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Review: Liberator BonBon

Shown above with the njoy Eleven

After trying the Liberator Pulse I knew I had to get my hands on more of the toy compatible Liberator Shapes, so the next on my list was BonBon. My biggest hope for BonBon was that I could use it in partner sex. Although the images on the Liberator site don’t show this, it is definitely made for this purpose far more than Pulse is and, let me tell you, it did not disappoint.

BonBon is a domed piece of sex furniture that has a hole in the center of it to shove a dildo or vibrator in. Just about any kind of insertable dildo or vibrator will do (now referred to simply as “dildo” to prevent further awkward wording). For dildos without a base it works best if they are fairly long, about seven to ten inches, the njoy Eleven is actually a little long for it. Dildos with a wide sturdy base are all pretty much excellent, though the bigger the base the more force is required to get it in. For based dildos the length of the toy will also make a big difference depending on how long your thighs are and how easy it is for you to reach them while straddling, I find about five inches to be the minimum. Toys curved as deeply as the njoy Pure Wand, for instance, don’t work without a good amount of maneuvering, but there are plenty of others to choose from.

The dildo hole in BonBon can be altered depending on the type of toy you are using. It has a bit of fabric that can be pushed down into the hole quite a few inches deep to accommodate dildos without a base (see image on the left below). That same bit of fabric can also be pulled up and pushed to the side between the microsuede cover and the champagne foam core to cover the deeper hole and create a sturdier place for dildos with a base to sit. In case that makes absolutely no sense, take a look at the instructions. (Click on images to make them bigger).


Like all Liberator pieces BonBon is a sturdy positioning aid made of furniture-grade polyurethane foam that holds quite a bit of weight. Of course, the lighter you are the less the shape will compress, but I’m close to 250 pounds and I can easily sit on BonBon with minimal squishing. Back when I was 80 pounds heavier I recall still being held up well by Liberator products, though it also depends on the shape of the piece as well, but BonBon is a very solid piece.

The next layer up from the foam core is a water-resistant nylon slip-cover made to protect the foam from various sexual fluids. It zips off for easy access should you need to and is mostly covered so there is little need to clean it. This is my first product with the micro-suede cover rather than the microfiber or velvish other shapes sport. I believe the micro-suede is part of what allows the less expensive Liberator products to be less expensive, but that doesn’t mean it is cheap either. Far from it.


BonBon is made to be a hands-free solo sex device or an addition to sex play with one or more partners. It can easily be used by anyone who enjoys penetration regardless of sex or gender, though it does require straddling and therefore being on your knees. I have somewhat bad hips and often get uncomfortable while straddling, but I had no problem with BonBon. It is way easier than using a suction cup dildo or affixing a dildo to a flat surface and attempting to ride it that way due to the added height.

In addition to being used with toys BonBon can also be used as any other Liberator shape, to boost some body part or another to aid in penetration during partnered sex. It can be propped under the ass for additional lift and access to better g-spot or p-spot stimulation, straddled in a doggie-style position to do the same, used under the knees for a little extra lift or to help the lower back out while lying flat, or anything else you can think of to do with it. Since it’s not crazy high (about 9 inches) and has a nice soft slope I actually really enjoy using it as a pillow while reading in bed.

Shown with (left to right) Vixen Creations Brando, njoy Eleven, and LELO Ina.

In use BonBon is excellent for both solo and partner sex. It is great for people like myself who love the in and out motion but who are unable to do that for themselves for whatever reason. I’m really quite a lazy masturbator sometimes, and BonBon is so easy to use that I have no excuse to be lazy. It is also pretty easy to get at my clit or cock with a vibrator or hand while riding BonBon, which is a big plus. I also hope it will help strengthen my hips and thighs so that having partner sex where I’m on top will become less of an issue. I’m not sure if that will happen, but it’s good to dream.

Getting into and out of different positions during partner sex was super easy, and BonBon added the extra little incline that ensures I get good g-spot action. I really have a fondness for these smaller Liberator shapes for partner sex as well. While the larger shapes are great the smaller ones are just so much easier to move around and tend to inspire a wider variety of positions. Not to mention the smaller ones are cheaper. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to try out the double penetration with toy and partner due to personal reasons01 even though I’ve been so wanting to, but Onyx and I have gotten into the positions and simulated experience and I am sure it would work fabulously for that as well.

