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Review: Kama Sutra Love Essentials Gift Set

I’ve heard all sorts of wonderful things about Kama Sutra products since I started reviewing but I had not yet had the pleasure of playing with some until now. The Kama Sutra Love Essentials Gift Set includes three of Kama Sutra’s most talked-about products which I was happy to get my hands on.

All three products are paraben-free, something I’ve talked about ad nauseum in other reviews, but which I always like to explain in case this is the first review of mine you are reading. Parabens are irritants and can inflame the sensitive tissue of the vulva, they also can disrupt the reproductive system including mimicing estrogen or affecting the secretion of testosterone, and in high levels they have been shown to cause cancer and are generally toxic. Not everyone reacts the same way to them, of course, as our body chemistry varies widely from person to person.

Unfortunately only one of the three products is glycerin-free, the other ingredient I watch out for especially in lubes. Glycerin can promote yeast infections and is also the source of stickyness in most water-based lubricants, turning some of the best feeling lubes sticky through friction.

The set itself comes in an adorable box decorated in an Indian garden of eden fashion. Once opened, the box fills the air with the scent of the Sweet Honeysuckle Honey Dust. The three products are nestled together in a bed of brown corrugated paper with an information card on top of them indicating the purposes of each of the products within. There is a small green vile of Oil of Love, a brown tube of Love Liquid Lubricant, a black satchel of Honeysuckle Honey Dust, and a copper feather applicator.

Original Oil of Love

Kama Sutra Love Essentials Oil of Love

The original flavor is a blend of chocolate, vanilla and cinnamon. It smells and tastes quite unique, very much like a mixture of these three distinct flavors which are usually separate rather than together. It is pleasant to the taste and very easy to lick off of skin without leaving any residue or nasty sticky feelings behind. Due to the cinnamon it does have a bit of a tingling and numbing-type effect to it, but only slightly.

The vile it comes in is adorable, about the size of a regular shot glass. I can get my pinky finger into the hole of the bottle and get a bit out that way, and I have pretty thick fingers (my pinky finger is a ring size 8 if that helps), but for the most part I think it’s easier to apply with either the cork stopper it comes with or by very carefully tipping some out onto a waiting body part.

There are lots of other flavors of Oil of Love to choose from outside of the kit. Despite being called oil it doesn’t have that much oil in it, aside from some Cinnamomum Cassia Leaf Oil which is pretty low down on the list of ingredients (below). Because of this it is actually latex friendly, although I would suggest against use of it internally as it does have glycerin in it.

Product Specs

Ingredients: Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Water, Sucrose, Sodium Saccharine, Fragrance, Cinnamomum Cassia Leaf Oil, Benzyl Benzoate, Benzyl Alcohol, Yellow 5, Blue 1, Red 40.

Love Liquid Lubricant

I’m a big fan of lube in general, though I try to stay away from lubes with glycerin in them as I’ve already mentioned above. The card included with the kit boasts that the Love Liquid Lubricant is “designed with the sensitive tissues of a woman in mind” which, due to the lack of parabens, I would agree with, though the addition of glycerin complicates that statement a little. Not being prone to yeast infections my biggest problem with glycerin is really the stickyness it adds to water-based lubes, and this lube is no exception.

Love Liquid feels wonderful and smooth, not quite as thick as some water-based lubes I’ve tried but also not as obscenely thin as others, it rests pleasantly in the middle thickness-wise. I would say, however, that it is one of the nicest non-flavored lubes in terms of taste. Unlike some non-flavored lubes it doesn’t have much taste at all, only a slight delightful sweetness to it.

It comes in this set in an adorable little sample-size, not nearly as big around as a quarter. It has a flip-top and stands on it’s head which makes squirting just a little on your fingers quite easy. I would easily recommend it to anyone who is not concerned about glycerin, especially if you are looking for an all-purpose lube (oral as well as nether regions).

Product Specs

Type: Water-based lubricant

Compatibility: Works with all toy types. Latex safe. May cause yeast infections.

