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Review: Vixen Creations Brando

Product Specs

Name: Brando

Manufacturer: Vixen Creations

Material: Silicone

Length: 7″
Width: 2″ (diameter)
Girth: 6.5″ (around)

What I love: Thick, but not super or scary thick. Perfect for amateur size queens. Wonderful vaginally. Also a secret suction cup dildo!
What I don’t love: Might be too thick for some. Also is daunting for anal play.

While Brando himself has been discontinued you can get his VixSkin twin Rodeo Rick from Babeland!

Much thanks to Babeland for letting me review Brando (link to Rodeo Rick)!


Review: Fun Factory Bandito Dildo

Bandito is such a gorgeous toy. He comes in both black (as shown) and lavender (shown here), so I, of course, got the black. The fun with Onyx I had a few nights back was with the Bandito, and you can go read how well that turned out.

Bandito is sleek and beautiful, with a gorgeous swirly pattern along his shaft he is not only pleasing to the eye but also the added texture increases pleasure. He also has a nice curve to him, perfect for g-spot or p-spot stimulation (see above re: fun with Onyx). While he isn’t super long or super thick, only about 6″ of insertable length and about 4.5″ around or 1.5″ thick, he does have that just about perfect curve to him which I believe adds to the feeling of thickness of any toy. He hits all the right spots without even trying.

The base of Bandito is slightly strange, it’s thick and wide, perfect for strap-on use. I’ve used it with the Hardcore Harness and found it fits very well and is nice and sturdy, I had absolutely no problem with control using the two together. The unusual part of it is the shape of the base, most dildo bases are circular, but Bandito’s base is sort of like a triangle.

According to Panthera Pardus, even though he isn’t marketed as such she says Bandito can also be used like a suction-cup dildo, and I verify that is correct! There is a slight curve to the underside base which allows it to be suctioned to the wall. I haven’t actually fucked it using it like a suction cup dildo, but I have suctioned it to the wall and tugged on it and it holds up very well.

Bandito is an extremely well-made toy. Have I mentioned that it’s made of 100% medical-grade Silicone? Because it is. Which, aside from meaning that no silicone lube should be used with it, means that it is one of the safest materials that your sex toys could be made from.

I would recommend Bandito to anyone who is wanting a dildo that is not only wonderful to look at but that will also hit all the right spots and is harness compatible, or any combination of those. Also, if you’re looking for a suction-cup dildo, even though it isn’t marketed as such, I would seriously consider getting Bandito for that as well. Rarely do harness-compatible dildos also work as suction cup dildos, so it’s almost like getting two dildos in one!


Review: Silicone Crystal Cote Dildo

I have never had a suction-cup dildo before, so of course immediately after receiving the Silicone Crystal Cote in the mail a few weeks ago I slapped it up against the side of my bookshelf in the living room and let it sit there until it fell off, because what else would I do with a suction-cup dildo but make it stick to things? You know, aside from using it for it’s other intended purpose. It took over two hours for the suction to wear off, and that was with no help to stay on from me (like thrusting would do, for example).

I never quite saw the need for a suction-cup dildo before. I always figured why bother if I have a hand or a partner who can thrust the toy into me. However, upon receiving the cote (after sticking it to the bookshelf) I began to fantasize about the abilities for both solo and partner sex which the dildo offered me. I began to form double-penetration scenarios in my head and think of the possibilities of fucking myself without using my hands.

First, a few facts about the Silicone Crystal Cote. It is, in fact, made of silicone (never would have guessed, right?) but it has two different colors of silicone. I think the reason why they put silicone in the name of it is because it looks like it’s made out of jelly rubber. I, for one, have not seen another clear silicone dildo, and although I’ve seen ones with multiple colors I’ve never seen one that looks quite like the Cote.

It looks as if the purple silicone which the balls and suction cup are made out of has been shot into the clear silicone, the purple permeating the clear silicone in a very definite cone in the middle of it. The effect is unusual, but also rather gorgeous. Personally I love clear toys as well, and while the entire toy isn’t clear, having the clear which blends so effortlessly into the purple is something that piqued my interest for this toy.

The Cote is a little smaller than I had anticipated. While the entire length (including balls and suction cup) is about seven inches, the insertable length is only around four and a half. It’s about an average thickness as well, so if you like something that penetrates deeply or is extra thick I would pass. However, I found it to be just about a perfect length and width for fun suction-cup play, plus it has wonderful ridges and purple balls!

As I already mentioned, the Cote stuck to the side of my bookshelf for a couple of hours before falling off. It has also stuck to my walls, refrigerator, kitchen cabinets, bathroom tile, bathroom mirror, the side of my TV, and pretty much anything I could think of to test. The suction is pretty powerful, too, and only falls off after a few hours of hanging around, which is pretty good.

I tried this toy in a couple of different ways, Dominus used it on me, and it was lovely. The ridges really add a wonderful sensation, the suction cup and/or balls are easy to hold onto and make a great handle for ease of thrusting. The other way I’ve tried it was suctioned up against various surfaces (see: above) and then positioning myself onto it and going to town, an activity often accompanied with my Nea. Let me just say, this lovely dildo delivers.

The other way I want to try it but haven’t yet is during some double-penetration play. The idea would be me fucking back onto it while sucking Dominus’ cock. Why haven’t we done this yet? Honestly, I’m not sure. That’s part of the reason this review has taken so long to get out, I was waiting for that scenario to play out before reviewing it. Alas, I’ll just have to make it a seperate post!

If you’re in the market for a suction cup dildo, or you’re just curious about one after reading this review, I highly encourage you to pick up the Silicone Crystal Cote, which also comes in peach or fuchsia. The only problem I have found of it is that of size, like I said it’s not for you size queens out there, but otherwise it’s a fantastic toy built for hours of fucking.

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