Could I get the same experience without using BonBon? Well, it’s possible I could rig something on the arm of my couch or a pillow or a chair that would be somewhat similar. I really don’t think it would be the same at all, though. Perhaps the movement of the dildo would be the same or similar, but it would most likely be a lot less easy to clean up, less comfortable, less movable (or too squishy in the case of the pillow), and just generally inferior.

I might actually go so far as to say this is my favorite Liberator shape yet. I know, I know, I said that not too long ago about the Heart Wedge as well, and it is really close between the two of them. Big huge thanks to Liberator for sending me a BonBon to review in exchange for my honest opinion!

Product Specs

Name: BonBon

Manufacturer: Liberator

Material: Furniture-grade polyurethane foam core, water-resistant nylon slip-cover, and washable micro-suede exterior cover.

Size: 15 inches (long) x 12 1/2 inches (wide) x 8 3/4 inches (high)

Care: Unzip the micro-suede cover, wash in cold water, tumble dry, zip back on. You can also wipe down the inner nylon cover if desired/needed.

Liberator BonBon

  1. it has put a real damper on my sex life recently… you really don’t want to know []

Review: Liberator Pulse

Shown above with the njoy Eleven and LELO Mia

When I requested the Pulse I wasn’t sure how it would work for me, and that was part of the fun. Liberator has so many awesome shapes that are easy to tell if they will work for me or not so the prospect of a shape that might not work was highly intriguing. The fact that it is amazingly awesome for solo sex seemed obvious, but what about partner sex? Could I use it to have some awesome double penetration with a partner and a hands-free vibrator right on my clit? I needed to know.

Pulse is a rad comma-shaped piece of sex furniture with two vibrator pockets and one dildo hole. The vibrator pockets are on either side of the dildo hole so when you put a dildo inside and straddle it you can straddle it either way and still have a vibrator rocking your clit/cock/balls/wherever you like vibrations. Yes, this can definitely work for anyone regardless of gender. For a sex toy enthusiast like me it is pretty damn phenomenal.


It is made of one piece of champagne foam covered by a nylon water resistant slip-cover covered by a microfiber (mine’s black) cover. The shape really is wacky, but really neat. I found it easy to straddle and I have hip problems so I sometimes have difficulty straddling things. It seems perfect for people who want to mount something while masturbating but need it to not be right against the ground. Using it reminded me of why I used to love to straddle things in the past, before my hips started to get upset at me after I did.


For solo sex I was highly impressed. My favorite toy to use in it is my njoy Eleven (you may or may not have noticed this from the pictures) which is difficult for me to thrust with normally but is ridiculously easy to ride when it is inserted into Pulse. It also sticks up perfectly, just as any other dildo I put in there pretty much regardless of the base. The fabric inside of the dildo hole can be pulled up and pushed to the side01 to accommodate dildos with bases or simply pushed down into the hole for baseless ones.

The vibrator pockets work wonderfully as well, though they make it difficult to quickly access the controls of whatever you put in them. Fortunately, that doesn’t matter too much when you’re bumping and grinding down against the various toys, but it can be mildly annoying. I had trouble with the LELO Mia not being able to stay in place because of how thin it is (less than an inch) and the same with the Fairy Pocket Mini, but wider clitoral vibes would have no problem. I actually realized that I don’t own that many clit-only vibes that aren’t either really big with handles or really tiny. For my loves and go-to clitoral vibrators Wahl and Eroscillator it was easier not to use the pockets and just smoosh them between my body and Pulse, which worked exceptionally well.

What really makes Pulse shine, however, is the sloped shape it has. Liberator calls it “your personal teeter-totter” and it really is that. It takes thrusting down to almost a minimal effort, you just rock back and forth and the dildo moves against you, it’s fabulous! I love the feeling of thrusting but most of the time I insert, wiggle, and clench around a dildo rather than actually thrusting it inside of me, but this really does the work for me. In other words, lazy masturbators such as myself will seriously love this. This would also be excellent for anyone who has difficulty either reaching a dildo while it is inside of you or who have trouble gripping toys in general since it’s all hands-free.

