined with the wonderful vibrations directly on the clit.

The only problem that I have with the G plus attachment is that it is made of TPR (Thermo-Plastic Rubber) material, which gives it that ability to be malleable; although it is phthalate-free, it is still more porous than silicone and should be used with a condom if sharing. Using a condom with this toy would be rather difficult, so I would suggest not sharing at all. It is easily cleaned with soap and water, just not able to be disinfected completely enough to be shared.

However, if you are not planning on sharing it, there is really no down-side. The G-plus attachment makes an already wonderful toy perfect!

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