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Review: Leather Leash

Onyx and I have only used this a few times, though I have enjoyed it when we have. We have yet to use it on him, however, which would be an interesting experience. We do very little leash play or puppy play regularly, but I’ve always enjoyed the idea of it, and so I was intrigued when I saw it in the VibeReview website and wanted to try it out. How does one review a leather leash? Something I’ve been pondering for a while, and now you see the result:

Leashes are a bit of a staple of a BDSM toybox, they’re fun, easy and versatile and are able to create a clear definition of who is Dominant and who is submissive without too much effort. In short, they’re pretty great. They are great for keeping someone close, and can easily be incorporated into any sort of puppy play, or simply collar and lead play, both of which are pretty common.

I think the best quality of The Leather Leash from VibeReview is the thick quality leather that it is made of. Sometimes leather products, even sometimes expensive ones, don’t feel very good quality, but this one does. You can be sure that it won’t break easily from any tugging or pulling done to it.

It has a clip on one end that is easily attached to just about anything with a wide enough hole for it: collars, cuffs, nipple rings, nipple clamp chains, etc. It can be wrapped around and attached to itself, as well, making for a impromptu restraints. Your imagination can go wild at the versatility of this simple item.

The leash itself is only about four feet long, which is shorter than a lot of other leashes you can purchase I’m told, which could be a plus or a minus depending on what you’re wanting to use it for. Personally, I think that shorter is better, it means that the bottom has less room to maneuver, and also it’s a bit more intimate (though all leash play is definitely intimate). It’s a good signifier of the start of a scene as well.

Overall I’ve really enjoyed playing with The Leather Leash and look forward to much more playtime with it ahead. It’s good quality that will last for quite some time, especially if the leather is taken care of as well. If you’re looking for a good solid leash, I’d highly recommend it.

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Review: Tantus G-Spot Dildo

Much like Bandito which I reviewed last week, Tantus G-Spot/Celestial Perfection (VibeReview calls it Celestial Perfection) is absolutely gorgeous and curved just the right way, though the color makes it the opposite of Bandito, a soft pearly white instead of a hard black. Celestial Perfection is sleek, smooth, and pleasing to the eye. I wasn’t sure how much I was going to like it when initially, but once I got it I was enthralled by it’s beauty, so much so that I posed with it in an HNT pic!

Everything about Celestial Perfection is, well, perfect. It looks almost like the silhouette of a goddess figure (though not as much as my lover Vicky Venus is), with curves that look like a head, arms, and ass, which I imagine is part of what lends it it’s name: celestial. It’s made by Tantus so you know it’s going to be good quality, it’s 100% silicone, and it has a slot for a bullet vibe in the bottom (and one comes with it) so you can use it as a dildo or vibrator or both.

The curve of Celestial Perfection is simply wonderful, both the g- or p-spot curve of it and also the curves in the shaft of the toy itself. It’s larger than I was expecting it to be, as well, about 7 inches long and over 5 inches around (1.7 inches in diameter), so the bulb on the end grinds into that sensitive internal spot so nicely.

It’s also harness compatible (which you probably already guessed if you looked at the HNT I wore it in), with a nice wide base, and would be perfect to fuck with, since you know it will hit all the right places. I haven’t yet used it with either of my harnesses, except for wearing it once for the HNT pic mentioned above. The base seems a little thin to me when I hold it, but that may be the comparison of it to Bandito’s super thick base.

Overall I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. I was expecting a regular dildo, nothing too fancy, but I found the curves, shape, and look of it alone was enough to turn my head and intrigue me and make Celestial Perfection into one of my new favorite dildos to use.

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Review: Fun Factory Bandito Dildo

Bandito is such a gorgeous toy. He comes in both black (as shown) and lavender (shown here), so I, of course, got the black. The fun with Onyx I had a few nights back was with the Bandito, and you can go read how well that turned out.

Bandito is sleek and beautiful, with a gorgeous swirly pattern along his shaft he is not only pleasing to the eye but also the added texture increases pleasure. He also has a nice curve to him, perfect for g-spot or p-spot stimulation (see above re: fun with Onyx). While he isn’t super long or super thick, only about 6″ of insertable length and about 4.5″ around or 1.5″ thick, he does have that just about perfect curve to him which I believe adds to the feeling of thickness of any toy. He hits all the right spots without even trying.

The base of Bandito is slightly strange, it’s thick and wide, perfect for strap-on use. I’ve used it with the Hardcore Harness and found it fits very well and is nice and sturdy, I had absolutely no problem with control using the two together. The unusual part of it is the shape of the base, most dildo bases are circular, but Bandito’s base is sort of like a triangle.

