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Review: Erotic Elder Sister

Despite the extremely unappealing name the Erotic Elder Sister is Onyx’s favorite masturbation sleeve to date. There’s at least a little logic behind the name, as ToyHeart also makes the Innocent Younger Sister, which is nearly identical in look but not in sensation. This doesn’t really make the name any better, though, and for the most part it’s best just to ignore the name while using it.

I will say that Onyx was pretty wary of it when we first were told it was being sent to us, but he agreed to try it out, and was glad he did. It simply has the best sensation of the toys he has tried so far (though he hasn’t yet been tried out a Fleshlight) and it is the easiest and most comfortable to use.

The Erotic Elder Sister is made of Soft Skin, a material that is supposed to feel like actual skin, and it does a fairly good job at it. It’s pliable and stretchy, and the ToyHeart website insists it’s “so fleshy.” While not an exact replica of skin (which might be a little creepy anyway) it does feel fairly realistic, especially sticking a finger inside while lubed up. I was impressed with the feel of it, actually, and Onyx says it’s definitely the most realistic feeling of the products he has tried.

Safe Skin is ToyHeart’s own TPE blend and is phthalate free, of course. However, it is porous so be sure not to share this toy without a condom. It’s best to always use a condom with this toy, really, to discourage bacteria from making it their home and to make for a much easier cleanup. However, if you don’t just follow the simple care and feeding instructions below. It’s super easy to turn this toy inside out so cleaning is pretty simple.

Inside the Erotic Elder Sister views looking at the side and top. It has a g-spot!

The inside itself is moderately simple, especially compared to the Tenga Flip Hole for example, but it does have quite a few bumps and ridges. ToyHeart says it has “all the grooves of a real vagina.” What does this really mean? It actually has a g-spot bump. Yes, that’s right, this masturbation sleeve has a g-spot. Not only is that fantastic because, well, it’s a g-spot, but Onyx says it really makes the difference sensation-wise. He can feel the g-spot bump while using it and it feels wonderful. Win! You can see it in the picture above near the middle of the sleeve.

The last pocket in the inside is supposed to be the suction controller. Basically to control the suction you squeeze the end of it while inserting your finger/cock/dildo/whathaveyou and it creates more or less suction depending on how much air you let out. This sort of works on my fingers, but not quite. I attempted to use this suction feature with my Mr. Man01 but have not yet gotten it to work. I will try again, though, as I think that would be fantasticly awesome.

Onyx says this toy is the best masturbation sleeve he has tried and that he would recommend it to anyone hands-down. I say it feels pretty damn good around my fingers and I love the g-spot bulb inside of it. You just have to try to ignore the name of it (if you can).

Much thanks to Toy Demon for giving me the chance to review the Erotic Elder Sister.

Product Specs

Name: Erotic Elder Sister.

Manufacturer: ToyHeart.

Type: Jack Off Toy.

Material: “Soft Skin” aka a TPE (Thermal plastic elastomer) blend made to feel like real skin. Phthalate free but extremely porous, should not share without the use of a condom. For ease of clean-up and to make sure it doesn’t get bacteria in it’s pores use a condom at all times.

Dimensions: 5 1/2 inches (length) x 3 inches (diameter)

Lube: Water-based only! No silicone lube, it could mess with the TPE material and make a mess of the toy. While some TPE toys can handle silicone lube it’s best not to risk it. Or, if you must, test the lube on a small part of the toy before using it inside.

Care and Feeding: Flip inside out (fairly easy to do). Wash with warm water and antibacterial soap or toy cleaner. Let air dry. Dust with corn starch. Store until next use.

  1. The awesome dildo with a hole in the shaft to allow suction against the wearer’s clit. Since Jollies (the maker) site is down and they discontinued this item I don’t have somewhere to link to for this. []

Review: Tenga Flip Hole


Unlike other Tenga products which are one-time-use-only masturbation sleeves the Flip Hole is designed to be reusable and easily cleaned. It is named, obviously, after how you clean it, by flipping it open to get at the sleeve inside.

The design of the Flip Hole is really quite brilliant. It’s basically split into two pieces: the main compartment made of plastic on the outside and thermoplastic rubber based silicone on the inside which is split in half so it can be opened and cleaned; and the outer U-shaped compartment that has grooves on either side which the main compartment slides into. The outer compartment can either be used to cover up the opening while storing, to hold the two hinged halves of the main compartment together, or as a stand for the main compartment while it is air drying.

The TPR Silicone can get tacky after cleaning and a light dusting of corn starch helps it along immensely. TPR Silicone is phthalate free but it is porous, so it can harbor bacteria. No sharing the toy without a condom.

The Flip Hole also comes with three lubricants, though they call them lotions: Real, Mild, and Wild. They are all fairly thick water-based lubricants. Onyx says he was unable to discern any real difference between the three during use, though Wild has a minty flavor to it. I’m not really sure how Real is supposed to be “realistic” feeling or how Mild is mild, but they’re supposed to be different somehow. Overall Onyx prefers to ignore the “lotions” included and use Sliquid H2O instead.

Onyx says that the sensation while using it is quite enjoyable and comparable to the other Tenga products. The Flip Hole is bulky, however, much bulkier than the other two disposable Tenga sleeves he’s tried, and because of that he liked it less than he thought he would. The circles on the front and back of the Flip Hole are made to rest your fingers on while using and you are able to adjust the suction and tightness of the sleeve by squeezing or loosening your grip, but this is not nearly as efficient or easy to use as the Squeeze Play.

