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Vibrator Review: Wahl All-Body Massager

Although I had heard about the Wahl from other bloggers I trust as being an amazingly awesome vibrator I had my doubts. I’ve tried quite a few massager-style vibrators before and I just figured it would be another Hitachi and in no way match or outweigh my love for my Fairy Mini Mini, but I was wrong. While it’s somewhat similar the sensation is different.

Wahl is like a clitoral jackhammer. It’s deep and throbby and amazing. Like a lot of other massager vibes it has two speeds: gentle intensity, and omgholyfuckthatsgood. The second and higher setting gets me off in about 30 seconds. It’s powerful, unrelenting, and did I mention it’s amazing?

It actually feels to me like Wahl’s sensations are more similar to the oscillations of Eroscillator than the vibrations of other massager-style vibrators, only with more power. They’re not exactly the same by any means, but there seems to be a bit of back-and-forth movement with Wahl just like with Eroscillator. This could be my imagination, but it’s my experience. I would almost go so far as to say Wahl is better than my precious Eroscillator. Almost. However, when price is taken into consideration Wahl wins hands down since it’s far less expensive. This means you should get one.


Since it’s an “all-body massager” it comes with eight attachments for various parts of the body. Of course this means I’ve used them all on my clit and I’ve also used these on some of the intended body parts. The Wahl also rocks as a back massager. Win.

I had a difficult time with some of these the first time I tried to put them each on the Wahl. They are quite stiff and so is the little shaft you insert them onto and mine seemed to be just a little smaller than that shaft. Probably good for them not falling off, but irritating at first. They’ve since mellowed out a bit and are not so much a problem.

Clockwise from 12 o’clock (the one with multiple little spikes).

  1. Scalp “Acupressure points stimulate blood flow and massage the scalp.” – Amazing on what it’s made for: the scalp, but not so great other places. It’s okay on sensitive bits like nipples and I’ve used it on my clit but it’s just not all that exciting. The little
  2. Knuckle & Joints “Triangular shape to get into knuckles and joints.” – I really like this one, easy to use either the point of the triangle or one of the sides. It slips easily between my labia and nestles against my clit. Lovely.
  3. Spot Application “Pin-point massage.” – Excellent. Amazing. Perfect for clit stimulation. This is my favorite, hands-down. It’s exactly what it says, pin-point massage that gets right against my clit and rocks it like a fucking jackhammer. That might sound painful, but it’s awesome. I love it.
  4. Deep Muscle “Digs deep to reach those tight knots and helps to relieve pain.” – Deep indeed! Super deep and throbby, excellent on the clit. I thought the circles on the sides would be weird and get in the way or something but they don’t. This is somewhat similar to Spot Application but wider, which makes for a different sensation, vibrating my labia as well instead of just my clit.
  5. General Body “All-over soothing.” – Excellent for nipples, I wish it could cup the clit the way I envision it should but it doesn’t. It’s nice, but not great.
  6. Muscle Kneading “Stimulates blood circulation.” – Ooh, ahh, yes. I love this one as well, though I was wary of it at first it has grown in my love. It’s tied with Deep Muscle as my 2nd favorite, as it’s just as deep and wonderful.
  7. Facial “A smooth surface for a gentle massage to the face.” – Kind of similar to General Body. It’s wide and only slightly concave. The wideness and flatness of it is a little peculiar and I definitely prefer other attachments on my clit, but it’s nice on other places.

Really, I was just blown away by Wahl, far more than I imagined I would be. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Much thanks to My Pleasure for sending me the Wahl to review!

Product Specs

Name: Wahl All-Body Massager

Manufacturer: Wahl.

Type: Vibrator.

Power: AC Adapter.

Material: Plastic (handle) PVC (attachments)

Length: 8 inches.
Width: Around 4 1/2 inches from back to end of attachment, handle approximately 1 1/4 inches wide.

Lube: Any! Water-, oil-, or silicone-based lube.

Care: Toy cleaner, anti-bacterial soap & water.


Review: Tybo Europa [Heavy Metal Week]

Tybo Europa doesn’t so much look like a sex toy but looks nearly identical to a mascara I used to have, same color red, same shape when the cap is on, and just about the same size. I assume this was intentional. It doesn’t look like a sex toy at all and would be easy to carry around in a bag or purse or leave out in the open without much suspicion, assuming you’re the type to wear make up.