According to Panthera Pardus, even though he isn’t marketed as such she says Bandito can also be used like a suction-cup dildo, and I verify that is correct! There is a slight curve to the underside base which allows it to be suctioned to the wall. I haven’t actually fucked it using it like a suction cup dildo, but I have suctioned it to the wall and tugged on it and it holds up very well.

Bandito is an extremely well-made toy. Have I mentioned that it’s made of 100% medical-grade Silicone? Because it is. Which, aside from meaning that no silicone lube should be used with it, means that it is one of the safest materials that your sex toys could be made from.

I would recommend Bandito to anyone who is wanting a dildo that is not only wonderful to look at but that will also hit all the right spots and is harness compatible, or any combination of those. Also, if you’re looking for a suction-cup dildo, even though it isn’t marketed as such, I would seriously consider getting Bandito for that as well. Rarely do harness-compatible dildos also work as suction cup dildos, so it’s almost like getting two dildos in one!


Review: Hardcore Harness

This is my second strap-on harness, the first that I bought about four or five years ago, the Terra Firma Harness, and has served me well over the years, but as I always want more than one option for any given activity I decided it was time to get another harness. I looked around for something different, and something a little less basic than the terra firma with a little more show.

I was first attracted to this harness because of the back side of it. Similar to the Corsette Harness the Hardcore Harness laces up the back and emphasizes curves in all the right ways, wide enough to flatter any figure. It also has flame detail on the leather, which makes me think about bikers and leather style and is what gives this harness it’s name. The harness is well-crafted and gorgeous.

My first priority when it comes to choosing a strap-on harness is if it will fit me, there are a number of harnesses that I lust over which are just simply too small for my body. Many harnesses only go up to 42″ or so, which is fine if that fits you, but for those of us of the bigger variety we need to go for something larger. The Hardcore Harness fits up to 54″ hips and smaller, I found it to fit well, with some room to maneuver around in as well.

Only the front and back of the harness are leather, and the front panel of leather can easily be taken off if you prefer to feel the dildo’s base against you. The sides are nylon and have the kind of fasteners I associate with backpacks: ones that you can easily tighten and release by a tug, which makes putting it on and taking it off incredibly easy! It’s also very easy to adjust The Hardcore Harness to exactly where you want it, tightening or loosening even while in the middle of fucking with it.

I’ve used this with both Bandito and Celestial Perfection and it easily held each of them. It comes with an o-ring already which fits toys up to 2″ in diameter, but you could easily exchange the o-ring for a smaller or larger ring to fit your toy perfectly.

It is a two-strap or jock-strap style harness and the front panel rests against the mound so it doesn’t cover up the rest of the vulva at all. I also found The Hardcore Harness to be extremely comfortable as well, honestly I didn’t notice it at all while wearing it, which is a great feeling to have when wearing a harness.

It’s gorgeous and both feminine and masculine at the same time, easy and comfortable to wear, what’s not to love? It was a perfect addition to my toybox, and has helped to re-awaken my love of strap-on sex, so look forward to more harness reviews in the future!


Review: The Odyssey Tickler

The Odyssey Tickler is really a very basic toy, which isn’t a bad thing, but I’ve definitely been spoiled lately with the toys I’ve been reviewing, so much so that everything I look to acquire generally has something interesting or unique about it. With the Odyssey Tickler, I thought that the prospect of the little ticklers at the base of the toy was interesting and while not wholly unique (if you remember, the Miracle Massager Attachment had a somewhat similar design, though the nubs were not as pronounced).

While the toy isn’t quite as sleek and gorgeous as the Lelo toys I’ve been reviewing, for example, it definitely has it’s own appeal. Plus, the insertable length is made of 100% silicone, one of my favorite toy materials and one of the safest. In addition to all that, unlike a lot of vibrators The Odyssey Tickler is also waterproof, meaning you can bring it with you for some hot shower sex, or any other water environment, and not have to worry about it getting damaged.

As someone who enjoys to insert a vibrator and then use a second vibrator on her clit, I thought the idea of these “tickler” nubs at the base of the toy might be a good one. I didn’t expect the nubs to hit my clit and they didn’t (although for some they might which would make this toy even more exciting). I do like the way the nubs massage my labia while the toy is inserted, and the extra sensation that they provide.

