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Tag: Electrosex Deluxe Power Box

Review: Electrosex Deluxe Power Box


Electrosex has fascinated me for a long time, but I’ve only recently started playing around with it. I was fortunate to receive a Kinky Stocking last year from FetLife for being a FetLife Greeter and within it came a Zeus Electrogasm which is a complete unit so it can be used independently without a power box. Since receiving it I have been increasingly intrigued by electrical play but the real breakthrough in my electrosex journey came when I was sent the Electrosex Deluxe Power Box.

Basically electrosex toys stimulate beneath the surface rather than on the surface like most toys and massagers and the like. An electrical current is passed through the body between two contact points in order to electrify the muscles underneath. It feels very much like a deep tissue massage at the lower levels, though it can produce painful sensations as well.

Zeus recommends not to play with any of their electrosex equipment above the waist or if you “have a pace maker, have epilepsy or other neurological disease, are pregnant, have heart disease, while driving or operating equipment,” or “near any metal objects such as piercing jewelery, rings, bracelents, or metallic IUDs.” Zeus recommends the first bit to save their own asses for selling such equipment, I believe, it can be used above the waist as long as the current doesn’t pass through the chest cavity as even at a low voltage there is risk of interfering with heart function.

The Deluxe Power Box doesn’t come with terribly detailed instructions so I had to do a bit of digging on my own. Luckily there is a lot of information on electrosex out there if you look. The kit does have an instruction booklet, but mainly it goes through basic safety instructions and equipment/button information and not the actual working of the device. Pretty much every thing you need to start playing with electrosex immediately is in here: the power box itself, three AAA batteries, two connective wires/leads, four adhesive pads, and two cord winders for each lead.


The Deluxe Power Box really makes electrosex easy, all you really have to do is attach the pads to the leads and the leads to the power box and you can start using it immediately. The leads attach with what looks exactly like a headphone jack and plug in to either of two ports on the top of the box.

The controls are somewhat confusingly labled but also fairly easy to figure out on their own or with the aid of the manual: on and off, which are self-explanatory; strong and weak which actually turn the intensity up higher or lower when the box is on; manual which can be used to move through each of the seven different modes of sensation sequentially, or automatic which will cycle through them each for you over a period of about twenty minutes; time, also self-explanatory, you can set each session to last 5, 10, or 15 minutes; and higher intensity which “can change the width of the pulse, causing a therapeutic effect deep into your skin and muscles” though to date I have yet to actually feel a difference after pressing this button.

It has seven different modes and sixteen levels of intensity. An easy to read digital display which lets you know exactly what setting it is on at any given time. The modes are: acupuncture, naprapathy, united stroke, slow stroke, massage, cupping, and scraping. Each have their own distinct sensations and the delight of having sixteen levels of intensity means that each mode can be massaging and pleasurable or painful and shocking.

Acupuncture: a constant quick tapping sensation, equivalent to “dot” in Morse code (I’ve been watching too much Alias), can be painful even on low levels of insensity.

Naprapathy: a constant long tapping sensation, equivalent to “dash” in Morse code, more pleasant than the Acupuncture setting I think.

United stroke: a series of quick taps, maybe about twenty, followed by a pause before continuing over again. I found this very pleasant because of the break in the rhythm.

Slow stroke: another series of quick taps followed by a pause only this time the taps increase and decrease in number as they go, starting with three, pause, six, pause, and so on.

Massage: a long deep wave followed by a tapering off of intensity and consistency ending in a few short light taps before a pause and then starting over again, especially lovely on sore muscles (as one would expect given it’s name). It somehow seems to pulse deeper than the others.

Cupping: nearly a steady sensation, very tingly and not something I can stand for long, it seems to get gradually more intense after a brief period without touching the controls then gradually less intense, though that could just be my imagination. The breaks of the previous modes are more pleasant.

Scraping: feels similar to the steady cupping sensation only it has breaks built in about every six seconds or so.

After getting familiar with each of the modes I quickly realized that I had favorites. Massage and scraping outshine the others in my eyes, but that also depends on what sensation I am wanting to experience. I’ve used this on sore muscles with great results in addition to using it for play to provoke painful reactions.

However, there are a few things which irritate me about the box as well. Each time you switch between modes the intensity goes back down to one, while this is good as a cautionary measure–and probably makes the most sense because each mode is different on each intensity and while I can take an eight on one I wouldn’t like an eight on another–it is still irritating to me because it means in order to switch between modes I have to build up in intensity again, which could easily disrupt the scene. The other problem is it can only be used in 5, 10, or 15 minute bursts. While it is easy to turn it on again after the time is up this is also disrupting to any flow of pain or pleasure that might be gained without such a constriction.

The Power box is also compatible with any Zeus accessories that are bipolar, I have the Torpedo Plug and Pleasure Clamps which both work well and easily with the power box, you just have to plug them in to the box and turn it on to get them to work. Because the leads have snap hooks, as well, they can be attached to pretty much any metal object to turn them into an electrosex prop. Since learning this I have had the desire to try to electrify my Njoy toys, though I haven’t tried it yet.

My interest in electrosex has definitely been piqued, and I’m eager to delve deeper into experiencing this different type of sensation. The Electrosex Deluxe Power Box is a wonderful toy which is easy for beginners to pick up and go with but also powerful enough for advanced users. I highly recommend doing lots of research before delving in to something like electrosex, but know that once you start you might not want to stop.

Much thanks to Tabu Toys sex toys for allowing me to review the Electrosex Deluxe Power Box!

Product Specs

Name: Electrosex Deluxe Power Box

Manufacturer: Zeus

Type: BDSM/Electosex Toy

Material: Plastic

Power: Three AAA batteries (included).

Components: Digital power box, four adhesive pads, two lead wires, two cord winders.

Care: Nothing special, the adhesive pads are supposed to be everlasting, though they do get gradually less sticky, just be sure the area where they are adhering to is clean and everything should last for quite some time.