Europa looks and feels like a luxury toy (and is priced that way too). It really is gorgeous and well made. I love the color and the design of it. Europa comes in three pieces: a triangular base, a long body with a round top, and a cylindrical cap. The body itself unscrews into three pieces, two silver and one red, and the battery sits within the red part of the toy. Each piece has a ring around where it screws in to make it watertight.

While Europa could be inserted it’s very slim which may or may not be a plus depending on how much of a size queen you are, and is definitely more suited to be a clitoral toy in general.

To turn Europa on simply press the button in the bottom of the toy. Unfortunately there is only one speed. Since it just takes one battery to power this product the vibration strength is not very high. If you need strong vibrations this toy is definitely not for you. This was definitely a disappointment, although I was able to get off with Europa but not without substantial amounts of hard work.

The one upside of Europa’s vibration strength is the material. This was my first introduction to a vibrator made out of a hard material. For those of us who love pressure using a hard material clitorally is seriously wonderful. This didn’t make up completely for the lack in vibration strength, but it definitely improved my feelings for Europa in general.

Being that Europa is made of metal it is also excellent for temperature play, stick it in the fridge or run it under warm water to play with sensations.

For the price I would have hoped for a rechargeable toy, or at least one with more than one speed. There are at least a handful of luxury toys in this price range that fit one or both of those. While Europa didn’t wow me completely it wasn’t completely horrid either and definitely turned me on to hard material vibrators.

Much thanks to My Pleasure for sending me the Tybo Europa to review!

Product Specs

Name: Europa

Manufacturer: Tybo

Type: Vibrator.

Power: One AA battery.

Material: Nickel-plated aluminum alloy.

Length: 4 7/8 inches long.
Width: 3/4 inches at the widest point (diameter).

Lube: Any! Water-, oil-, or silicone-based lube.

Care: Toy cleaner, anti-bacterial soap & water.


Review: Hypnotic Dreams “Demon Seed”

Hypnosis has somewhat of a bad reputation as well as it’s own following in the realms of kink. I’m actually in the process of becoming a certified hypnotherapist, so this was especially interesting to me when I was contacted by Daniel, the owner of Hypnotic Dreams, seeing if I would like to review one of his stories. I’m not as interested in the mind-control aspect of hypnosis the way some people fetishize it, but being the idea of able to plant kinky post-hypnotic suggestions and triggers are both highly appealing.

I chose “Demon Seed” a non-consent themed erotic hypnotic story but there are various other hypnotic stories oriented toward women that run from vanilla to kinky (though all submissive) and a small smattering of hypnotic stories oriented toward men that are all submissive as well. Each story page has detailed information about the story and you can listen to a preview before you buy. Some stories plant post-hypnotic suggestions and others don’t.

The key to any hypnosis is allowing yourself to be hypnotized. There is a reason why the phrase “all hypnosis is self hypnosis” was coined, not just to try and get away from hypnosis’ bad reputation, but because the hypnotist can’t force someone into hypnosis who is actively working against being hypnotized. You also can’t be forced to do anything against your moral or ethical code while hypnotized, not that these stories have things for you to do, but for some the idea of a post-hypnotic suggestion is frightening.

The beauty of all the stories offered by Hypnotic Dreams is that they all are geared toward pleasure. Quite a few of them, actually, are specifically designed to help heighten sexual pleasure in various ways such as increasing the libido in general, increasing enjoyment of giving oral sex, or increasing submissive desires, among other things. They’re written and designed with the listener in mind. The only downfall of the site offerings that I can find is that they are all heterosexual. However, Hypnotic Dreams only recently began offering male-oriented stories so perhaps some queer stories may come in the future.

Since you get the story in a downloadable mp3 you can listen to the story as many times as you like. It was easy to download and while $25 is a little pricey for an erotic story I think it is a reasonable price for what you get: a hypnotic erotic story. Obviously a lot of thought and care has been put into this story and I’m sure all the others are crafted to the same standards.

“Demon Seed” itself begins with an introduction which is the same as the preview of the story I believe and then follows a general hypnotic framework: an induction technique to get you into a trance state, the story itself, and a count from 1 to 5 to bring you back to reality. It was quite easy for me to drop into trance with his induction without any problem at all.

The story revolves around being tricked into summoning a demon who then ties you up and forces you to submit to his will, turning you into his servant. I thought the story itself was both well written and well delivered, each time I listen to it I can feel the sensations that the story evokes quite physically. It’s as if they are actually happening to me, and I am left with a need for sex. I don’t think there’s been a time I listened to this that I didn’t almost immediately jump Onyx at the first chance I had.

