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Review: Sensual Bulb Glass Dildo

I am a sucker for glass dildos, they are my absolute favorite kind of dildos out there, and that’s saying a lot because I love dildos. Though I have never owned a steel or wooden dildo and I have a feeling I would love them just as much since the main reason I love glass is because of the hardness. I love the way rock hard dildos feel within me: sleek, smooth, and, well, hard. The sensual bulb is no exception.

The Sensual Bulb is only about 4 1/2 inches long, which is somewhat small for a glass dildo, and definitely smaller than I was expecting. This isn’t bad, however, and I’ve found that the length is just about perfect for great g-spot stimulation, the bulb at the end of the toy can press against the g-spot nicely while the flared base is easy to hold and perfect for maneuvering it to just the right angle.

This toy is also wonderful for anal play as well, as the base is nice and wide (you always want to use toys with bases anally so that they don’t get sucked up inside!) and it’s not too big for those of us who don’t want anything humongous going into our ass. I wouldn’t recommend it for long-term plug wearing because the base is rather wide and could be uncomfortable after a short amount of time, but it is a wonderful toy to use anally. I also generally love glass dildos anally again because of the hardness. Not to mention that glass dildos are non-porous and very easy to clean and disinfect, which is something I look for in any toy I get but especially toys that I want to put up my ass.

The Sensual Bulb is absolutely gorgeous, I love the cute butterfly etched in the base, and the purpley pink color of it, which I believe just adds to the beauty of the toy. All in all The Sensual Bulb is a wonderful shape and perfect for both vaginal and anal play. Obviously since it is not too large it won’t satisfy those who desire a lot of girth to their toys, but if you want to enjoy a well-crafted glass toy that will hit the g-spot or to use anally, this is a wonderful toy to have on hand!

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Review: Miracle Massager Attachment

Last week I reviewed the Miracle Massager, and I was definitely pleased with it (not as strong as the Hitachi Magic Wand but still yummy vibration-wise and superior in other areas). So, this week it’s my turn to review the Miracle Massager Attachment, which is made out of clear PVC. I would like it a lot better if it was made out of silicone, as PVC and, specifically jelly as is the sub-category of PVC which this toy is made of, is extremely porous so it should not be shared.

Now, I’ve read a few reviews of the attachment, including people saying that they love the Miracle Massager even more with it, and I wish I could give it a good review. Unfortunately, my problem with the Massager Attachment is one of anatomy.

Let’s back up a little, however, so you can have more information about the attachment before I go into my issue with it. I found it gorgeous, I love see-through toys (glass or otherwise), and the shape is appealing as well. It has a nice ridged end, perfect for g-spot stimulation, as well as a platform extending out of that with lots of little “love nubs” which is just fantastic for clitoral stimulation.

As one can assume, the attachment is made so that one can have that dual-action feeling, a nice g-spot vibration as well as a stimulating clitoral massage. Unfortunately, as can be the problem with a lot of dual-action toys, when I inserted the toy the nubby platform did not line up with my clit! I had to move the toy around and maneuver it just right so that it hit my clitoris, but when I did that, it pulled out of my vagina almost all the way.

Like I said, this is an issue of anatomy, specifically my anatomy, and there are others who find this toy to be perfect and to line up just right. The nice thing is that this attachment is fairly inexpensive, so if you already have the Miracle Massager and want to try this toy out, I would still highly recommend it. It may line up perfectly, but even if it doesn’t you won’t have spent a whole lot of money on it.

However, even if your anatomy is like mine this toy doesn’t have to be a complete waste! While, yes, I was unable to have both clitoral and g-spot stimulation happening at once I was still able to achieve orgasm with the nubs on my clit and the first inch or so of the shaft inside of me. I was still getting combined vaginal and clitoral stimulation, and since the first three inches or so of the vaginal walls are, they say, the most sensitive, it wasn’t a complete loss.

Also, if you happen to have something like the silver bullet lying around (review two weeks from today) you can make the toy work for you by using the Miracle Massager Attachment for it’s g-spot capabilities, letting the nubs rub the vulva and urethra area (the vulval vestibule), and then using the glorious silver bullet for direct (or indirect, if that’s your desire) clitoral stimulation. I found that to work quite well as well!

