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Review: Crystal Delights Plug – Long

I’m normally not a big fan of round bases on anal plugs. I prefer my plug bases to be oval or rectangular, longer on one dimension than the other, so that they can nestle perfectly between cheeks and not irritate the wearer. For this plug I make an exception, however, since I absolutely love the look of it, it’s butt jewelry, how could I not love it! It’s actually not nearly as uncomfortable as other plugs with round bases that I have worn, too. This seems strange to me, since it’s glass and therefore a harder material (the others were silicone) but perhaps it is the rounded edges of the plug’s base that make it much easier to wear.

I just couldn’t pass up a well made glass plug with a gorgeous red Swarovski crystal in the bottom. It comes in two sizes, regular and small, both with the same size bulb on the end but with different “neck” lengths. The small or shorter one came about because reviewers were noticing that they couldn’t get the long plug to sit right, it was sticking out at the end and uncomfortable. The great owner, Shellie took this complaint and made a shorter toy! That’s the sign of a great company right there.

I asked for the long version of the plug, hoping I wouldn’t have that issue because I know I tend to prefer long plugs to short. Luckily my plug fits just right and feels wonderful. Like I already mentioned, when I got it I expected to dislike the base for wearing, but tolerate it because of the look of the toy, and I was super pleasantly surprised with how comfortable it is. Really this plug is delightful for wearing any fine afternoon01… I mean any time you want something in your ass. I love the firmness of the glass and had no problem laying down or sitting up with it in, and didn’t experience any issues with the length of the neck.

The only time it’s a little uncomfortable is when I try to add something else that is hard in my cunt along with the plug in my ass. While I can do it, the entry especially is a little uncomfortable, and takes a little work. Softer materials such as flesh and squishy silicone are not a problem.

I also had Onyx try out the plug, since it’s glass it’s non-porous and can easily be shared between partners as long as it is disinfected between uses, especially since it’s an anal toy you don’t want any of that bacteria that is natural and healthy in your body but might be harmful to another person to be spread. He said it felt exceptional, especially when orgasming since it’s hard and feels great to clench around. It didn’t quite hit his p-spot in the way other curved toys have, but it was still wonderful.

The plug also comes with a black padded roll-up suede and leather pouch with band closures kind of reminiscent of a moleskin. The pouch itself does not indicate the contents which is a good thing if you care about sort of thing and you’re not the type to go talking to just about anyone about sex toys. Plus it’s super protective so you don’t have to worry about damage being done to the toy.

The Crystal Delights Plugs come in a rainbow of colors (well, just about) including an Aurora Borealis color that is multicolored itself, so if red isn’t one of your favorite colors like it is mine, you have your pick. I even have a Blue one that I will be giving away on Pleasurists soon!

Much thanks to Crystal Delights for sending me a Red Magma to review!

Product Specs

Name: Red Magma Anal Plug.

Manufacturer: Crystal Delights.

Material: Medical-quality Pyrex glass.

Type: Butt Plug/Anal Toy.

Length: 3 1/2 inches.
Width: 1 1/2 inches (diameter), 5 inches (around).

Lube: Any! Glass loves every type of lube equally.

Care: General cleaning: toy cleaner, anti-bacterial soap. Sterilization: wipe down with 10% bleach solution. Unfortunately you shouldn’t boil or put this toy in the dishwasher due to the crystal in the base, don’t want it popping out!

  1. seriously, every time I think of or use this toy I think about and sing Afternoon Delight in my head, I blame the name of the company. Go watch the video if already! []


  1. FD FD (@ FemeDeliciosa)

    Beautiful indeed! I really need to get my paws on a Crystal Delights plug.

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