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Review: Twisted Love Ties


When I first received the Twisted Love Ties from Sportsheets I was a little wary of them. The first thought I had about them was that they remind me of large bread ties, Marla had the same reaction. I could already see the convenient use of them as a fast light bondage item which would be rather versatile, so I was also excited to try them.

The Twisted Love Ties easily slip around wrists or ankles, and can be wound around multiple times or crossed over themselves, attached to themselves or to other objects, all sorts of combinations. They basically feel like foam wrapped around a bendable spine with a fabric cover.

They seemed overly stiff at first and while they were somewhat easy to mold they just didn’t seem like they would be that comfortable. I experimented with them right away and wasn’t too impressed so didn’t end up actually using them during play until quite some time later.

Every time I used the ties by themselves they were rather uncomfortable. Although they bend rather easily by hand they are not easily bent when already around a wrist or ankle, which made it difficult to have them on for long periods of time as moving the limbs around at all wasn’t easy. Although the idea of bondage is to restrain movement the bottom generally tends to squirm and wiggle within the bonds, the ties were too difficult to put perfectly around to restrict movement within the ties and were too uncomfortable to use on their own.

Where the Twisted Love Ties really shine, however, is when coupled with a hard object, specifically I used them with a spreader bar. I think they work so well combined with a hard object because the hardness of the spreader bar makes the slight stiffness of the ties feel soft in comparison. They slipped easily through the loops on the end of both spreader bars I tried them with, and were great for using the spreader bar on knees specifically as well as ankles.

While I wasn’t impressed with the ties by themselves I know I will be using them over and over again with my spreader bars. All three of us are impressed at how well they work.

Much thanks to Sportsheets for letting me review their Twisted Love Ties!

Product Specs

Name: Twisted Love Ties

Manufacturer: Sportsheets

Type: Light & quick bondage item.

Material: Foam-covered bendable metal.

Length: 22 inches each


Review: Sportsheets Heart Impressions Crop


I’m kind of a sucker for hearts and things with hearts on them. I was really attracted to the Heart Impressions Crop for that reason. We have a paddle with a cut-out heart that occasionally leaves imprints if hit with hard enough (ouch!) which can be really fun for pictures and the like, or for a good excuse to hit really hard, so I thought a crop that does similar would also be fun to have around.

Unfortunately, I have been unable to get the crop to actually leave an impression. I think this has to do with the fact that the leather isn’t very thick (which is normal for crops) and so there isn’t much of a distinction between the leather of the crop and the cutout. I was a little disappointed that it didn’t actually leave a heart-shaped mark, and think that the Impressions Mood Slappers from Sportsheets may do a better job at this.

However, even though the crop didn’t actually leave a mark it did still work very well as a cute short crop that is not super stingy but can sting if needed. The sting is highly variable depending on the force with which it is hit, of course, but with average force it’s not that stingy. I think of it kind of as a warm-up crop, or maybe a crop for those who don’t like a lot of sting but enjoy the impact. It makes a wicked sound, too, which I really enjoyed. It sounds a lot worse than it actually is, probably because of the red layer in between the leather loop.

While it didn’t do it’s intended purpose–impress a heart–it still works really well as a crop in general, and is still super cute. I think it would especially be the perfect crop for a beginner or someone of any level who enjoys less of a sting or likes a warm-up crop. As long as you keep in mind that the impression doesn’t work too well and just buy it for it’s other qualities I would highly recommend it.

Much thanks to Sportsheets for letting me review their Heart Impressions Crop!

Product Specs

Name: Heart Impressions Crop

Manufacturer: Sportsheets

Material: Leather and (possibly) nylon for the red color between the crop loop

Length: 16.5 inches (without leather loop handle) 24.5 inches (including leather handle)
Width: 2 inches (striking tip) 1.5 inch (heart)

Sensation: Stingy – 1 (out of 3)