Personally, I would much prefer using the Miracle Massager as a direct clitoral stimulator accompanied by my Vicky Venus (read my review here), or (if I’m wanting that g-spot stimulation) a g-spot toy like the Stubby G, Gigi or Iris (none of which I own, but I aspire to!).

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Review: Miracle Massager

I was instantly intrigued by the Miracle Massager as it claims to be superior to the Hitachi Magic Wand. I’ve had many many vibrators over the years, and I (along with pretty much any other person who has tried it) absolutely love my Hitachi and believe that it is the best vibrator around. So you can imagine my interest in a massager that claims to be better than the Hitachi!

Here’s the run-down: according to it’s VibeReview pagethe Miracle Massager claims to be better than the Hitachi in three ways: size, erogonomics (design), and heat. Now, I’ll go through each of these one by one:

In terms of size the Miracle Massager is definitely superior to the Hitachi. When I first tried the Hitachi I was a little overwhelmed at it’s size, but the Miracle Massager is nowhere near as intimidating. The toy itself is quite a bit lighter than the Hitachi and the head is smaller and therefore easier to fit into the little nook and cranny and get it right against your clit. Not that the Hitachi is bad for this, but it’s definitely easier to do with the Miracle Massager.

Second, as it says, it’s “ergonomically superior,” meaning the overall design is better, and I highly agree. It’s much less bulky than the Hitachi, and is much easier to handle and maneuver. The Miracle Massager has a smaller diameter than the Hitachi, it curves slightly for ease of use, and it tapers at the end as well, which is really handy and makes it much easier to hold. The curved handle makes it easier for me to grab and the tapered handle means that I can move the toy against me with less effort than the Hitachi.

I also like that the controls of the Miracle Massager go off-low-high, unlike the Hitachi which go low-off-high. A slight difference, and both placements have merits, but with the Hitachi in order to go from low to high one must turn it off completely, which can be irritating even if it is just for a short second. However, this is highly a personal preference, and both designs do have their own flaws. One thing about having it off-low-high is that in order to turn it off from high one must go through low first, which can also be irritating.

Lastly it claims to have fixed the temperature problem which is the biggest issue I have with the Hitachi. Basically, the longer the Hitachi is used the hotter it gets, which is not really a plus in my book. Luckily, that’s something the makers of the Miracle Massager have allowed for, and so the Miracle Massager does not get nearly as warm as the Hitachi, even over long play sessions. This means you can play with the toy much longer, which is always a good thing!

I agree that the Miracle Massager is superior on all these points, however, it is not superior in the most important aspect of any vibrator and that is vibration! The vibrations of the Miracle Massager, while strong and enough to get me off, are not nearly as strong as those felt by the Hitachi. From what I can tell, the High setting on the Miracle Massager is just about equal to the Low setting on the Hitachi. This works fine for me, as I often have my Hitachi on low when I’m playing with it (though I love the high setting as well), but for those of you who need and love the strong vibrations that the Hitachi provides, this toy may not do the trick!

Basically, I love this toy and will continue to use it when I don’t feel the need for the crazy strong vibrations of the Hitachi. It is easier to handle, and doesn’t get as hot, which are big plusses in my book, plus it got me off (and easily too). If you don’t need the strength of the Hitachi on high (or feel the Hitachi is too strong for you), then I highly recommend this toy to you, as it would still feel great, and is superior to the Hitachi in design. However, if you are one of those people who needs the awesome power of the Hitachi’s vibrations, I’d stick with the Hitachi and pass over the Miracle Massager.

Coming next Masturbation Monday: The Miracle Massager Attachment!


Review: Fun Factory Vicky Venus

Since my (first) HNT picture yesterday featured her, I figured she should therefore be the first toy for me to review from the lot of toys I received from VibeReview last Friday.