Shown with the njoy Eleven, Fairy Pocket Mini, LELO Mona, LELO Mia, and Fun Factory Wave

For partner sex it was awkward, unfortunately. It’s not really made to work during partner sex the way that BonBon is, for example, but I was really hoping that it would anyway. Onyx and I tried it as many ways as we could think of and while it worked as a general boost of height due to the curve of Pulse it was nearly impossible to maneuver it so that the dildo or vibrator lined up with me while he could also fuck me. I’m not sure if people with different body sizes and types would make it work or not since the curve on either end of Pulse gets in the way.

We also tried using the back of it for a raised slope like a Wedge or Ramp but it was way too high. The only way we could figure it working would be if he sort of straddled Pulse and thrust down into me and that just wasn’t very practical at all, just awkward.

I did manage to find a few great uses for it during partner sex: oral and possibly fingering/fisting. Either using it with toys for hands-free stimulation while giving oral to another or using the raised slope side that was way too high for our genitals to connect on. It gives wonderful access to all the right areas when used for the slope without the giving partner having to lean over to get to them.

If your primary intention is to use this with a partner I would go for a different Liberator product, especially any of their Ramps. However, if you enjoy straddling and hands-free vibrations while you masturbate you will love this shape. Plus, if you have a big toy that is difficult to thrust with but feels amazing02 or any ability issues that keep you from thrusting Pulse will seriously be the product you never knew you needed.

Shown with the njoy Eleven and Fairy Pocket Mini

Big huge thanks to Liberator for sending me a Pulse to review in exchange for my honest opinion!

Product Specs

Name: Pulse

Manufacturer: Liberator

Material: Champagne Foam core, water-resistant nylon slip-cover, and washable microfiber exterior cover.

Size: 20 inches (long) x 12 1/2 inches (wide) x 13 inches (high)

Care: Unzip the microfiber cover, wash in cold water, tumble dry, zip back on. You can also wipe down the inner nylon cover if desired/needed.

  1. the handy-dandy instructions told me to do this, though I am not convinced it is actually necessary []
  2. like the njoy Eleven []

Review: Liberator Heart Wedge

Don’t tell anyone, but I’m kind of a sap and have a serious soft-spot for heart-shaped things. Even three of my eight tattoos are hearts or heart-shaped. So understandably when Liberator first released their Heart Wedge as a limited edition item I fell in love, which is also why I gave one away not too long ago01. Luckily Liberator has decided to add the Heart Wedge to their Home Decor Series so even though it started as a limited edition item it’s fixed to be around for a while.

The day I received my Heart Wedge I practically squealed from excitement, and cuddled with it nearly all day. It had just been a few days before that Onyx and I were trying to use the Liberator Ramp while I was pegging him with a strap-on and were having difficulty with the height, so it also came at just the perfect time. The Ramp is just a little too high for the length of my thighs and the Heart Wedge is five inches shorter.

Black Liberator Heart Wedge

Like all Liberator pieces the Heart Wedge is made of a firm but soft champagne foam core covered by a layer of water-resistant nylon and an outer luxurious layer that is easily unzipped and tossed in the wash when it gets dirty. Like Mae West said: sex is only dirty if you do it right, so being able to clean it easily is a must. The foam easily withstands my weighty hips without crushing down too much while also being super comfortable and so much better than using a pillow.

The outer layer on the Heart Wedge is Velvish instead of the usual Liberator microfiber, a feature of the Home Decor series that it is part of. As you can probably guess from the name it is made to feel like velvet and it does quite a good job at it, though it’s more similar to microfiber than to velvet, I believe. It is also what my couches are made out of (the purple backing for the pictures). I enjoy the feel of it, in some ways it feels smoother than the microfiber, but it’s just as sticky when you pair it with other Liberator pieces so it won’t slide around.

Black Liberator Heart Wedge Black Liberator Heart Wedge

The height of the Heart Wedge really comes in handy for those times when you need just a little extra boost, like I mentioned above. It is also much easier to move around than the other Liberator shapes I have tried before due to its smaller size. We were not surprised to find out that the slight boost in height of my hips helped him hit my g-spot and get deeper than without it. While, sure, I can lift my hips up off the bed to achieve the same goal, I can’t do it constantly while also moving and wiggling and focusing on the sensations. It just makes things easier with a prop.

When it came to using it I was a little worried that the small shape wouldn’t quite work with my big body but I happily soon discovered I had no reason to worry. Although I am a little wider than its 19 inches it wasn’t at all uncomfortable or awkward while in use. In fact, I would say it was wicked easy to use, convenient, and comfortable. It might even be my favorite Liberator product yet!