As you can see in the image above, there is a lot going on inside of the Flip Hole, especially comparatively to the other disposable Tenga sleeves. Unfortunately, he says, despite the fancier insides it doesn’t really feel any better or worse than the others he has tried, it basically feels exactly the same.

The big upside of the Flip Hole is that it is reusable, it’s easy to clean, and if you take care of it you can have it for quite some time. Unfortunately Onyx says it’s just not as comfortable or easy to use as the disposable Tenga sleeves due to it’s bulky size.

Much thanks to Toy Demon for giving me the chance to review the Tenga Flip Hole.

Product Specs

Name: Flip Hole

Manufacturer: Tenga

Type: Jack Off Toy.

Material: ABS Plastic (outside) and TPR Silicone (inside).

Dimensions: 7 inches x 3 inches (diameter).

Lube: Water-based only, since it is a silicone blend there is the possibility that silicone-based lube will break down the chemical makeup of the toy and ruin it. Best to steer clear of it just in case.

Care and Feeding: See third image of the post. Open Flip Hole. Wash with soap and water or use an antibacterial toy cleaner. Allow to air dry on the outer compartment, or you can pat dry with a clean towel if you’re really impatient. If TPR Silicone is tacky to the touch give it a light dusting of corn starch. Store until you’re ready to use again.


Review: Tenga Double Hole

The Tenga Double Hole is made to be a pre-lubricated, one-time-use, disposable toy. While it is made to be disposable you can actually use it more than once, but if you want to do so you will need to use a condom with it since you will not be able to properly clean and sanitize the semi-porous TPE insert. Even if you do use a condom with it the insert is not designed to withstand multiple instances of vigorous use, so you can get a half-dozen orgasms out of it if you’re lucky, though that is better than most one-night stands.

Unlike other disposable Tenga toys the Double Hole has, not just one but two holes (as one might assume from the name), a “sweet side” and a “bitter side.” Tenga actually avoids comparing the Tenga holes to human holes, preferring to say that their toys offer a different and superior sensation to these natural orifices. However, the comparison is pretty abundant on just about every other retail website and is easy to infer–two holes, one tighter than the other, what else are you going to think of?–so I’m going to mention it anyway.

The “bitter side” has 63 nubs, though I’m unsure how much the number of nubs really changes anything (maybe because it’s shorter?) and is said to be reminiscent of anal sex, or perhaps a very tight cunt, so it is therefore tighter than the “sweet side” which is said to mimic vaginal sex, sort of. Yes, Tenga also has a product which seems to imitate oral sex, the Deep Throat. The “sweet side” has 73 nubs (a whopping 10 more than the “bitter side”) and is supposed to be more of a gentle grip and suction.

Since the holes are completely separate you could use the Double Hole twice, or switch between the two holes multiple times the way you shouldn’t ever do with a real cunt and ass (going from cunt to ass is okay but you don’t want to go from ass to cunt without changing/putting on a condom).

The outside of the cup is made of ABS Plastic while the insert which makes up both the holes is made of TPE or thermoplastic elastomer, a material that is body-friendly as it is phthalate-free, but it is semi-porous so it can harbor bacteria. Tenga products are actually made from all recycled plastics, so those concerned about the environmental impact of disposable toys can at least be happy about that. They also make a non-disposable version, the Tenga Flip Hole.

Since I don’t have a cock with nerve endings attached and all that junk it was actually Onyx who tested out the Double Hole, so he is going to tell you a little more about that experience:

First up in my testing was the sweet hole, described by Tenga as a hole that “gently clings to your penis”. My first impressions were that it was very similar to the Squeeze Play, but without the delightful suction that the squeeze play provides. The sensation was nice, but not overwhelmingly so and not pleasant to the same level as some male masturbators I’ve tested. Also I was somewhat distracted by the fact that every time my penis went in, a large bubble would bulge out the other end. This bubble apparently did no harm and caused no difference in sensation, but it was definitely kind of weird and distracting.

Moving on to the Bitter side which Tenga promises will “firmly tighten” around my penis I was in for a different experience. The Bitter hole is by far the tightest masturbation sleeve I’ve ever used and what can I say? Tightness can be GOOD! The sensation using the bitter hole was far more intense for me and far more pleasurable and I had to start restraining myself from climaxing too soon, wanting instead to spend some time enjoying the sensation. Also, while using this hole there were no weird bubble issues, which helped me focus more. When I did finally allow myself to orgasm, it was surprisingly intense, quite a bit more than I’m used to using masturbation sleeves.

There are a couple more ways you can try to enjoy this toy that I didn’t have the chance to test out. One option is to use a dildo or vibrator in whichever hole you’re not using for additional tightness. I suspect this would work better for me if I was using the sweet side, as the bitter side was already plenty tight. Also if you have a male partner and which to share this toy with him it is possible, though possibly awkward for you both to use the toy at the same time, each using different holes.

So while my experience with the sweet side was ok, but somewhat lackluster, my enjoyment of the bitter side more than made up for it, so I give this toy 4 lotuses

Thank you so much Toy Demon for giving me the chance to get to know the delightful Tenga Double Hole.

Product Specs

Name: Double Hole

Manufacturer: Tenga

Type: Jack Off Toy

Material: ABS Plastic and TPE

Dimensions: 6 inches by 2 1/2 inches (diameter)

Lube Ingredients: Water, Propylene Glycol, Hydroxyl Ethyl Cellulose, Sodium Polyacrylate, Phenoxyethanol, IPBC, Paraben