The story in and of itself was not nearly as arousing as the hypnotic aspects of it. I believe that if I had simply been reading or listening to the story without the hypnosis element I wouldn’t have gotten nearly as much out of it or want to listen to it again. As this story has no post-hypnotic suggestions there weren’t really any lingering affects aside from the arousal afterward. It was a perfect introduction to erotic hypnosis for me and has me interested in more.

Much thanks to Daniel at Hypnotic Dreams for sending me Demon Seed to review!

Product Specs

Name: Demon Seed

Author: Hypnotic Dreams

Type: Erotic Hypnosis Story

Format: .mp3 File

Length: 25:07


Review: Double Fish Hook Restraint

I had somewhat high hopes for this Double Fish Hook Restraint. It seemed odd, but potentially fun. I love gags and thought this one was unusual enough to be interesting and would work well enough to get me hot and bothered. Well, it was definitely interesting.

Essentially it is two just about 90 degree angled metal hooks with rubber coating on either end of a high quality leather strap that buckles in the back. The buckle is easily adjustable and also really long. Possibly freakishly long. As you can see in the picture below the two fish hooks on either side are designed to go in either side of the mouth. This doesn’t prevent you from cosing your mouth, it just stretches the sides of the mouth open making you look rather odd.

I have enjoyed when Onyx puts fingers in either corner of my mouth while fucking so I thought this would potentially remind me of that. While it did to an extent, mostly it was just awkward.

It was difficult to position so that it was actually doing much of anything. I have a relatively large head and even on the smallest of the settings the hooks had a difficult time staying in my mouth, and it was super easy to just push one out with my tongue. To prevent this the hooks could be bent further, but that could be potentially dangerous and I would worry about them ripping the corners of the mouth. Even though the hooks are covered in rubber they are still square-ish and would just not be comfortable or fun that way. Shortening the strap might make it work a little better, but you could still push the hooks out pretty easily, which takes away the point of this for me.

I’m tempted to see if I can find a way to use the back strap for my Whitehead Gag instead since it didn’t come with one. Honestly, I think a “restraint” isn’t necessary to do this specifically as fingers or another type of gag would work far better. I suggest a O-ring gag or silicone ball gag instead.

Much thanks to PinkCherry sex toys for sending me Pipedream Fetish Fantasy Series Double Fish Hook Restraint to review!

Product Specs

Name: Double Fish Hook Restraint

Manufacturer: Pipedream Products

Type: Mouth gag (sorta).

Material: Vinyl straps, metal hooks, rubber tips on the hooks.

Dimensions: 30 inch strap, 0.9 inches wide, 2 inch hooks.


Review: Afterglow Toy Tissues

The Afterglow Toy Tissues are extremely convenient antibacterial toy wipes. While they include ingredients I would shun a lubricant for including I can forgive that mainly because I always wash my any toy in between using an Afterglow and using it on a person again to be on the safe side, but I always wash my toys before using them anyway. There is also a question as to how much of these ingredients are actually left on the toy, but since I don’t know I like to err on the side of caution. I would definitely not recommend these being used for anything other than toys, they are not meant to be personal freshness wipes or any of that nonsense. For toys, though, they work wonders.

I’ve used these tissues on most body-safe toy types: silicone, metal, wood, glass, plastic, elastomed, and also elastomer/TPE, TPR, and jelly. None of these materials react negatively to it, and they all come out cleaner than before. It even gets cat hair off of silicone! If you have a cat and a silicone toy you know what I’m talking about. I don’t think these should be used in place of a good soap and water rinsing, and especially not to replace complete sterilization, but they definitely do their job and clean your toy for the time being. If you are the type who does not immediately get up and wash your toys after you use them (like just about everyone I know) these definitely have their use.

Prior to receiving this product to review I had experienced another pack of these which ended up getting opened in the back rather than in the front. The package has a resealable flap on the front to keep the moisture in and not dry out the individual tissues. Since this pack was open in the back rather than the front all of the tissues dried out. I was still able to use them by wetting them first and they worked well, but they were nowhere near as convenient. This shouldn’t happen if you make sure to reseal the package. Use my tale as a cautionary one, make sure to always reseal the package before storing to ensure the longest life possible for your Afterglow Toy Tissues.