From right out of the box I fell in love with my Vicky Venus, she even came with a little packet of lube, and I’m always a fan of unexpected additions. She is soft and smooth medical-grade silicone, which (in case you don’t know) means she’s made of one of the best (and one of my favorite) materials for sex toys to be made of. She’s non-porous, hypoallergenic, and easy to clean with just soap and water or can be completely disinfected via boiling and you can even put her in the dishwasher. Though because she’s silicone she should not be used with silicone lube.

I was expecting her to be a solid scarlet color, like her picture on her VibeReview page, but instead she is a gorgeous pinkish red with white marbling in her, which I think just adds to the Goddess-y feel of her. The marbling changes her from appearing silicone to something that could actually be in a museum, a not-as-voluptuous Venus of Willendorf (with a wide base), or simply a gorgeous Goddess Venus figurine. While I’m sure she would be gorgeous a single color as well (as she is in the first picture I saw her in) I do believe the marbling adds to the beauty of her form.

She is gorgeously curvy, but not so much that it’s irritating when she’s inside, quite the contrary in fact! I would go so far as to say her curves are not only in just the right places, but create just the right sensations! Her body ripples with her curves from her hands above her head down to her legs which transform into the base and each of those curves enhances the feeling of her inside. However, because of her curves I wouldn’t recommend her for anal play unless a good cleaning has occurred beforehand, just because with all those crevices she could get a little dirty.

She’s has about six inches insertable length and is not terribly wide, “.5″ x 1.44″ at widest point” according to VibeReview. Another really nice thing about her, also, is her base is nice and wide, about three inches across and nice, thick, and stable, which makes her easy to maneuver manually or to slip her into a harness and go to town (see above re: anal play, though). I can just imagine getting my gorgeous femme goddess cock orally worshiped! How perfect and fun would that be?!

My favorite part of this dildo is that right before I got her I had just been talking about my desire for a new femme cock. Now, she wouldn’t be my main femme cock, but she is definitely a femme cock, there’s absolutely no question about it. She’s sleek, sexy, femme-inine, silicone, gorgeous, and feels amazing!

Over the last week within which I’ve had her, I’ve played with her a few times on my own, and once with Master (and just gazed and awed at her a lot as well). While I don’t always need lube for most toys, when I have a toy that is curvy, ridged, or bumped I like to add a little just in case I need it. Toys like that can be painful if they aren’t lubed up enough, and while I know I will probably naturally lube-up quickly, I like to be on the safe side.

While this dildo is definitely a work of art, she, like a true Venus: Goddess of Love and Pleasure as she is, she definitely delivers the pleasure as well as the beautiful package it comes in. I highly recommend her to anyone who enjoys their dildos in fun shapes, or who would enjoy having a goddess-figure dildo, and those who love a lot of ridges or bumps in their toys. She’s definitely worth worshiping!

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Review: G-plus massager attachment

Little did I know that the Hitachi could be even better! This is my first attachment for the Hitachi Magic Wand (which works for other spring-ball massagers like the Ideal as well), and I absolutely love it. Basically it turns the Hitachi into something similar to the Rock Chick or G-Rock, and who wouldn’t want delicious g-spot and clitoral stimulation at the same time?

The first thing I noticed about the G-plus massager attachment was how flexible it was. This made insertion without lube a little difficult, but the resulting effect was delicious. Because of its flexibility, it’s easy to manipulate it and move it around to exactly where you want it.

The problem with some vibes that get both the g-spot and clitoris is if your anatomy doesn’t line up exactly with the vibe it can do nothing for you, but because of the flexibility, there was no problem with that at all! While playing with it I kept one hand on the Hitachi wand and the other on the bit of the G-plus that was on my clit, and I was able to move the little 2” nub around exactly to where I wanted it. It was perfect!

It has no odor that I noticed, and no taste either, so it isn’t at all intrusive on the senses. The blue is a lot softer than in the picture on here as well. It was very easy to slip on to the ball of my Hitachi, and once it was on I never wanted to take it off!

The insertable length is only 4” but what a four inches that is! While it’s not very thick (about an inch, I’d wager) with the power of the Hitachi behind it that size was all I needed. It’s great if you like something inside while your clit is being hummed. With a little lube (natural or artificial) it’s easy to insert and feels great inside. It’s not for you size queens out there, since it doesn’t fill you up completely, but it gives just the right amount of filling inside combined with the wonderful vibrations directly on the clit.

