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Vibrator Review: Wahl All-Body Massager

Although I had heard about the Wahl from other bloggers I trust as being an amazingly awesome vibrator I had my doubts. I’ve tried quite a few massager-style vibrators before and I just figured it would be another Hitachi and in no way match or outweigh my love for my Fairy Mini Mini, but I was wrong. While it’s somewhat similar the sensation is different.

Wahl is like a clitoral jackhammer. It’s deep and throbby and amazing. Like a lot of other massager vibes it has two speeds: gentle intensity, and omgholyfuckthatsgood. The second and higher setting gets me off in about 30 seconds. It’s powerful, unrelenting, and did I mention it’s amazing?

It actually feels to me like Wahl’s sensations are more similar to the oscillations of Eroscillator than the vibrations of other massager-style vibrators, only with more power. They’re not exactly the same by any means, but there seems to be a bit of back-and-forth movement with Wahl just like with Eroscillator. This could be my imagination, but it’s my experience. I would almost go so far as to say Wahl is better than my precious Eroscillator. Almost. However, when price is taken into consideration Wahl wins hands down since it’s far less expensive. This means you should get one.


Since it’s an “all-body massager” it comes with eight attachments for various parts of the body. Of course this means I’ve used them all on my clit and I’ve also used these on some of the intended body parts. The Wahl also rocks as a back massager. Win.

I had a difficult time with some of these the first time I tried to put them each on the Wahl. They are quite stiff and so is the little shaft you insert them onto and mine seemed to be just a little smaller than that shaft. Probably good for them not falling off, but irritating at first. They’ve since mellowed out a bit and are not so much a problem.

Clockwise from 12 o’clock (the one with multiple little spikes).

  1. Scalp “Acupressure points stimulate blood flow and massage the scalp.” – Amazing on what it’s made for: the scalp, but not so great other places. It’s okay on sensitive bits like nipples and I’ve used it on my clit but it’s just not all that exciting. The little
  2. Knuckle & Joints “Triangular shape to get into knuckles and joints.” – I really like this one, easy to use either the point of the triangle or one of the sides. It slips easily between my labia and nestles against my clit. Lovely.
  3. Spot Application “Pin-point massage.” – Excellent. Amazing. Perfect for clit stimulation. This is my favorite, hands-down. It’s exactly what it says, pin-point massage that gets right against my clit and rocks it like a fucking jackhammer. That might sound painful, but it’s awesome. I love it.
  4. Deep Muscle “Digs deep to reach those tight knots and helps to relieve pain.” – Deep indeed! Super deep and throbby, excellent on the clit. I thought the circles on the sides would be weird and get in the way or something but they don’t. This is somewhat similar to Spot Application but wider, which makes for a different sensation, vibrating my labia as well instead of just my clit.
  5. General Body “All-over soothing.” – Excellent for nipples, I wish it could cup the clit the way I envision it should but it doesn’t. It’s nice, but not great.
  6. Muscle Kneading “Stimulates blood circulation.” – Ooh, ahh, yes. I love this one as well, though I was wary of it at first it has grown in my love. It’s tied with Deep Muscle as my 2nd favorite, as it’s just as deep and wonderful.
  7. Facial “A smooth surface for a gentle massage to the face.” – Kind of similar to General Body. It’s wide and only slightly concave. The wideness and flatness of it is a little peculiar and I definitely prefer other attachments on my clit, but it’s nice on other places.

Really, I was just blown away by Wahl, far more than I imagined I would be. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Much thanks to My Pleasure for sending me the Wahl to review!

Product Specs

Name: Wahl All-Body Massager

Manufacturer: Wahl.

Type: Vibrator.

Power: AC Adapter.

Material: Plastic (handle) PVC (attachments)

Length: 8 inches.
Width: Around 4 1/2 inches from back to end of attachment, handle approximately 1 1/4 inches wide.

Lube: Any! Water-, oil-, or silicone-based lube.