This current batch of tissues I have now are individually sealed which is far more expensive than the multipack (about 3x as much), but minimizes the risk of drying out the pack before use. It also uses more plastic and comes in a cardboard container, both rather wasteful things. When purchasing in the future I would definitely go for the multipack.

The best use for these is quick cleanup while in the afterglow of an orgasm. No question that is where these toy tissues get their name from. They are highly convenient for cleaning off toys without having to leave the bed, couch, floor, or wherever you happen to be. For those of you not concerned with chemicals in them you don’t have to wash your toys every time after using these, you could skip a wash or two and simply use these instead since they are antibacterial. You could also use them prior to playing with your toys, especially on silicone to get all those little things silicone loves to attract off easily and quickly. They are also excellent for on-the-go fun, should you be somewhere you do not have convenient access to running water.

Overall, I love these, and use them just about every time I use a toy. Which is to say: a lot.

If you choose to purchase this or anything else from Kama Sutra Closet be sure to use the code Wanton15 when you check out to get 15% off your purchase. Much thanks to Kama Sutra Closet for sending me the Afterglow Toy Tissues to review!

Product Specs

Name: Afterglow Toy Tissues

Manufacturer: Devine Toys

Paraben-free: Yes
Organic: No

Ingredients: water, propylene glycol (for keeping wipes wet-humectant effect.), aloe barbadensis leaf juice (a natural ingredient, has skin conditioning effects), PEG 14M (foaming agent), polysorbate 20, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil (cleansing agent typical of beauty and bath products), citrus aurantium bergamia (bergamot) fruit oil (essential oil for aromatherapy), chlorhexinie digluconate (an antiseptic, antibacterial and is used to combat microbes, also added for general skin cleansing), iodopropynlyl butylcarbamate (a preservative that inhibits growth of micro-organisms. Retards microbial growth.)


Review: Crystal Delights Plug – Long

I’m normally not a big fan of round bases on anal plugs. I prefer my plug bases to be oval or rectangular, longer on one dimension than the other, so that they can nestle perfectly between cheeks and not irritate the wearer. For this plug I make an exception, however, since I absolutely love the look of it, it’s butt jewelry, how could I not love it! It’s actually not nearly as uncomfortable as other plugs with round bases that I have worn, too. This seems strange to me, since it’s glass and therefore a harder material (the others were silicone) but perhaps it is the rounded edges of the plug’s base that make it much easier to wear.

I just couldn’t pass up a well made glass plug with a gorgeous red Swarovski crystal in the bottom. It comes in two sizes, regular and small, both with the same size bulb on the end but with different “neck” lengths. The small or shorter one came about because reviewers were noticing that they couldn’t get the long plug to sit right, it was sticking out at the end and uncomfortable. The great owner, Shellie took this complaint and made a shorter toy! That’s the sign of a great company right there.

I asked for the long version of the plug, hoping I wouldn’t have that issue because I know I tend to prefer long plugs to short. Luckily my plug fits just right and feels wonderful. Like I already mentioned, when I got it I expected to dislike the base for wearing, but tolerate it because of the look of the toy, and I was super pleasantly surprised with how comfortable it is. Really this plug is delightful for wearing any fine afternoon01… I mean any time you want something in your ass. I love the firmness of the glass and had no problem laying down or sitting up with it in, and didn’t experience any issues with the length of the neck.

The only time it’s a little uncomfortable is when I try to add something else that is hard in my cunt along with the plug in my ass. While I can do it, the entry especially is a little uncomfortable, and takes a little work. Softer materials such as flesh and squishy silicone are not a problem.

I also had Onyx try out the plug, since it’s glass it’s non-porous and can easily be shared between partners as long as it is disinfected between uses, especially since it’s an anal toy you don’t want any of that bacteria that is natural and healthy in your body but might be harmful to another person to be spread. He said it felt exceptional, especially when orgasming since it’s hard and feels great to clench around. It didn’t quite hit his p-spot in the way other curved toys have, but it was still wonderful.

The plug also comes with a black padded roll-up suede and leather pouch with band closures kind of reminiscent of a moleskin. The pouch itself does not indicate the contents which is a good thing if you care about sort of thing and you’re not the type to go talking to just about anyone about sex toys. Plus it’s super protective so you don’t have to worry about damage being done to the toy.