The only problem that I have with the G plus attachment is that it is made of TPR (Thermo-Plastic Rubber) material, which gives it that ability to be malleable; although it is phthalate-free, it is still more porous than silicone and should be used with a condom if sharing. Using a condom with this toy would be rather difficult, so I would suggest not sharing at all. It is easily cleaned with soap and water, just not able to be disinfected completely enough to be shared.

However, if you are not planning on sharing it, there is really no down-side. The G-plus attachment makes an already wonderful toy perfect!

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Review: Colt Shower Shot

The instant I found the package at my door I went upstairs and tore into it. I took out the Colt Shower Shot Spraying Water Dong and examined it. It came with three very simple parts, just the dong, a metal hose, and washers, as well as very simple instructions. The instructions simply read: “unscrew shower head. Add washers to prevent water leak and screw in hose.”

Excited, I took it into the bathroom for further examination. I noticed that the dong itself has holes not only in the tip but all along the sides of it as well. I followed the directions and had the Shower Shot installed in under a minute. It helped that I already have a detachable shower head, so all I had to do was unscrew that hose, attach the washer to the dong’s hose, attach the hose, and attach the dong, and voila! It was incredibly easy to do and took no time at all.

I turned on the shower and watched as water shot out in all directions from the dong. I felt a little intimidated, but only because, despite being a long-time anal practitioner and advocate I had never experienced an enema before, which is what I bought this dong specifically for. I was so excited, however, that I just had to try it out right away! I emptied myself before hand to make the job of the enema much easier and then got down to work.

The box claims that the dong itself is 6.5” long, though the insertable part is about 4.5” of the length, the rest is a ribbed handle and where the dong screws into the hose. I lubed myself and the dong up with spit before inserting it. It is about an average width, and not terribly long, but an average size for most butt plugs, so it was easy to get inside without much trouble.

I adjusted the water to a lukewarm setting and turned on the shower. I felt the water rushing into me and filling me up, which was definitely a new sensation but not unpleasant. The dong did leak a little because of the way it is designed, with all the holes on the sides, and I hadn’t gotten it in the entire way, there was maybe a 1/4 of an inch still out, which was enough for the water to leak out. However, the water which leaked out was not filthy in any way (I checked) and it was not a huge deterrent for me either. [Editor’s note: this toy is jelly and cannot be sterilized- don’t share!]

The water ran for about ten to fifteen seconds before I turned it off, slipping the toy out of me and clenching my sphincter muscles so that none of the water would come out as I moved from the bathtub to the toilet. I waited a little bit before releasing the water, but once I did I felt incredibly fresh and clean.

This is a device I am going to use again and again, potentially as part of a daily cleaning ritual. I plan on writing a follow up review once I have used it multiple times and have more of an idea of how it works over multiple uses.

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Vibrator Review: Bondage Duckie

I fell in love with the Bondage Duckie the first time I saw it. I had seen the regular I Rub My Duckie previously, and although I thought it was wonderful as well, it didn’t quite have the same impact on me as the Bondage Duckie did. Being an avid kinkster and participant in bdsm, the Bondage Duckie just rubbed me the right way. Looking so cute and innocent in his leather collar, ball gag, and lace-up leather corset, I just had to buy him!

He was originally just for show: an adorable homage to my kinky nature, a toy to put in my bathroom and grin at every time I went in. However, I’m not one to let a sex toy go unused, regardless of how cute and adorable I find it. I just had to break it in! The first time I used him was in a bath, thinking of the rubber duckie song from Sesame Street the entire time. It was going to be fun, and I wasn’t expecting too much.

I got comfortable and got going, positioning him with his ball gag against my clit, and squeezed to turn him on. I realized his vibrations were stronger and more pleasant than I thought they would be, and ended up getting off rather quickly! I tried a few different positions with him, finding that his tail was great for clitoral stimulation as well, and the head could rest against my vaginal opening while the tail was against my clit, and I was in heaven!