Black Liberator Heart Wedge

Big huge thanks to Liberator for sending me a Heart Wedge to review!

Product Specs

Name: Heart Wedge

Manufacturer: Liberator

Material: Champagne Foam core, water-resistant nylon slip-cover, and washable Velvish exterior cover.

Size: 19 inches wide x 13 inches long x 7 inches tall

Care: Unzip the microfiber cover, wash in cold water, tumble dry, zip back on. You can also wipe down the inner nylon cover if desired/needed.

  1. and will be giving another one away on Pleasurists soon, so keep an eye out! []

Contest: Win A Liberator Heart Wedge! [CLOSED]


What could be better than a Liberator product to help ring in the new year? This adorable heart-shaped piece of sex furniture is a limited-edition shape from Liberator and brand spankin’ new! Seriously, I don’t even have one of these yet.

Since I haven’t had the chance to use or review the Liberator Heart Wedge I will direct your attention to three reviews of it: Mistress Kay, Rayne, and True Pleasures. I encourage you to read them to get a good idea about the product that you can’t just get from the product page.

If you’re not familiar with Liberator themselves, they are an awesome USA-based company that makes shapes (position aids) and sex furniture from small (like the Heart Wedge) to large (like the Esse or Zeppelin). I’ve reviewed a few of their products in the past and look forward to more in the future. They make high quality products that really do work and work for people of all body types (I used mine successfully when I was over 300lbs!).

If all of that has convinced you that you need one of these (and why wouldn’t it?) be sure to follow the guidelines and enter to win! Also, if you’re interested in my giveaway you might be interested that the aforementioned Rayne is giving away a Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo.


  • You must be 18+ to enter01.
  • The email address you comment with must be valid, otherwise I won’t be able to contact you.
  • All entries must be submitted by January 1st, 2011 @ 12:01 am!
  • Winners will be picked through random number generator.
  • The winner must have an address in the continental US for Liberator to ship to02.

How to Enter: Mandatory Entry

  • Comment on this entry with any of the following [maximum 1 entry]
    • A toy you would like for me to review (that I haven’t already).
    • A topic/guide/how-to you would like me to write about.
    • Your favorite toy and why you love it so.
    • How you are spending New Years Eve.

How to Enter: Additional Entries

  • Comment on any of my reviews with an interesting and/or thoughtful comment (those writing “good review!” or any variation thereof will not be counted. Personal opinion, critiques, etc. are more than welcome). In order for this to count as an entry add “I want to win the Heart Wedge” or something similar at the end of your comment03 [unlimited entries, one per comment]
  • Tweet about it up to 10 [ten] times making sure to include @ScarletLotus in the tweet as well as the short URL to this entry Examples:
    • “I want to win a @Liberator Heart Wedge from @ScarletLotus! Enter here:”
    • or “To celebrate the New Year @ScarletLotus is giving away a @Liberator Heart Wedge! Enter here:”

    or anything else you come up with. [1 entry per tweet, maximum ten entries]

  • Blog about it making sure to link to this post (of course) and then comment or email me with the link. Only one blog entry will be counted. [3 entries]
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  1. though you should be 18+ to read this blog, so that maybe goes without saying []
  2. sorry everyone who does not fit this category. I will have a copy of Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide to Female Orgasms to giveaway to you soon! []
  3. this will be edited out of the comment after the entry is counted []

Review: Liberator Hipster

The Liberator Hipster

There are very few products which spice up my relationship more than when I get a new Liberator shape in the mail. This isn’t to say that my relationship doesn’t have spice already, I like to think it’s like a nice homemade curry powder with just the right amount of kick, but since each shape is unique they each require a lot of research. And by research I mean sex. And by sex I mean sex in as many positions and as many ways as possible that work with the new shape complete with lots of getting off. Unlike other products I review getting a new vibrator or dildo in the mail is not as exciting for Onyx as getting a new piece of sex furniture.

The Hipster shape from Liberator is quite similar to the Ramp (click to read my review for more info on the Ramp) which I already had when I received the Hipster in the mail. They are the same length and just slightly different in height (an inch or two) but the major difference between the two of them is their incline. The Ramp has a straight slope while Hipster has two very notable curves.