The Crystal Delights Plugs come in a rainbow of colors (well, just about) including an Aurora Borealis color that is multicolored itself, so if red isn’t one of your favorite colors like it is mine, you have your pick. I even have a Blue one that I will be giving away on Pleasurists soon!

Much thanks to Crystal Delights for sending me a Red Magma to review!

Product Specs

Name: Red Magma Anal Plug.

Manufacturer: Crystal Delights.

Material: Medical-quality Pyrex glass.

Type: Butt Plug/Anal Toy.

Length: 3 1/2 inches.
Width: 1 1/2 inches (diameter), 5 inches (around).

Lube: Any! Glass loves every type of lube equally.

Care: General cleaning: toy cleaner, anti-bacterial soap. Sterilization: wipe down with 10% bleach solution. Unfortunately you shouldn’t boil or put this toy in the dishwasher due to the crystal in the base, don’t want it popping out!

  1. seriously, every time I think of or use this toy I think about and sing Afternoon Delight in my head, I blame the name of the company. Go watch the video if already! []

Review: Erotic Elder Sister

Despite the extremely unappealing name the Erotic Elder Sister is Onyx’s favorite masturbation sleeve to date. There’s at least a little logic behind the name, as ToyHeart also makes the Innocent Younger Sister, which is nearly identical in look but not in sensation. This doesn’t really make the name any better, though, and for the most part it’s best just to ignore the name while using it.

I will say that Onyx was pretty wary of it when we first were told it was being sent to us, but he agreed to try it out, and was glad he did. It simply has the best sensation of the toys he has tried so far (though he hasn’t yet been tried out a Fleshlight) and it is the easiest and most comfortable to use.

The Erotic Elder Sister is made of Soft Skin, a material that is supposed to feel like actual skin, and it does a fairly good job at it. It’s pliable and stretchy, and the ToyHeart website insists it’s “so fleshy.” While not an exact replica of skin (which might be a little creepy anyway) it does feel fairly realistic, especially sticking a finger inside while lubed up. I was impressed with the feel of it, actually, and Onyx says it’s definitely the most realistic feeling of the products he has tried.

Safe Skin is ToyHeart’s own TPE blend and is phthalate free, of course. However, it is porous so be sure not to share this toy without a condom. It’s best to always use a condom with this toy, really, to discourage bacteria from making it their home and to make for a much easier cleanup. However, if you don’t just follow the simple care and feeding instructions below. It’s super easy to turn this toy inside out so cleaning is pretty simple.

Inside the Erotic Elder Sister views looking at the side and top. It has a g-spot!

The inside itself is moderately simple, especially compared to the Tenga Flip Hole for example, but it does have quite a few bumps and ridges. ToyHeart says it has “all the grooves of a real vagina.” What does this really mean? It actually has a g-spot bump. Yes, that’s right, this masturbation sleeve has a g-spot. Not only is that fantastic because, well, it’s a g-spot, but Onyx says it really makes the difference sensation-wise. He can feel the g-spot bump while using it and it feels wonderful. Win! You can see it in the picture above near the middle of the sleeve.

The last pocket in the inside is supposed to be the suction controller. Basically to control the suction you squeeze the end of it while inserting your finger/cock/dildo/whathaveyou and it creates more or less suction depending on how much air you let out. This sort of works on my fingers, but not quite. I attempted to use this suction feature with my Mr. Man01 but have not yet gotten it to work. I will try again, though, as I think that would be fantasticly awesome.

Onyx says this toy is the best masturbation sleeve he has tried and that he would recommend it to anyone hands-down. I say it feels pretty damn good around my fingers and I love the g-spot bulb inside of it. You just have to try to ignore the name of it (if you can).

Much thanks to Toy Demon for giving me the chance to review the Erotic Elder Sister.

Product Specs

Name: Erotic Elder Sister.

Manufacturer: ToyHeart.

Type: Jack Off Toy.

Material: “Soft Skin” aka a TPE (Thermal plastic elastomer) blend made to feel like real skin. Phthalate free but extremely porous, should not share without the use of a condom. For ease of clean-up and to make sure it doesn’t get bacteria in it’s pores use a condom at all times.

Dimensions: 5 1/2 inches (length) x 3 inches (diameter)

Lube: Water-based only! No silicone lube, it could mess with the TPE material and make a mess of the toy. While some TPE toys can handle silicone lube it’s best not to risk it. Or, if you must, test the lube on a small part of the toy before using it inside.