It seems almost wrong to be talking about the Bondage Duckie as a sex toy, because it’s such an unusual one and so amazingly adorable, but he pleasantly surprised me by being wonderful for both show and play. He’s currently displayed on a rack (no, not that kind of rack) in my bathroom, and I do occasionally take him down for a little bath tub play.

Now that I have one of these duckies, whenever I see more I have a deep desire to get it, for show as well as for play. The intensity and design was better than I had initially imagined. He definitely makes bath time (and play time) lots of fun.

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Vibrator Review: Waterproof Wabbit Vibe

This was the first insertable vibrator I ever bought (I had a few bullets prior to it). What I wanted was a dual-action rabbit vibe, but I was still in school at the time and needed something inexpensive. The waterproof wabbit vibe was perfect! The original I bought lasted for three years before a spring in the bottom came out due to overuse and overturning (testament to how much I love it). I bought a new wabbit which has lasted for two years so far, and it is still one of my favorite sex toys (even in my now extensive toy collection).

The vibrations of the wabbit are strong while the vibe itself is not very loud, and the bunny ears have always been able to be easily positioned perfectly against my clit. The fluttering of the bunny ears is strong, yet light enough for direct clitoral stimulation, and feels amazing. The insertable length is long enough to add to the stimulation, giving a nice steady vibration inside, and often gives off a pulsing sensation, though there’s no way to control that. Though the wabbit is not terribly long or wide it is average length and width for dual action vibes, and has always fit my purposes wonderfully.

At first I overlooked the fact that it was waterproof… until I got the desire to take a bath and wanted some extra fun. I love baths, but I hadn’t been able to really take any toy with me until I got this vibe, as it was my very first waterproof one as well. It worked wonderfully, and for anyone who loves baths it is definitely a great addition to bath time.

The only negative about this vibe for me is that it is made out of jelly rubber which is extremely porous. However, this is easy to compensate for by using a condom on the vibe whenever in use and making sure to wash it directly after play. I have had many wonderful experiences with this vibe, both alone and with a partner (including one session which resulted in a whopping 40+ orgasms)!

While there are many dual-action vibrators around, I will continue to keep this one in my toy box for years to come, it is inexpensive, durable, strong, waterproof, and knows how to get me off in nearly no time at all.

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Vibrator Review: Remote Control Butterfly

This toy first appealed to me because of the wireless remote control which can be activated even from across a crowded room. My mind raced with the possibilities of discreet public teasing play that awaited me. I loved the thought of knowing that someone else would hold the ability to turn on the vibrator snugly resting against my clit with just a simple flick of a switch and that it may come at any time.

The butterfly vibrator itself holds the (two AAA) batteries at the top and the small bullet vibrator at the bottom. The design allows the purple jelly butterfly to rest snugly over the pubic mound and is comfortable and soft to wear, even for multiple hours. The bottom of the butterfly (where the bullet vibrator is encased) is easily positioned against the clitoris, the g-string style strap holding it perfectly in place. The straps are black elastic, easily adjusted, and comfortable for hips even up to 50” or more.

The adjustability of the straps allows for the right amount of tightness so that it will not shift too much when walking, dancing, or otherwise moving. The negative to the g-string style, however, is that it makes penetrative sex difficult, as moving the strap to the side can result in losing the bullet from direct clitoral stimulation. It can be done, but not without some effort.

The remote control takes a 12V battery which can be difficult to find, but not impossible, and has a red light that comes on when the switch is on. Wearing out the batteries can happen easily if not attended to, so I like to keep the batteries out of the remote when not in use.

This toy is definitely made for public play: it will stay in place easily despite movement, it has wonderful vibrations and a very quiet buzz, and the wireless remote control can be activated as far as 20 feet away by a partner or within your own pocket for discreet solo play. It is amazing to go out alone, with a lover, or with friends while knowing that you have a bullet tucked against your clit. Private play is enhanced as well, since the toy is completely hands-free and the vibration is strong it can be a wonderful way to get off.

The first time I wore it out with the remote in my partner’s pocket the toy more than paid for itself.

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