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Review: Double Fish Hook Restraint

I had somewhat high hopes for this Double Fish Hook Restraint. It seemed odd, but potentially fun. I love gags and thought this one was unusual enough to be interesting and would work well enough to get me hot and bothered. Well, it was definitely interesting.

Essentially it is two just about 90 degree angled metal hooks with rubber coating on either end of a high quality leather strap that buckles in the back. The buckle is easily adjustable and also really long. Possibly freakishly long. As you can see in the picture below the two fish hooks on either side are designed to go in either side of the mouth. This doesn’t prevent you from cosing your mouth, it just stretches the sides of the mouth open making you look rather odd.

I have enjoyed when Onyx puts fingers in either corner of my mouth while fucking so I thought this would potentially remind me of that. While it did to an extent, mostly it was just awkward.

It was difficult to position so that it was actually doing much of anything. I have a relatively large head and even on the smallest of the settings the hooks had a difficult time staying in my mouth, and it was super easy to just push one out with my tongue. To prevent this the hooks could be bent further, but that could be potentially dangerous and I would worry about them ripping the corners of the mouth. Even though the hooks are covered in rubber they are still square-ish and would just not be comfortable or fun that way. Shortening the strap might make it work a little better, but you could still push the hooks out pretty easily, which takes away the point of this for me.

I’m tempted to see if I can find a way to use the back strap for my Whitehead Gag instead since it didn’t come with one. Honestly, I think a “restraint” isn’t necessary to do this specifically as fingers or another type of gag would work far better. I suggest a O-ring gag or silicone ball gag instead.

Much thanks to PinkCherry sex toys for sending me Pipedream Fetish Fantasy Series Double Fish Hook Restraint to review!

Product Specs

Name: Double Fish Hook Restraint

Manufacturer: Pipedream Products

Type: Mouth gag (sorta).

Material: Vinyl straps, metal hooks, rubber tips on the hooks.

Dimensions: 30 inch strap, 0.9 inches wide, 2 inch hooks.


Review: Whitehead Gag

I love gags, especially evil-looking ones that keep the mouth open rather than blocking it. I don’t know what it is, maybe the helplessness of it, the way it makes it difficult to swallow, the accessibility of the mouth while wearing the gag, or maybe for all of those reasons and more. I’ve been attracted to the look of dental gags for quite some time, but this is the first one I’ve actually acquired.

The Whitehead Gag really fits the bill for my gag fetish. It looks quite impressive during use while also being fairly comfortable to wear and easy to use. Most gags are easy to use, really, insert in mouth and go, but this one does have the added bonus of an adjustable size, so it can work on a variety of people, rather than the one-size-works-on-most gags.

It has two little ratchets (is that the right word? I’m not sure) on either side of the mouth, bars with little teeth which hook on to the bottom of the gag and control the height of it. The gag can be used anywhere from closed together to about two and a half inches apart. The main controls for opening or closing the gag are really quite simple: the ratchets as I mentioned are used to lock the gag in place and can be pulled together to close the gag; the levers on the side open the gag wider with an easy press of the fingers.

The only strange thing about this gag that I noticed when I received it is it doesn’t have a head strap or anything to secure the gag to the wearer’s face. This isn’t unusual for these dental-type gags, most places sell them without head straps, but it’s something to keep in mind and may be a deterrent to you. I was definitely surprised, I assumed it would come with a strap. Luckily you can use just about anything to keep it in place, just depends on your imagination, even a single band of elastic tied to either end would work well and would be cheap and easy to put together. I made a makeshift one out of some leather cord I had lying around and it works quite well. You can purchase the gag from other retailers with a head strap, but it is usually more expensive that way.

Since the gag is made out of metal (stainless steel) and the little dip in the front rests on the teeth you have to be very careful while wearing it or having someone else wear it. The wearer could do some damage to their teeth if you’re not careful.

Really every time I think about this gag I want to use it. This can be partially chalked up to my gag fetish, but I don’t feel that way about every gag, this one is just gorgeous/evil-looking, comfortable, and makes me feel all sorts of helpless when wearing it. I don’t know about you, but that’s definitely something I look for in a gag.

Much thanks to Kinky Medical for sending me the Whitehead Dental Gag to review!

Product Specs

Name: Whitehead Gag

Type: Mouth gag.

Material: Stainless Steel.

Dimensions: 6 inches wide x up to 2 1/4 inches high (or 5 inches wide x up to 2 inches high).