Smell: Very little, just a slight sweetness to it but nothing overly so.
Taste: Also slightly sweet, but not so much that it is overpowering. Very pleasant, actually.
Sticky? A little, unfortunately, but that is due mostly to the use of glycerin.

Ingredients: Water, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Tetradodium EDTA, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate.

Sweet Honeysuckle Honey Dust

This was probably the product I was most excited to try, I thought it would be sensual and fun, and I was not disappointed. It’s basically sweet corn starch sweetened with actual honey and comes within a black satchel as shown above. Within the satchel it is enclosed in a plastic bag and can be kept in that or dumped into the satchel itself.

It comes with a feather applicator which is very cute and soft, though it attracts kitties instantly so beware of that if you have a cat household. The feather easily picks up a small amount of dust on it tips which can then be applied to any available body part for sweet sensual lickage.

The dust itself is only slightly sweet, very pleasantly so, and nowhere near overwhelming. It doesn’t have much other discernible flavor besides “sweet.” Once licked it doesn’t leave any stickyness behind, and no residue is left either aside from saliva. While you wouldn’t want to spill any it would be easily vacuumed or swept up which makes it a pleasant and potentially less messy option than lickable oils. Of all the products in this sample box this is the one specifically I want to try more of and different flavors.

Ingredients: Corn Starch Modified, Glucose, Zea Mays (Corn) Starch, Honey, Silica, Honey Extract, Sodium Saccharine, Fragrance, Sodium Benzoate, Amyl Cinnamal, Benzyl Alcohol, Eugenol, Hydroxy Citronellol, Benzyl Salicylate, Geraniol, Linalool, Citronellol, Benzyl Benzoate.

Much thanks to Pink Cherry Sex Toys for sending me Kama Sutra Love Essentials Gift Set to review! You can also find each of these products individually in their full sizes on Pink Cherry: Original Oil of Love, Love Liquid Lubricant, and Sweet Honeysuckle Honey Dust.

Product Specs

Name: Love Essentials

Manufacturer: Kama Sutra

Contents: Sample sizes of: Original Oil of Love (.68 fl oz 20 ml), Love Liquid Lubricant (1 fl oz 30 ml), Sweet Honeysuckle Honey Dust (2 oz 50 g), and a Honey Dust feather applicator.

Glycerin-free: Honey Dust is, Oil of Love and Love Liquid are not.
Paraben-free: Yes

Organic: No
Vegan: Yes


Review: Fun Factory Share

Product Specs

Name: Share

Material: 100% Medical-grade Silicone

Manufacturer: Fun Factory

Length: 7″ (shaft) & 5″ (bulb)
Thickness: 1 1/2″ (shaft) & 1 3/4″ (bulb)

What I love: Strap-on dildo without the harness! Wonderful size on both bulb and shaft. Works well for both partner and solo sex. Shape of the bulb hits the g-spot and the curve from bulb to shaft hits the clitoris so both partners are stimulated.
What I didn’t love: Kind of floppy, so could be irritating to use or not work well at all for some.

Much thanks to Babeland for letting me review and give away the Share!


Review: LELO Bo

Onyx’s Experience

Being the partner of a sex blogger and sex toy reviewer has many benefits. One of the primary ones is that I get to play with a lot of really fun and exciting toys without even having to be the one writing the reviews. Granted while some of the toys she receives are primarily for her pleasure, almost all of them are great for partner play and I probably get at least as much pleasure from playing with them as she does.

Now normally I’m all about getting a free ride, but with the arrival of the LELO Bo it’s time for me to stop being a sex toy bum and share with the world just how much I’ve come to enjoy this marvelous little pleasure object.

Scarlet has covered most of the technical details such as the marvelous little case, the body safe materials and the elegant design in her video review so I will focus mainly on my experience wearing and playing with Bo and let her describe the experience from her point of view.

