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Review: Red Heart Wrist Restraints

I’m a sucker for hearts, so the moment I saw these restraints I knew I had to have them. I actually already had the matching collar, and also requested the matching cock ring from Adult Sex Toys for my upcoming Cock Ring Week feature.

These cuffs are well made with two straps of sturdy leather, one as the base width and the other thinner strap with the inlayed hearts, and quality metal connectors. Each restraint has an O-ring attached to the thinner leather strip via D-ring. They have red stitching which matches the color of the hearts perfectly and is an excellent elegant enhancement to these already gorgeous cuffs.

I’ve had the matching collar for over a year and a half, possibly two years, so I can speak to the long-term durability of these as well, which is quite high. Unfortunately one of the hearts has come out of the collar I have, though that was due to rather rough use. I wore the collar 24/7 for quite a few months and it still looks great aside from the lack of a single heart.

They are quite comfortable to wear, even for long periods of time, the insides are soft against the skin, and easily adjustable to fit large or small wrists. My wrists are fairly large at around eight and a half inches and these fit easily around them. I especially love to use these in conjunction with my Under the Bed Restraint System, though they don’t come with connector clips so you have to provide those on your own.

What else is there really to say? If you like the look of these they are definitely worth the money, not as expensive as other high-quality cuffs but more than the cheap stuff that doesn’t last too long anyway. In addition to the collar and cock ring there are also matching Ankle Restraints and a matching Flogger! Someday I hope to own the whole set.

Much thanks to Adult Sex Toys for sending me the Red Heart Wrist Restraints to review.

Product Specs

Name: Red Heart Wrist Restraints

Type: Wrist Cuffs/Restraints

Materials: Leather (cuffs) and metal (connectors).

Length: 8 3/4 inches (total)
Width: 2 inches


Review: Kinklab Adjustable Spreader Bar

I’ve been intrigued by spreader bars for years, but never got around to owning one until now. When I saw the Adjustable Spreader Bar I knew I wanted to try it. Not only was it a spreader bar that could fulfill my desires of wanting to use one, but also because it’s adjustable I thought it would be the perfect first spreader bar to own. It adjusts from two feet to just over three feet with eight different options in between.

We used the Axovus ankle cuffs in conjunction with the spreader bar, which worked really well. There were a few minor issues such as because of the rather long clips we were using to connect the cuffs to the spreader bar I could get my feet a few inches closer together by moving them inward around the spreader bar. I’m quite a squirmer and love to figure out what I can get away with when bound so that was one of the first things I noticed.

I also could kind of keep my thighs together, which I attribute to being quite a large person. With thinner thighs I might not have been able to, but because of the girth of my thighs I was able to squeeze them closer together than my knees or ankles. This wasn’t a huge deterrent and didn’t take away from the overall feeling of helplessness and restraint, but is definitely something to keep in mind.

I really loved that it’s so easily adjustable, Onyx even adjusted it while I was already hooked into it. We really were hoping that the pins could be used to clip wrist cuffs to, but they’re not made strongly enough to be able to do that which makes sense since they need to be removeable.

The bar itself is lightweight enough that it is easily movable by the person tied or someone else, and doesn’t put strain on the ankles (or wherever else it may be used) when they are held up via it. It’s very sturdy as well, and at no point did I think I was going to bend or break it with my vigorous squirming.

Overall I really enjoyed my first experience with spreader bars and know that it won’t be the last. Thank you very much to Tabu Toys sex toys for allowing me to review the Kinklab Adjustable Spreader Bar!

Product Specs

Name: Adjustable Spreader Bar

Manufacturer: Kinklab

Material: Steel

Length: Eight options between 25 and 37 inches (adjustable)


Review: Leather Hogtie


When I found the Leather Hogtie on SexToy.Com I imagined using them with my Axovus Wrist Cuffs and matching Ankle Cuffs. I imagined a great way to tie someone up and fuck them. I imagined that was what I would be doing with this hogtie strap, but I was wrong. It was completely my fault that I was wrong, but I was wrong.

