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Review: Nexus O & O Max

A big thank you to Nexus for providing me with the O & O Max!

Product Specs

Name: O & O Max

Manufacturer: Nexus.

Material: 100% medical-grade silicone.

Features: Waterproof/submergeable, non-porous, phthalate-free, body-safe, can be sterilized & shared.

Type: Anal Toy/Butt Plug. Hands-free prostate stimulator.

Length: O: 3 3/4 inches (insertable) 8 inches (total end-to-end). O Max: 4 3/4 inches (insertable) 9 1/4 inches (end-to-end).
Width: O: 1 1/4 inches (diameter) 4 inches (around). O Max: 1 5/8 (diameter) 5 1/2 (around).

Lube: Water- or oil-based only! Silicone lube should not be used with silicone toys unless it is specially formulated to do so.

Care: General cleaning: toy cleaner, anti-bacterial soap. Sterilization: wipe down with 10% bleach solution, run through the dishwasher on the top rack with no soap, or submerge in boiling water for 10 minutes.


Review: Nexus Gyro

I keep wanting to pronounce this toy yee-ro like the delicious Greek sandwich, but it is actually named after the action you’re supposed to be able to do with it, gyrate, so it is supposed to be pronounced jy-ro. This makes much more sense, of course, but isn’t nearly as amusing.

Like all Nexus toys Gyro is made from 100% medical-grade silicone and is an amazingly soft and silky silicone like Nexus seems to be known for (or at least is known for in my mind). Their silicone is different than that I have encountered in any other company. Since it is silicone you can share it between partners and orifices as long as you sterilize it between them (going from vagina to anus is okay but do not go the other way around without sterilizing it first!), see care instructions below for further details.

The Gyro is meant to be a hands-free prostate stimulator, though works wonderfully as a g-spot stimulator on a female body as well. Nexus even has a neat how to use the Nexus Gyro guide on their site in case you’re not quite sure. Basically, it has a very firm round base which enables you to sit on it and rock your pelvis around to get more than the usual insertable stimulation without having to use a hand to thrust it inside of yourself.

How does it work? Very well, actually. The delightful curve of the toy hits just the right internal places. I’ve used it on both Onyx and myself, both thrusting and rocking and it is quite exceptional. I don’t think I’ve encountered any other dildos that are made for this kind of hands-free gyrating stimulation.

It is just slightly over average thickness and shorter than a lot of other toys because it is made to be inserted and rocked upon rather than thrusted, though it can be thrusted with as well. For those size queens who enjoy thicker and/or longer toys Nexus also makes the Gyro Extreme.

Since the base is so round and bulbous (about 2 1/2 inches in diameter! Not to be inserted) it is uncomfortable to keep it inserted or wear it for very long periods of time. Nexus also has considered the needs of those who would prefer to use something like the Gyro as a plug and created Silo.

A big thank you to Nexus for providing me with the Gyro!

Product Specs

Name: Gyro

Manufacturer: Nexus.

Material: 100% medical-grade silicone.

Features: Waterproof/submergeable, non-porous, phthalate-free, body-safe, can be sterilized & shared.

Type: Anal Toy/Butt Plug. Hands-free prostate stimulator.

Length: 4 1/2 inches (insertable) 6 inches (total)
Width: 1 5/8 inches (diameter) 5 inches (around)

Lube: Water- or oil-based only! Silicone lube should not be used with silicone toys unless it is specially formulated to do so.

Care: General cleaning: toy cleaner, anti-bacterial soap. Sterilization: wipe down with 10% bleach solution, run through the dishwasher on the top rack with no soap, or submerge in boiling water for 10 minutes.


Review: Bloomy [Fun Factory Week]

Fun Factory Week continues with an adorable anal toy!

Did you see the beginning of Fun Factory Week with the Boss (Lady), Cuffies Freestyle, and Smartballs reviews?