The Odyssey Tickler has three speeds, all controlled by a single button on the base of the toy. Press it once for low, again for medium, and again for high. The vibrations are nice and strong and can be felt throughout the toy, including on the tickler nubs, though are concentrated primarily at the head of the toy.

The insertable length is only about 3.5 inches, while that isn’t terribly long it is a great length to get the mushroomed head of it against the g-spot while the tickler nubs play with the sensitive skin of the labia. I also found the head is wonderful for clitoral stimulation as well.

I also used the toy on Onyx, who enjoyed it quite a lot. The ticklers easily rubbed against his cockhead, while the shaft rested against the bottom of his shaft, I was able to watch as he grew with the vibrations. He seemed to like it quite a lot, and I’d say this toy is worth it just for that if not anything else. Since it has the flared base it would also be a good candidate for anal penetration, with the ticklers massaging the perineum, which is something I also intend to try out.

Overall, this toy is a hit with both of us, the vibrations are strong and very pleasant, and the ticklers just add wonderful sensation to the experience. While it’s not extraordinary in terms of it’s appearance it definitely gets the job done, and there’s no beating waterproof vibrators since they can follow you anywhere you are wanting to play. For what you get, The Odyssey Tickler is extremely inexpensive and simply a wonderful addition to any toybox.

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Review: Sportsheets Under the Bed Restraints

I’ve read a few other reviews of the Under the Bed Restraints which have basically all said the same thing: these are not hardcore leather restraints, so these aren’t for the lover of heavy leather and chains, but they are wonderful for some quick and easy bondage which won’t leave marks for others to see. I couldn’t agree more.

When I first got this restraint system I immediately went upstairs to our bedroom and fitted it under the mattress. It was easy to do (as long as you can lift the mattress). Basically the Under the Bed Restraint system came with four cuffs (for wrists and ankles, of course), and five straps. One middle strap to run up and down under your mattress, and four straps to attach to the middle strap for the cuffs to attach to. I easily clipped all of the straps together and set it under the mattress.

The directions say that you can fashion the straps in two ways under the mattress: so the cuffs come out the sides, or the top and bottom of the bed, or some combination thereof. I set the cuffs up so they were all coming out the sides, at first, but I’ve also moved them around (by lifting the mattress so they’re not snagged underneath) so that the ankle straps are coming out the sides and the wrist ones are coming up the top of the bed, which is a configuration I also enjoy.

I had to wait for Dominus to come home from work before we were able to test these out. I’m quite a squirmy sub and like to struggle and fight when restrained, testing my bonds and seeing if I can escape, and let me say: there was no escape from these. While they are light, as I mentioned above, they are definitely sturdy and do not come apart easily. And I definitely tried to get out of them. The cuffs are a good size, more than big enough for my wrists and ankles, which are both pretty large (big boned fat girl that I am).

One of the nice things about the Under the Bed Restraints is that the cuffs can easily be interchanged with another set. You don’t have to use the cuffs that come in the box, although they are rather nice, but if you have that love of leather or the desire for something heavier you can easily clip a different set of cuffs to the accessible rings. It is as versatile as your toybox, and is such a quick and easy way to immobilize anyone.

The straps are easily adjusted as well, with a simple tug you can tighten the straps so the bottom is tight against the bed, or loosen them if you want hir to move and kneel in the middle of the bed. They are also easy to tuck away under the mattress if you have other people (or kids) in the house that you don’t want asking questions about the cuffs dangling from beneath the mattress.

Like I said, if you’re looking for something heavy, this isn’t exactly what you’re wanting, though you can always buy some nice expensive cuffs to use with the system. The brilliance and appeal of the Under the Bed Restraint System is that it is super easy to set up, very versatile as far as the ability to interchange cuffs as well as the placement of the straps, and is a quick and easy way to make someone helpless at a moment’s whim: there is no complicated rigging to set up, just set it up once, then velcro someone into place whenever desired. I highly recommend them to anyone who enjoys bondage, whether they are a beginner or advanced bondage connoisseur.


Vibrator Review: LELO Iris

If you read my review of Lelo’s tiny Nea vibrator then you already know that LELO (Luxury Erotic Lifestyle Objects) is my new favorite toy company. When I had the chance to pick out some new toys from VibeReview, Lelo’s “pleasure object” Iris was right at the top of my list.

Iris comes in a beautiful black storage box with a charger (like all Lelo toys Iris is rechargeable–no pesky batteries to mess with), a satin pouch for traveling, warranty information (Lelo gives a one year warranty standard with all of their toys), and an instruction manual. The manual informs us that Iris is made of medical-grade silicone (the insertable shaft), and PC-ABS (the handle), both of which are non-porous and some of the highest quality material for sex toys on the market.