Bo is a very flexible toy that should accommodate any cock size easily; it is nice and tight, while still feeling comfortable and can be worn different ways to maximize your partner’s enjoyment of the wonderful vibrations.

I had never worn a cock ring before, much less a vibrating one and was not sure what to expect. I’ve had vibrators pressed against my cock and have enjoyed the sensation, but it did not prepare me for the far more intense pleasure that Bo’s vibrations cause. Combined with the restriction of blood flow caused by the ring itself seemed to make my penis much more sensitive, but luckily only in a good way and not too sensitive.

Some men say that wearing a cock ring prevents them having an orgasm or at least makes it harder for them to cum, this was not the case for me, but it did help me hold off longer while letting the climax build to an amazing intensity. The pleasure of a Bo orgasm is something every man owes it to himself to experience in life and can’t easily be conveyed with mere words.

So far we’ve only used the Bo for partner sex, but it’s easy to tell that it would also be fantastic for male solo play, all in all it something I strongly recommend for any man that wants to take his orgasm experience to a whole new level.

Scarlet’s Experience

Like Onyx mentioned and I mentioned in the video above, we had never used a cock ring before, so neither of us really knew what to expect. However, I had heard such wonderful things about the LELO Bo and am quite the LELO addict so I knew that it was going to be wonderful. Even though starting with such a high-quality product for our first cock ring experience may spoil us on other cock rings in the future I was willing to take that risk.

I could see the difference in Onyx’s cock once he put it on. It seemed to grow from the sensation and simply looked more sensitive though I’m not sure if I could describe the difference of that look. I could tell he was enjoying it and was excited to feel how it would change our sex.

Once he thrust into me I was caught by a new but familiar sensation: vibration. I’m used to it from toys, but not from his cock, so it was extremely strange to me the first few times we used the Bo. Strange, however, doesn’t mean bad. I enjoyed it, and I especially enjoyed his enjoyment of it. I could watch his reflection in the floor-to-ceiling length windows in our living room (where our futon currently is since it is our bed/couch/only-sitting-area-besides-one-chair) and I could hear his reaction as well, and I could tell he was having an amazing time.

I’ve heard cock rings are supposed to hit the clit as well, though I wasn’t really looking for that in our use of it. I have plenty of wonderful toys to use for clitoral stimulation, and so relying on something attached to his cock for clitoral stimulation just seems silly to me.

Since it made his cock into a flesh vibrator it definitely did provide me with enhanced sensation because of that as well, which I definitely enjoyed. We used it in conjunction with the Liberator Ramp so he was hitting my g-spot with his vibrating cock, which felt absolutely amazing.

I definitely think the LELO Bo is a wonderful addition to partner sex. It can also turn a dildo into a vibrator, and since it’s made out of TPE rather than silicone it can be used on silicone dildos, something we have yet to play with. I would imagine this would be especially delicious with a toy like Share which penetrates both partners, and intend to test this theory.

You can find LELO Bo along with other cock rings and sex toys of every flavor on Vibrator.Com.

Much thanks to Vibrator.Com for letting me review the LELO Bo!

Product Specs

Name: Bo

Manufacturer: LELO

Materials: Body-safe ABS (top vibrating part) and TPE (bottom stretchy ring)

Charge: Rechargeable


Review: Liberator Ramp


I have been lusting afterLiberator products since the first moment I saw them. Sturdy foam shapes that enhance penetration and make sexual positions easier? Um, yes please! The Ramp has always been at the top of my list (well, after the Esse, but realistically I don’t expect to have the Esse for quite some time, she’s pricey).

When I opened my door to reveal the large box that the Ramp comes in I squealed with delight, quite literally, honestly, Onyx made fun of me for it (and tweeted about it). I wasn’t expecting anything from Liberator that day, in fact I hadn’t even been told that anything had actually been shipped to me from them, so it was a complete surprise! I didn’t even know what was in it, but I was really hoping it was a Ramp.