Care: Toy cleaner, anti-bacterial soap & water.


Review: Fairy Pocket Mini

sex toys

Ever since I reviewed the Fairy Mini Mini I have said the only thing that would make the Fairy Mini Mini better would be to make it rechargeable. With the Fairy Pocket Mini they have done just that. FPM is also quieter and smaller, if you can believe it, about the size of a pocket rocket (hence, I think, the name). Unfortunately FPM has lost the best feature of the FMM, in my opinion.

FPM isn’t just rechargeable, it charges via USB port, an added geeky bonus to an already awesome toy. I only have one other USB rechargeable toy, but it does seem to be an awesome geeky addition that is popping up more frequently now. It comes with the USB cord but if you have a USB adapter you could also plug it into the wall and charge it that way.

When charging a blue light comes on opposite to the charging port. It doesn’t blink or give you any indication when it is done charging, but at least it gives you some indication that it is charging. Unfortunately there is nothing to cover the charging port, so it is very easy for dirt to get into it and very difficult to clean. This also means the toy is far from waterproof, though you could still clean it with water if you are careful not to get any in the charging port.

As I already mentioned, FPM is smaller and quieter than FMM, about two inches, making it by far the smallest massager-type vibrator. Really it’s some sort of freak combination between a massager and a pocket rocket, which I’m okay with. I don’t have a huge amount of experience with pocket rockets (I own one) but the big difference that I can tell is the flexible head that FPM has. Pocket rockets tend to be a straight shaft with nubs on the end in one direction so you don’t have a wide variety of angles you can hold it at, but FPM can be held multiple different ways and you can use the sides or the tip to get off with.

While FPM is quieter it is also not as powerful as FMM, although that’s not a completely fair comparison because FMM has crazy strong vibrations. Stronger-than-Hitachi crazy strong vibrations. FPM is about equivalent to the Acuvibe Mini in strength, and like most massagers it only has two available speeds. This is the most disappointing thing to me about it because FMM is amazing and has a dial speedometer so you have a ton of speed options to choose from, and I was hoping FPM would be the same way. Alas, it is not.

That doesn’t mean it’s not my second favorite massager-type vibrator now, because it is. I still think it is far superior to any other massager-type that I have tried aside from FMM. It is also more portable than FMM, since FMM is either attached to the wall or dragging around a 4×3″ battery pack on a cord coming out from it at all times during use. FPM is definitely the smaller more portable and convenient option.

If you don’t want to be attached to a wall or use batteries FPM is definitely the best super-strong massager (slash pocket rocket) and an excellent toy. One last warning, it may actually be too strong for folks out there, but those who require massager-level vibrations in order to get off are sure to love it. Did I mention it also comes with a handy wrist-strap?

Maybe the best part of either of the Fairy products is the Engrish on the box. FPM has wonderful phrases like “Fairy Pocket mini for Women’s.” Yes, that’s right, women’s. Women’s what? We’ll never know. Also: “Fairy series final-type handy vibe revolution. It is a settled small size in the pocket. Electric massage machine of minimum in the world pocket size.”

From top to bottom: Miracle Massager, Hitachi, Acuvibe Mini, Mini Wanachi, Fairy Mini Mini, Fairy Pocket Mini.

Much thanks to My Pleasure sex toys for sending me the Fairy Pocket Mini Wand!

Product Specs

Name: Fairy Pocket Mini Wand.

Type: Clitoral vibrator/Massager.

Power: Rechargeable via USB.

Material: Elastomer head, plastic body.

Length: 5 1/4″
Width: 1″

Weight: 2.4 ounces

Lube: Any (silicone-, water-, or oil-based)!

Care: Toy cleaner, anti-bacterial soap & water. It’s a little tricky to clean under the head and in the grooves on the head, but it can be done.


Review: Fairy Mini Mini Wand

fairy mini mini

I knew the Fairy Mini Mini Wand was smaller than the massager of all massagers: the Hitachi Magic Wand. I thought it would be smaller than the other mini-type massager I owned the Acuvibe Mini. I wasn’t prepared for how tiny it actually is, though!