Care and Feeding: Flip inside out (fairly easy to do). Wash with warm water and antibacterial soap or toy cleaner. Let air dry. Dust with corn starch. Store until next use.

  1. The awesome dildo with a hole in the shaft to allow suction against the wearer’s clit. Since Jollies (the maker) site is down and they discontinued this item I don’t have somewhere to link to for this. []

Review: Aloe Cadabra (Tahitian Vanilla)

I’ve had my bottle of Aloe Cadabra Lubricant for far too long. Embarrassingly long. In fact, I lost it for quite a few months and just recently found it again. The wonderful thing is even after all this time it still works just as well as the first time I tried it. It is quite similar to the other aloe-based lube I tried and absolutely loved in feel, use, and ingredients, but it is easier and cheaper to obtain if you are in the US (you can use the discount code “TOUCH” to get free shipping on your first order).

Aloe Cadabra is mostly made up of the obvious: aloe. It’s basically organic aloe vera gel with a little bit of organic vanilla essential oil and some preservatives. Does this mean you could go out and buy aloe vera gel to the same result? Maybe. If you could find one without added nasty ingredients, which is part of the whole purpose of Aloe Cadabra and why it was created. A lot of aloe vera gels out there include things like alcohol, coloring, parabens, and probably more.

It contains no parabens or glycerin. While the additives citric acid, potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate have been documented as having the potential for negative health effects they only come into play in large doses. They are also all natural ingredients, not man-made chemicals, and I have not experienced any irritation or negative effects from use.

I have the Tahitian Vanilla scented version, Aloe Cadabra also comes in French Lavender and Natural/Unscented. The scent is definitely noticeable but not distracting or unappealing. For the most part it tastes and smells like aloe, so mildly plant-like, but again not distracting or unappealing. It is actually kind of nice, but that might be my inner hippie talking.

I also really enjoy the feel of this lubricant. It feels slick, is quite thick and really does feel quite natural both on the fingers and the vulva. Aloe is an anti-inflammatory and naturally soothes and heals skin making this lubricant especially wonderful should you have any sort of vulval irritation such as razor burn or anything equally unpleasant.

Since it doesn’t contain glycerin it’s not sticky in the least bit. It does absorb into the skin a little bit and does need to occasionally be reapplied, but much less frequently than some of the water-based lubes I’ve tried. Since it’s fairly thick it makes a wonderful anal lube, as long as you keep in mind that it will absorb into the skin a bit and use accordingly.

Overall I really love this lube, it feels great, tastes great, doesn’t get sticky, and is very body friendly. I wish I hadn’t lost it for all those months because I definitely would have been using it that entire time, and would probably need another bottle by now!

Much thanks to Live Well Brands for sending me Aloe Cadabra Tahitian Vanilla to review!

Product Specs

Name: Aloe Cadabra Tahitian Vanilla

Manufacturer: Live Well Brands / Aloe Cadabra

Type: Water-based Lubricant

Glycerin-free: Yes
Paraben-free: Yes

Organic: Mostly (95% organic aloe, organic vanilla essential oil)
Vegan: Yes

Ingredients: Aloe Vera gel*, xanthan, vanilla essential oil*, citric acid, potassium sorbate (food grade), sodium benzoate (food grade)
*indicates certified organic ingredient

Smell: Mostly like vanilla and aloe vera, so slightly plant-like but not at all unpleasant.
Taste: Again, like aloe vera, rather plant-like, not a strong taste at all, not unpleasant.
Sticky? Not at all! Not even a little bit!


Review: ID Moments

While I’m happy that some of the larger manufacturers like ID and Astroglide are now making glycerin- and parben-free lubricant, I was horribly disappointed with ID Moments specifically. This supposedly hypoallergenic lube has produced a burning sensation on my flesh every time I have used it. At first I thought it was a fluke, so I waited a few days and tried it again. Same result. I used other lubes within this time frame without any burning sensation, but every time I have used ID Moments it has not been pleasant.

While it is glycerin and paraben free it also includes fun ingredients like:
Propylene Glycol – better known as Antifreeze, classified as toxic in Canada, classified as an irritant, and linked to cancer and reproductive, brain, and nervous system issues.
Hexylene Glycol – classified as an irritant by the EU, linked to endocryne system disruption, and an immune system toxicant.
PEG-45M – classified as toxic in Canada, is a known irritant, and linked to cancer and reproductive problems.
Phenoxyethanol – classified as an irritant by the EU, restricted in Japan, and linked to cancer, organ issues, and brain and nervous system issues.

