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Review: Sh! Leather Corset Harness

There are many types of strap-on harnesses on the market which mostly vary on strap style, material, and cock attachment. The corset-style harness is distinct and characterized by having a wide piece that connects around the waist which laces up the middle and rests right above the ass. Corset harnesses are feminine and the wide back helps to frame the ass as well as adds to the support and makes sure the straps don’t dig into my sides while I’m wearing it. These are one of my favorite styles of harnesses.

Aside from the corset feature this harness is a two strap or jock style harness, so it has two straps coming from the front where they are attached to the o-ring that sit on either side of the outer labia and go across the thighs and up either side of the ass. I would actually be surprised to find a single strap corset harness due to the corset design in the back. Having two straps instead of one means a couple of great things: easier access to the vaginal opening and more support holding the cock in place.

The Red Leather Corset Harness is made out of amazingly soft and buttery leather that I constantly have the urge to rub against my face or caress with my fingers. It looks especially wonderful matched with my favorite red dildo or any black dildo I’ve paired it with, but will work with any toy with a flat base either slipped behind the front panel or between the front panel and the O-ring in front.


The front panel is super comfortable but also mildly annoying. It comes down a little further than I would like and makes it more difficult to access my cunt than the other harnesses I have, though only a little. Also, it’s easy to slip a cock in from the back so the base sits right against the skin but putting one between the panel and the O-ring is a little more difficult, though that’s technically a problem with the straps rather than the panel. On other harnesses I have the straps connect to the O-ring via snaps but these are actually sewn to the front panel so you have to loosen the straps where they connect in back in order to get the cock in place. However, I’m lazy anyway and it’s easy to just slip the cock in the back, plus that way the base protrudes to hit my clit even better.

The straps connect to other pieces via two D-rings each which are fairly easy to maneuver and have no slip that I’ve noticed. Tightening them isn’t that easy, however, but I think part of that is because this harness only barely fits me around, each of the two side straps only have somewhere between an inch or two of slack. This also connects with the problem with the O-ring in front. Neither of these things would be that big of a deal if I was a few inches smaller, I think. I got size M/L and I measure 48 1/2 inches around where the harness sits.

It just barely fits but it’s still lovely! Looks better without the underwear, too.

These two shortcomings, however, are really not that bad overall and I still love this harness and think it’s extremely comfortable and well made. It’s currently my favorite harness to wear with my Bare As You Dare Harness leading a close second. In addition to red the Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium Corset Harness comes in the standard black as well as white, baby pink, hot pink, (powder) blue, and purple. Plus Sh! has a great selection of other strap-on harnesses if the corset style isn’t quite for you.

Thanks so much to Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium for sending me a Red Leather Corset Harness to review in exchange for my honest opinion!

Product Specs

Name: Corset Strap-On Dildo Harness: Red

Type: Strap-on Harness

Manufacturer: Sh!

Material: Leather and steel (o-rings)

Fit: Size M/L – Up to 49 inch hips (approximately).

Style: Two-strap or jock-style


Review: Bare As You Dare Harness

Bare As You Dare Harness

The Bare As You Dare Harness is the first one-strap harness I have used, I have two other two-strap harnesses (the Hardcore Harness and Terra Firma Harness) and while I love them each in their own way I think this harness has officially converted me to one-strap harnesses.

The major downfall of the one-strap harness, however, is that there is only one strap, and that strap goes right between the cunt lips, and that area has a tendency to… well, get wet. Very wet. Especially when fucking someone with a nice silicone cock. At least that’s my experience. I can’t imagine having a leather one-strap harness for this reason, but luckily the Bare As You Dare harness is made of nylon, which is easily washed.

The major plus of the one-strap harness is also that there is only one strap. As I mentioned, the strap goes right between the cunt lips which also means the strap can be positioned to go right over the clit. This positioning means that, while wearing the harness, every time I thrust or wiggle my hips the strap can rub against my clit. I am a very big fan of this.

The Bare As You Dare Harness is, quite literally: three straps, two o-rings, two adjustable length connectors, and some metal snaps. That’s it. No fancy backing in the front, no fancy lace-up back, not really anything fancy just comfortable and easy-to use. This also makes it small and extremely easy to wear under clothing because there’s so little of it, so it’s a fantastic packing harness as well.


This also allows it to be very inexpensive so you can spend your money on quality dildos rather than the harness.

I’ve found that while storing the straps have a tendency to come detached from each other where they are adjustable, but that’s only when they don’t have pressure on them, so when they are on they don’t do that. It’s slightly annoying when you want to get into the harness in a hurry, but it has no effect on the wearing of the harness itself.

Being a larger lady, I have the Bare As You Dare Harness at just about it’s maximum length, but it definitely still fits and there’s a bit of wiggle room so it’s easy to get it on and off. I’m about a size 3x or 24/26.

The harness comes with a metal o-ring in the front and back, but the o-ring in the front is connected via snaps, meaning you can replace it with different sized rings if you have them so the Bare As You Dare harness can be used with dildos from Bandito to Brando and anywhere in between or beyond.

Any time I want to pack with a harness or wear a harness under my clothes this is the harness I am going to reach for. Really any time I want to fuck I’m going to reach for this harness, though I definitely will be trying some others out and especially more one-strap harnesses, I have a feeling this one will be at the top of my list for quite some time.

Thank you so much to Tabu Toys sex toys for letting me review the Bare As You Dare Harness!

Product Specs

Name: Bare As You Dare Harness

Type: Strap-on Harness

Manufacturer: Sportsheets

Material: Nylon and steel (o-rings)

Fit: Up to 54 inch hips (approximately).

Style: One-strap or G-string