I ripped it open and could tell what it was from the shape even though there were still two layers between me and my new Ramp. I tore open the adorable white plastic bag with red writing all over it which proclaims “Liberator- Love all ways!” and fondled the black zippered case (which does have a handle for ease of transportation) only momentarily before unzipping it to reveal the lush texture of the Ramp to my fingertips. I believe I squealed again, though I can’t be sure because everything after that is a bliss-filled blur.

As you can see above, the Ramp is essentially a large wedge or, a portable incline plane, though also a large Wedge but that’s not what I meant. Also like the picture above, the Ramp I received and love beyond the telling of it is red and absolutely gorgeous.

The ramp itself is 24 inches wide by 34 inches long and 12 inches tall. Liberator actually has different sizes that you can get as well, which is fabulous since these things are rarely a “one size fits all.” The size that fits best has to do with your height as well as your width.

They have a plus-sized ramp which is 30 inches wide instead of 24, although the 24 inch one fits me fine, and I’m well into plus-sized land, about a size 24 (not to be confused with 24 inches). Basically if you are wider than 24 inches from side to side (not all around or including your sides) you will want to get the wider one, or if you prefer a wider base, but most people probably won’t need it.

The height is slightly more confusing and doesn’t just have to do with the the height of the ramp but also the length of the ramp. I won’t go into all of the details as they have a good explanation of it near the bottom of the Ramp page under the ‘sizing tips’ tab.


The Ramp is especially perfect for doggy-style sex (as you can see in the image above), and that’s the position that Onyx and I have used it the most in. We find the 12 inch lift is the perfect height for kneeling-on-the-bed doggy-style while the other person stands, which is our favorite doggy-style variation. What position the Ramp perfectly enhances will definitely depend on the height of the people involved.

It supports the penetratee making the position easier to hold for longer and reduces stress on wrists or elbows. There is no need to focus on keeping your ass in the air while succumbing to the pleasure of the position, instead you can relax and focus on the sensations being produced which can enhance orgasm. The incline also increases the likelihood of hitting the g-spot, as the pelvis is tilted up, this is why the byline of the Ramp is “g-spot ramplified”

Of course, doggy-style isn’t the only position which the Ramp enhances. Liberator has kindly made a page dedicated to the different positions possible with the Ramp: missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, oral, etc. Basically, all the usual position suspects are enhanced by such a simple and wildly functional shape. This is why the portable inclined plane is one of the six classical simple machines (okay, maybe not, but it sounded good!).

My biggest endorsement of the Ramp has to come from the fact that it helped to rejuvenate our sex life. Specifically, because of it we had daytime sex for the first time in quite some time! Most everyone experiences lulls in their sex life, especially with a long-term partner, and mainly because of all the stress in our life at the time we had gotten into a bit of a sexual rut. However, with the Ramp showing up one day and then the LELO Bo showing up the next our frequency shot quickly upward! Great couples toys have a tendency to do that.


Liberator also sells the Black Label Wedge Ramp Combo (in the image above) which comes with a free love artist kit and is cheaper than buying the two separately. From what I’ve seen of the Wedge it looks like the perfect addition to the Ramp and is definitely next on my list of Liberator products. It’s basically the same as the Ramp, only smaller, so it can fit together with the Ramp as shown above.

Thank you so very very much to Liberator for allowing me to review the Ramp! I love it, Onyx loves it, even our kitties love it!

Product Specs

Name: Ramp

Manufacturer: Liberator

Material: Champagne Foam inside, nylon exterior, and washable Microfiber slip-cover

Size: 24 inches wide by 34 inches long and 12 inches tall


Review: Big Teaze Tuyo

I really hate to give bad reviews, but the loudness of the Tuyo was so distracting that I couldn’t get into it.

While not all Tuyo’s have this noise issue enough of them have it and enough people have complained about it that it is an issue with the toy and not just with my toy.

Sorry Big Teeze and Babeland! I really wanted to like Tuyo, the design is so awesome and unique that I really thought I would like it, but I really just can’t.

Thank you very much to Babeland for allowing me to review Tuyo!