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Review: Tunti Illuminating Boudoir Toybox

All lit up in the dark.

As I mentioned in my last review of The Original ToiBocks I recently spent a few months living with my father. During this time I started really understanding the need for secure and discreet sex toy storage. While I really enjoy the product I reviewed yesterday and these both are toy storage they are also radically different. Well, maybe not radically, but definitely quite different. The Tunti Illuminating Boudoir Toybox is still discreet, but not trying to be a dresser, nightstand, or bathroom item like the ToiBocks. Where the Tunti shines (no pun intended–more on that in a moment) is as a secure and solid transportation and storage device.

The Tunti is hard on the outside and soft on the inside and looks much like an expensive camera case which is actually the base of the design for the toybox. Or perhaps like something James Bond would carry around and whip out a camera, gun, bomb, or some clever gadget from Q. Either way it’s pretty classy. There are no markings on the outside of the box to give away what might be stashed inside of it. It opens with two latches on either side of the handle, both of which lock, and comes with two identical keys (I keep one on my keychain at all times and one in a drawer).

The sleek camera-case looking exterior.

What I love about it probably more than any other feature is the row of LED lights it has on the top side of the case, hence the “illuminating” part of the name of course. These make it very easy to see every inch inside the case, not to mention in a dark or dimly lit room. It’s so easy to find exactly what I’m looking for, and should I need to reach for something in a dark room I don’t have to fumble around or turn on a light to get to it. I like this a lot.

Inside in the light and minus the plastic divider.

It has a mesh pocket in the top side of the case which I think is perfect for lubes and massage oils (as you can see in the images). A pink plastic divider (shown below but not in the image directly above) separates the top and bottom halves keeping your toys free from mess in case any of the liquid spills. It’s pretty perfect, really, although I would prefer another color for the divider, but that’s not a big deal. The divider is the only place that has any indication of the company you purchased from, so for an added measure of security (if you were to use this case for something other than sex toys, for example, and you didn’t want it to be associated with sex toys) you could not use the divider.

One downside of the divider is it makes it so some toys won’t fit into the case, or the divider will sit unevenly in the case. Basically anything with a large base or body that exceeds approximately 2 1/2″. Many Fun Factory dildos have triangular bases which don’t fit, and anything large won’t fit either. However they can fit without the divider, and most toys aren’t that tall.

Tunti logo on the divider.

The little box at the bottom of the right hand side of the top section of the case holds the batteries for the LED lights, I like how it blends in with the case and doesn’t really look out of place. I would love to have more of these little compartments across the bottom to hold spare batteries as well, I think that would be an excellent addition to the case. The only downside of the illumination and batteries is there is no on/off switch, basically in order to turn off the LED’s while the case is open you have to take the batteries out. Again, this isn’t really a big annoyance, just a minor one, but the battery-saving option of an on/off switch would be nice to have.

Battery compartment!

My other favorite feature, and the one that makes my inner obsessive-compulsive perfectionist squeel with glee, is the ability to customize the layout of the bottom section of the case. The only things that are not customizable are the horizontal divider right in the center and the mesh pocket at the very back. The rest, the three vertical dividers and one horizontal divider, can each be moved around however you see fit, so you can make sure the slots fit the toys perfectly to avoid unnecessary rolling around and the potential to chip glass or mush into unwanted materials such as silicone to TPE.

There are eleven toys. Can you name them all? A lot of these I haven’t reviewed yet.

Because of the mesh pocket at the top it’s easiest to use the vertical dividers on the bottom half of the case, though not impossible to use on the top half. I thought a couple of pictures illustrating a variation would show this best, so as you can see I chose some of the same toys and some different and most of the dividers that can move are in different spots. It is ridiculously easy to use the dividers, just slide them into place in the slots on the sides and they fit in perfectly. The dividers and sides are made of foam, but pretty sturdy stuff, and don’t bend or crease very easily.

Organized slightly differently, now there are fourteen toys.