But, don’t let it’s size fool you one bit. It’s a powerful little thing! Comparable to the Hitachi on high when at it’s highest. Yes, let me say that again: this tiny little thing is as strong as the Hitachi, if you can believe it.

The thing that’s even more wonderful is that the Fairy Mini Mini, unlike other massagers, would be perfect for any one who enjoys vibration of any strength. Why? Because the Fairy Mini Mini’s control is a dial rather than a switch, so instead of having “high” and “higher” like the Hitachi or “high” like the Acuvibe Mini the Fairy Mini Mini has a wide range from “barely nothing” to “oh my” to “too much! too much!” Personally I use it around 2/3 to 3/4 of the way up as the highest high is way too much for me (just like the Hitachi high).

Another wonderful plus is that you can choose to have the Fairy Mini Mini plugged in or unplugged and both work just wonderfully! It comes with both a battery pack that fits six AA batteries to provide it with the power it needs to produce such strong vibrations and a AC adapter to plug it in should those batteries die unexpectedly or simply if you prefer not to gobble up batteries. This (and it’s tiny size) makes it extremely portable and super easy to use at a moments notice.

The head of the toy is made of Elastomer which is phthalate-free but unfortunately is porous so it cannot be completely disinfected and sharing is hazardous. This is typical of massager-type vibrators, however, and both the Hitachi and Acuvibe Mini’s heads are made of vinyl. There are silicone attachments which can be bought for the Mini Mini to increase sharability and avoid it’s porous nature.


Due to it’s light and compact nature I’ve taken to carrying it with me, mostly just because I can, and just in case I get the desire to use it while I’m out and about. I’ve fallen in love with it, in other words, and don’t like to part with it for very long.

I really recommend it to anyone at all who likes vibration, which really should be just about everyone, since you can choose what speed to have it on. It’s so versatile, strong, and portable everyone should own one!

Much thanks to My Pleasure sex toys for sending me the Fairy Mini Mini Wand!


Product Specs

Name: Fairy Mini Mini Wand

Type: Clitoral vibrator/Massager

Power: Six AA’s or plug-in AC adapter.

Material: Elastomer

Length: 7 1/4″
Width: 1 1/4″

Weight: 3 ounces

Lube: Any (silicone-, water-, or oil-based)!

Care: Toy cleaner, anti-bacterial soap & water. It’s a little tricky to clean under the head and in the grooves on the head, but it can be done.


Review: Acuvibe Mini

This is actually my third massager-type vibrator after the “Cadillac of Vibrators” Hitachi and the Miracle Massager. All three are very similar to each other but with striking differences as well.

The Hitachi is the most well-known of the bunch so most of my comparison is going to be to it. It’s large, loud, and exceptionally powerful and pretty much the comparison-vibe for all massager-type vibrators. The Acuvibe Mini is much smaller in comparison (hello, it’s called ‘mini’ for a reason) and instead of plugging into the wall it is rechargeable which is handy for portability and absolutely awesome. It would be easy to stash in a purse or backpack and whip it out at a moment’s notice.

The small size of the Mini also makes it easier to store in general as well, since you don’t have to worry about a huge bulky massager taking up space, and you don’t have to worry about the cord getting crazy tangled or getting worn down right where it attaches to the massager, as cords often do. It also is much more comfortable to grip than the massive Hitachi without compromising too much on the strength.

While I don’t have the Acuvibe to compare the Mini or Hitachi too from what I read the Acuvibe Mini is comparable in strength to the low speed on the Acuvibe and I would compare it to the low speed on the Hitachi as well, so it’s got quite a bit of punch to it! Personally I rarely if ever use the high speed on the Hitachi so the Mini is just the right speed for me, but if you need the Hitachi on high it’s definitely not that powerful.