No wonder I was being irritated by this “hypoallergenic” lube! I don’t even understand how ID justifies classifying this as “hypoallergenic” when it includes known irritants and toxic chemicals. Unfortunately there is just not enough regulation on chemicals here in the US, and even less so in sexuality products.

Looking at other reviews of ID Moments it is clear to me that not everyone experienced this lube in the same way I did. Not everyone had a burning sensation on their vulva at first contact that was then made worse with friction. I was not the only one, however, so it’s also not just me. Perhaps my largely chemical-free lifestyle has made me even more sensitive to the nasty chemicals included in this lube.

Either way, however, I can’t in my right mind recommend this to anyone. If you’re looking for a good water-based body-friendly lube, go with Sliquid instead.

Much thanks to PinkCherry sex toys for sending me ID Moments to review. This bad review of ID Moments is in no way a reflection on the fantastic sex toy store (and no, they don’t make me say that), but it is a reflection on the company ID.

Product Specs

Name: Moments

Manufacturer: ID

Type: Water-based

Compatibility: Works with all toy types. Latex safe. Body safe.

Glycerin-free: Yes
Paraben-free: Yes

Organic: No
Vegan: Yes

Flavored: Sort of? Not marketed as such, though “flavor” is the last ingredient in the list. Huh?

Taste: Sickeningly sweet due to the ingredient sucrolose (Splenda), a strange almost alcohol-like aftertaste, unpleasant.
Smell: A little sweet, but not unpleasant.
Sticky: Not at all!

Ingredients: Water/Aqua/EAU, Propylene Glycol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Acrylates/C10-30, Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, PEG-45M, Tetrahydroxypropyl Ethylendiamine, Sucrolose, Caprylyl Glycol, Phenoxyethanol, Hexylene Glycol, Flavor.


Review: Whitehead Gag

I love gags, especially evil-looking ones that keep the mouth open rather than blocking it. I don’t know what it is, maybe the helplessness of it, the way it makes it difficult to swallow, the accessibility of the mouth while wearing the gag, or maybe for all of those reasons and more. I’ve been attracted to the look of dental gags for quite some time, but this is the first one I’ve actually acquired.

The Whitehead Gag really fits the bill for my gag fetish. It looks quite impressive during use while also being fairly comfortable to wear and easy to use. Most gags are easy to use, really, insert in mouth and go, but this one does have the added bonus of an adjustable size, so it can work on a variety of people, rather than the one-size-works-on-most gags.

It has two little ratchets (is that the right word? I’m not sure) on either side of the mouth, bars with little teeth which hook on to the bottom of the gag and control the height of it. The gag can be used anywhere from closed together to about two and a half inches apart. The main controls for opening or closing the gag are really quite simple: the ratchets as I mentioned are used to lock the gag in place and can be pulled together to close the gag; the levers on the side open the gag wider with an easy press of the fingers.

The only strange thing about this gag that I noticed when I received it is it doesn’t have a head strap or anything to secure the gag to the wearer’s face. This isn’t unusual for these dental-type gags, most places sell them without head straps, but it’s something to keep in mind and may be a deterrent to you. I was definitely surprised, I assumed it would come with a strap. Luckily you can use just about anything to keep it in place, just depends on your imagination, even a single band of elastic tied to either end would work well and would be cheap and easy to put together. I made a makeshift one out of some leather cord I had lying around and it works quite well. You can purchase the gag from other retailers with a head strap, but it is usually more expensive that way.

Since the gag is made out of metal (stainless steel) and the little dip in the front rests on the teeth you have to be very careful while wearing it or having someone else wear it. The wearer could do some damage to their teeth if you’re not careful.

Really every time I think about this gag I want to use it. This can be partially chalked up to my gag fetish, but I don’t feel that way about every gag, this one is just gorgeous/evil-looking, comfortable, and makes me feel all sorts of helpless when wearing it. I don’t know about you, but that’s definitely something I look for in a gag.

Much thanks to Kinky Medical for sending me the Whitehead Dental Gag to review!

Product Specs

Name: Whitehead Gag

Type: Mouth gag.

Material: Stainless Steel.

Dimensions: 6 inches wide x up to 2 1/4 inches high (or 5 inches wide x up to 2 inches high).