First, a little of the hogtie device itself. It’s really a very basic restraint device. It’s an O-ring with four strips of leather attached that have scissor snaps attached to them, making it so you can attach the hogtie device to four other things. It’s intended to be attached to four cuffs: two wrist, two ankle, to produce the hogtie position.

According to Wikipedia, Hogtie is “a method of tying the limbs together, rendering the subject immobile and helpless. Originally, it was applied to pigs (hence the name) and other young four-legged animals. In more recent years, the term has been applied to ways of restraining humans as well.” It can be accompanied by a gag or blindfold to enhance the helplessness of the situation, and the bottom could be left alone with little chance to escape.

The hogtie position is predicament bondage, not sex bondage like I was originally thinking. The position is just not good at all for sex, and I’m honestly not sure why I originally thought it was. I was just misguided or assumed it would lend itself to sex without really thinking about it.

I suppose for some sex would work in this position, depending on how wide you can spread your legs, but that would have to be almost all the way to get a comfortable position, so unless you’re extremely flexible it probably won’t work. Oral sex is possible in this position, however, and the bottom could be rolled on their side for cock play (should the bottom be male) or possibly fingering for the female, but no full on sex because it’s difficult to get at any orifices.

So, the reason why I got this device has failed me. If you are wanting a good device for sex bondage, this is not it.

However, it’s great for it’s original purpose: predicament bondage. It’s difficult to get out of while also being extremely simple and not terribly uncomfortable. How comfortable it is also depends highly on how flexible you are, but I’m not terribly flexible and it was pretty comfy for me.

Overall, if you want a fun and easy way to bind your partner, or be bound by your partner, I’d highly recommend it, assuming you have cuffs to clip it to (though they also have a Leather Hogtie with Four Rings which is meant for rope bondage play). If you are wanting something for sex, like I was, this is not for you.

You can find the Leather Hogtie along with other BDSM and Fetish Toys and sex toys of every flavor on SexToy.Com.

Much thanks to SexToy.Com for letting me review the Leather Hogtie!


Review: Three Restraints and A Blindfold

The wonderful people over at PinkCherry.Com were nice enough to send me a number of kinky items to compare and contrast with each other. They also sent me two of each of these items to give away on Pleasurists, and that contest will come out soon so keep your eye out!

Each of these items are quite affordable, all under $15 on PinkCherry.Com. With sex toys, usually you get what you pay for, so the more you pay the higher the quality, and for the most part that’s true. These items are not heavy duty leather, nor do they have fancy bells and whistles, however they all do exactly what they are meant to do while being very affordable and fun to use.

Some duplicate information in video and text.

Japanese Love Rope

Purple Japanese Love Rope from PinkCherry.Com

This purple Japanese Love Rope is very basic. It comes with finished edges and has a little 16-page booklet included with it as well which has a lot of great basic rope safety information as well as a few ties within it. The rope itself is a gorgeous purple color and is very soft and feels nice against the skin, though it could easily leave pretty rope marks as well. It is 3 meters or 10 feet long.

Onyx and I have played with the rope a few times, it is great for a few of the ties in the Two Knotty Boys book, mostly basic wrist and ankle ties since it is not terribly long. It is wonderfully smooth and the purple color is simply gorgeous against the skin.

Taboo Kinky Cuffs

Taboo Kinky Cuffs: 'Don't Stop' from PinkCherry.Com

These Taboo Kinky Cuffs are fun and easy to use. What I like most about them is that they are made out of neoprene, which is made to use wetsuits and is 100% water friendly (so says the back of the package). They velcro to close and easily fit both large and small wrists and they are strong and very easy to use.

As you can see from the image, they say “Don’t Stop” on them, so they’re a little campy and fun, not strictly serious, though the writing is easy to ignore as well. They would be fun as a kind of gag gift or a gift to someone who takes things a little too seriously and you might want to bring a little levity to.

These also have a “sister product” which are also called Taboo Kinky Cuffs but these say Spank Me on them and are red.

Black “Pleasure”/Bondage Tape

Black Bondage Tape from PinkCherry.Com

I absolutely love Bondage Tape. This is actually my third roll of it, I’ve had another roll of black and currently have a roll of red in addition to this roll of black from PinkCherry. Bondage Tape is both discreet and extremely easy to use, so if you accidentally leave the roll out where others can see all they would see is a roll of black tape, not a bondage item.