The biggest difference between the Hitachi and Acuvibe Mini aside from the size, and what I love the most, is it’s rechargeable rather than plugged in so it has massive portability and is just generally less of a hassle. I love my Hitachi, but I’ve never been a fan of the cord as my outlet or power strip is always just slightly too far away from me to really be comfortable so I end up using the Hitachi on rare occasion when I feel like getting off quickly.

Come to think of it I actually had my Hitachi plugged in pretty close to the bed for a while before we moved, but ended up not using it very often then either because the cord would always get tangled with other things.


The Acuvibe Mini, however, is so easy to use and charge it’s ridiculous. You can see the charging port in the image above, and the second image is the light at the bottom turned blue due to it charging. The light doesn’t blink or do anything to indicate when it’s done charging, which I wish it did, though admittedly I’m spoiled by my LELO toys. The manual instructs to charge the Acuvibe Mini for a full eight hours before first use.

Unlike the Acuvibe and the Hitachi the mini has a slight curve to it’s head, which I thought was wonderful for clitoral stimulation and makes me think the makers realize what it’s going to be used for. What I especially love about massager-type vibrators in general is they are able to be used with quite a bit of pressure, which is the sensation that gets me off the quickest. Pressure plus strong vibration? Yes, please!

While the Acuvibe Mini has definitely made me curious to try the Acuvibe I really can’t imagine that I will be more in love with it than the Acuvibe Mini. The strong vibration coupled with the petite size is just perfect!

Much thanks to Babeland for sending me the Acuvibe Mini to review!

Product Specs

Name: Acuvibe Mini

Manufacturer: Human Touch

Type: Vibrator Massager

Materials: ABS Plastic handle and EVA (Ethylene vinyl acetate) which is similar to vinyl/elastomer and is slightly porous from what I can gather so it should not be shared without a condom.

Charge: Rechargeable

Length: 8.5 inches
Width: 2 inches


Review: Miracle Massager Attachment

Last week I reviewed the Miracle Massager, and I was definitely pleased with it (not as strong as the Hitachi Magic Wand but still yummy vibration-wise and superior in other areas). So, this week it’s my turn to review the Miracle Massager Attachment, which is made out of clear PVC. I would like it a lot better if it was made out of silicone, as PVC and, specifically jelly as is the sub-category of PVC which this toy is made of, is extremely porous so it should not be shared.

Now, I’ve read a few reviews of the attachment, including people saying that they love the Miracle Massager even more with it, and I wish I could give it a good review. Unfortunately, my problem with the Massager Attachment is one of anatomy.

Let’s back up a little, however, so you can have more information about the attachment before I go into my issue with it. I found it gorgeous, I love see-through toys (glass or otherwise), and the shape is appealing as well. It has a nice ridged end, perfect for g-spot stimulation, as well as a platform extending out of that with lots of little “love nubs” which is just fantastic for clitoral stimulation.

As one can assume, the attachment is made so that one can have that dual-action feeling, a nice g-spot vibration as well as a stimulating clitoral massage. Unfortunately, as can be the problem with a lot of dual-action toys, when I inserted the toy the nubby platform did not line up with my clit! I had to move the toy around and maneuver it just right so that it hit my clitoris, but when I did that, it pulled out of my vagina almost all the way.

Like I said, this is an issue of anatomy, specifically my anatomy, and there are others who find this toy to be perfect and to line up just right. The nice thing is that this attachment is fairly inexpensive, so if you already have the Miracle Massager and want to try this toy out, I would still highly recommend it. It may line up perfectly, but even if it doesn’t you won’t have spent a whole lot of money on it.

However, even if your anatomy is like mine this toy doesn’t have to be a complete waste! While, yes, I was unable to have both clitoral and g-spot stimulation happening at once I was still able to achieve orgasm with the nubs on my clit and the first inch or so of the shaft inside of me. I was still getting combined vaginal and clitoral stimulation, and since the first three inches or so of the vaginal walls are, they say, the most sensitive, it wasn’t a complete loss.