While these curves may not seem like much of a difference, they really are for a variety of reasons. The curves of Hipster are more comfortable for the body to conform to, or at least for my very curvy body to conform to. I find that my back is less strained while lying on the Hipster than on the Ramp, something I didn’t notice until I had both of them to compare against each other. While the Ramp is far more comfortable than shoving multiple pillows under you to get the same effect it also is less conforming than the Hipster. However, depending on your size this may or may not hold true for you, I could see the comparison being much different for smaller people.

I also generally think that the Hipster is easier to move and hold on to since it is slightly lighter and also generally easier to get a hold of. I’m not entirely sure why this is, perhaps because it is less stiff and rigid than the Ramp is, but in any case that’s what I’ve experienced.

It’s easier for me to lay on the Hipster on my back with my ass at the height of it and my head at the bottom as well. I feel less like I’m fighting gravity to keep me from sliding back toward my head like I do with the Ramp. I assume this is because my body is sinking comfortably into the curves of the Hipster while on the Ramp I’m just on the sharp incline that doesn’t have a whole lot of traction and doesn’t stop me from sliding down.

There’s also a magical position that can be achieved with the Hipster that is not nearly so easy with the Ramp. This is something you could do with a pillow or with the Whirl, and probably other shapes like the Cube though I can’t say for sure having not had the pleasure of experiencing either of these. This position is one that is shown on the Hipster page, basically the receptive partner has the high curve under hir01 hips, hir knees resting within the dip and hir legs are together (or very slightly parted) which, due to the curves of the Hipster, still gives the penetrative partner access. The penetrative partner essentially straddles the receptive partner and is able to thrust. While this isn’t really a super magical or new position to everyone (though it is to me) it is much easier to achieve with the Hipster than otherwise.

Of course, I’ve only mentioned a couple of the positions possible with the Hipster. There are many other options under the sun, but not having carnivalesq’s fantastic drawing skills I am going to leave those up to your imagination and the images on the Liberator page.

As much as I loved the Ramp I love the Hipster even more, something I didn’t think would be possible but Liberator just had to come out with something even better. While the Ramp has it’s own perks–interlocking with the Wedge for notable instance–the Hipster’s sexy curves really do make a big difference.

Big huge thanks to Liberator for sending me a Hipster to review!

Product Specs

Name: Hipster

Manufacturer: Liberator

Material: Champagne Foam inside, water-resistant nylon slip-cover, and washable Microfiber exterior cover.

Size: 24 inches wide x 33 inches long x 10 inches tall

Care: Unzip the microfiber cover, wash in cold water, tumble dry, zip back on. You can also wipe down the inner nylon cover if desired/needed.

Liberator Hipster

  1. This is not a spelling error I am purposefully using gender-neutral pronouns. []

Review: Liberator Whirl XT

Liberator Whirl XT

When I first saw a picture of the Whirl I didn’t think much about it, I was distracted by my love for other of the many wonderful Liberator items like the Ramp or Throe. After receiving the Ramp some time ago I began looking for something a little more maneuverable, something that would also be easy to leave on the bed at all times without worry of who might see it, and the Whirl was it.

Like all Liberator shapes it consists of three layers. The core is made of “champagne foam” which is extremely firm, as I mentioned, it is a “high caliber, high-density, polyurethane foam” according to the Liberator FAQs. The next layer is a zip slip cover of water-resistant nylon (not waterproof, mind you) which means you don’t have to worry about lube or ejaculate messing up the inner core. The top layer is a super soft microfiber which also unzips so that it can be washed and cleaned easily without worry. Liberator also mentions the outer layer is stain-resistant to water-based lubes and lotions.

Liberator Whirl XT

It easily doubles as a round pillow, the major difference between it and a pillow is how firm it is. It’s not terribly comfortable to use strictly as a head pillow since it’s firm and rather tall at nine inches, but it works wonderful straight up on it’s round end as a back support or for it’s more naughty intended purpose: during sex.

The Whirl gives an extra lift exactly where you need it and has a tendency to open up the area lifted so that it is more accessible than it would be otherwise. It works wonderfully for doggy-style penetration used either parallel or perpendicular to the upper body as well as to lift the hips of someone who is on their back, though it doesn’t have to just be used under the hips either, which is the default position for most sex pillows I think. It can be used under the head, under the knees for extra thrusting support for the person laying down, to prop one leg up on for side-by-side sex, or anything else you could think of.