The first moment I laid eyes on Bloomy I was in love. The picture just does not do it justice. It’s gorgeous and unique, qualities I look for in new toys, and qualities which Fun Factory constantly delivers. Since my toy collection is quite vast and grows larger by the week the more unique and unusual looking a toy is the more I’m interested in it. Couple that with high-quality silicone and a gorgeous design and I get even more excited!

Bloomy is shaped similar to some prostate massagers, as it has a curved base and then a stem sticking out which could easily massage the perineum while inserted anally or the clit (depending on where your clit is) when inserted vaginally or anally. The two different shafts of it are basically one strip of silicone looped around itself, crating a very nice finger hold which makes the toy very easy to thrust with and easy to maneuver in general.

While both shafts could technically be inserted I have only played with the larger more bulbous shaft, but we have tried it anally on Onyx and after washing it in the dishwasher to sterilize it I used it on myself vaginally. The sensations were wonderful, the stylized dimples in the shaft definitely create a very unique sensation which adds to the pleasure the toy elicits. I could feel the bumps with every thrust inside myself and found that the stem of Bloomy hit my clit with each thrust as well.

For some reason I imagined the stem of Bloomy to be more circular than it is, but instead it is more rectangular and flat, which makes it fit nicely against those sensitive nether bits either curving up toward the clit or up against the perineum. The stem, aside from adding aesthetic pleasure, definitely makes Bloomy stand a little above most other dildo/plugs.

Obviously Bloomy can be used vaginally and anally, as I’ve mentioned that several times, but if you are wanting to use him both places be sure to sterilize him before going from anus to vagina. Vagina to anus is not a problem, but going the other way can bring bacteria to the wrong area and create issues. Bloomy can be completely sterilized by boiling for 10 minutes, washing in the top shelf of the dishwasher with no soap, or wiping down with a 10% bleach solution. To clean I recommend an anti-bacterial toy cleaner or an anti-bacterial soap especially if using anally.

Even though I fell in love initially with the shape and beauty of Bloomy the functionality and pleasure made me fall in love all over again.

Much thanks to Pink Cherry for sending me Bloomy to review!

Product Specs

Name: Bloomy

Type: Anal Toy & Dildo

Manufacturer: Fun Factory

Material: 100% Medical-grade silicone

Length: 5 1/2″ (total) 4″ (insertable)
Width: 1 1/2″
Girth: 4 1/4″


Review: Rude Boy


Hi there, guest reviewer Onyx here with my first solo sex toy review!

Today I will be reviewing the Rude Boy prostate massager, courtesy of Tabu Toys.

First let’s get the boring technical details out of the way so we can boldly dive into all the great reasons why every guy on the planet should own one of these amazing toys.

The Rude Boy is a high quality toy, made from phthalate free medical grade silicone. It is therefore hypo-allergenic and non-porous and can be boiled to sterilize it provided you remove the vibrating bullet first of course. As with most silicone toys you should use water-based lubricants, and avoid using silicone based lubes as they may have adverse effects on the toy itself.

The Rude Boy is an insertable prostate massager that is designed to stimulate both the prostate and perineum simultaneously. The shaft is inserted in the anus, while the nubby base is pressed against the perineum. It has a simple press-button that activates the vibrating bullet in the base and the vibrations travel easily to the end of the toy causing what I found to be an amazing degree of stimulation.

Prostate stimulation is something relatively new to me, but something I am rapidly becoming addicted to. This is my first time using a vibrating prostate massager and all I can say is WOW! The dual stimulation provided by the tip and base were intensely pleasurable and it seemed to hit my P-spot just right. Combined with stimulation of the penis this has led to some of the best orgasms I have ever had. The toy is a very nice size and even anal beginners should find it comfortable with the right amount of lube, the soft silicone and the superb design makes the insertion very smooth and pleasant.

Personally I prefer to insert the toy and kind of leave it in place, just focusing on the vibration instead of moving it in and out, but that might be different from others. One caveat is that due to the non-bulbous design it may slip out rather easily, so you might want to use one hand to hold it in place, or let a partner do that for you. The plus side of this is that you also use this hand to press the base more firmly against the perineum, creating an even more intense stimulation. The downside is that it makes it hard to keep the toy in while fucking unless your partner is on top.