Also, if you happen to have something like the silver bullet lying around (review two weeks from today) you can make the toy work for you by using the Miracle Massager Attachment for it’s g-spot capabilities, letting the nubs rub the vulva and urethra area (the vulval vestibule), and then using the glorious silver bullet for direct (or indirect, if that’s your desire) clitoral stimulation. I found that to work quite well as well!

Personally, I would much prefer using the Miracle Massager as a direct clitoral stimulator accompanied by my Vicky Venus (read my review here), or (if I’m wanting that g-spot stimulation) a g-spot toy like the Stubby G, Gigi or Iris (none of which I own, but I aspire to!).

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Review: Miracle Massager

I was instantly intrigued by the Miracle Massager as it claims to be superior to the Hitachi Magic Wand. I’ve had many many vibrators over the years, and I (along with pretty much any other person who has tried it) absolutely love my Hitachi and believe that it is the best vibrator around. So you can imagine my interest in a massager that claims to be better than the Hitachi!

Here’s the run-down: according to it’s VibeReview pagethe Miracle Massager claims to be better than the Hitachi in three ways: size, erogonomics (design), and heat. Now, I’ll go through each of these one by one:

In terms of size the Miracle Massager is definitely superior to the Hitachi. When I first tried the Hitachi I was a little overwhelmed at it’s size, but the Miracle Massager is nowhere near as intimidating. The toy itself is quite a bit lighter than the Hitachi and the head is smaller and therefore easier to fit into the little nook and cranny and get it right against your clit. Not that the Hitachi is bad for this, but it’s definitely easier to do with the Miracle Massager.

Second, as it says, it’s “ergonomically superior,” meaning the overall design is better, and I highly agree. It’s much less bulky than the Hitachi, and is much easier to handle and maneuver. The Miracle Massager has a smaller diameter than the Hitachi, it curves slightly for ease of use, and it tapers at the end as well, which is really handy and makes it much easier to hold. The curved handle makes it easier for me to grab and the tapered handle means that I can move the toy against me with less effort than the Hitachi.

I also like that the controls of the Miracle Massager go off-low-high, unlike the Hitachi which go low-off-high. A slight difference, and both placements have merits, but with the Hitachi in order to go from low to high one must turn it off completely, which can be irritating even if it is just for a short second. However, this is highly a personal preference, and both designs do have their own flaws. One thing about having it off-low-high is that in order to turn it off from high one must go through low first, which can also be irritating.

Lastly it claims to have fixed the temperature problem which is the biggest issue I have with the Hitachi. Basically, the longer the Hitachi is used the hotter it gets, which is not really a plus in my book. Luckily, that’s something the makers of the Miracle Massager have allowed for, and so the Miracle Massager does not get nearly as warm as the Hitachi, even over long play sessions. This means you can play with the toy much longer, which is always a good thing!

I agree that the Miracle Massager is superior on all these points, however, it is not superior in the most important aspect of any vibrator and that is vibration! The vibrations of the Miracle Massager, while strong and enough to get me off, are not nearly as strong as those felt by the Hitachi. From what I can tell, the High setting on the Miracle Massager is just about equal to the Low setting on the Hitachi. This works fine for me, as I often have my Hitachi on low when I’m playing with it (though I love the high setting as well), but for those of you who need and love the strong vibrations that the Hitachi provides, this toy may not do the trick!

Basically, I love this toy and will continue to use it when I don’t feel the need for the crazy strong vibrations of the Hitachi. It is easier to handle, and doesn’t get as hot, which are big plusses in my book, plus it got me off (and easily too). If you don’t need the strength of the Hitachi on high (or feel the Hitachi is too strong for you), then I highly recommend this toy to you, as it would still feel great, and is superior to the Hitachi in design. However, if you are one of those people who needs the awesome power of the Hitachi’s vibrations, I’d stick with the Hitachi and pass over the Miracle Massager.

Coming next Masturbation Monday: The Miracle Massager Attachment!