I frequently use it for back support while sitting up against the wall or under my chest while laying on my stomach in order to comfortably work on my laptop as I am doing right now. I also love to use it as a cuddling partner or to prop my leg up on while going to bed or snuggling as the little spoon. I recently sprained my ankle pretty badly and it was the perfect height to prop my leg up on in bed while recovering. It has easily become my preferred piece of sex furniture–or, simply, bedroom furniture–over the Ramp.

Due to it’s smaller size it is much easier to use than the Ramp, especially on a whim. It would be one thing if we had the space for the Ramp to be set up at all times, but even kept near the bed it is often too cumbersome to get out during spur of the moment activities. I much prefer the Whirl at these times because it can easily be maneuvered into the right position.

The big downside, however, is it compresses much more under my considerable weight than the Ramp does, probably because it’s smaller in size and lacks adequate support. This wouldn’t be the case for everyone, I believe, and lighter individuals would have an easier time using it without it squishing under them allowing use of the round shape of it to move around on or be moved around by a partner.

Liberator Whirl XT

Is it really that much better than using a pillow to do the same thing? I think it definitely is. Even though it squishes a little it doesn’t squish nearly as much as a regular pillow would, the champagne foam is hard enough to give adequate resistance while soft enough to still be extremely comfortable.

While it doesn’t look like much I think the Whirl is more than meets the eye since it has so many wonderful functions and varieties of use, from everyday to sexual. I can’t imagine my bed without one in it anymore and I don’t want to try, it has definitely become a necessary item in my life.

Thank you to Liberator for sending me a Whirl XT to review!

Name: Whirl XT

Manufacturer: Liberator

Material: Champagne Foam inside, water-resistant nylon slip-cover, and washable Microfiber exterior cover.

Size: 9 inches in diameter, 24 inches wide. There is also a 10 x 36 inch model.

Care: Unzip the microfiber cover, wash in cold water, tumble dry, zip back on. You can also wipe down the nylon cover if desired.


Review: Liberator Fascinator Throe – Microfiber

If you’ve ever had to sleep in the wet spot you already know the usefulness of having something like the Fascinator Throe.

The Throe is designed to be put down to catch any juices, lube, cream, food, wax, or anything else that you wouldn’t want getting on your sheets and creating a mess. It fits easily over a good portion of any bed (or the entirety of our futon) and can easily be pushed aside to get rid of the wet spot effectively turning a potentially uncomfortable afterglow into a very pleasant one.

Liberator has two different types of fabric the Throe can come in, microfiber or shag, and since I wanted the leopard print Throe as I adore leopard print I got the microfiber one. The other side of the throe is black satin, and between the two layers there is a third layer of nylon which serves as a moisture barrier between the two softer and luxurious fabrics.

While the fabric of the throe doesn’t soak up whatever liquids get on it the nylon barrier does not let any of the fluids get through to the bed, couch, floor, or other surface below. It really does work and keep the surface below it dry regardless of what gets on it, it’s lasted through quite a few vigorous fuck sessions with one to three participants.

The only downfall of the Throe is that it has a tendency to move around and can move out of the wet spot danger zone easily during a great fucking session if you’re not paying attention to it. While it’s more tempting to lay on the soft microfiber side of the Throe because it’s so soft and smooth it is much better to have the satin side up and microfiber down.

With the microfiber down it is much less likely to move around that way, especially if you have satin sheets like we do, though it does still move around a little. We often have to move it around mid-coitus to make sure it will catch the right stuff, but the momentary shifting of the Throe doesn’t really take anything away from the experience, especially to people who have four cats and are used to being interrupted.

The microfiber is the same material that is on Liberator’s shapes including the Ramp and so putting it microfiber to microfiber down underneath the Ramp offers a little more protection and means the Ramp won’t slide around either (though it rarely does).

The biggest issue for us has been simply remembering to put it down beforehand and/or during, so the Throe has become a permanent part of our bed, but even so there has been many a time when the Throe just didn’t get in the right spot.

Thank you so very very much to Liberator for allowing me to review the Fascinator Throe!

Product Specs

Name: Liberator Fascinator Throe

Manufacturer: Liberator

Material: Microfiber (leopard), satin (black), and a nylon “moisture barrier” in between.