One of the many downsides of the widespread homophobia in our society is that many men seem to have an irrational fear of receiving any kind of anal stimulation or penetration. To them I would say that they have no idea what they’re missing out on with toys such as the rude boy and strongly encourage them to banish their fear and allow themselves to experience the mind-blowing pleasure it can bring.

Thank you so much Tabu Toys sex toys for letting me review the amazing Rude Boy!

Product Specs

Name: Rude Boy

Type: Anal Toy & Prostate Massager

Manufacturer: Rocks Off Limited

Material: Silicone

Charge: Watch Batteries (in a detachable bullet)

Length: 6 inches (insertable)
Width: 1 inch (diameter)
Girth: 3 1/2 inches (around)

Waterproof: Yes


Review: LELO Bob

Bob Butt Plug LELO pleasure object

If you have read any of my other LELO reviews you probably already know just how much I sing their praises. They recently changed around the layout of their site to seperate their products into three main product lines: femme, homme, and luxe. Up until a couple months ago they only had products geared towards women, their femme line, but they recently introduced Bo, a stylish rechargeable cock ring which I have yet to get my hands on but desperately want; and shortly after Bo they introduced Bob, the gorgeous slim plug in the photo above. The moment I saw Bob I knew I had to have him! The wonderful people at LELO were generous enough to grant my request.

The Box the Bob LELO pleasure object came in
Bob’s elegant black storage box

Like all LELO toys, Bob comes in an elegant black storage box with a one-year limited warranty, instruction manual, and white satin carrying or storing pouch. The manual provides much useful information, such as that it is made out of body safe silicone which should not be used along with silicone lube as it can cause a chemical reaction. It also suggests to clean Bob with antibacterial soap and warm water, rinse with clean hot water, and pat dry with a lint-free cloth or towel. As he is silicone, you can also boil Bob for complete sterilization or run him on the top rack in your dishwasher without soap to sterilize.

The Bob LELO pleasure object in the box he came in
Bob in his storage box,
you can see the white satin pouch beneath

My favorite part about Bob is his ring. It is genius! If you’ve played with butt plugs before you know that they can be a pain to get out or to thrust in and out with because the bases can be hard to hold onto. Before Bob I preferred oval bases to round ones, as they were always slightly easier to hold and also felt better while wearing, but now that LELO has upped the ante (so to speak) it’ll be difficult to use any other plug! The ring is easy to get a hold of to move Bob around or to get him out after playing, just slip your finger into it. It’s pretty much the perfect handle.

The shape of Bob is wonderful as well, like a lot of the higher end plugs coming out on the market, he’s curved just right to hit the p- or g-spot. He may be designed for males, but females can definitely enjoy him as well! The bulbous head tapers into a very thin stem before it meets the (genius!) ring base, which means it is comfortable to wear while also adding amazing stimulation.

He is not very big, so for those size queens who need something large in your backdoor you might not find him suitable. However he is designed so well that the size of him isn’t what matters and even size queens may enjoy his perfect curve. The plus about his small size is that he is easy to wear for longer periods of time, and may be less intimidating for those who are a little timid when it comes to butt play. I’d recommend Bob to anyone, be you a beginner or advanced backdoor player.

The first time Onyx and I tried Bob out he wore it while I rode him, which resulted in one of the strongest orgasms I’ve ever witnessed him having, he lay in a stupor for minutes afterwords while he recovered. Now he understands why I love LELO toys so much! If nothing else I have said has sold you on this plug, that should have.

Bob ties Ella for the least-expensive LELO toy, since they’re both all silicone with no vibrating innards, so you have no excuse not to buy him. Currently the only place that I know to get Bob is from LELO directly, he’s not at any of the companies I usually frequent, but that’s sure to change.

He also has a brother, Earl, which is a gold- or silver-plated version of Bob that also comes with matching LELO cufflinks!

Thank you so much to LELO for allowing me to try out Bob! He was truly a pleasure and may be my favorite LELO toy to date (or at least a close second)!

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