Because of it’s wonderful portability, stability, and organizational properties I am in love with The Tunti Illuminating Boudoir Toybox. It is definitely my favorite sex toy storage device, though I do have two six-drawer organizers for most of my toys and a few other storage options. Thank you so much Tunti Enterprises for sending me your Illuminating Boudoir Toybox to review!

Product Specs

Name: Illuminating Boudoir Toybox.

Type: Toy Storage.

Manufacturer: Tunti Enterprises.

Material: PVC and Metal (outside). Foam, mesh, and crushed velvet (inside). Plexiglas divider.

Dimensions: 12 inches wide x 10 inches long x 5 inches high (internal)


Review: The Original ToiBocks

I recently spent a few months staying with my father. During this time I had a number of toys I needed to try and review and since I didn’t know how long I was going to be there I had brought quite a few in my Big Foot (reviewed previously). While my father knew enough from having lived with me when I was a teenager (and already had a number of sex toys) that he didn’t go poking around in my room on a regular basis I didn’t want the rare occasion when he did come in to be embarrassing for him or me, though mostly not for him. Enter The Original ToiBocks.

Made of an exceptionally sturdy and gorgeous dark cherry colored wood with a nice soft red velvety interior I was in love the moment I laid eyes on The Original ToiBocks, from now on known as TOT (because that acronym amuses me). There are plenty of jewelry boxes that look nearly identical to TOT, therefore allowing it to blend in to “normal” bedroom or any-other-room decor while having secret agent qualities. It also does a wonderful job of combining the functionality of both toy storage and jewelry box abilities with the privacy of having a secure and locked place to keep toys or other things you wouldn’t want nosy guests, roommates, kids, house sitters, etc. to get into.

TOT has a top shelf for jewelry or whatever else you might like to put in it and a secret hidden bottom compartment. The top shelf is very sturdy and easy to lift out of place even when full of jewelry (what I like to keep in it). There are plenty of jewelry boxes that are designed like this and the ability to lift up the top shelf isn’t too novel but this is the only one I know about that only opens by a fancy super secret hidden key. What is this key and how does it work, you ask? Well, I can’t tell you that. I have been sworn to secrecy, but let me assure you it is well locked and not completely obvious. According to the company only one out of five people can figure it out when given the box without instructions. That number goes down dramatically if the key is not stored with the box. Hell, even with reading the directions I operated it incorrectly at first (whoops). But I’ve already said too much.

TOT can also hold items up to eleven inches if placed diagonally and you can see by the pictures just how many toys it can hold. Obviously it depends on the size of the toys that you are placing inside as well, but for being relatively compact you can fit a lot into it. I like to keep my more expensive or cherished items inside, personally, especially those I don’t use on a daily or semi-daily basis. How you use it may vary wildly from my use since I do have a ridiculous amount of toys.

Because it doesn’t look out of place on a dresser or nightstand it can be easily stored out in the open, unlike many other boxes designed specifically for sex toy storage. I love my Big Foot dearly but it is somewhat conspicuous, though it does also lock. This may not be a problem for you, and with the hefty price tag that TOT has it may be just as worth it to use some other sort of storage, but I would say this is hands down the most gorgeous way to store your toys, not to mention well made, sturdy, secure, and inconspicuous.

Of course, TOT isn’t just for sex toys, it’s a great place for expensive jewelry, important documents, illegal substances, or cash money you don’t want the police to find. Not that you have any of those last two, of course. Just saying. ToiBocks also has a lovely ToiTissue Box that has a hidden slide-out compartment underneath a functional tissue holder, once again combining functionality with privacy.

Product Specs

Name: The Original

Type: Toy Storage.

Manufacturer: ToiBocks.

Material: Dark Cherry Wood.

Dimensions: 11″ wide x 7″ long x 6.25″ high (outer) 10″ wide x 6″ long x 2.5″ high and 11″ diagonal (inside).