Bondage Tape isn’t sticky to anything but itself, so you don’t have to worry about hair being pulled out or skin being irritated. However, it does stick to itself very easily, so it’s great for any quick bondage, though you should be sure to wrap it around multiple times as just once isn’t enough.

It’s also great for impromptu gags, especially panty gags or something similar, you can wrap it around the head easily to secure a gag and not have to worry about hair getting ripped out since it sticks to itself and not anything else.

Pleasure Masks

Black and Red Pleasure Masks from PinkCherry.Com

Last but not least, the Pleasure Masks, or blindfolds, are a really great deal. They are made of rather light fabric so they, again, aren’t heavy-duty but they definitely serve their purpose.

They do have a bit of fabric that actually goes over the bridge of the nose to keep light out, so the sliver of light that blindfolds often will let through is nonexistent with these if positioned correctly. This is wonderful because it creates complete sensory deprivation instead of partial and can help to but the bottom in the right mindset faster.

Since you get two to the pack you can color coordinate them to outfits, rope, or other bondage items if you like, or if you end up losing one of them you always have the other to use, which is handy if you often misplace things like I do.

Overall each of these items are a great deal at under $15 a piece. They are all sturdy, well-made, and easy to use while also being affordable. Much thanks to PinkCherry.Com for sending me these items, and duplicates of each of these items so I can give them away to you, my readers! Keep your eye out for the contest coming soon on Pleasurists and will be cross-posted here too.


Review: Axovus Ankle Cuffs

Axovus Set of 2 Lined Ankle Cuffs

Despite loving restraints I really don’t own that many of them. Sure, I have the Under the Bed Restraints, a little bit of rope, and plushy gear wrist cuffs but you’ll notice one important ingredient is missing from all of bondage devices: leather!

When looking through the vast amounts of BDSM and Fetish Toys on SexToy.Com I was drawn to their handcuffs and legcuffs section. With such a wide selection it was difficult to choose a set, but the Axovus Ankle Cuffs (and matching Wrist Cuffs) called out to me.

First of all, these babies are huge! They’re three inches wide, just over a quarter of an inch thick (about 5/16ths of an inch according to my tape measure), and fit a five to eleven inch ankle.

Because of thier size so they are best used as ankle cuffs and not wrist cuffs (some are interchangeable, these not so much). Even if you tighten them well on the wrists they are still somewhat easy to slip out of, so that’s where their matching Wrist Cuffs come in handy.

The Axovus Ankle Cuffs are wonderful for what they are made for: ankles. These are lined with neoprene which is then lined with soft fabric to make it extra cushy and very soft on the inside so they’re fabulous to wear for long periods of time. They have high quality leather on the outside as well. The cuffs are sturdy and very obviously well-made and made to take a lot of stress, so you can wiggle and resist to your hearts content!

Each cuff has a connected D-ring and come with three connectors: two “spring snaps” that I always call carabiner clips, and one double snap lock which has connectors on either side. You can attach them to each other using the connectors that come with them or connect them to anywhere else that they can be clipped to.

I used the ankle cuffs along with my Under the Bed Restraint System and they were fantastic! The Under the Bed Restraints come with thin velcro-attaching cuffs that are great in and of themselves, but they’re hardly heavy or leather, so these are a great way to make the Under the Bed Restraint System a little more… hardcore, for lack of a better word.

If you’re looking for nice comfortable high quality leather ankle cuffs, I highly recommend these lined Axovus ankle cuffs!

Thanks to SexToy.Com for the ankle cuffs! Find the Axovus ankle cuffs, other BDSM and Fetish Toys, and lots of other sex toys at SexToy.Com!


Review: Leather Leash

Onyx and I have only used this a few times, though I have enjoyed it when we have. We have yet to use it on him, however, which would be an interesting experience. We do very little leash play or puppy play regularly, but I’ve always enjoyed the idea of it, and so I was intrigued when I saw it in the VibeReview website and wanted to try it out. How does one review a leather leash? Something I’ve been pondering for a while, and now you see the result:

Leashes are a bit of a staple of a BDSM toybox, they’re fun, easy and versatile and are able to create a clear definition of who is Dominant and who is submissive without too much effort. In short, they’re pretty great. They are great for keeping someone close, and can easily be incorporated into any sort of puppy play, or simply collar and lead play, both of which are pretty common.