Like all Lelo vibrating toys, Iris has a LED strip around her interface dial that lights up when you press any of the four “quadrants” of the dial (+ or – vibration, and < or > vibration type). The manual mentioned that Iris will change color from white to red if the rechargeable battery is running out, alerting you to plug her in, blinking while she’s charging and then solid white when she’s charged up and ready to go. It takes up to three hours to charge her up for a full four hours of play. Other information in the manual includes how to turn Iris on, how to lock for traveling with Iris (a standard feature), troubleshooting, and the different types of vibration Iris offers.

Not only is Iris beautiful like all Lelo toys, the details on her shaft reminding me of the bud of a flower getting ready to bloom, but she also packs a pretty hefty punch. She has two different vibration centers, in the crown (or tip) and in the base (where she meets the handle), which you can set with continuous vibration in one or the other, or both. The other two vibration options are pulses either a slow or quick pulsation of the entire length of her. Personally I love using just the crown vibration for clitoral stimulation, which it does quite a wonderful job at!

Iris is curved just right for g-spot stimulation, be it shallow or deep, so she’s good for both thrusting and just pressing inside and letting her pulse as you play with something else on your clit (my favorite way to use her). She is also curved nicely for clitoral stimulation, as Iris curves right along the mons allowing for ease of maneuvering. I did find it a little too easy to press on the dial when in the middle of masturbating, which was annoying but not overly so.

Like I’ve said before, “there’s just no substitute for the quality of pleasure Lelo’s pleasure objects bring.” They are well-made, beautiful, elegant, and inform you of all the information you might need about the toy in the manual (including troubleshooting and recycling instructions!). I absolutely love the Iris, though it hasn’t quite outranked the Nea, it definitely comes close. I would highly recommend Iris to anyone who especially enjoys high-quality g-spot stimulating toys as well as works of art.

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Review: Silicone Crystal Cote Dildo

I have never had a suction-cup dildo before, so of course immediately after receiving the Silicone Crystal Cote in the mail a few weeks ago I slapped it up against the side of my bookshelf in the living room and let it sit there until it fell off, because what else would I do with a suction-cup dildo but make it stick to things? You know, aside from using it for it’s other intended purpose. It took over two hours for the suction to wear off, and that was with no help to stay on from me (like thrusting would do, for example).

I never quite saw the need for a suction-cup dildo before. I always figured why bother if I have a hand or a partner who can thrust the toy into me. However, upon receiving the cote (after sticking it to the bookshelf) I began to fantasize about the abilities for both solo and partner sex which the dildo offered me. I began to form double-penetration scenarios in my head and think of the possibilities of fucking myself without using my hands.

First, a few facts about the Silicone Crystal Cote. It is, in fact, made of silicone (never would have guessed, right?) but it has two different colors of silicone. I think the reason why they put silicone in the name of it is because it looks like it’s made out of jelly rubber. I, for one, have not seen another clear silicone dildo, and although I’ve seen ones with multiple colors I’ve never seen one that looks quite like the Cote.

It looks as if the purple silicone which the balls and suction cup are made out of has been shot into the clear silicone, the purple permeating the clear silicone in a very definite cone in the middle of it. The effect is unusual, but also rather gorgeous. Personally I love clear toys as well, and while the entire toy isn’t clear, having the clear which blends so effortlessly into the purple is something that piqued my interest for this toy.

The Cote is a little smaller than I had anticipated. While the entire length (including balls and suction cup) is about seven inches, the insertable length is only around four and a half. It’s about an average thickness as well, so if you like something that penetrates deeply or is extra thick I would pass. However, I found it to be just about a perfect length and width for fun suction-cup play, plus it has wonderful ridges and purple balls!

As I already mentioned, the Cote stuck to the side of my bookshelf for a couple of hours before falling off. It has also stuck to my walls, refrigerator, kitchen cabinets, bathroom tile, bathroom mirror, the side of my TV, and pretty much anything I could think of to test. The suction is pretty powerful, too, and only falls off after a few hours of hanging around, which is pretty good.

I tried this toy in a couple of different ways, Dominus used it on me, and it was lovely. The ridges really add a wonderful sensation, the suction cup and/or balls are easy to hold onto and make a great handle for ease of thrusting. The other way I’ve tried it was suctioned up against various surfaces (see: above) and then positioning myself onto it and going to town, an activity often accompanied with my Nea. Let me just say, this lovely dildo delivers.