Size: 5 feet x 6 feet


Review: Liberator Ramp


I have been lusting afterLiberator products since the first moment I saw them. Sturdy foam shapes that enhance penetration and make sexual positions easier? Um, yes please! The Ramp has always been at the top of my list (well, after the Esse, but realistically I don’t expect to have the Esse for quite some time, she’s pricey).

When I opened my door to reveal the large box that the Ramp comes in I squealed with delight, quite literally, honestly, Onyx made fun of me for it (and tweeted about it). I wasn’t expecting anything from Liberator that day, in fact I hadn’t even been told that anything had actually been shipped to me from them, so it was a complete surprise! I didn’t even know what was in it, but I was really hoping it was a Ramp.

I ripped it open and could tell what it was from the shape even though there were still two layers between me and my new Ramp. I tore open the adorable white plastic bag with red writing all over it which proclaims “Liberator- Love all ways!” and fondled the black zippered case (which does have a handle for ease of transportation) only momentarily before unzipping it to reveal the lush texture of the Ramp to my fingertips. I believe I squealed again, though I can’t be sure because everything after that is a bliss-filled blur.

As you can see above, the Ramp is essentially a large wedge or, a portable incline plane, though also a large Wedge but that’s not what I meant. Also like the picture above, the Ramp I received and love beyond the telling of it is red and absolutely gorgeous.

The ramp itself is 24 inches wide by 34 inches long and 12 inches tall. Liberator actually has different sizes that you can get as well, which is fabulous since these things are rarely a “one size fits all.” The size that fits best has to do with your height as well as your width.

They have a plus-sized ramp which is 30 inches wide instead of 24, although the 24 inch one fits me fine, and I’m well into plus-sized land, about a size 24 (not to be confused with 24 inches). Basically if you are wider than 24 inches from side to side (not all around or including your sides) you will want to get the wider one, or if you prefer a wider base, but most people probably won’t need it.

The height is slightly more confusing and doesn’t just have to do with the the height of the ramp but also the length of the ramp. I won’t go into all of the details as they have a good explanation of it near the bottom of the Ramp page under the ‘sizing tips’ tab.


The Ramp is especially perfect for doggy-style sex (as you can see in the image above), and that’s the position that Onyx and I have used it the most in. We find the 12 inch lift is the perfect height for kneeling-on-the-bed doggy-style while the other person stands, which is our favorite doggy-style variation. What position the Ramp perfectly enhances will definitely depend on the height of the people involved.

It supports the penetratee making the position easier to hold for longer and reduces stress on wrists or elbows. There is no need to focus on keeping your ass in the air while succumbing to the pleasure of the position, instead you can relax and focus on the sensations being produced which can enhance orgasm. The incline also increases the likelihood of hitting the g-spot, as the pelvis is tilted up, this is why the byline of the Ramp is “g-spot ramplified”

Of course, doggy-style isn’t the only position which the Ramp enhances. Liberator has kindly made a page dedicated to the different positions possible with the Ramp: missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, oral, etc. Basically, all the usual position suspects are enhanced by such a simple and wildly functional shape. This is why the portable inclined plane is one of the six classical simple machines (okay, maybe not, but it sounded good!).

My biggest endorsement of the Ramp has to come from the fact that it helped to rejuvenate our sex life. Specifically, because of it we had daytime sex for the first time in quite some time! Most everyone experiences lulls in their sex life, especially with a long-term partner, and mainly because of all the stress in our life at the time we had gotten into a bit of a sexual rut. However, with the Ramp showing up one day and then the LELO Bo showing up the next our frequency shot quickly upward! Great couples toys have a tendency to do that.


Liberator also sells the Black Label Wedge Ramp Combo (in the image above) which comes with a free love artist kit and is cheaper than buying the two separately. From what I’ve seen of the Wedge it looks like the perfect addition to the Ramp and is definitely next on my list of Liberator products. It’s basically the same as the Ramp, only smaller, so it can fit together with the Ramp as shown above.

Thank you so very very much to Liberator for allowing me to review the Ramp! I love it, Onyx loves it, even our kitties love it!

Product Specs

Name: Ramp

Manufacturer: Liberator

Material: Champagne Foam inside, nylon exterior, and washable Microfiber slip-cover

Size: 24 inches wide by 34 inches long and 12 inches tall