I think the best quality of The Leather Leash from VibeReview is the thick quality leather that it is made of. Sometimes leather products, even sometimes expensive ones, don’t feel very good quality, but this one does. You can be sure that it won’t break easily from any tugging or pulling done to it.

It has a clip on one end that is easily attached to just about anything with a wide enough hole for it: collars, cuffs, nipple rings, nipple clamp chains, etc. It can be wrapped around and attached to itself, as well, making for a impromptu restraints. Your imagination can go wild at the versatility of this simple item.

The leash itself is only about four feet long, which is shorter than a lot of other leashes you can purchase I’m told, which could be a plus or a minus depending on what you’re wanting to use it for. Personally, I think that shorter is better, it means that the bottom has less room to maneuver, and also it’s a bit more intimate (though all leash play is definitely intimate). It’s a good signifier of the start of a scene as well.

Overall I’ve really enjoyed playing with The Leather Leash and look forward to much more playtime with it ahead. It’s good quality that will last for quite some time, especially if the leather is taken care of as well. If you’re looking for a good solid leash, I’d highly recommend it.

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Review: Sportsheets Under the Bed Restraints

I’ve read a few other reviews of the Under the Bed Restraints which have basically all said the same thing: these are not hardcore leather restraints, so these aren’t for the lover of heavy leather and chains, but they are wonderful for some quick and easy bondage which won’t leave marks for others to see. I couldn’t agree more.

When I first got this restraint system I immediately went upstairs to our bedroom and fitted it under the mattress. It was easy to do (as long as you can lift the mattress). Basically the Under the Bed Restraint system came with four cuffs (for wrists and ankles, of course), and five straps. One middle strap to run up and down under your mattress, and four straps to attach to the middle strap for the cuffs to attach to. I easily clipped all of the straps together and set it under the mattress.

The directions say that you can fashion the straps in two ways under the mattress: so the cuffs come out the sides, or the top and bottom of the bed, or some combination thereof. I set the cuffs up so they were all coming out the sides, at first, but I’ve also moved them around (by lifting the mattress so they’re not snagged underneath) so that the ankle straps are coming out the sides and the wrist ones are coming up the top of the bed, which is a configuration I also enjoy.

I had to wait for Dominus to come home from work before we were able to test these out. I’m quite a squirmy sub and like to struggle and fight when restrained, testing my bonds and seeing if I can escape, and let me say: there was no escape from these. While they are light, as I mentioned above, they are definitely sturdy and do not come apart easily. And I definitely tried to get out of them. The cuffs are a good size, more than big enough for my wrists and ankles, which are both pretty large (big boned fat girl that I am).

One of the nice things about the Under the Bed Restraints is that the cuffs can easily be interchanged with another set. You don’t have to use the cuffs that come in the box, although they are rather nice, but if you have that love of leather or the desire for something heavier you can easily clip a different set of cuffs to the accessible rings. It is as versatile as your toybox, and is such a quick and easy way to immobilize anyone.

The straps are easily adjusted as well, with a simple tug you can tighten the straps so the bottom is tight against the bed, or loosen them if you want hir to move and kneel in the middle of the bed. They are also easy to tuck away under the mattress if you have other people (or kids) in the house that you don’t want asking questions about the cuffs dangling from beneath the mattress.

Like I said, if you’re looking for something heavy, this isn’t exactly what you’re wanting, though you can always buy some nice expensive cuffs to use with the system. The brilliance and appeal of the Under the Bed Restraint System is that it is super easy to set up, very versatile as far as the ability to interchange cuffs as well as the placement of the straps, and is a quick and easy way to make someone helpless at a moment’s whim: there is no complicated rigging to set up, just set it up once, then velcro someone into place whenever desired. I highly recommend them to anyone who enjoys bondage, whether they are a beginner or advanced bondage connoisseur.