The other way I want to try it but haven’t yet is during some double-penetration play. The idea would be me fucking back onto it while sucking Dominus’ cock. Why haven’t we done this yet? Honestly, I’m not sure. That’s part of the reason this review has taken so long to get out, I was waiting for that scenario to play out before reviewing it. Alas, I’ll just have to make it a seperate post!

If you’re in the market for a suction cup dildo, or you’re just curious about one after reading this review, I highly encourage you to pick up the Silicone Crystal Cote, which also comes in peach or fuchsia. The only problem I have found of it is that of size, like I said it’s not for you size queens out there, but otherwise it’s a fantastic toy built for hours of fucking.

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Review: Silver Bullet

I love clitoral vibrators, especially if they are affordable and strong, and The Silver Bullet is just that. Bullets have a dear place in my heart, as the first vibrator I ever bought was a bullet. I was visiting my sister in Seattle and she took me to Babeland (then Toys in Babeland), she and a few friends were taking one of their co-workers to buy her first sex toy, and I had just gotten in to town, so I tagged along. It was glorious. I remember being completely awe-struck, I wandered around, looked at books that I desired like Screw the Roses, Send me the Thornes and, though I did desire a rabbit, I went for a more affordable choice: a glow in the dark bullet vibe. It was fantastic, and I remember loving it… a lot.

As a bullet vibe was my first ever sex toy all those years ago (aside from my hand, of course) bullets are forever near and dear to my heart. They are wonderfully inexpensive, but can pack a strong punch, and The Silver Bullet does just that, not to mention the silver bullet is metal, as opposed to other plastic bullets, which means it takes temperatures nicely, you can warm it in your hands or cool it down with some ice for fun sensation play. The vibrations of the bullet are strong, pleasant, and concentrated at the tip of the bullet, just where I like it.

The strongest selling points, aside from the power for the price, is the ease of maneuverability and versatility. You can do just about anything with this toy, and I should know, I used my glow-in-the-dark bullet anywhere I could find a use for it since a bullet was the only toy I had for quite some time. Anything that small is just perfect to get exactly where you want it, great for clitoral or perineum stimulation.

Bullets are also great for anal play for those who just like something small up there (as long as you use a condom with the bullet so it’s easier to get out, and never ever ever pull the bullet out by the cord, pull it out by the condom). They can also be used for discreet public play, the bullet nestled right against the clit and the controls in your pocket. Partner play is enhanced with the bullet as well, since it’s small it’s easy to get in between bodies, with either partner holding the controls.

There’s an endless amount of fun you can have with bullets, and since they’re so affordable and versatile I believe every sex toy lovin’ home should have at least one. The Silver Bullet is one of the toys I plan on always having around and I believe it will never go out of style.

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Review: Sensual Bulb Glass Dildo

I am a sucker for glass dildos, they are my absolute favorite kind of dildos out there, and that’s saying a lot because I love dildos. Though I have never owned a steel or wooden dildo and I have a feeling I would love them just as much since the main reason I love glass is because of the hardness. I love the way rock hard dildos feel within me: sleek, smooth, and, well, hard. The sensual bulb is no exception.

The Sensual Bulb is only about 4 1/2 inches long, which is somewhat small for a glass dildo, and definitely smaller than I was expecting. This isn’t bad, however, and I’ve found that the length is just about perfect for great g-spot stimulation, the bulb at the end of the toy can press against the g-spot nicely while the flared base is easy to hold and perfect for maneuvering it to just the right angle.

This toy is also wonderful for anal play as well, as the base is nice and wide (you always want to use toys with bases anally so that they don’t get sucked up inside!) and it’s not too big for those of us who don’t want anything humongous going into our ass. I wouldn’t recommend it for long-term plug wearing because the base is rather wide and could be uncomfortable after a short amount of time, but it is a wonderful toy to use anally. I also generally love glass dildos anally again because of the hardness. Not to mention that glass dildos are non-porous and very easy to clean and disinfect, which is something I look for in any toy I get but especially toys that I want to put up my ass.

The Sensual Bulb is absolutely gorgeous, I love the cute butterfly etched in the base, and the purpley pink color of it, which I believe just adds to the beauty of the toy. All in all The Sensual Bulb is a wonderful shape and perfect for both vaginal and anal play. Obviously since it is not too large it won’t satisfy those who desire a lot of girth to their toys, but if you want to enjoy a well-crafted glass toy that will hit the g-spot or to use anally, this is a wonderful toy to have on hand!

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